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I want to have a thread about the highly praised, but seldomly discussed Unreal game.

I just started playing for the first time and I really like that sense of scale and wonder of being on an unknown alien planet.
I picked the hardest difficulty though, should I start over or power through?

Of course, you're not limited to my questions for the thread, you can talk Unreal to your heart's content.

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>Of course, you're not limited to my questions for the thread, you can talk Unreal to your heart's content.
wow, thank you so much for the fucking permission

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>wow, thank you so much for the fucking permission
you bastard!

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>I picked the hardest difficulty

Well, I consider myself very efficient in this type of old FPS of twitch-reflexes circle-strafing variety (having wasted significant part of my teens with UT) and yet I have never finished Unreal on anything more than medium - every enemy becomes so much of a bullet sponge on hard and impossible, that fighting them is not fun anymore. On the other hand, it will force you to search every square inch of every bloody map for ammo, so you'll definitely see ALL of Unreal.

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Neat. Do you happen to have a version with sound?
That would be glorious, anon.

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Does anybody know why patched versions of Unreal have different weapon sounds than the original version?

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I started playing recently after I played it with my dad at release. It holds up, solid music, really good shooting gameplay, atmosphere out the ass. I'm only up to that colosseum with the huge boss fight.

Loving it so far though.

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Unreal games were really ahead of their time. Too sad arena FPS are dead, and UT3 was a dissapoinment

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You are a cunt

Just wanted to say that. Feel free to say something cunty in response.

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Damn I don't remember it being so pretty..

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I used to play the shit out of this in co-op and FFA.

depends on what rendered you use. maybe you used software? it dithers for transparency by default, for instance (although this can be changed by a setting).

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i've got unreal gold on CD. pretty spooky when I was younger. Although I didn't like it as much as other FPS i was playing like counterstrike or unreal tournament. the campaign was fun but i didnt like multiplayer due to the others popularity

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Played it on software and even then I thought it looked fantastic and runs decently performace-wise..
It's the reason my next PC comes with an AGP.

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Always been a fan of this game. Very few enemies in games are as fun to fight as the Skaarj are. I find that the enemy design in this game is pretty cool in general, like the brutes for example, just big-ass bear gorillas things with rocket launchers. Fuckin awesome. Shame the series never got a true continuation aside from Unreal 2 and instead Epic focused on the tournament side of things. Would be interesting to see a remake or reboot of sorts in UE4, buts thats pretty much out of the question.

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Can someone explain why pc elitists hate UT3 so much? Just because it was cross platform everyone said fuck it despite it being a fantastic game.

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I vividly remember seeing this playing on all the computers at Costco all the time. That was the first place I had ever even heard of Unreal.

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Maybe I'll restart on hard on medium difficulty.
As it stands, I'll have to soldier on unless some later point in the game makes me change my mind.

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It was ugly
lack of readability in the visuals (tons of blur, lack of colours...), basically, Gears of War but in FPS.
terrible map design (I remember one with a giant bridge and a sniper rifle at each extremity, kinda like 2face except the bridge was so narrow and flat, everytime some lost the flag on it, it would just fall, and since the sniper were placed on the same level, no bots could cross the bridge with the flag without being shot.)
Dumbed down multiplayer (and gameplay)
UT3 went also full retard with the vehicle, it added even more that just broke the pace of the game
mother fucking skateboard, who the fuck though it was a good idea?
And icing on the cake
Extremely stupid solo campaign. It's like simply explaining it's about cyber gladiator in futuristic arena was too simple, they had to tell you have to "capture respawn generator" to "help your soldiers fighting a war against alien". But hey! There is a few joke here and here, so it's ok to make an stupidly cringeworthy story!

It was really like a bad copy of UT2004 that went horribly wrong, with the good idea gimped out, and some terrible ones added. It just brought nothing good to the serie at all, and the artstyle is a major fuck up for a fast fps.

That's why they went back to their sense with UT4, because, trust me, we keep shitting on Sonic 06, but it was less a fuck up than UT3. Because even Sonic 06 had something for him (good music, some levels), or some excuse(deadline). UT3 had nothing.

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Also - pace of the game was being slowed from iteration to iteration. And when you have the precision of mouse aiming dropping target speed makes it more likely to be hit, so the weapons had to be redesigned. Everything does less damage and has slower projectiles, no more ripper in UT 3, sniper is now bolt-action and slow, hammer jumping have been downplayed and so on. UT3 might be a good game on its own, but it have to be compared against previous entries in the series - and it is nowhere as visceral, dynamic, anus clenching and blood-pumping as even the original UT.

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I remember playing this at ridiculously low resolutions in software with the detail up as high as I could get it without it becoming unplayable just because I wanted to get as much as I could out of the experience.

The day I got my Voodoo 3 my head almost exploded.

Seriously one of my all time favourite FPS OP. The whole game just cums buckets of atmosphere everywhere all the time, and has some of the most intricately designed maps I've ever seen. The final stages/boss and the way the whole story comes full circle really just makes it unforgettable to this day, and I haven't played through the game in at least 15 years.

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Are there any other Unreal games worth playing for single player only? I really liked the first Unreal, do UT games have good sp?

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UT 99 is fun on its own, because it's just cybergladiator in futuristic arena. Nothing wrong with that.
Unreal 2 doesn't exist.

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I remember software rendering being more impressive than ogl/glide rendering, not accounting for frame rate or resolution.
Dunno if it's just bad perception or if software render did things not in ogl/glide....

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the software renderer used dithering to filter textures, which was somewhat unique. Together with a generally low resolution this can help hiding the simplicity of models and textures. With 3D acceleration everything looks smoother, too smooth, in a way, and the model structures become more obvious, more noticeable. Early accelerated 3D was a dark age. The extremely low polygon count, together with the high resolution, made everything look blocky as hell. You were better off using software renderers at that time.

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Terraniux godly game ost

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Thanks bro, now I'm going through the whole sountrack. Do you know if it was done by the Deus Ex musician? The early levels in Unreal had really similar music to the DE ost

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Music Alexander Brandon, Andrew G. Sega, Michiel van den Bos

Deus Ex
Music Alexander Brandon (Straylight Productions), Daniel Gardopee, Michiel van den Bos

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Nice. I need to check out what these guys are doing now. Hopefully theres a nice body of work.

Not unreal but fucking grouse.

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Learn to use Mobygames, really


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I absolutely hated the mines right at the start.

That part was the worst. Beyond that the game was really beautiful and I really like the calm and peaceful setting around the villages near the huge tower.

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you wouldn't happen to have some footage at hand ? I couldn't find any on youtube

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unfortunately I don't. Tried earlier to find a screenshot to go with the text, but no luck. Best I found was a screenshot of a Quake 2 software rendering using a dithering similar to what Unreal does.
You can see the effect especially in the foreground on the right.

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yes, that's totally how I remember those games looking amazing. 3d accelerated looked so dull and flat in comparison.
Also, I think the water in unreal in software was also more impressive but I'm not sure also.

Thanks a bunch for the screen and for the explanations, really shed a light on how I perceived it back then.

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That's odd, for me the mines are alright. The absolute worst levels of the game are the Chizra ones, with the repetitive architecture and water everywhere. Of course with such a huge game there are a few less fun levels, but the high points of the game are absolutely incredible, and totally worth a bit of early game slog.

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Unreal Championship 2 had a surprisingly decent story mode.

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Unreal Championship 2 had a surprisingly decent story mode.

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I want to try out Unreal, but when I downloaded the GOG version it asked me something and I didn't know so the game started in a weird small resolution and I couldn't find a way to fix it so I just gave up.

Is there any modern sourceport for the game, like Darkplaces for Quake?

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Why would you want a sourceport if the GOG version works? Just alt+return for fullscreen OR edit ini files OR change resolution via console OR add a parameter line to the shortcut to force it to go into higher res.

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That's pretty damn good, fixed sound stutter music stutter and restored all visual effects that were broken compared to latest official release