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Duke Nukem thread. Mostly Douk 3D, but other Douks are welcome too.

I managed to arrange it so that I can launch eDuke32 via steam Duke Nukem: Megaton edition and now I can play all the mods. I installed Duke Hard, the Die Hard mod for Duke Nukem 3D and so far it has been pretty sweet, though I kinda wish it was a total conversion and went all the way Die Hard with movie sound effects and everything.

Are there any good total conversion mods? Something that would give a brand new twist to good ol' Douk? I'm kinda tired of playing the same old levels over and over again, I've been playing Douk for over 20 years now.

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I had that pack as a kid. It has a this old house levell

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I got it too. Don't remember it too well, but I still have the shirt that it came with.

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I remember it having options to make the game a lot more gory but in stupid ways like making all the water blood.

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What? No Douk fans?

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I'm still waiting for the REAL Duke Nukem Forever.

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Also had it, but the shirt got lost sometime. But i remember that it became also holes at some point. So maybe someone threw it away. But disc is still fine though.

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It's much much MUCH better than the one Gearbox tried to bait you with.

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>dn forever

i really miss this development hell

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AMC project

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Recommended usermap if you liked Bioshock or SOMA: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=227707878

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Dude at least link something everyone can download.


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My bad. I guess I assumed everybody has the Megaton edition by now.

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Oh shit. I remember seeing that ad and getting crazy excited. I grew up on the original Duke Nukem side scrollers by apogee, so seeing an ad for a new douk had me excited as fuck.

It's a real shame that pretty much every douk game since the first two sucked shit though. douk 3D had its moments, but overall with the other FPS games of its time, it was unimpressive.

same year, Quake was relaxed. It's really kinda hard to compete with that.

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>douk 3D had its moments, but overall with the other FPS games of its time, it was unimpressive.


>same year, Quake was relaxed. It's really kinda hard to compete with that.

Oh, okay. You're one of those guys. Let's just say we're comparing apples and oranges here.

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Looks fucking badass.

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Duke Hard isn't really based on Die Hard.
It's just a cool pun of a name we found because the episode takes place in one building, and DN3D is all about movie references and such.
Hope you're enjoying it though.

>Are there any good total conversion mods?

Try WGRealms 2 and AMC TC. They're standalone games.

Also play the mod name "Duke Nukem Forever 2013".

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Gearbox just throw out what was done and possible, which would have been ok as a well, spinoff game like manhatten project. But way too few stuff for full price/duke.
Let's hope they are at least working on something epic behind doors..
But don't know if it will still have the same charme, since most original people will not work on it and so on.

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Just a reminder that, through law chenaningas, Gearbox now owns all of the Duke Nukem franchise including DN3D.

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They also got that fanmade Douk 3D remake canceled because it looked too good compared to Douk Forever.

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Actually I don't believe that would have been any good.

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Wow, not even close.

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I don't know what it is but there's something about the box art on all the unofficial expansion packs for Doom, Quake, and Duke that really fascinates me.

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How do I into mapping and modding? I want to create my own total conversion mod with new guns and such.

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I'd like to think that far left is Douk's nana, who taught him everything he knows about kicking ass and chewing bubblegum.

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Did anyone actually get Duke It Out in DC to work? Did I just have a buggy mess?

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BUILD is the easiest engine in the world to learn how to map for. Go download a copy of Mapster32. It needs the Duke3d.grp file from the game to run.

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What do you mean? IIRC it's supposed to overwrite that Lunar Apocalypse episode so that when you start a new game and choose the episode, it will show Duke it out in D.C. instead of Lunar Apocalypse.

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>BUILD is the easiest engine in the world to learn how to map for.

Zdoom is easier, and you can do far more with it.

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>you can do far more with it


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Download EDuke32, which includes Mapster32 which is the enhanced BUILD >>2729668 is talking about. A good starting point to learn about this engine can be here: http://infosuite.duke4.net/

For TCs you should look up into GRP files and figure out how they work, since you can easily overwrite the data inside them by placing it in the same directory, or if you want you could make your own GRP.

I deal with ART files (graphics) using bastART


Which needs the palette file from your Douk's GRP so you have to look for something to open it (I don't even know what works good anymore).

For CON files modding (game logic) you'll have to just look at them with a text editor and grab all the info you can, it's pretty self-explanatory to be honest. There are some programs which let you open CON files and help you a little with syntax, trees, color coding and what not.

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Doom is easier indeed. But it's easier exactly because you can do less with it.

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Looks like those Douk3D betas are never getting released to the public (not lameduke)

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So. for when they inevitably reboot Duke, what would the 2015-friendly Duke Nukem look and sound like?

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Yep. And that's not the only thing we lost in the process. Interceptor wanted to do an official mapping contest, and other cool things like that.

It's all over now that Gearbox owns everything Duke related.

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A neutered, internet meme spouting, politically correct piece of turd. I guarantee you that any "babe" they included would quickly turn into a powerful womyn to combat dem stereotypes. And Duke would inevitably shout that his powerlevel is over 9000.


Yeah, they took too long and now they can't... that is, if they ever truly intended to release them in the first place and it wasn't just some small-scale publicity stunt that they wanted to drag out forever.

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Here :

There is the guy who wants him to be a woman. There is the feminist who wants him to 'realize his error' for being a manly man, cause apparently that's an error.

2015 for you. I miss the 90's.

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>2015 for you. I miss the 90's.
Feminism has been around for a long time. You just didn't know about it back then because you were a kid and didn't pay attention to anything. But I'm not suprised that an attentionwhoring namefag lets his retarded sense of nostalgia doesn't know much about anything.

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I remember feminism in the 90's. It was nothing like today. Nothing like people who make tv series, movies, comics or video games have to pay attention to every single word they say to make sure it doesn't hurt -anyone-. Nothing like the medias constantly going on and on about what the feminist group said.

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>Nothing like the medias constantly going on and on about what the feminist group said.

Nigga Married With Children constantly gave feminists shit and almost got canceled multiple times because of them.

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That article really infuriates me.

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I remember feminist raving over Douk in the 90s. Probably not in the same scale as they would do nowdays because social media wasn't a thing back then, but still. They also whined about Lara Croft.

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Time to Kill was kinda fun.

>that one cheeky Tomb Raider easter egg

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Wasn't that just basically the first level made and they were kinda butchering the map design?

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>implying the 90's didn't have it's own brand of retarded morales and political agendas

Simpler times was never a real thing and the world was always saturated in assholes.

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If they're sensible, they will keep Duke as Duke, but will also acknowledge how touchy feely PC everything must be nowadays and how "outdated" macho men like Duke Nukem are. They could make Duke this old scruffy man who's a relic from the old days, and he's the only one who can save the world from alien threat.

Duke would be reimagined kinda as Revolver Ocelot meets John Matrix; scruffy, foul mouthed, long haired old man who's still in excellent physical shape. He's also a huge perv and he doesn't give a fuck what people think about him.

He would look something like picture related.

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I'd have Duke stay exactly as he is, and include a scene where he is called up on being too sexist or whatever. After which Duke would puff his cigar slowly and reply "blow it out your ass".

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>It's all over now that Gearbox owns everything Duke related.

Wait what, didn't they already got him after they finished DNF?

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What would life be like if Devolver Digital got their hands on the Duke IP instead of shitty Gearbox?

Their Shadow Warrior reboot was great

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They would probably have to build DNF from the ground up because of the shitty work 3Drealms did on it.

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Fuck Smithsonian Nightmare. That level took me 2 hours to finish.

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I think anything less than Duke spitting in the face of PC BS wouldn't be a proper Duke sequel. I could see something along the lines of a proper woman trying to educate Duke in the "modern ways" of politically correct masculinity, but having the whole thing ending with her stripping and some "shake it baby"'s.

Duke 3D was meant to be hardcore and over-the-top, and it is no more out-of-date today than it was 20 years ago. Just some of the people who played the game years ago (or never did and were just aware of it) drank the SJ Kool-Aid and started to feel ashamed for having enjoyed it, so they blame the character for being outdated.

I honestly think Duke should just be left dead, not because he the franchise is too old-fashioned, but because I doubt a developer today would want to give it the sequel it deserves without shoehorning their own moralistic bullshit into the story.

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I think Duke is outdated as a stereotype of the 80's and 90's action star that pretty much doesn't exist today.

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The classic action film formula is pretty dead nowadays anyway. You get some things that come very close to it, but they always flop at the box office, like Dredd.

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They only had the rights to DNF and to "any new Duke Nukem game", they didn't have the rights to previous games. Now they have everything.

The Expendables series worked well, and it's pretty much everything described by >>2730843

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And I mean, in the Expendables movies there were some of the actors which reputations these days was completely ruined by their recent actions. For instance, Van Damme. Van Damme's state was comparable with Duke Nukem at the time, a has been 90's action heroes mocked up for his recent stuff; but Van Damme was fantastic in Expendable, used to his potential and not mocked on at all.

Now the difference is, Van Damme has himself, his agent, to defend himself. To make sure the role he plays in the movie is good for him.
Duke Nukem has nothing anymore, his daddies are all out of the loop now, so anyone can do whatever he wants with him. It all depends who's the devs and publishers who make the new game, but since it's Gearbox holding the reins, I have little faith.

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Whatever happened to Bombshell, the female equivalent of Duke Nukem?

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>grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Jeff Speakman, Rutger Hauer, Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck, Brian Thompson, Bruce Campbell, Bruce Willis, etc.
>Terminator, Commando, Rambo, Evil Dead, Sudden Death, Under Siege, DIE HARD, etc.
>love the sweaty and violent muscle action where hueg swole dudes shoot big guns
>totally obsessed with Duke Nukem because he's everything I love about the action genre
>tfw the genre is pretty much dead nowadays

The last "real" action movie like that I saw was Dredd, and it kicked ass. Too bad it didn't sell all that well so there is not going to be more.
I can't do movies or vidya, but I think I'm a pretty decent artist so I'm planning to draw and write my own comic series with that 80s and 90s action movie spirit.

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>Now they have everything.
How'd that pull that off? Did Broussard fuck up again?

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He's never relevant but I imagine when he sold the franchise he wrote the contract on the back of a soggy napkin with just the words "i giev yuo douk".

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Her game is out soon.


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Mad Max Fury Road is pretty good in terms of action. No pandering to any demographics that otherwise drags down moderns action movies. Just two hours of high octane action.

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Oh yeah I can't believe I forgot that one, Fury Road is fucking badass.

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Imagine a vidya equivalent of the Expendables with Duke Nukem, Lo Wang, Blazkowicz, Serious Sam, Postal Dude, J.C. Denton, Doomguy etc.

Some silly plot about dimensional portal that rips all these guys out of their own world into one place where they need to team up and fight against horrible monsters. It doesn't need to make much sense because it would be just an excuse to have all of these guys in one game.

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>no caleb
a shit

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Look at this crazy shit. Any other mods like this?

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To be honest, making him Duchess Nukem sounds not that bad in comparsin to other 'ideas' in the article.

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