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What's the worst 16 bit JRPG?

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EarthBound or anything not on SNES

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Definitely Hipsterbound.

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It had no party, no experience points, no story, crappy music and lame graphics. And the random enemies were just carbon copies of each other.

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What's the point? Might as well make it a shooter.

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I kinda like this one.

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I sure wish I could like pic related. You leave town and then you're in a first person dungeon crawl that's way, way worse than Phantasy Star 1, fighting these really dumb as fuck top down poke at shit battles.

Then I listen to the soundtrack and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSrsQ1549ag kicks in and I'm like holy shit. Doubting it gets better but great music at least.

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hey, I liked this game :(

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Ow the <s>edge</s> contrarianism.

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How can a game be bad because of the fanbase?

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Didn't stop me from picking it up when I saw a copy. Weirdest game I own. And yeah, it blows total ass.

I love how absurdly long the name is though. It's gotta be the longest one on the SNES.

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Doesn't make sense to me either, anon. By that logic Sonic should be the shittiest shitfest to ever grace video games.

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Who the fuck said anything about a fanbase?

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Phantasy Star III or Secret of Evermore. Or maybe Lagoon. It's hard to say.

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I loved it as a kid because "YEAH DRAGONBALL Z RPG" but goddamn, this game, man.

It still has a special place in my heart though.

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It's actually BPS.

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Lagoon is goddamn Ys with a sword and jump button. It's playable as long as you know your hitbox and only approach enemies at angles your sword will hit them. It's a decent game when you learn this. Git gud, fag.

From what I've heard the x68 version plays even more like Ys, with a 'sword brandish' button so you can bump enemies properly. And it has an incredibly fucking METAL intro. https://youtu.be/ueO8owBuT2Q?t=74

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Are you seriously greentexting an html joke?

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what about the Super Mario Role Playing Game: Legend of the Seven Stars?

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exactly that would make all videogames shit because everyone who likes videogames is a degenerate in our society

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Paladin's Quest was pretty bad
Inindo: Way of the Ninja had insane grinding
7th Saga also had a whole lot of grinding

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I liked Secret of the Stars, actually. The Kustera system was unique. Had combo spell system, town building and it had a decent length for an RPG.

Super Hydlide is probably the worst.

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>Super Mario Three-Dimensional World


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>7th saga
It's one of those "so bad it's actually good" games.

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The game has a good soundtrack too

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That looks cool

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that one you like

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7th Saga would be decent if they didn't screw up the enemies in the coding, making it practically unbeatable after a certain point when bosses one shot you no matter how much you grind.

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>I'm just going to pretend the horrible grinding required doesn't exist

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Correct. However, that only happens if you grind too much toward the end of the game. Once you hit around lvl 30 start running from everything and you'll be fine.

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>Secret of Evermore

Definitely not, you flaming faggot.

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The 7th Saga.

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game was shit back in 1994, and it's shit today. ironic hipster baby

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>a fantasy

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Kill yourself
Super Hydlide rocks.

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Secret of Evermore fucking sucks, dicksplasher.

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the genesis had plenty of really crappy rpgs
but its unfair to pick unknown shit so Phantasy Star III easily

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In that case Dragon Quests 5 & 6 are also the worst since they're THE EXACT SAME GAME.

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not really, Earthbound is more popular. That makes it worse.

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Because it's western right?

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The shitty Spanish fantranslation that turned to French in the middle of Namek didn't help either.

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I'm honestly amazed I managed to figure this game out with its broken-as-hell English fan translation when I was 12, because I sure as shit don't have the patience for it now.

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>The shitty Spanish fantranslation that turned to French in the middle of Namek didn't help either.

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>this game sucks because 15 years after it was released, scalpers on the internet charge 60 dollars for it


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More like $200.

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Gee. this was pretty damn bad even though the combat was kind of a precursor to Chrono Trigger in a way, but goddamn is this game horribly balanced and designed.

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I've only seen it go that bad for mint boxed copies.

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...but that's true.

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That one.

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Shh! I know! But quiet! you aren't supposed to actually say it.

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Have you checked recently? Boxed mint copies are around $1000.

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99% of Spanish fantranslations on any medium are absolute dogshit.
I like to think mine are good.

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The Famicom and GBC games are pretty good. What happend here?

Oh, I know the answer op. Every JRPG is shit, right? Especially the popular ones.

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This wasn't really so bad, just kinda generic. I enjoyed it more than Seiken 3.

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>Paladin's Quest
>7th Saga
This guy knows his shitty rpgs.

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It's a good game. You just sound like you don't have enough good. If I might suggest getting some?

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I got 40 seconds in before I dropped it.

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In terms of presentation probably Burai - Hachigyoku no Yuushi Densetsu.

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I was going to correct you and point out that this thread is for 16-bit RPGs, but then looked the game up. Lmao.

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Oh god. Did development start on the NES or something?

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haha I actually spent a few hours with that shit, good times when I didn't know better

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All of them. Honestly I love my older consoles but RPG's just sucked hardcore before the PS1 and N64.

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>but its unfair to pick unknown shit

Fuck that, that's the whole point

The goal isn't "find the worst RPG that's still pretty playable"


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>Star Ocean is a bad game


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Had nothing on Star Ocean: Till the End of TIme on PS2. I'll agree it wasn't the most terrible thing ever but that era truly was the tipping point for rpg's in general. We started to see them getting better then all of the sudden on PS1 and N64 to a lesser extent they became amazing.

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This tbh.

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I feel the same. I lived through the era also. RPG's were all shit before. When talking about 16 bit rpg's you're only talking about shit that stunk a little less.

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I was forced to play this piece of shit for a /vr/ gauntlet run.

Never. again.

Its main villains are BADBAD and HOMNCRSE. Thats how bad it is.

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I know it's a favorite of some retards and milksops, but I really fucking hated Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

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Feel free to debate, but.

Good RPGS:

Tales of Phantasia (SFC/PSX)
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Final Fantasy 2/3 (SNES)
Super Mario RPG (SNES)
Secret of Mana 2(SNES)
Earthbound (SNES)

Lackluster but not bad RPGS:

Star Ocean (SNES)
Illusion of Gaia (SNES)
Live a Live (SFC)
Shin Megami Tensei 2(SFC)
Sword of Vermillion (SNES)


Secret of the Stars (SNES)
Shin Megami Tensei (SFC)

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Not the person you're replying to, buy SO1&2 blow 3 out of the water. I don't know how they fucked it up that bad, aside from the interesting crafting system.

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But that's genius. Apparently HMNCRUSE is supposed to be a corruption of Homunculus.

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Earthbound isn't bad, I'm just tired of hearing about how AMAZING and DIFFERENT and ARTISTIC it is.

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I second phantasy star iii, that battle music rapes the ears

>> No.2710205

Eh, I try not to let other losers effect how I feel about a game. I feel you though on other things.

>> No.2710208

Are the SFC SMT games really that lackluster? I couldn't read them, but from what I played I liked the graphics and aesthetics.

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They had OOT. I did say to a lesser extent. kek.

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Its by no means a perfect game, but it was a very out there setting and plotline for its time. Back then, your options were basically just swords and sorcery, for the most part. Earthbound was a breath of fresh air for those who got it. Its pretty damn easy, and that's the only fault I really have with it, but otherwise it was a very entertaining experience.

>> No.2710364

Oh, and the inventory system was complete shit. Somehow forgot that part.

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Its a better game than the SNES Final Fantasies

Dont hate a game because of its fandom, hate a game because it sucks

Earthbound has some rough edges with RNG and Random Encounters every 5 seconds but its still a good game

>> No.2711035

I hate the game for many reasons, the fanbase is just one of them.

>> No.2711036

>I'm just tired of hearing about how AMAZING and DIFFERENT and ARTISTIC it is.

I sure don't think it's amazing but yeah, no matter how you look, it's different and artistic as fuck compared to all the other games from the same era, hell it's even different for today's standart. You might not like it and that's fine but denying it was completely revolutionary and different from everything back in the day is just dumb.

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Somehow i get the impression /vr/ hates Earthbound just because it's expensive to buy

And because a bit of /v/ spilled here and it's the perfect hipster hate target just like they do with other big recent games.

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if you can't open your mind to any video game you probably don't like them that much to begin with

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>Shin Megami Tensei (SFC)
Nigga those be fighting words

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Some of us just dislike how painfully boring it is for long stretches. I also dislike it because as an RPG, I'd rather be some powerful wizard or fantastic beastie - I was already a little kid palling around with my friends, I don't want to be that again.

>> No.2711136

>Random Encounters every 5 seconds but its still a good game

You're thinking Mother 1, EB had on-screen enemies thankfully

>> No.2711156

>Worse than Earthbound
Well, I...

>Worse than SotS tier
Ah, well baited my man.

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The Jojo RPG is pretty bad.
Couldn't even get past Polnareff.

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I would imagine most anime RPGs were rushed out the door and ended up pretty bad. The Sailor Moon and Rayearth ones were awful.

>> No.2711241

I agree. Though, I wouldn't say it's 'revolutionary' necessarily, since it didn't influence games much (UnderTale type games aside) moreso that it was a breath of fresh air.

>> No.2711242

Part of me just wants to play this because it's Jojo to be honest

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Haven't seen anyone link to the Lagoon fan site yet. No matter how shitty...

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>attacting rpg players in waves

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That's a good game

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>le anti-hip contrarian meme


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Nothing wrong with some linearity in RPGs, but this one is too linear. Why do so many people praise the game.

>even the levelling/powering-up system is linear
>Few secrets - few extras
>Fighting system along with the main character's transformation is pretty unimaginative
>So is the story
>So are the characters
>So is the game

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I would mention Lord of the Rings on snes but it is not jrpg, god that game was so horrible, waste of a rent back in the 90s.

>> No.2714401

but that game was actually decent.
That fucking soundtrack tho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNaj1kx2wI8

>> No.2714405

Ok, so I take back decent, but it wasn't bad. Just ok.

>> No.2714602

Sailor Moon one wasn't that bad. I remember loving the shit out of it as a kid and was psyched they actually had a fan translation of it. Rayearth one was shit, though.

>> No.2714603

It's pretty dark for what you expect out of this kind of game. Your character is changing with those statue things and that was interesting, and it's a prequel basically to Terranigma that wasn't bad.


>> No.2714637

Mind elaborating on SMT and SMT2? Those games deserve a little better, I think.

>> No.2714654

The fighting system in very fun anyway.

>> No.2714793

>Had nothing on Star Ocean: Till the End of TIme on PS2
look man, I loved the combat system
I loved the crafting system
I loved the music

but the graphics, story, actual storytelling/dialogue and voice acting was so bad I can barely put it into words

SO1 & 2 > SO3

>> No.2714810

Not that guy but I can understand. The early SMTs are not for everyone. If you go in looking for another Final Fantasy you'll be sorely disappointed to discover a classic dungeon crawler very low on presentation and with little variety once the novelty of demon fusion wears off. I am an autist and thus was entertained by fusions, mythology references and customizable stats enough to beat all classic SMTs but it's certainly not for everyone.

What I want to know is why LAL is so low on the list. Looks like it's the new Earthbound, a game that's now fashionable to shit on because it was once praised as a hidden gem.

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The difficulty curve was all over the place, with the game being easy as fuck except one boss who just rapes your ass, the plot was boring, the music was forgettable except for the battle theme (and it had only one battle theme, no boss or final boss themes) and it suffered from revolting party door syndrome.

I still kinda liked it, maybe because it wasn't too long and the battle graphics were decent.

LAL is becoming popular enough for the hipsters to hate it? that sucks.

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>What I want to know is why LAL is so low on the list
there are very good reasons why it's low.
Some of those being the non existent difficulty of the game, certain chapters being more of a point and click than a RPG, like Cube's or Sundown's, mediocre graphics and an non existent depth of gameplay.

LaL had some great characters and decent music, to a certain extent even the story was nice, but it's in no way a memorable game outside of maybe Buriki Daioh and Oersted.

Though I'd like to know why I'm seeing people here on /vr/ saying it's a SaGa ripoff when it has nothing in common with SaGa.

>> No.2715043

>saying it's a SaGa ripoff
The only reasons I think of why is multiple playable characters, and HP being restored completely every fight.

I actually found it interesting each chapter played differently. Cube's was horror where you had evade a monster while your crew died off one by one, and Sundown was all about preparing the town to make the boss easier. Although I can see why some people wouldn't like them (I admit I looked up a guide to figure out a idea on what to do on the Ninja's chapter).

And I'd disagree on it being unmemorable, besides the Prehistoric chapter (which I never liked for some reason; The picture dialogue is amusing I guess), all the other ones had their moments (like avenging your students and using the master's ultimate technique, or Masaru fighting varied fighters and copying all their techniques in a mega man-esque style).

But I'll agree on everything else. Gameplay was easy, with the whole grid movement somewhat interesting, but not really used besides getting closer, and maybe one or two times involving a boss (usually to get out of range).

>> No.2715051

Good thing you're talking about the SNES version cause the PC version of that game is one of my favorite games of all time and I'd hate it if I had to go and slap a bitch.

>> No.2715168

I remember when /vr/ first started, we had good EarthBound threads

>> No.2715234

I've just beaten this. It was perfectly mediocre and formulaic, but I wouldn't call it the worst 16-bit game by a long shot. It's just...super generic. At least the graphics were okay and a couple bosses closer to the end of game were strong enough to keep you on your toes and look for different tactics. Was the one you are talking about the swordsman dude right before the snake hands boss? He kicked my ass somewhat severe too.

I disagree with some of your points.

LAL was certainly not challenging, but I thought the graphics were pretty decent for the time (especially battle sprites) and had a lot of charm. The gameplay in Sundown and Cube's chapters is a very subjective complaint, those are personally my favorite chapters despite lacking action. Finally, though the game lacked challenge the unique battle system was enough to keep you entertained for a playthrough or two, so I wouldn't say it lacked in depth per se.

Though that leads to the real, biggest problem of LAL - the lack of replayability. Once the novelty wears off and the plot twists are learned, there is literally nothing to do with the game but to shelf it. I keep coming back to replay it every two years or so but I'm autistic. I'm willing to acknowledge LAL is an one-trick-pony, but what it does is very good.

While it's probably not the zomg best game ever, I'd say it was actually very memorable because of its variety of unique settings if nothing more.

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Yeah, PC LOTR is very fun and holds a special place in my heart.

SNES LOTR is absolute shit, and the only thing memorable about it is the forest music track which was borrowed from PC Two Towers anyway.

>> No.2715376

How is that contrarian when Earthbound isn't even that popular of a game?

>> No.2715389

God damn do i want Ayla to sit on my dick

>> No.2715397


offended fans obviously. kek

>> No.2715412

Because edgey angry fucks on /v/ saw the EB fans having fun and were pissy about the fact that people were enjoying things, so now /v/ has to shit on Earthbound.

>> No.2715429

In the retro rpg scene/with Nintendo fans it's pretty prolific

>> No.2715454

Sort of, it was a PC-88 game that got a crappy port. Riverhill Soft was busy with another game like it, Kigen, as well as J.B. Harold stuff; Pandora Box made the console port, and they were still a small-ish company in 1991. The 1989 original is well-regarded by J-PC fans partially because of its presentation (gorgeous art and rockin' music), but mostly because it apparently has better writing compared to its contemporaries. The writer, Takiya (Takeo) Iijima, directed a lot of SFC JRPGs like Traverse in addition to the ONI series on Game Boy and Last Armageddon for a bunch of platforms.

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