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Just got a Gameboy looking for titles that i should buy.

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There's one of these a day I suppose...

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How can anyone stand to play the dated horrible pos for more than 5 minutes

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young kids trying to be retro-cool want to be seen playing these... kinda like those fuckers that take a book to the park but aren't actually reading shit.

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Nah, I had one when i was younger and found recently that it still works.

problem is that i had like no games on it and i needed something to keep me entertained on a long train ride into the city.

phone games are great but when you've played one you've played them all.

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I've got the opposite problem. Have gone through 2 OG gameboys and 1 GBA and have non of them now (ex gf's always seem to keep the gameboy and a game somehow)... So now I've got like 15 carts (including a flashcart I got back when the GBA was new) and I suppose I'll eventually get another one to play them on... Maybe the SP or a DS just for the backlit screen. Either way my PSP has me covered for portable gaming and emulation for now.

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Should be pretty cheap to get on ebay i'd say consider a quick google puts them around the mark of 90 dollars.

I'd buy it before the hipsters put it up in price.

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i could locally get a gb sp with zelda for 45 bucks, but i seriously can't even find the need for it yet... also it's the 001 and not the 101 so that made it less urgent as well...

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The extreme design restrictions of it resulted in a unique minimalism in the games produced.
On the Game Boy you get pure gameplay with little to no frills attached, with a lot of variety in the library due to its domination of the market. It had a ton of platformers, RPGs, shmups, some interesting attempts at 3D, some weird NES ports that were hit-or-miss, all in a cute, durable little package (assuming you have a pocket or color) with great battery life and a screen that you can actually fucking see when you take it outside.
Also nobody really cares about it so if you get into it most of the games and systems are hella cheap.

You can get a Pocket for twenty bucks, with a cheap lot of games for an additional $10 or $20, and a ton of gems that are marked down to a cent on Amazon.
The thing also has a great little sound system and many of the games have amazing music. It's heard best from the system itself, but check these out:
The last in particular really blew me away the first time I heard it, go listen to the NES equivalent and hear how much of an improvement it is:

Regarding the hipster thing, those fags only ever play Pokemon, or buy awful gaudy modded GBs to make terrible chiptune music on. Not that I don't love Pokemon, but jesus, there's so much more to the system.

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I'd recommend going for a Color. It's about $25 on ebay, plays all the OG Game Boy games, and all the GBC only games.

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I'd agree with this if you're only choosing one, but I will say the Pocket has a larger screen and fits much more nicely in the pocket, as it were.

Now is definitely the time to get a Color, before the price gets driven up by some bullshit.

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If you are looking for "an investment" (god I hate thinking about that when it comes to retro game stuff) go for the GB Color.

BUT if it is just for you to play- Look for the Chinese GBC clone called the "GB Boy Colour"

All the looks of a GBC with a back lit screen.

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>All the looks of a GBC with a back lit screen.
gross, why would you want to subject yourself to that?
As >>2727069 said
>a screen that you can actually fucking see when you take it outside.
If you want to squint at your dim backlit screen, grab an NDS or late GBA SP. No need to break a GBC for that.

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>GB Boy Colour
The internet tells me the screen is stretched wider than a real one and it has poor sound compatibility.

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Pokemon Crystal Korean version and Pokemon black person version

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>Pokemon black person version
I don't know what you're getting at here.

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Both of these things are true.

My personal dream is to get a GB Light. That's the only game boy I want anymore, now that I have a backlit SP and a GBC. Sure, it will only play GB games, but someday when I go to Japan, I want to take an overnight train ride somewhere so I can sit in the car nestled in blankets, slowly drifting off to the soft glow of a GB Light screen and the soft jostling of the train car.

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