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What was the last retro game you beat?
Not including emulators, only games you beat on original hardware.

Pic related, I beat Wonder Boy for SMS today. Fun and challenging game.

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>Not including emulators, only games you beat on original hardware.

Fuck you faggot

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>Not including emulators
Fuck you

Though, last game I beat on original hardware.

Cave Noire on the Gameboy. About last week.

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poorfags detected

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I beat pic related on an emulator, cause the snes cartridge I own is in french, and I don't speak that (germanfag here). It was better than I expected with very fun and simple gameplay. I loved to see where stuff from Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma came from. Now I'm ready for Granstream Saga to complete the series
>inb4 it's not part of the Soul Blazer series

Also beat Story of Thor/Beyond Oasis on my Mega Drive. I tried it before and hated it. I gave it a second chance and I still don't quite like it. The controls are way too clunky, there isn't much variety in terms of gameplay, everything is just run there and fight, go there and fight. There isn't much of a story either. I guess I expected more of an aRPG instead of a simple action adventure

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mfw some faggot emulator using mod deleted my post explaining how poor you both are

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nice fairytale meme

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mfw its actually from minesweeper and not from a fairytale and its not a meme yet

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Would Rondo of Blood (the original) on PSP's dracula X chronicles count?

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last game i beat was 1cc of decap attack on genesis.

on a flashcart

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Love that game. Now try beating Psycho Fox and I'd be really impressed.

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>I beat Wonder Boy for SMS today

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Trolling is trolling, we don't want that around here. Besides, only trolls and edgelord children give two shits whether people emulate or not.

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the genesis has a quarter slot?

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Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition



I only did it because I got stuck in one of the levels playing it as a kid and wanted to see if I could figure it out.

I've beaten it a zillion times as Grant.

I had fun with it as a kid but going back to it, it's honestly not a great game. Grant mode is a serviceable run 'n' gun. Raptor is like the bastard son of Sonic the Hedgehog and Rampage (the giant monster game), you just run and randomly mash and try to get another health pickup before you die.

Also beat Sonic 1 for the first time, after picking up a beat up cart overpriced at $5.

Still can't beat Sonic 2 even though I've had the cart for 20 years or so :(.

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>I've beaten it a zillion times as Grant.

I knew people like you existed, but I've never met one. I've played those games countless times, but only once each with Grant. To me the game is all about raptor fun.

Parallax in that savanna level is freaking amazing.

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If you get somebody with a flamethrower, they burn up into ashes. The taser makes them a skeleton. That's why Grant is cool.

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Kid Dracula
It's impressive how fun and playable it is. Specially comparing it to all the other platformers for the NES/Gameboy

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>what is a continue

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Alien Soldier

It only took me about 4 or 5 tries

I was pretty rusty

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This thing.

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Yeah, I can dig that. I just love gutting humans as a tranny raptor too much. I'm glad there are people out there who like Grant though. I always felt a little bad for him never getting picked in my playthroughs.

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Kirby's dream land 2, and I'm close to beating mm4 GB too

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>Last retro game you beat
Castle of Illusion I think

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Super Mario Bros. In honor of the 30th anniversary.

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Which version?
My last retro game was the GG Castle of Illusion on my consolized game gear

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I need to write down the power/animal combinations needed for the rainbow disks next time. I try and figure them out and usually do but get distracted, drop the game, and forget what to do next time.

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Where is Mario's neck?

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Donkey Kong Country on SNES. I rented it as a kid but never beat it. Beat the sequels, though.
>Captcha wants me to select bananas
I feel like it it knows sometimes.

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Biker Mice from Mars on the SNES in a 5 on 1 cartridge.
Modo is just so good.

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It was either Chip&Dale:Rescue Rangers or Darkwing Duck, both on NES.
They're nice, short and easy, so not a challenge, but I like to just plug them in and play to the completion when I have an hour free and I want to replay them.

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Super Mario 64 <3

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Rakuga Kids.

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