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So how can Snake sound just like Big Boss while Liquid sounds like one of the Hero Turtles?

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Liquid was part of the SAS for most of his younger days, that's why he has a British accent (no, really).

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I think you meant ninja.

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I know why he has an accent but what's the explaination for why Snake and BB have raspy voices while Liquid has somewhat higher pitched voice without any raspiness?

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>He doesn't get the joke.

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He didn't smoke?

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But that's Master Miller.

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>Hero Turtles


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Ninjas are illegal in Britain.

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Ninjas did the Blitz.

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I love Liquid Snake, he's such a badass. He's a stereotype in every sense of bad guy, from his looks to his sound, but goddamn he's awesome.

I think Liquid owns a lot to Karl from Die Hard. Kojima is a big fan of American action movies so he probably just made a caricature/homage to Karl, the ultimate European terrorist. Kinda like how Solid Snake is a homage to Snake Plissken.

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What I like about Liquid is that he runs on pure RAGE. It's kinda refreshing to go back to him after playing through the rest of the series with morally ambiguous characters and get a guy who just absolutely fucking pissed off and wants to prove to the world he isn't garbage.

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>tfw there will never be Metal Gear Liquid

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Snake didn't even end up sounding like Big Boss, though. He sounded like Naked Snake, but not Big Boss. Even Solidus didn't sound like Big Boss and he was the most accurate clone of all.

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Just cuz they named it wrong don't make it a joke bud.

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David Hayter. They wanted Big Boss to seem more recognizably "Snake" for Snake Eater.

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>you will never see a Metal Gear movie done in an 80s/90s action movie style.

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