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I didn't see any ask threads, so I'll start. I'm looking for a snes or an nes game. It may or may not have been co op, and one of the bosses was a flying beagle that had a some jacket and used its ears to fly.

Any ideas?

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Can you remember anything else that might help people help you?
Was it a sidescroller?
Did it have guns?
Were the graphics in the game really cartoony and colourful?

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claymates on the snes.

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My girlfriend remembers that the dog boss is a beaglee and he's wearing a leather jacket. Despite remembering the exact breed of the dog boss, she's not really sure of anything else. There might be a projectile you throw at the beagle since he apparently as big as fat cat the first time you see him, not the second time but the first. Her words. We're at the retron stage of our relationship. Also, it's probably, according to her, just on the nes (which doesn't rule out genesis).

I can see why you would say that given the related pic. Even though that's not it, we'll definitely have to check it out at some point.

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>Retron stage of our relationship


My game...I actually know exactly what it is. Phoenix, the space ship shmup on the TI-83 calculator.

I am looking for either the original game that it copied, or a game similar to it for any system. My favorite part about the game was that when you destroyed an enemy money fell out. You collected the money and could spend it on various upgrades for your ship at the end of the level.

Any Vertical shmup with that element out there either in arcade or home console?

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What are the games featured in this picture?

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gradius, ikki, raid on bungeling bay, yie-ar kung fu, twinbee, mach rider, mario 3, contra

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What the hell is port pia?

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Thanks, any clue what the one up top is, down below (beside Gradius II) or the one in the console?

Portopia Serial Murder Case

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Oh, it's thexder.

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My guy

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>We're at the retron stage of our relationship.

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xpost from >>2725841

I remember seeing a YouTube video once of some really old Eastern European adventure game that looked pretty neat, but I don't remember much about it. It was really low resolution, couldn't have been from any later than the very early 90s, I'd guess it was either Polish, Czech or Hungarian, I think the game was mostly yellow or brown visually, and I remember there was some puzzle that involved opening a door. It was a first person point and click game. No screen scrolling. I don't think it was ever localized in English. The HUD was in a foreign language, but it seemed like normal adventure game commands. Anyone have any ideas?

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I'm no shmup expert, but gun nac had a shop at the end of each level. That said, I'm pretty sure the stuff you bought could be earned by the numbered power ups during the levels.

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Deluxe Galaga on Amiga had that exact thing. It was a really good unofficial shareware "remake" of Galaga.

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I only remember reading about this game a few years back, so I've never even played it and can't give you detectives many clues.

What I do remember the article mentioning was that it was (probably) a PC game, where you drive around a vehicle in a weird alien world (maybe). The biggest selling point was that you had to interact with the aliens of the world, and they only used the made-up language of the game that you had to figure out / learn partially.

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Don't recognize any of the games mentioned here, but have my own request...

It was for the NES, a top-down vertical scroller that I believe was a forced-movement shmup, but I think there were platforming elements(you jumped over some stuff?). There were multiple characters to play as, each with their own stage. If you lost with one, you moved on to another. Once you made it through each character's stage, the ones who had lived joined together and you moved through another stage with them. I feel like it was fantasy-themed, but it might have had a time-travel theme cause I kinda remember a dinosaur maybe?

Rented it once when I was a kid and have been itching to play it again for a decade or so, no luck with finding it thus far...

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Captain Blood?

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Might have been. I have this weird dreamlike memory of checking some footage of it and remember it being more top-down and mostly 3D, and vehicle-building being a part of the game. Either I am imagining or this is a really obscure game.

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King's Knight

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>King's Knight

You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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Maybe someone can help me remember this game I played when I was much younger. I want to say that the game was on the SNES or PlayStation. It had a overhead view similar to LttP, and the beginning areas of the game was where you got your main weapon (or at least your beginning weapon) and learned how to do a dash.

I want to say the character you played as wore red/brown clothing, and had spiky hair. He was also a young boy.

Sorry if this is a vague explanation. This is all I can remember. Please, /vr/, I want to play this game again SOOOOO bad. I had a blast with it as a kid.

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Maybe Illusion of Gaia?

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Thanks. Just saw a video of it and it looks pretty damn good and close to what I was looking for.

Now how the hell am I gonna play this on anything other than an emulator

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Asked about this a few times on other boards, may as well try here.

-2D sidescrolling military helicopter game for pc (win 95/98 I think)
-Had a few different campaigns, each with a few missions. One (or more) of them were in a desert, one was called 'Wacky World' and had a picture of a smiley face with bullet holes
-At the start of a mission, you'd choose one of a sizable pool of helicopters (blackhawk, apache, etc), then pick what kind/how many missiles, guns, etc you wanted, then pick up to 3 wingmen (sometimes you could get a jet as a wingman)
-You start on the ground, have to take off and then go complete mission (shoot dudes, blow stuff up, pick up guys, the like) and land
-Main enemies were guys on the ground (either with guns or rpgs), turrets, tanks, or other helicopters
-Running into buildings and running out of fuel were both of concern
-When you were hit bullet holes would appear in screen, when you were hit bad a voice would yell "Eject!" over and over until you crashed or ejected
-If you died, you got a high score table and a cheeky message, something like "That's a nice farm you've bought there"
-You could continue after you fail a mission, the helicopter you choose would be under repairs for the next few missions
-You had flares to dodge missiles with
-When you started the game a blue logo would come up, can't remember what it was

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It was this one little puzzle game for 2 people

I really can't remember whether it was like bust a move or puyo puyo, that's how missing that information is in my head

It had wacky cartoony characters, on PS1

It was on a demo disc, I'm fairly sure.

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