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Why is X such a pretentious faggot?

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Is pretentious a new word for you?

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>Doesn't like fighting
>Was forced to kill his colleagues
>Watched his best friend die in front of him
I don't blame him for being upset.

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>>Watched his best friend die in front of him

Except then he wanted to kill him

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But that happened after OP's pic happened.

By the way, does anyone have that edited picture of MMX's ending where Sigma goes
>implying you have destroyed me
or something like that?

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Maverick Hunter X was a slow flawed game but I like how it managed to portray X as an autoritharian close minded faggot, his conversations with the Mavericks go something like this:

>Boomerang Kuwanger: We're not in the wrong, X.

>X: No shut up Mavericks a shit Sigma is a murderer

Then he proceeds to cold-bloodedly kill them, when you stop to think about it he just goes full Judge Dred at the minor provocation and only afterwards does he think of what he's done.

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This is not /v/.
We don't take your silly memes.

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I have no idea what pretentiousness is even supposed to remotely do with it.

Somebody just flat out doesn't know what it means. And then I remember where I am and the myriad of words repeated as nauseum.

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whoops. nauseam

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>full Judge Dredd
I think I'm going to play the games with this interpretation going forward.

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Zero cocksucker pls

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the story in Megaman games gets more convulted and retarded the later the game.

Megaman Zero 3 feels like a fanfic.

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>Those who sacrificed themselves for the victory will never return
>Zero returns in literally the next game.

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>the story gets more convulted and retarded the later the game
That's pretty much every long running game series ever.

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>as nauseum

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But he didn't. The line before that clearly states that unbeknownst to him, his fate had already been decided, after which the narration states that he must destroy Zero. It was an allusion to the implication made by Sigma in the previous game that Zero was created by Dr. Wily, as well as a cliffhanger hook for a possible sequel.

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>this faggot who posts the same shit day after day

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