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How do you memorize spawn points?

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I mean, enemy spawn points.

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How about you save yourself the trouble and just play a better beat'em up.

Beat'em ups should be about improvisation not memorization.

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But you get farther if you memorize.

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Well what we need is an annotated list of best beat em ups ever, broken down by platform, with brief descriptions and difficulty rating, but anonymous never comes through.

Come on anonymous, I'm entitled to free stuff that requires lots of work from you.

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there is one, too lazy to look it up since archive moe is down

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Streets of Rage 2&3
Turtles in Time

go play outside when you're finished those.

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I'll just give you the best for each system.

>Mega Drive
Bare Knuckle II (on hardest mode)

The Ninja Warriors Again (on hard mode)

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari or Mighty Final Fight or Kung Fu

Final Fight or Guardians (on hard mode)

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>Guardians (on hard mode)
I meant hardest mode

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Down forever.

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>Final Fight
Can you really beat that without memorizing? I don't think so.

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I'm not >>2733129

Memorization is a part of every single game.

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This, Final Fight has some memorization (mainly the fat guys),but overall you still need to learn how to play the game if you want to get far.

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Wait... is the floor normally cracked like that?

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Yeah but it's a way bigger part of some games than others

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Yes, of course.

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Here some of my favs, maybe i will make one for NES, SNES and Genesis later.

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I forgot, this site is pretty decent for some beat 'em up info (i'm not the creator btw)

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before you do that, maybe you should add Crime Fighters 2 to the list

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dunno, maybe using your brain?

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>undercover cops

muh nig

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OK, between those two posts, that is in fact just about exactly what I asked for, mind=blown.

That's a really good website, the maker ought to editorialize a bit and make a top 10 list or something though. Looks like he doesn't count Ninja Warriors though :\ probably racist against single plane games

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>Looks like he doesn't count Ninja Warriors though :\ probably racist against single plane games
Nah he most likely forgot about it since he included damn Goemon 2 as a beat 'em up.

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By eating healthy and sleeping well.

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Also includes NARC on NES but not the arcade game.

I was looking around for quality Genesis beat em ups but it looks like very slim pickings once you get past 1st party games.

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There isn't really a technique I use, if a part gives me trouble enough times I'll eventually just remember that's the part that kicks my ass.

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That game has an amazing soundtrack

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Which is weird, since the genesis was more suited for beat ups than the snes, as proven by streets of rage.

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Sounds a bit like Killer Instinct. Same composer et al.

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top 10s are totally arbitrary anyway, it's probably going to be dominated by capcom and konami

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Is there any documentation on the development of the Battletoads arcade game? I remember someone bringing up in a skill-run about how it seemed unfinished, and I kinda agree, or at the very least they got bored with it and just ended it without finishing it to the level they may have initially planned.

-The boss of level 2 is Karnath, despite there having been apparent plans to include a much more fitting Admiral Oink character (wearing a Santa costume) in the game

-Dark Queen has a full boss portrait appear despite her only showing up as a hologram in the level

-The high score system only saves your score if you actually clear the game, if I remember correctly.

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Karnath was obviously meant for the rappel rope level.
The ending is really funny. The ship crashes into an unknown planet but they just teleport back to base and end the game.

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Yeah, SoR on harder difficulties is about the only evidence for that. I really like Alien Storm and Golden Axe but I think the SNES could probably handle either of them just fine. It's been a while but I don't recall HH being significantly faster or more sprite-heavy than TiT. I wouldn't be surprised if some multiplats were smoother on Genesis but in most cases I don't care anyway because they're crappy licensed games.

Speaking of unfinished stuff, maybe they should've given Karnath a second attack and about half as much HP.

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Golden Axe II on hard mode is good.

inb4 that one kid who judges a game's quality and difficulty based on only the first 2 levels (because he doesn't have time to complete a game because he has 700 more roms left to test out and act knowledgeable about) comments "that game is easy just use dash attacks".

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>I really like Alien Storm and Golden Axe but I think the SNES could probably handle either of them just fine
Golden Axe probably, but Alien Storm has like 8-9 enemies on screen on the Genesis, too much for the SNES.

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Nintendo held hostage the good japanese devs at the time.
>tfw no genesis ports of King of Dragons, Captain Commando, Undercover Cops and Denjin Makai.

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With my brain

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