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best looking games on their respective systems? \ games that pushed their hardware

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I'd say Soul Calibur on Dreamcast even though it was a launch title.

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For me
RE2 on N64
Vagrant Story on PS

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>not Under Defeat

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>FPS 0.92

Nice emulation faggot. Doesnt even look the same on real hardware

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It's probably the oldest emulated tekken 3 screenshot on the interwebz

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>best looking games

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Dem 3D plastic cone trees

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Gotta be Crash 2 for PS1.

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Vagrant Story - PS1

Jet Grind Radio - Dreamcast

N64 - all shit

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Shenmue 1 & 2 - Dreamcast

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I'd honestly vote for Mario 64 on N64. I remember most games running poorly, but Mario 64 was smooth as hell.

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It ran decently for a N64 title..
Cel shading makes games age really well, and because of this Jet Set looks amazing! The Sonic series on Dreamcast needed Cel Shading tbh.
Crash looked bretty gud.

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SA1 looks like ass but I think SA2 still holds up visually after nearly 14 years; It even runs at a solid 60fps unlike SA1. In addition the games also try to look pretty "cartoony" anyways, mainly with its blend of vibrant color and pseudo-detailed backgrounds/environments. In fact, I'd say that's why SA1 looked like ass: it's so pale.

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It didn't push the hardware but Aladdin looks as timeless as the film it's based on

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>It didn't push the hardware but Aladdin looks as timeless as the film it's based on

It had the best sprite animation for its time (it would be acceptable even today in an indie game), and Rug Ride had the fastest parallax scrolling on the system outside of Thunder Force.

But you could argue that just the crazy good palette usage was already pushing the system.

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Conker was incredibly impressive for an N64 game.

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Commodore64: Mayhem in Monsterland/Flimbo's Quest/Nebulus
But maybe the best on this system is Another World, which is graphically impressive

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If you know what to look for, you can see the limitations of the Atari 2600's hardware in play, but I still find this port amazing.

But if not modern homebrews, then maybe Solaris?

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Can we put in some bizarre consoles here too?

Need For Speed for 3DO:


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SA1 was built from the 'What if Sonic were real?" idea so the graphics reflect that with most textures being taken from actual photos Sonic Team took while on holiday, leading to the general 'drab' look. Aside from City Escape SA2 basically does the exact opposite and looks much better for it, the animations especially are worlds better and it's one of the best looking DC games overall.

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The Road&Track banter FMVs still make me laugh, it's so 90s. Which version was better, 3DO or PS1?

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Neon Genesis Evangelion on Nintendo 64 still stands as one of the most impressive-looking games of the whole 5th gen for me, and it didn't even use the extra RAM. Ban Dai's CG modelers were just too good on that game.

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The New Tetris is apparently the most technically impressive use of the n64's graphical capabilities.

Every line you clear gives you a block for building a world wonder (eg the Sphinx) and each block is rendered individually as it's being built.

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Sorry, and I should mention some of these wonders take tens of thousands of bricks to build.

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Too much fog on this game.

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i pulled this from google images, you fucking autist

and it still looks very good on the original hardware

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>and it still looks very good on the original hardware

Looks like shit. Doesn't push anything to its limits, autty

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Not that guy, and I don't even like Tekken, but Tekken 3 is extremely impressive from a technical standpoint.

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Last Bronx on Saturn pulled some nice VDP tricks.

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I think Star Fighter was honestly more impressive. Need for Speed was certainly more realistic though, its sluggishness was unforgiving though

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Tekken 3 looked pretty okay. A bit pixelated on the real hardware, but if you used the then-standard composite cables to mask that and the dithering, then it looked fucking ace.

That looks pretty damn nice. The player character looks especially good.

But I'd still have to say Flimbo is more impressive... it just uses the palette better to make every level look unique, and not the typical mishmash that most C64 games had. Plus it had parallax scroll and it had sfx+music play at the same time, both which were pretty rare treats.
Maybe I'm just too subjective because I played it ever since as a kid, but no other C64 game ever managed to look as impressive as Flimbo to me. A few titles did outdo it in one area or two, but never as a whole game with everything considered.

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>Sebastian the Crab shackled up
>The Pirates of The Caribbean Dog/prisoner
>all those Skeletons with Mickey Mouse ears
There's some neat background elements there.

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Holy hell, that's an N64 game?

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>Last Bronx on Saturn pulled some nice VDP tricks.

Funny thing is: it did not. All they did was save the 2d backgrounds with perspective alignment pre-rendered onto them. It was still scrolling a 2d picture like VF2 did, but it looked way better because it was not scrolling a parallel background texture, but one that had the texture saved with 3d deformation (the "corner" parts of the texture were more pinched).

It also did the ceilings but that's just setting up a second rotating background layer, that one isn't that impressive, you just have to figure out the memory accesses right. Even the matrix math was nearly the same, just vertically inverted. Sonic World and Radiant Silvergun both did the same effect.

That and it threw a few polygons in there for landscape.

I agree in that Last Bronx had one of the most impressive 3d backgrounds in a Saturn fighting game, but it wasn't actually using any VDP tricks. It was using designer tricks instead.

Ninku had better 3d backgrounds (completely 3d, polygonal landscape), but it used sprites for the fighters so it had enough horsepower left over.

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N64 is easy.

Conker for lighting/shadows.

World Driver Championship for pure polygon count.

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Moon Crystal has great animations for an NES game.

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>Tekken 3
>best looking game on the PS1
Not even close

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Is dat dere some Bloody Roar 2?

FUCK is that an underrated game.

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RR Type 4 is beautiful for PSX

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doa2 for dreamcast looks great today

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I fapped to her and her beast form before. And the leopard girl too.

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I don't blame you.

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Damn, that's a screenshot from the actual hardware and not some emulator filter?

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It looks like it's from an emulator, it's upscaled a bit (that screenshot is 723x520, I think NGE 64 is 240p as most other N64 games).

It still look great, even better if you're on a CRT.

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