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why i cant play super bomberman 2-5 online?
any good bomberman hack?
will we ever get another bomberman game?

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check out gameofbombs.com

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>why i cant play super bomberman 2-5 online
But you can

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emulation doesnt work for me, znes freezes and i cant never start a match.
it only works on SB1, but even there i cant use some stages on multiplayer.

actually i did, not really what i want for now.

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ZSNES isn't the only option for SNES netplay. There's Mednafen and Retroarch.

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I'm actually digging this.

Thanks, anon.

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the android emulator?

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It has a Windows release.

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i ended up playing it on a previous ZNES version (1.337) and it worked like magic, no lag or glitches at all.

thanks anyways, i may try to play it on my phone and officially have a blast with friends anywhere.

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Use Mamehub if you want to legit play Bomberman online with 2-5 players.

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