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Many people today just automatically assume that any multiplatform game is better of Super Nintendo than it is on Sega Genesis. This is of course, not true. What games you think are better on Genesis and why? I'll start...

Flashback: The Quest For Identity because it runs more smoothly

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Mortal Kombat because it had the original arcade finishing moves and a code to show blood

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Earthworm Jim because it had an extra level and more sound effects

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I preferred the Genesis version of Super Street Fighter 2.

The sprites didn't look quite as good on the Genesis, and the sound was more muffled. But I felt that the six button Genesis controller was way better than the SNES controller, the Genesis version didn't have the retarded sound effects that were tacked onto certain moves (like Hadouken), and the Genesis version didn't reset the music every time someone won a round.

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Thunderforce III because it has more levels, level select, better visuals and the music was not optimized well for SNES

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I vastly prefer the six button controller as well because ones with shoulder buttons, I can never keep straight which attacks are mapped to them

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Shaq-Fu because it has 5 more playable characters & backgrounds

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NHL '94 because it's faster

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The adventures of Batman & Robin

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Yes while they aren't the same game persay if you want to include titles like that or others which the games are different but you still think are better on Genesis like say Beavis and Butthead, that's fine too.

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care to explain why, faggot?

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Robocop vs The Terminator because ti has blood, more realistic graphics and more voice samples

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Sparkster because it's a completely different game.

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>Mortal Kombat
More importantly, the Genesis version plays MUCH better

I'll throw in WeaponLord - Genesis runs far smoother

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Zombies ate my neighbors

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ehh.. no. I love my Genny but twin stick shooters like ZAMN or Smash TV work waaay better with SNES's control pad

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That's more subjective since they are entirely different games.

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Only with the 6 button controller, you know.

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Why wouldn't anyone play with a six button controller? A Genesis can also use an Atari 2600 joystick but no one would think it's a good idea to play Street Fighter with that either.

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Super Mario World


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Joe & Mac because it has more animations, more levels and better controls

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egads no, I mean maybe someone could do a decent homebrew port if they did a better job with the music. Check out how awesome the Super Metroid OST sounds through the Genesis soundchip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9R2mQwlG_I

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You know that ZAMN doesn't use smash tv style controls right?

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I like the music more
but the sfx
god damnit, the sfx

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Sure, the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat is superior to the SNES version, but that became completely irrelevant when the vastly superior Mortal Kombat II came out for both systems and both versions had the blood.

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It doesn't? It's been a long time since I played it but I thought it did. Oh well so what reasons in particular did you think that person meant for saying the Genesis version is better?

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Aladdin, because science.

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Mostly the permanent radar instead of having to toggle it like the SNES version. They're pretty even though honestly

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Earthworm Jim
Mortal Kombat
Batman & Robin

Snes had better Street Racer and Mortal Kombat 2

Both consoles are still awesome :D

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Pretty much any Virgin games is better on Genesis.
Also, Fatal Fury, WWF Arcade and Samurai Shodown

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Batman Forever
The Terminator
Jurassic Park

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but then the SEGA CD version of the Terminator is sooo much better than even the Genesis one.

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Not multiplat.

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Am I witnessing retro console wars?

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Doesn't even matter, MK1 doesn't really need two punch buttons so the only issue is having to reach over to start for blocking.

Genesis version is mechanically better regardless.

Most people would agree SNES version is better, but they're pretty close.

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Yup. pictured here - average /vr posters

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No no, the SNES had more powerful hardware in a lot of ways so most people just go straight for its port, assuming it's better. My preference for the Genesis soundchip aside and as a lifetime SEGA supporter it kills me to say this but they're usually right. Not always however! And that's what we're compiling a list of here, to know which ones we should be playing on Genesis instead when given the choice.

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SNES was the best, there's no debate. Genesis kids were always either smelly immigrants or had divorced parents. It was weird.

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Mega Turrican because the levels are more pleasant to look at, the layout more memorable and the music is just better.

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Smelly immigrant with divorced parents detected.

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Couldn't afford a Neo Geo huh? Sorry about your luck kid.

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>Mortal Kombat because it had the original arcade finishing moves and a code to show blood
>Robocop vs The Terminator because ti has blood, more realistic graphics and more voice samples

A lot of people look back on the Genesis and wonder why it was as popular as the SNES since the games don't seem to hold up well. Nobody ever talks about how the Genesis could "show blood" and to a bunch of shithead kids in the 90s that was an honest-to-god selling point. You wanted the "cool" console.

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>A lot of people look back on the Genesis and wonder why it was as popular as the SNES since the games don't seem to hold up well

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Who the fuck thinks that? Besides 12 years olds from YouTube like >>2736940

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>A lot of people look back on the Genesis and wonder why it was as popular as the SNES since the games don't seem to hold up well.


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Imagine the asspain and insecurity needed to make a post like this.

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Lots of people who came to the SNES/Genesis well after the 16-bit era was over. Hell, the most recent episode of The Giant Bombcast had an email from a listener asking why people remember the Genesis fondly.

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>not having both consoles

>> No.2737012

>listening to Giant Bomb
opinion discarded

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Don't know how to take a joke? Did it hit too close to home for you guys?

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Another perfectly good thread ruined by an under age shitposter who probably gets his opinions from Youtube.

>Lots of people who came to the SNES/Genesis well after the 16-bit era was over
So plebs who think Mario and Zelda is all there is to retro gaming. Got it.

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S'wrong with them?

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It didn't translate well to the SNES soundchip and the Genesis game is much much much faster.

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Castlevania: The New Generation was better than IV and Vampire's Kiss, though they're totally different games.

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As someone who had a Genesis growing up I'd rather be stuck on a desert island with a SNES than a Genesis. I liked it plenty at the time but I think the SNES catalog turned out better once it was all said and done.

Enjoy your console war thread gents.

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Couldn't afford a SEGA CD or 32X? huh? Sorry about your luck kid.

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Nintendo fanboyism really is borderline mental illness. I mean all fanboys are bad, but Nintendo fanboys are just insane.

>surrogate friends for losers
>shit opinions
>Bioshock Infinite and DmC are 5/5 but F-Zero GX and Dark Souls are bad because they're hard


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>Couldn't afford a SEGA CD or 32X?

Ya got greedy on that bait. Better luck next time.

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>No no, the SNES had more powerful hardware in a lot of ways so most people just go straight for its port, assuming it's better. My preference for the Genesis soundchip aside and as a lifetime SEGA supporter it kills me to say this but they're usually right.

in fairness almost all of the really good games for either were exclusives, many of which couldn't have been done justice on the opposing platform

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I'm not kidding. I had both expansions. if you want to include them then I'd be happy to talk about how Final Fight CD is better because it has all three characters and co-op gameplay

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Don't worry breh, we don't even need to bring out FFCD. SoR2&3 are enough to prove SNES is shit in comparison.

>> No.2737036

I would hope a console that came out 3 years after the other had more powerful hardware. Yet it still couldnt have as many objects on screen and had a worse resolution

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Fatal Fury 2 is better because it has more characters than SNES's Fatal Fury 2 and the arcade original music

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This is just fact. No opinion here. FFCD was amazing

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Wolfchild is better because it has cutscenes

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Blackthorne 32X has better graphics

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And Nintendo kids usually had super strict religious parents.

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Fuccboi SNES kids never got to play good shit like this. Don't ever try to tell me this shit aged badly either.

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>A lot of people look back on the Genesis and wonder why it was as popular as the SNES since the games don't seem to hold up well.

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I'll tell you 3 was better than Revenge. Except maybe the music.

>> No.2737067

3 is great but 2ez, Revenge has a more fun challenge, so does Shadow Dancer.

>> No.2737070


I liked all 3 of them, though when I was a kid I hated Shadow Dancer.

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>Flashback: The Quest For Identity because it runs more smoothly

Can somebody explain this one a bit more, I played both versions back in the day but don't recall any differences besides the Genesis version pausing longer to save. If the Gen version really is smoother I'd better get it, I fucking love this game.

>> No.2737074

SNES version has more slowdowns and fewer music iirc. Also, you can really tell the difference in frame-rate on the intro.

>> No.2737076

See, I played 3 before Revenge so it's hard to go back to the slower pace. Being able to run and then use that jump-kick just felt great.

>> No.2737080

I was pretty shocked to see how good FF2 is on Genesis. Found it at a thrift store and bought it just because how often do you find that shit anymore. But it's really fun and plays fast & smooth.

>> No.2737081

Awesome, thanks. I'm kind of imagining the higher contrast color pallet being a bonus, too.

>> No.2737083

Sorry chief, look again. Different versions too.

>> No.2737090

The easiest way to demonstrate is watching a comparison of the cutscenes in the Genesis vs SNES versions of the game. The Genesis version runs fine but the SNES cutscenes are choppy and slow.

>> No.2737093

Well, that's as maybe, but the Amgia version remains the original and superior one ;)

>> No.2737095

Yeah but amiga is overall shit anyway.

>> No.2737103

There seems to be a lot less music & sound effects in the Amiga version. The cutscene for recharging your shields is just silence and there's no fanfare theme when picking up a new item so I will have to respectfully disagree with your opinion.

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The SNES Aladdin game is a different game based on the same movie. Neither the Genesis or SNES Aladdin are multiplat.

>> No.2737107

They're wrong about Flashback being better on Amiga anyway, see >>2737103

>> No.2737110

Its funny because nintendo fans are still this butthurt after 25 years

>> No.2737119


Game had great presentation but the platforming physics were really wonky.

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Should elaborate on my post before someone calls me a retard like the last time I brought this up. When you jump on a platform you have to land on it with the platform being at the space between both feet. If not you'll float right through it like in this pic. It's not a big deal through most of the game but can be pretty annoying during the prison section with the moving blocks and when you're rushing out of the cave of wonders.

>> No.2737129


Are you gonna tell us that Sparkster isn't a multiplat next?

>> No.2737131

It's not, yeah.

>> No.2737134

I don't know anything about Sparkster but the Aladdin games aren't even close to being the same game. They just share the same IP.

>> No.2737135


You are the worst type of person.

>> No.2737136

Same thing with Sparkster.

>> No.2737137

Not that anon, but
>being accurate makes you a bad person
This shouldn't even be controversial. No one calls Contra: Hard Corps and Contra III multiplat versions of the same game.

>> No.2737140

>No one calls Contra: Hard Corps and Contra III multiplat versions of the same game.

Yeah... because one of them is called Contra:Hard Corps and the other is Contra 3, aside from being completely different in every single way and being released in different years.

Your logic is broken.

>> No.2737141

What the hell does that have to do with me preferring the SNES version due to its platforming?

>> No.2737142

On that subject, SNES MK2 was quite superior to Genesis. Better graphics, better sound.

>> No.2737143

>because one of them is called
You shouldn't even mention the title because a title isn't what makes a game like another.
>being released in different years
also irrelevant
>being completely different in every single way
Not really every single way, but okay. Sounds like we're on the same page, glad you agree with me after all.

>> No.2737145


Tried to respond to this guy

Clicked the wrong post by accident, don't worry fam.

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It's alright fam we all make goofs.

>> No.2737150


Your logic is completely broken and you lost by trying to bring up Contra 3 and Hard Corps to support your argument.

You lose.

>> No.2737152

blame Probe

>> No.2737153

I hope you're not suggesting that if one was called Aladdin: Ali's Adventure and one was called Aladdin: Adventures in Agrabah and they were released in different years, you would then consider them different games even if nothing else changed

>> No.2737154

The only problem I have with the game is that if I move while attacking, it cancels my attack

>> No.2737157


Are you suggesting that nothing was changed between Hard Corps and Contra 3 except for the title?

>> No.2737160

Shadowrun was great on Genesis. SNES was good too, but I just liked the feel on Genesis better.

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Your reading comprehension is off the charts.

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File: 82 KB, 600x369, shiggy diggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's not my fault somebody was retarded enough to try and use Hard Corps and Contra 3 in their argument on why Aladdin isn't a multiplat for the SNES and Genesis. If you can't see why that's an incredibly flawed argument then there's no helping you.

>> No.2737165

SNES Aladdin and Genesis Aladdin are just as different as Hard Corps and Contra 3

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Your reading comprehension is still off the charts.

>> No.2737172


Did you just learn about the concept of reading comprehension?

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File: 500 KB, 1280x1707, 1430891595822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your reading comprehension is on uncharted grounds now.

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File: 3.91 MB, 590x310, 1394663614318.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You have a lot to learn, kid.

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File: 397 KB, 500x500, 1375166323116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your reading comprehension has left this planet's orbit!

>> No.2737185

Oh please shut up. Nobody was disagreeing with you, you damn dolt. Both Aladdins and both Contras are different games and that's exactly what that first anon said before you barged into the conversation without reading the last sentence he wrote properly.

>> No.2737210

>unironical 25 year old console wars

>> No.2737292

I wish /v/ would fucking leave.

>> No.2737331

>Many people today just automatically assume that any multiplatform game is better of Super Nintendo than it is on Sega Genesis.

It's usually the opposite.

Only games that actually were better on Genesis though were Mortal Kombat and the EA sports games.

>> No.2737332

Then leave already.

>> No.2737336

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

>> No.2737340

Most European games I can think of were better on Megadrive, now I kinda wonder why. Similar architecture to the Amiga?

>> No.2737341

yep, both used m68k architecture
also yuros are really skilled with the z80, used in the commodore and spectrum

>> No.2737345

>No he actually wasn't
>go back to reddit

>> No.2737357

He said something stupid, then when people called him stupid, he said "Wow I was just joking, can't you guys take a joke?". People should know by now that there are enough dumbasses on 4chan that stupid posts will be taken seriously.

>> No.2737359

Shut it.

>> No.2737361

And the Sega Master System, which was why that console had a ton of good european games.

>> No.2737363

What a well thought out, eye opening response. Thanks, I'll never look at /vr/ the same way again!

>> No.2737367


>batman and robin

dude, all different games.

especially castlevania, completely different projects.

Konami were awesome at making different games that were optimized for each console.

>> No.2737368

Zip it.

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The music kicked ass.

>> No.2737390


Ryo is on Genesis' FF2? Not on Special?

I got SNES Fatal Fury 2 when I was a kid and honestly loved it. I got to play the Genesis version and it was honestly pretty good too, but different. I don't know which is really better.
Both pale in comparision to the arcade, but I think they were still good home offerings for 1992.

>> No.2737391

I remember that port as being FUCKING dark since most menus have just a solid black color for background. Weird how something like that changed the mood.

>> No.2737398

What confuses me is why Sonic is so revered when there are a ton of Genesis games that are 1000x better than any Sonic game?

>> No.2737401

Because opinions.

>> No.2737406

Sonic 2 came with my genesis. Prepackaged games ftw.

>> No.2737407

Still pales in comparison to Rocket Knight Adventures.

>> No.2737414


>playing sonic 2 before 1.

>> No.2737420

Sonic 2 was like the only half-decent one.

>> No.2737421

you're gonna miss out on the deep storyline

>> No.2737426

>not playing series in chronological release order no matter what


>> No.2737458

Shit tier controller aside, all games are better on the Genesis.

>> No.2737463

>playing series in chronological order no matter what


>> No.2737470


not him but if you don't play series in release order you're a pleb

>> No.2737478

I could understand that with some series. But why would you feel compelled to play the Sonic series in chronological order? They're all good (or, the Mega Drive ones are) and I think anybody who plays 2 should also play 1, 3 & K, but I couldn't give a flying fuck what order they play it in.

If I HAD to play the Zelda series in release order, I just simply wouldn't play the series at all, because the first 2 games are shit.

>> No.2737480

He's trolling.

>> No.2737482


The guy you're replying to is trolling

>If I HAD to play the Zelda series in release order, I just simply wouldn't play the series at all, because the first 2 games are shit.

>> No.2737483

everyone's trolling

>> No.2737484

">" lol

>> No.2737486

Calling Zelda 1 and 2 bad isn't trolling. It seems like every major NES adventure (Metroid included) game is cryptic to the point of just not being fun. Don't get me wrong, I think adventure and exploration is good. Having to find things yourself and not having your hand held the entire time is good. Tediousness like bombing every wall to find an entrance is not good.

>> No.2737490


I'm sure you're also the kind of tool who claims games "age", aren't you?

>> No.2737498

Insults aren't called for.

Anyway, yes, I think some games do "age". Obviously not in the literal sense, but as standards change and time goes on, some games still stand the test of time, and others do not. Many games were insanely popular because they started a new genre, but because they're clunky and cryptic by today's standards, they're just not fun to play anymore when you know you could play something better.

I'd say most games that were good "back in their day" are still good today, but 8-bit adventure games and pre-mouse CRPGs are two things in particular that stand out to me as having not aged well.

>> No.2737521 [DELETED] 

>insults aren't called for
>thinks he's still posting on reddit
Fuck off you fucking dipshit faggot nigger cunt bitch underage piece of shit. Your taste is SHIT. Shoot yourself in the cock and have your dad suck the blood, fuckstain.

>> No.2737535 [DELETED] 

Just fuck off back to your super serious hug box website already.

>> No.2737539

One is shit and one is really good ( special champ Ed).

Mickey mania is way better on md

>> No.2737541

sports games overall are a lot better on Genesis. It sucks that most gamers aren't into sports and completely disregard that fact.

>> No.2737672

Zelda 1 & 2 are overrated shit, it wasnt until the GB and SNES titles released that the series began to be excellent
Good NES games are Ghosts 'n Goblins, Battletoads, Mario Series, Kirby, Bubble Bobble and some other arcade ports

>> No.2737678

NES GnG is awful

on topic, Ghouls and Ghosts is better than SuperGnG although they're different games

>> No.2737680

Many of you should change "is better" with "I like better".

Your opinion is not the truth.

>> No.2737895

PCE CD blows both away.

>> No.2737912

Marginally better and in a much more expensive system.

>> No.2737978

Nope, you either have shit taste or you kept getting raped and decided to side with the easier GnG.

>> No.2737984

Easier or not, Ghouls 'n Ghosts is still better than the consolized shit that is SGnG.

>> No.2737994

I would have preferred a Genesis port of Final Fight, but i guess it would be slightly downgraded.

>> No.2738078

Both games are hard
I love them all, probably my favorite series after Doom and Bubble Bobble.
The og gng its very cheap (or at least the nes port, the one I played) in comparison to its 2 sequels.
Ive got no explanation, its just the way I feel; when I die on GhostsnG I get angry and irrational, i feel like the game just killed me because.
When i die on Ghoulsng and Supergng it feels like it was my fault and that I can improve my apptoach based on my death.

>> No.2738105

Don't you know anon? Hating on any console or game with a horrible reputation means it's really a hidden gem and you're just parroting a Youtuber!

>> No.2738132

man.. this. rocket night was so much nicer than sparkster.

I also prefer genesis contra

>> No.2738152

original RKA is better than both Sparkster games. Or even the newer one.

>> No.2738156

He's right. It isn't multiplat, you tard. They're different games with the same name.

>> No.2738167

The hell it does.

Those prerendered sprites were janky. PC best version.

>> No.2738178
File: 361 KB, 614x600, DoomsdayDoor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't know how great the SEGA CD is because you think anyone who likes it is just being a hipster reactionary to the AVGN then the door to /v is that way <----

>> No.2738181

I was remarking about the people who defend the 32X not the CD.

>> No.2738225

The 32X had 40 officially released games of those I'd say 23 are worth playing. And that was after only like a year. How many games does a system need for you to think it's worth playing? Also I'd say far less than 58% of released SNES games are worth playing which means over all the 32X is a better system than the SNES there I said it.

>> No.2738230

There you have it, gamer cred is the only reason to pick Super, it's still a great game but the slowdown, forced scrolling, and boring empty screens can fuck off. It's basically Exhibit A for anyone who wants to bitch about the SNES being underpowered. Original GnG is harder anyway, if you want to play that angle.

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File: 23 KB, 320x224, 32x-starfleetacademy_a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is better because it has more advanced 3D graphics

>> No.2738246

>32X is a better system than the SNES there I said it
That's a bold statement. Then again, the amount of games I played on both systems I can count on one hand so I have no room to talk.

>> No.2738258


The music,graphics and stages are far better in SGnG. There really is no dispute for any of that. The only advantage GnG has is being able to shoot up and down.

>> No.2738304

>implying it's not the Genesis people who always go on about that they have the better version.

>> No.2738316

What kind of retarded reasoning is that? No shit the percentage will be higher because the 32X doesn't even have 1/7th of the library the SNES had.

>> No.2738318

quick! name 23 worthwhile games that came out for the SNES in its first year aaaand.. GO!

>> No.2738321

Now you're completely moving the goal posts.

>> No.2738324

You have the rational and logical capabilities of a 12 year old.

>> No.2738336

No I'm not, the 32X has 23 good games in its first year while the SNES had... well you tell me. It's probably less which means the SNES is objectively worse and would have also crushed the SNES in quantity of worthwhile titles if SEGA had not sadly cut its lifetime short, much like it did with the Dreamcast

>> No.2738340

Yes you are.

>> No.2738347
File: 481 KB, 250x186, ohsnapraven.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2738367


Were you even alive when the 32x was released? I'd have a hard time believing it from the shit you're posting.

>> No.2738369

This thread is getting mentioned in my suicide note.

>> No.2738374
File: 27 KB, 768x166, Cammy_spiral_arrow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was alive and already old enough to be jerking it to VHS tapes of Cammy I made doing her cannon drill that I would playback in slow-mo

something for you to think about in your final moments

>> No.2738405
File: 13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wing Commander is better because of Redbook audio voice acting

>> No.2738409

Super Mario World
Final Fight
Gradius III
Darius Twin
Super R-Type
Soul Blazer
Super Smash TV
Addams Family
Super Wrestlemania
Mario Paint
Street Fighter 2
Prince of Persia
Super Mario Kart
Joe and Mac

>> No.2738414

First name 23 worthwhile 32X games that came out on year one.

>> No.2738425

...yeah, shit. I wish I had said that before making that list.

Oh well, done's done.

>> No.2738427

We already esablished that Joe and Mac is better on Sega >>2736803 and that could be said for a lot of them in your list. And Super R-Type? maybe if you like making a cup of coffee in between frames of animation.

>> No.2738438

After Burner Complete
BC Racers
Doom (sorry about your lack of floors & ceilings SNES)
Knuckles Chaotix
Mortal Kombat II
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
Night Trap
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
Primal Rage
Shadow Squadron
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Bridge Simulator
Star Wars Arcade
Space Harrier
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing Deluxe
WWF Wrestlmania
Zaxxon's Motherbase

>> No.2738445

Im pretty sure /vr/ is of the consensus that SEGA got the better of the multiplats. Because they did.

>> No.2738453


>> No.2738454

fuck that sounds great

>> No.2738458

>Soul Blazer
>Super Smash TV
>Mario Kart
>Prince of Persia
>Addams Family

>> No.2738459

these are 1992 games

>> No.2738461

within the first year of its release not by the end of the year of its release but its still not correct because he's listing the SNES's NA release, which was a year AFTER it was released in Japan so he's giving the SNES an extra year advantage.

>> No.2738465 [DELETED] 

>I'd say 23 are worth playing

Name them.

>> No.2738471

name your elementary school

>> No.2738478

It's good but the music is so ass.

>> No.2738485

That's opinion which is why I've left it out of any comparisons. Personally I really don't like the SNES sound a lot of the time. It sounds like a cheap midi orchestra with too much reverb. At least the Genesis sound enough not like real instruments that it can be enjoyed as its own electronica.

>> No.2738514

Oh cool, so I can post all the Japanese games I skipped? Great!

Castlevania 4
Gundam F91
SD Gundam
Super Nobunaga's Ambition

Now how much further are we moving these goal posts because I believe you get the point, here.

I like Sega, too, I do, but you're totally talking out of your ass when you say silly shit. This isn't 1994 anymore, you can be an informed adult and not a snotty brat.

>> No.2738527

Nooo.. you have to eliminate every game from your list that was released after Nov 1991 which is a year after when the Super Famicom launched

>> No.2738542
File: 311 KB, 680x681, 1386764271593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2738545

We've already shown the ones that came out in 1992, that list replaced them. Keep up, son.

>> No.2738551

And furthermore, a list for SNES was asked and that was exactly what was provided.

>no whoops I meant Super Famicom

>> No.2738585


No they pointed out games which came out in 1992 because he was like " duhh 92 comes after 91" to which I replied yes but if they came out before Aug 1992 which would be a year after the Super NINTENDO came out that would be fine EXCEPT it would still be almost 2 years before the super FAMICOM came out. The 32X launched within weeks of each territory so to properly gauge which had more worthwhile games in an equal period, you have to use an equal period and not use a particular region to artificially inflate the one you like better into having a greater amount Do you understand now?

>> No.2738594


>> No.2738601

They're the same system dipshit so first year means its first year and if everything from 1992 is eliminated and some are already established better on Sega like Joe and Mac & Addams Family and Super R-Type III is straight garbage then the SNES loses.

>> No.2738607

I can't believe you guys are actually still responding to the 32x tard.

>> No.2738614

then post something on topic or stfu

>> No.2738631


No, I don't want the 32x tard to drool on me.

>> No.2738637
File: 162 KB, 640x901, Hard_Drivin'_Box_Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Decently playable on the Genesis, literally unplayable on the SNES due to its slower CPU.

Kinda interesting to see a fullblown polygonal racing game on the system that didn't use the SVP Chip like Virtua Racing or the SuperFX Chip like 3D games on the SNES did.

>> No.2738641

>Gundam F91

Had no clue that had a Super Nintendo game. Gonna check that out because I love late UC era Gundam.

>> No.2738645

The sequel Race Driving is also on Genesis, and it has better frame-rate iirc.

Also, Kawasaki Superbike Challenge is much better on Genesis, tons of polygons, real sprite scaling and better frame-rate compared to the SNES version.

>> No.2738649


Both of those games were absolute shit and you should feel ashamed for even bringing them up.

>> No.2738691
File: 12 KB, 256x224, Addams%20Family,%20The%20(UE).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Addams Family is better because there is no censorship

>> No.2738705

I like how sega was more adult. Less censorship and more mature games. Nintendo's bright colors and cartoony graphics were more family oriented.

>> No.2738858

the controls seemed way snappier than the snes versions.

>> No.2738859

>le edgy screamer

>> No.2739897
File: 11 KB, 320x224, 524396-maui-mallard-in-cold-shadow-genesis-screenshot-bonus-round[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Maui Mallard. The game was an extremely solid platformer-nigh-cum-run-and-gun where you could play as a ninja and use a smorgasbord of different bullets in a DISNEY game. When it got a SNES release they completely retooled the game into a boring easy collectathon (that wasn't open world so what's the fuckin' point) with shitty music and barely any graphical changes.

Of course the best version was PC since it was just the Gen version with orchestrated CD music.

>> No.2739912

>I'm surprised nobody mentioned Maui Mallard.

Probably because the Genesis version only came out in Europe for some inane reason. That always bugged me.

>> No.2739919

Really? That's sad.

>> No.2739923
File: 3.01 MB, 4013x2866, 1434688421700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I owned a Genesis as a kid I never ever played any super violent games for the time like MK. I liked it because of shit like Ranger X, Hard Corps, and Streets of Rage 2.

>> No.2739941


I'm pretty sure you're either beating the shit out of people or blowing everything up in all 3 of those games. Sounds pretty violent to me.

>> No.2739962

You squish people in Mario and cut up monsters in Zelda. His point was "SUPER" violent. The ones that are violent for violence's sake.

>> No.2739970


You're retarded.

>> No.2740013

Don't be a smart ass you know I'm referring to stuff that was considered too violent for its time like Mortal Kombat or Time Killers.

>> No.2741727

Dude the SNES version of Ys III is fucking shit. The Genesis and T-16 versions are FAR superior

>> No.2741952

>Ranger X

mah nigga

>> No.2743025

>Orchestrated CD music

Ew. This is the thing I really disliked about 90's CD releases of games, their tendency to shittify the soundtrack. Like Ecco the Dolphin CD is just the original game plus loading times and the god-tier soundtrack replaced with an awful CD one.

>> No.2743873

While those are nice, the reason MK is better on the Genesis is undoubtedly because it doesn't have the horrid input delay like the SNES version.

No. Because isn't on the SNES, that is, they aren't equivocal games or multiplatform in that way. They're set in the same world but they aren't ports. Yes the Genesis is the better of the two games anyway, but it's not a multiplat title. Its like trying to compare Super Mario World vs Super Mario Kart. You sure as fuck can do it, but they attempt different goals even though one could be considered better than the other.

>> No.2746023

The Orchestrated music in MM is so good tho
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ2VqoVwnI4 <<Original Genesis version.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFvLa2Kr62Q <<PC Orchestrated version.

It's basically just the original on steroids. And because PC Master Race let you install to the hard drive, no loading times.

It makes me sad I can't find any downloads for that shit.

>> No.2746029

>Its like trying to compare Super Mario World vs Super Mario Kart.

No it's not, you have brain problems.

>> No.2746221

I think about Vectorman, but was it a Genesis exclusive?

>> No.2746225

Same about Dynamite Heady

>> No.2746232
File: 1.45 MB, 320x240, 5kZiDi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2746383

Sega CD and Saturn are the only way to play Jim, son.

>23 are worth playing
You mean 23 are playable. The system only has four good Exclusives and maybe eight games worth playing overall, two of those being Sega arcade ports. The only reason anyone should ever even consider having a 32X is if they really fucking love Chaotix and Kolibri and refuse to emulate.

>> No.2746390
File: 57 KB, 352x240, Ewj2-saturn-peterpuppy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Saturn only has EWJ2. And although it's technically the best version (great backgrounds, best music, etc), the SNES version is overall considered the best, the controls on the Saturn/PS1 versions are somewhat fucked as the port was not handled by the actual EWJ devs, but by another company.

>> No.2746403

I know that, I was talking about the series.

And it's a bummer that there's no truly definitive version of 2 (the shitty "3D" loading screen and redesigned cows bug me), but the 16-bit version's sfx are so low quality even compared to the first that I hate playing it that way. The controls are a little off, sure, but the series already had kinda weird, loose controls to begin with.

>> No.2746406

>redesigned cows bug me

Yeah, also no "well done" pitch change with L and R.

And I agree controls on EWJ were never something to write home about, but they're somewhat worse on Saturn. It's a shame really.
I still love it though.

>> No.2746410

It'd be great if we could get a remastered doublepack, placing CD's 1 with a cobbled together, perfect version of 2, but nobody's willing to alter 2D games without going for a complete HD remake.

Maybe in 30 years when people finally figure out how to fuck around with the Saturn.

>> No.2746731

What about the PC/DOS version?

>> No.2746741
File: 311 KB, 330x640, EWJ-what_shername.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Never played it, I assume it's the same as the PS1 version. Probably doesn't have the nice parallax effects of the Saturn version but who knows.
I know it is missing a level though, so I wouldn't recommend it over other versions.

>> No.2746750

>playing ntsc sonic 1 before jp sonic 1

>> No.2746757


I actually don't know which version I played back then. It was on a chinese multicart, so it could have been the jp version.
All the other multicarts of games I had were in japanese, so I'd say it's a possibility.

>> No.2746789

I had a 32X and loved the shit out of it

>Knuckles Chaotix once you got your head wrapped around the physics was a blast
>Virtua Fighter 32X played much better than the Saturn version
>Space Harrier was great
>DOOM was so good I didn't even mind the music
>Star Wars was fun
>After Burner II was arcade-perfect
>Best home version of Mortal Kombat II
>Best home version of NBA Jam
>Virtua fucking Racing Deluxe with the 3 cars

I wish I hadn't sold mine.

>> No.2746878
File: 59 KB, 640x905, 11014871_1168956843134161_8291586360782164364_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2750325

>comparing arcade ports
>in 2015

tbqfh WHY fam?

why keep bickering about console wars that are long over? I understand when it's about games that are console exclusive but why would you play an inferior port nowadays?

Street Fighter II? Play the beautiful and super smooth arcade version.

>> No.2750328


I agree that doing console wars in 2015 is pretty stupid, but

>but why would you play an inferior port nowadays?

It may be for many reasons, mainly nostalgia first, and sometimes console ports were fun in their own way.

>> No.2751203

A snes version wouldn't sound as good since SNES have such shitty fake orchestra midi fonts.
The SNES ruined Super Mario All Stars for that reason.

>> No.2751269

I'm surprised to agree with you here! (I'm not the guy who posted earlier though.)

>> No.2751280

It's that time for all our gen z younglings. Fuck them all by the way.

>> No.2751316

nice consolewars bait there buddy

>> No.2751319

from the thumbnail I thought he was holding a giant penis, I think I've spent too much time on /d/

>> No.2752774

Fuck off James Rolfe.

>> No.2753000

>Street Fighter II? Play the beautiful and super smooth arcade version.

no thanks... I'm a man so I'll continue playing 2T on the SNES.

>> No.2753189


My guess would be is that Maui Mallard was a bigger character in Europe, as the Ducks are quite popular there. So they felt more willing to release two versions, while in America they just went with what they thought would sell better.

>> No.2753192

Europe doesn't get many exclusives unlike the other regions so it's like christmas for us when that happens.

>> No.2756398



>> No.2759236


>> No.2759306


No way. That game was amazing, man.

>> No.2760694
File: 188 KB, 480x360, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Of course the best version was PC since it was just the Gen version with orchestrated CD music.

Twenty years ago and PC still kicked console ass. Amazing.

>> No.2760704

SNES version was based off of the arcade port "Thunder Spirits" which in turn was a port that came AFTER the home console version of TF3. It was two port steps removed from the original. SNES version never had a chance.

>> No.2760705

A port of a port. Amazing. Reminds me of all those Vita-to-PS4-to-PC ports cropping up on Steam all of a sudden.

>> No.2760706

i kno right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahu5pq851Eo

>> No.2760715

NTSC is a TV standard that both the US and JP use. Both the US and JP versions are NTSC. The EU version is PAL.

Don't be a tud.

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