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What are the comfiest NES games?

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Kirby's adventure. Kid friendly design, pleasant to look at, easy on ears with great chilled out tunes, easy gameplay for the most part.

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thanks dude, I've been meaning to play this anyway

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Wall Street Kid. My friends and I used to get DUDE WEED LMAO'd and play that shit for hours. Surprisingly entertaining.

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Wall Street Kid was awesome.

>investing in stock
>going on dates
>going to the gym
>buying a sweet house

It was everything I envisioned myself doing as an adult. Three out of four ain't bad.

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>Three out of four ain't bad.
I'm gonna guess that it's not the gym, unless you're a millennial.

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Sweet Home

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Startropics, all day every day.

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Super C

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Castlevania series
Gargoyles Quest 2
Dragon Warrior 4
A Boy and his Blob

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I second this.

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I always thought Adventure Island was pretty comfy.

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>Castlevania series
I wouldn't consider them "comfy" at all. The atmosphere is very dark and serious. The cutesy spinoff would fit into this category though.

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>The atmosphere is very dark and serious.

How old are you?

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You don't think going through dank caverns and monster-infested castles is dark?

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Nah bruh, not even my gf does.

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Super Mario RPG

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River City Ransom

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>No screen in the fireplace to stop the burnings logs from rolling onto the wooden floor
>Can't do anything about it because you're trapped in a sleeping bag
>Roasted alive
This image triggers me

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The way people have used this word in the past 4 or so years has upset me. It feels like such a pussy thing to say.

"OMG stop triggering me!"

even my sister told me about something "triggering" her about a year ago and I cringed hard

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Looks like we found your trigger

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Little Nemo is a good choice. The music alone.

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That word has been misused so much it basically lost all meaning.

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I find classic horror themes very cozy. Sorry bro, to me its cozy.

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your lack of experience in cutting edge meme culture is triggering me

I can't even
wow just wow

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Milon's secret castle, you hang out in a castle looking for secrets and shit.

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that's cause you're an edgy nightmare before christmas tim burton loving halloweenfag. I know your types

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lel ok, never seen that childs movie ever, kiddo

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except that it's all people in their 20s and early 30s that watched that movie. Nice try, "kiddo"

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Best answer would be whatever NES games you remember most comfy from your childhood.

Personally for me it would be an odd list of old games I rented and owned.

Jaws, Bubble Bobble, and Toobin.

Fuck you James, Toobin is awesome and comfy as all fuck.

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Second for Startropics
Wario's Woods
Balloon Fight

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You're a treat to be around, I'll bet. A real joy.

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>The atmosphere is very dark and serious.

How is that dark and serious? The NES games had a halloween-horror atmosphere. They where camp.

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How do you know he's not a massive oldfag who grew up watching Hammer Films and MST3K?

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>half the thread is arguing and shitposting instead of people posting what they like

Where are the mods?

Also OP, Earthbound. The soundtrack, the vibrant colors, the humor and the lazy combat make it easy to chill out to.

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>Super Mario RPG


I'm pretty damn sure that OP is asking about comfy NES games, not SNES, dudes.

Also - Balloon Fight and Tengen Tetris

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Adventures in magic kingdom. Just give it a try.

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>Duke Nukem Caribbean: Life's a Beach
Duke3D has never been this festive and comfy

Special snowflake tards on tumblr basically appropriated the word "trigger" from people with actual Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and use it to describe being kind of uncomfortable, for instance, a retard on tumblr gets told that no, you aren't a squirrel in a woman's body and God doesn't live in your head, they shout that they are triggered and are totally having a panic attack right now (what they think is a panic attack), and people are now using it ironically to mock the kind of dickfaces who thinks being mildly uncomfortable because someone disagreed with them legit compares to the woes of people with real traumas, like Nam vets and rape victims.

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Oh wait, NES specifically, sorry, I don't think your NES has the memory to run Duke Nukem 3D, forgive me.

You can get it off PSN/XBLA/Steam if you're still interested though

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If you're talking about the first Mother game, then no as that game isn't really comfy.

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I agree, love 2 and 3, but 1 is really a chore to play

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This. Pajama-themed games are always comfy.

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loved playing this on my brother's NES as a kid.

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It's dark anon. Vampires and monsters are not comfy. Is it scary? Not unless your 5. But definitely dark themes.

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If we're talking about purely graphics and music, Gimmick is pretty damn comfy. Of course the gameplay is anything but.

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I always liked how you can see on Gimmick's face that he knows he's in hell. Just nervous as fuck because death is imminent and can come from any direction.

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except for the railroad level I agree with you. So much fun, love the variety. Had it as a kid, the ghost level creeped me out.

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When their eyes start darting around their room and they feel like they're going to suffocate, then they can say they had a panic attack.

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I agree, it's decent for what it is. it's like a variety of short games. I was especially impressed with the haunted house/pirate level, and the soundtrack was quality. it could've been better though - a few more levels, and some extras on the overworld would've gone a long way.

I've been playing gimmick lately and it's an excellent game overall. the mechanics, music, graphics, the attention to detail - it's a masterpiece. if you get to the 7th level, the floating castle is very comfy (since it doesn't get difficult at all until the final boss) not to mention spellbinding.

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none of them

literally every single NES game stresses me out

all of them

I don't know why

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Same here.

But that's what I like about the console. I can only get "into" a game if it stresses me. That's why I love arcade games so much. Never saw the appeal of "comfy games" and always translated it as "casual games" (mind you, there is nothing wrong with casual games) for me.

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use the patch that halves the random encounters and doubles the exp points from battles, it makes everything less annoying and grindy

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NES Castlevanias are comfy and cozy as were the Hammer Films.

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That's only the first one, though.

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RCR hits the comfy zone extremely well for a NES beat 'em up.

Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92
On a rainy day with multiplayer (up to 8) this game becomes maximum comfy. It's a shame Capcom never made more.

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It is not comfy at all, but it is drawn nicely and has nice music.

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>never played kirby on the nes
confirmed for 90's kid underage fgt

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I had a good time with Mother.

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Ultima Exodus. Zelda 1/2. Final Fantasy.

Oh yeah, so comfy. Play it in the middle of the night with the lights off for full effect.

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Dragon Warrior too then for that matter. It's grindy, sure, but at the very least it's comfy.

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Fire N Ice/Solomon's Key 2

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>AVGN episode about game X exists
>game X is comfy

Choose one or the other

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>watches AVGN videos
>thinks his opinions are valid
Choose one.

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>Best answer would be whatever NES games you remember most comfy from your childhood.

Most of them will be fun for 5 minutes, once the nostalgia factor wears off there's not much left to sustain an incentive to keep plaing them. The overwhelming majority of NES games aged like milk (and many if not most were sour to begin with).

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Isn't "to trigger" the newer, somewhat more polite "to piss off"?

Just one off nice naught quads. Too bad

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>I love the SNES game and GBA game, but the NES one is really a chore to play

Isn't that quite universal, with very littly exceptions?

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>literally every single NES game stresses me out

Even SMB3? The SNES/GBA versions sure have more colors and smoother sound, but generally there's not that much difference (thankfully).

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This is one of those games that has always been exspensive. Even when it first came out i was going for more than any other game out.

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none. they all suck. you cant enjoy them because they are not user friendly.
comfort != NES
try gameboy if you seek comfy games. pokemon red and blue for example is really chill :)

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I always thought the original Super Mario Bros was comfy

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>no save state
that's pretty stressful tbh

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>SNES/GBA versions sure have more colors and smoother sound, but generally there's not that much difference
you are joke.
this statement is a joke.
every console or handheld after nes is more easy and chilld and more comfy to play than nes. nes sucks tbh. its fun for sometimes but no gem.

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He's obviously using it sarcastically like 90% of the people on this fucking site do you turkey

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Never heard of, but it really looks comfy and the animations for the main character look very smooth.

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It's a shame, it plays pretty well and the music is nice.

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okay bye

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any mario

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>aged like milk
They turned into a delicious cheese than be used to produce a whole range of yummy dishes or just eaten on it's own?
Fucking Awesome!

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Early Famicom ports of arcade games are the comfiest IMO.

Circus Charlie
Antartic Adventure
Ice Climber
Donkey Kong, DK Jr, Donkey Kong 3
Dig Dug
Balloon Fighter
Battle City

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Now this is a shit game if I ever played one. Just play EB instead.

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You're a fuckin' fraud!

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did your autism flare up from that post?

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>implying anybody's comfy when alone and unloved in the world
don't kid yourselves fags. you're all dead inside and lonesome to your bones.

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so lonely ;_;

in a side note harvest moon snes is 248.00 for a used copy. and i blame you personally.

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What a coincidence, I've been sitting here in my room and reading about other people's happiness for the last hour, so now I'm going to get drunk, go dancing, and hopefully get another ass to grind my crotch so I can go home and fap to it, and then go to sleep alone.
So yeah...take that!

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every girl i ever hooked up with was because i said fuck it and just did/said some insane shit, and it totally worked out fine.

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Aye, I just start dancing like a faggot on crack, and girls starts dancing with me. May be because they think I'm actually gay though.

Anyway, I actually didn't what to hook up with random sluts, but something clicked inside me last night and now I don't give a fuck anymore.
If they're 6/10 or more, I'll go for it tonight. Not like anything might actually happen, but I'll go with the "Fuck it adjustment" tonight.

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i still blame you for harvest moon. ;_;

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Do it if it makes you feel better anon. To know that my burden will give you strength in your time of need motivates me to become a better man, although I now feel like a miserable piece of shit. I'll try to hide it though, for you and me.

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no need to get heavy. were all joking around here.

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Nah nah, I'm just messing around myself. I know that all doubts about myself are just because of my self-consciousnesses, I just have to work those out and I'll feel better about myself.

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Little Samson.