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In honor of Halloween, lets create a list of the ten best retro horror games of all time.

Clock Tower SNES gets my vote.

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Quake is the only game I've ever found scary

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Another world gets my vote. Eerie.

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What are some retro games that are similar to Junji Ito comics?

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No other game comes close to giving me as many nightmares as Wolfenstein 3D has.

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Famicon Detective Club 2 is pretty god damn terrifying at times

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Does Silent Hill count as retro?

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The first one does. As for the first 3 RE games and a few of its spin offs.

That being said I think RE2 gets my vote. I like Nemesis more for its ability to jump scare you, but overall RE2 is a better horror game.

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Then Silent Hill should take the cake

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Not in order but :

Clock Tower
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
I Have No Mouth
Project Firestart
Sweet Home

Special Mention :
Any Horrorsoft game, for amazing presentation but shit gameplay.

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So pretty bare as far as gameplay/plot goes but with a really good/scary gimmick?

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Alone in The Dark 1,2,3
Shadow of the Comet
Prisoners of Ice
7th Guest
Gabriel Knight: Sins of our fathers
Phantasmagoria I&II

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More of being an awesome cult classic than actually being scary.

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Number 3 was actually legit scary, though.

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No Nocturne?

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The atmosphere in all 3 is pretty legit imo

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Great list. Project Forester was masterpiece on C64 and I can say that I enjoyed all Horrorsoft games despite them having bad gameplay.

I'd add It Came from Desert. It is basically tribute to B movies, but the atmosphere and music were awesome
I would also add Moonstone on Amiga as well.

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The House of the Dead 1

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Sweet Home

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This. Silent Hill is not only the best pre-2000 horror game, it's the best PS1 game

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Deadly Premonition was originally a dreamcast title.
It's not "scary" per se. but it's a great horror game.

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Harvester. Just kidding, that wasn't scary - it was hilarious.

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The fucking mud men in the red knight's corner. Their arrival still chills me to the bone.

Earliest jump scare I remember in games.

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>Clock Tower SNES gets my vote


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Clocktower (PS1)
Silent Hill
Parasite Eve
Mansion of Hidden Souls
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Echo Night
Enemy Zero
Martian Gothic
The Uninvited

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realms of the haunting

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