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Hi /vr/. After much urging from a friend, I decided to play the Metal Gear Solid series. To fully understand the story, do I need to play Metal Gear MSX 1 & 2, or can I just start off with Metal Gear Solid 1, and then play the rest of MGS? Thanks.

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You don't need to, but play the originals and Ghost Babel anyway since they are really good games. Solid is to 2 what FFVII is to FFVI and Ocarina of Time is to ALTTP. Same fucking shit just in 3D.

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>To fully understand the story, do I need to play Metal Gear MSX 1 & 2
It helps.
> or can I just start off with Metal Gear Solid 1,
Yeah, you sort of can. MGS1 has a recap (mo' like retcon) of MG1 and 2 in the options menu, so that's something. You'll still miss the refrences and the whole "MGS is a recreation of MG2" thing that's going on if you do it this way. Also they're fun games to play, why don't you want to play fun games? You some sort of fun game hating poofter?

>Substinence or HD collection
Nah. The camera control breaks the game. It's so much better when you CAN'T tell there's a stationary guard 2 metres behind you without using your noisy sonar. You actually need to rely on your limited tools, it's great.

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guns of the patriots on pc? when?

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> I decided to play the Metal Gear Solid series. To fully understand the story
why would you do that?

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>fully understandable story
>game made by Japs

Picked one.

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Play both MG and MG2 on bluemsx its an emulator for PC and grab the patches online. Ghost Babel is just a reimagining of the classic MSX games and that does it so well. Tfw it won't get a VC rerelease.

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I planned on picking up a new sealed legacy collection copy for ps3.

I had just heard MSX Metal Gear is better than NES, but still tedious, so that's why I wondered if I could skip it or not. But everyone here says it's good, so maybe it was just one guy's opinion on the MSX games.

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You don't "need" to play any of the games really; but Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, in particular, is a really neat game.

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>it's the over the top in your face insulting infographic meme
dropped it after the first sentence. it's not funny, it juvenile. just say play them in order, it's faster and easier. pretending this 'i just learned what swears are' stuff is of any value is stupid and immediately devalues what you're saying.

pretty much this, you'll miss the winks to previous entries but mgs was likely created as a jumping off point that doesn't require previous knowledge of the series. i say this given that the possibility of having an msx and copies of these games during 5th gen was slim. not everyone had 13 year old computer architecture to play these games on.

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Not OP but I didn't want to make a thread just for this, I'm playing MG1 and it feels kind of impossible to stay stealthy. I only just started, but I noticed the only way to get the key card is to enter a tent with a guard that immediately sees you. Is there some "sneak" button in MG1 that I'm not seeing in the manual, or do you just have to run through there and probably take a bullet?

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You're not playing the NES version, are you?

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No, MSX. The manual for it just has the directional arrows, weapon and melee buttons, and the F1-F5 key to pause and open menus.

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First, the ONLY game that actually requires you to play the rest of the series to fully enjoy is MGS4. The rest of them are self incapsulated to a huge degree and can be understood just fine.

Second, as of MGSV, the over arching plot of the series has been raped to death and is nor fairly pointless. So playing the series trying to understand the over arching plot is really a fools errand at this point.

Lastly, there's the fact that the over arching plot is actually unfinished, and Kojima no longer works at Konami. So you're gonna get emotionally invested in something, just to be forced to accept the fact that it'll never be completed in a genuine way.

Just Play MGS1, 2 and 3, then forget about the rest of them because they blow ass. MG2 Solid Snake is pretty good, as is MGS Vr Missions and the GBC game. The rest of them are cheap TPS games, the latter entries of which focusing almost entirely on kidnapping enemy troops and base management.

Just don't do it anon. It ain't worth it.

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>metal gear
>understand the story

Dont even bother you will regret wasting your time on this shit

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its the same game no difference except its an official english rom and for MG 2 they changed Solid snake to the newer version rather than him looking like mel gibson and alot of other characters looking like celebs. But definitely check out Ghost Babel on GBC its simply amazing.

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>its the same game no difference
Give me a fucking break. Don't bother posting when you don't know what you're talking about.

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wait you're right its a port of the PS2 port and that has slightly different
>he re-released version of Metal Gear 2 features the following changes from the original MSX2 version: the character portraits (which were largely based on film actors and historical figures) were replaced with new ones drawn by Yoji Shinkawa, certain characters (including enemy bosses) were renamed, and Snake's cigarettes now deplete his life gauge when equipped (resulting in the addition of thermal goggles as an alternative item that detects infrared sensors). The re-released version also has two difficulty settings (Original and Easy, the latter allows the player to carry twice the amount of ammo and perishable items and makes some of the bosses easier to defeat), a "Boss Survival" mode that is accessible after the main game is cleared once, and an unlockable bandana item that provides Snake with unlimited ammo when equipped.

>The PlayStation 2 version, much like the original MSX2 version, requires the player to use the instruction manual for reference to solve certain puzzles (such as deciphering Tap Codes or learning a certain frequency number). Because the North American version only came with a condensed manual that did not include the information the game asks for, Konami posted the solutions to those puzzles in a FAQ page on their official website.
My bad

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what does that have to do with the NES metal gear being very different from the original

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Wikipedia has a section on their metal gear page theres big differences between the two so just get the version from the HD pack much better than the NES one but honestly MG1 isn't very good to begin with.

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>theres big differences between the two
Yeah, that's what I just fucking said. I was asking why >>2704199 was saying they were the same. Learn how to pay attention, you dumb fucking illiterate retard.

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Thats not true at all and maybe you arent a retro fag to begin with. its much tighter control wise than mg2 as well as has a much better hud that doesnt take up 2/3 of the screen.

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>Learn how to pay attention, you dumb fucking illiterate retard.
Whoa calm down bro nobody's looking for trouble bro

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Metal Gear 1 is pretty much just Zelda 1 as a stealth game.

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they forgot tot mention that the PS2 Subsitance and HD collection MGS3 has MG1 and MG2 incase you want to play them

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You don't NEED to, but it will help a lot, and the """""ending"""" to Phantom Pain will make more sense.

The MSX games are also REALLY good.

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>put like three hours into Metal Gear 1
>don't hit "Continue" immediately while I'm waiting to die after fucking up
>game boots you back to the title screen and starts from the beginning

What the fuck is this? There wasn't anything saying this would happen. Does the game autosave or did I just lose my entire progress because I didn't hit F5 in two seconds?

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I wish brother, I was just playing that today and holy fuck the framerate shits itself constantly.

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At least when you do think about hitting F5, the game starts you out at the last elevator you used unlike the NES version.

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Go chronologic plot-wise.

MGS3 - MGSPW - (optional: MGSV - MG1&2) - MGS - MGS2 - MGS4 - MGRR

MGSV is optional bc in reality it has little to do with the actual plot. Fucking Kojimbo.

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Step 1 is to get the legacy collection. It has everything but ACID, TTS and TPP (which is not a flaw, but a feature)

Metal gear solid mobile is a great game that's usually ignored, it deserves recognition. No way to get it tho, unless you go out and buy a shitty nokia from de late 2000s.

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It was the first of its kind, so it's not really refined. There are some bullshit moments but by and large the AI is pretty dumb. You can stand right next to them and they won't see you if you're not directly in their line of sight.

I played MG1 and 2 and still don't know what the hell is going on. So much of those games have been retconned by now that there's really not much to know other than Snake confronted Big Boss, which they already tell you MGS1. Play them because they are still fun, but don't worry about the story. Most of the characters in them are never even referenced again.

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>not playing it on original MSX hardware


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Watch out guys, we got us a badass over here!

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you're clearly not even playing the real cartridge

that's the fan translation, i can tell because of the font used

fucking MSX shit is way too overpriced

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It's a fan, only because the original english release is 50hz. Would rather not do 50hz tbh fam, but man it feels nice to play on hardware.

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So I just watched the Pre-Rec Phantom Pain review on Red Letter Media. Is it as stupid as they make it look? Like, the giant flaming whale in a landlocked area and demon on a unicorn, that's a vision/dream/hallucination. right?

The open world / recon / planning an angle of attack stuff seems like it might scratch my itches that used to be scratched by games like Delta Force 2, Delta Force Land Warrior, SWAT 4... (WHERE IS MY SWAT 5?!)

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Having lived on /v/ this last month, most of the threads I've seen have been shitting on the game, pretty much saying it's the worst of the series, despite having some good gameplay, albeit really repetitive during the second half. Also the game is unfinished with no end boss and the final chapter got cut.

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The Subsistance version of Metal Gear Solid 3 COMES with Metal Gear 1 and 2. Get that version of MGS3. The first two games in the series are relatively short IIRC. Then I'd play the main MGS games in the order they came out.

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You don't NEED to play MG1/2 to fully understand the story, but you should play them anyways because they're good games. While you're at it, throw in Ghost Babel, Snake's Revenge, and Ac!d 2. Despite being non-canon and non-Kojima they're pretty great and SR especially is really underrated.

On an unrelated note the Midge Ure cover of The Man Who Sold The World has been my favorite version for years and I was ecstatic when I heard it in MGSV.

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I've played all of these games except for 4 so far, buy I don't think anyone has brought this up yet. Is it good?

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Really good. Tomokazu Fukushima a best.

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It's supposed to take place 7 years after MG1

Back when I was a kid, I thought it was between MGS1 and MGS2 and I had it made totally up in my mind that Snake for MGS2 was another clone entirely.

I play through it again, some years later, I realize that its going off an alternate timeline and isn't canon, which is disappointing because its the most plot driven game gbc has to offer.

The bosses are amazingly fun and so fucking rewarding to beat and it caters to the MG1 style of game play but so much smoother.

Not to mention, there are some hardcore feels at the end.

Seriously, I think that's the best game gbc ever had and I'm not just pulling that out of my ass.

Emulate if you must, but for real. Play it.

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10/10 game, one of the best on the Gameboy Color. It has been brought up in this thread, most people just call it by its Japanese subtitle Ghost Babel.

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Why the fixation over MG1? Did you play MG2?

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Wait long enough and he'll come out of the tent. Works for any enemy sitting in a subarea like a truck

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I have played MG2

I guess I just used the first one as the prime example.

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>understanding mgs story

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Oh my god why is this image so fucking obnoxiously written? Did the writer think he was being funny and/or edgy?

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MSX2 originals > Subsistence versions

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This right here. The series should have just ended with 3. 4 was a massive clusterfuck that did more harm to the franchise than anything else, and basically got by on pure fanservice and nostalgia bait.

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>MUST BE A PERFECTIONIST for wanting to play the best Metal Gear

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>Contact Schneider to find out where the gas mask is
>don't know how to contact Schneider
>no way to find out his codec frequency
>head to gamefaqs
>to contact Schneider you need to be in a specific room and roll the codec dial over 120.79 at which point he will automatically call you

Man people in the 80s must have had a lot of free time to put up with stuff like this.

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What is the difference besides character portraits?

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I'd say the manuals are pretty much mandatory for both games. Deliberately so, some things you really have to look up. Luckily there are html versions on the web, download them.

various, some measures to "modernize" them (easy mode, cigs make you take damage and the screen flashes, completion bonuses etc.), and including changing many/most of the character names, so now most bosses are not named after movies anymore. That annoyed me a bit, but even apart from names that were references, the name changes were just unnecessary.

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I never understood why Natasha Marcova was renamed Gustava Heffner. Did they think people wouldn't tell the difference between her and Nastasha Romanenko? It's not like people are speculating that George Kessler is Solidus Snake under another alias.

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>implying /v/ likes video games

/v/ shits on literally every single new game. The last game /v/ actually unanimously liked when it was released was Demon's Souls and even that gets shit on now, mostly by Dark Souls fanboys.

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Undertale was pretty popular for an indie game until people started flooding the threads with furry porn and trying to force people to go to /vg/ (even though /vg/ is even worse than /v/ and nobody's telling MGSV to move even though it has 10x the threads).

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Does the non-lethal apply to MG1 and 2? I beat MG1 today but I was punching guards left and right so they wouldn't catch me. I also used my gun when I did get caught. Is that not the right way to play?

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Isn't that the only way to play? I don't remember too well but I don't even think the first couple had tranq guns. Could be wrong though, it's been 5+ years since I've played them.

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you can just jump right into Solid and skip MG1 and 2 although MG2 is a great game, let's just do like MG1 doesn't exist for it is absolute garbage

>> No.2710964

based Shinkawa art > cheap actor ripoffs

Deal with it, nerd

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>make a bet with a friend that we play each other's favourite series
>start with the beginning, MG1, as any sane human being would
>didn't actually understand anything about the plot
Later I heard it was because of a shoddy English translation cutting everything out. I still wonder, if it wasn't just like that. Did they even have place for the dialogue on MSX2?
Currently finished MGS1; MG2 and MGS are really better than the first game a lot. Still not really impressed by the series, to be honest. Maybe because I actually never watched action movies that inspired the games much.

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It didn't get good until MGS2 and 3 imo, then quickly went downhill again.

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Shows how much you know. It's not even Shinkawa's real art. It's an imitation of his style done by a random pixel artist. The only time Shinkawa actually drew the Metal Gear 2 cast in his style was for the MGS4 Database (pic related).

At least the celebrity ripoff portraits in the MSX2 version of Metal Gear 2 had actual mouth and eye movements.

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Metal Gear 1 barely had any plot. The official English localization did remove dialogue, but it was nothing actually story related, just random playing tips. You're better off playing the fan-translation anyway, since the official English version only runs up to 50khz.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was the first game in the series that actually had a semblance of a storyline and the one that most resembles the later MGS installments gameplay-wise .

>Good story
MGS2 was when the series' writing started to go downhill for me.

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MGS1 was groundbreaking and really good when it came out. Its over shadowed by the later entries.

My thoughts on MGS:
>1 plays the worst bar none. Scenario design is really good however. The Rex boss fight is brutally hard because of stupid missiles, and it has a lot of iconic moments.
>2 plays significantly better, but it also has a worse scenario, and some really stupid things, except you do end up doing some cool and interesting things that no other game did (bomb diffusal, etc) but as the game was designed to be, its basically a reflection of shadow moses.
>I honestly think of the "classic" trilogy, MGS3 plays the best, has the most interesting scenario, and is genuinely the best. I love the camo customization. The boss encounters are all unique and different and it was nice to fight something different then a metal gear as the final encounter.
>MGS4 ties the first three games together with the thinnest web of bullshit I've ever seen. It plays well, Octocamo is really cool. Its story is basically fanservice to the Nth degree and absolutely pants on head retarded.
>MGS: Peace Walker is clearly designed to be played multi-player, which makes boss fights into huge slogs. It did a lot of good for paving the way for MGS5 though. Also your primary enemies are named Hot Coldman and Pacifica Ocean. Its stupid as fuck.
>MGSV: Ground Zeroes. Full complete with no walkthrough in 50 minutes. Enough said.
>MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Still in progress, only 6 hours in. Story is pants on head retarded but the gameplay is so much better then any of the others. It seems like it makes you ask more questions then it answers despite supposedly being a bridge between MGS3 and Peacewalker and MG.

>> No.2711486

Subsistence doesn't have mouth animation for MG2? What a shame, that was neat detail I liked about the game.

>> No.2711492

If you've hated the story for nearly the entire length of the series, why are you still playing?

>> No.2711501

Nope. They just stare blankly towards the screen and occasionally blink.

I can understand why the celebrity knockoff portraits got replaced (the same reason Snatcher never got a modern re-release), but they made no effort of making the new portraits as detailed as the old ones.

>> No.2711541

I'm not talking about the story, just the gameplay. MGS1 was too rigid for me still but 2 and 3 both felt fluid and nice. The story throughout the whole series is ridiculously bad, but as games I'd say only MGS2 and 3 were good, the rest just ranged from passable to awful.

>> No.2711548

OK. That makes more sense. MGS2-3 were pretty much the peek of the series. I would've liked MGSV a lot more if the Phantom Pain was more like Ground Zeroes.

>> No.2711687

MGS4 was the only one that stands out as being pretty fucking retarded.

PW and GV/TPP (basically one game, like the tanker and the big shell) are not awful, but really not noteworthy in any capacity. MGS2's story isn't bad, its just derivitive from MGS1.

Keep in mind, the release order is:

MG > MG2: SS > MGS > MGS2: SoL > MGS3: SE > MGS4: GotP > MGS: PW > MGSV: GZ > MGSV: TPP

And Chronological order is:

MGS3: SE > MGS: PW > MGSV: GZ > MGSV: TPP > MG > MG2: SS > MGS > MGS2: SoL > MGS4: GotP

Which means he's basically half the MGS series prequels. and none of them -really- bridge the gap between the prequels and the OG Metal Gear.

The story is stupid, but it got stupider and more convoluted over time. Mainly because like George Lucas, Kojima lost his wranglers and story writing partners and took full control.

Its how you end up with "Hot Coldman" and "Skullface" as villians.

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>The story is stupid

The question stands, anon - why did you continue playing when the only one you liked was MGS1 and even then you seem fairly ambivalent about it?

>> No.2711710

>only liked MGS1
Where did I say that?

MGS3 is my favorite. I liked MGS1 and 2.

4 had better gameplay it just had a stupid story and a shitload of fanservice.

Peacewalker was on psp and decent it just had nothing to do with anything and boss fights were clearly designed to be multiplayer, and MGS5 plays really well despite again, more stupidity in the story.

You can play games for more then story you know.

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Metal Gear never really needed any prequels. MGS3 was a fun diversion for what it was, which was basically an excuse to have a Solid Snake expy and a gender-flipped Big Boss in a 1960s cold war setting and it was fine for a stand-alone story. But then they shoehorned the surviving cast from MGS3 into the story of MGS4 had them be the secret masterminds of everything that happened in MGS1 and 2 ruined all the previous games in retrospect.

PW and MGSV just added more complications to the timeline than they needed. I prefer to just think of them as part of a separate canon.

>> No.2712351

Yeah, the "so people don't confuse characters" reasoning doesn't really make sense to me since, while at the same time changing her name to something less like another character, they changed her portrait to look just like yet another character, Naomi. It could still be the reason, but they were just stupid about it, by making something that's much more likely to legitimately be actually confusing.

(Kind of baffling why they made her look like Naomi anyway. In hindsight, these new portraits overall seem to be really lazily done. Snake and Campbell's portraits are taken straight from Ghost Babel, and others just look like tracings of Shinkawa drawings.)

True, apart from the "I FEEL ASLEEP" guys in MG1, there is no distinction of dead/unconscious states in both games as there are in MGS and later. Shoot a guy, punch him 3 times, same difference, he disappears. You can still do a *mainly* nonlethal run, sneaking past people rather than attacking them at all which is the intention, after all you don't get the suppressor until later on.

> I also used my gun when I did get caught.
Well my understanding of nonlethal playthrough is that you're avoiding getting caught anyway, so if it comes to that, you've already fucked up. But as I said nonlethal doesn't really apply to MG1 and 2, there are more mandatory alerts than in the later games too.

>> No.2712498

The name change might have something to do with downplaying some of the plagiarism/trademark infringement in Metal Gear 2's story. I remember that Crossfire (an old J.C. Pollock novel) had several plot elements that Kojima used for Metal Gear 2 and one of the characters had the last name Marcova.

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>> No.2713654

>Where did I say that?

>MGS2 - it also has a worse scenario, and some really stupid things
Apologies, I guess you didn't say anything bad about MGS3
>MGS4 - pants on head retarded
>Peace Walker - stupid as fuck
>MGS5 - pants on head retarded

>The story is stupid but it got stupider...over time
>You can play games for more than story, you know.

Yeah you can absolutely play games for more than story - but we're talking about Metal Gear, here and the story is pretty much the front and center, much more so over gameplay. There isn't an MGS game that isn't at least 51% cutscenes or exposition.

>> No.2713836

>There isn't an MGS game that isn't at least 51% cutscenes or exposition.
MGSV says hi.

>> No.2714930

MGS5 fucking sucks. I'm on mission 23 and I haven't touched it in over a week. Such a repetitive chore fuck me. And so much down time with the helicopter shenanigans and such. Game is shit.

>> No.2714947

You can return to the helicopter from the start menu; still, what a joyless game.

>> No.2714956

I know that about the helicopter menu deal.

I don't understand how anybody can have fun with this game after fifteen or so missions omg.

I didn't really believe paid reviews before... or at least not as much... but my god this game does not deserve all these fucking 10s. I just don't get it man.

>> No.2714970

>Fully understand the story
Good luck with that.

>> No.2715049


Actually they are canon and very simple actually. A lot of characters do appear and are important bruh

But seriously.

Where's the real sequel for MGS4 and? How about MGR2? A fucking MGS remake?

And let's not even talk about the Castlevania series. Or Silent Hill.

Fuck Konami

>> No.2715053


Isn't that Ghost Babel with a different cover or something else entirely?

>> No.2715067

In the US they dropped the name Ghost Babel and just called it Metal Gear Solid

>> No.2715069


But MGS3 is amazing great

But yeah, MGS2 is mediocre

>> No.2715078

>MGS3 is amazing great
>MGS2 is mediocre
Found the pleb.

>> No.2715082


I'm also high


My point still stands Raidenfag

Go play with your future cyborg samurai ninja somewhere else

>> No.2715136

>Go play with your future cyborg samurai ninja somewhere else
Found the underage too.

Both 2 and 3 are enjoyable gameplaywise. But while 2 had an actual plot, great attention to detail and a wacky and funny development that doesn't takes itself too seriously, 3 had Power Ranger Enemies, a boring B movie plot and DA BOOOOOOOS.

>> No.2715859

MGS3 only exists because because Kojima wrote himself in a corner with 2.

I personally think MGS3 was the best written out of the original MGS trilogy. The student/parental mentor dynamic between Naked Snake and The Boss was way better pulled off in that game than the same relation between Solid Snake and Big Boss in MGS1 (which was only established through pure retcon) or Raiden and Solidus in MGS2 (which came out of left field).

>> No.2717657

Technically, MGS3 only exists because a sequel was demanded. MGS2 could've easily concluded the series, and so could MGS3 have easily concluded the series, and was specifically marketed as such at times prior to release. But audience and loadsa money demand kept on demanding sequels. Because 3 is such a great game for those reasons of writing you mentioned among other things, I personally think the series should've ended there. For every new Metal Gear that comes out these days I'm like OK, I'm not happy about this, I'm coming out of retirement for one last mission.

>> No.2717661

>MGS2 could've easily concluded the series

But it ended on a cliffhanger... that got retconned anyway

>> No.2717667

>But it ended on a cliffhanger...
This. It's naive to think that MGS2 was meant to be the end of the series.

>> No.2717670

What was retconned?

>> No.2717674

The patriots having been dead for 100 years or whatever

>> No.2717697

Not really a retcon though. MGS3 explained that the Wisemen's Committee were simply in charge of the preceding organization.

>> No.2717698

To be fair, some of them were already dead.

>> No.2717734
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my PVM nigga.

>> No.2717880

Hey guys, I have a question.

So I decided to emulate MG2 today, so I got blueMSX running and I installed the IPS patch etc etc. The game runs, however I can't seem to get past the opening title screens, when they finish they just repeat over and over again. Did I fuck up somewhere along the line?

>> No.2717930

I have a 20L5 too.

>> No.2718083

It was. Kojima said as much. The final twist was a way of killing the only lead they had and inspiring uncertainty.

>> No.2718101

Kojima says a lot of things. He's very unreliable.

>> No.2718105

i really wish the games would've been released in chronological order so david's story would've been better represented. solid snake is way better than big boss.

>> No.2718245

The only reason we even got prequels in the first place was Kojima regretting his decision to turn Solid Snake into a clone in MGS1. In retrospect, the plot of MGS3 could've easily been used for a reboot (what with Naked Snake and The Boss being expies of Solid Snake and Big Boss respectively) and you could get a sense of Kojima wanting to abandon the old continuity with PW and V due to how much those games just fuck the canon.

Apparently there's some new novelizations of MGS1 and 2 (unrelated to the Raymond Benson from a few years back) that ties up the events of MGSV with them (like Otacon's relation with Huey).

>> No.2718410
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Wtf, what happened to that Metal Gear Solid thread?

>> No.2718481

>To fully understand the story, do I need to play Metal Gear MSX 1 & 2, or can I just start off with Metal Gear Solid 1, and then play the rest of MGS?

No need to play the MSX games. Kojima retconned most of the story for them when Solid came out. You might watch the final scenes of MG2 on YouTube though. The fight with Fox and Big Boss's chat with Snake are a bit relevant to later games.

Having said that, MG2 is really good and you should play it anyway.

>> No.2719250

But he's never said anything to the contrary. MGS3 being a prequel makes it even more obvious.

MGS2 was not intended to have a follow-up.

>> No.2719252

MGS2 was not supposed to be the last game in the series, just the last one directed by Kojima. This "MGS2 was meant to end the series" myth needs to die already.

>> No.2719262

Maybe not, but it was absolutely meant to be the last game of that storyline--which is what we're referring to. It was meant to be the last game in the series as it then operated. This much is clear and obvious.

>> No.2719281

No, Kojima said at MGS3's E3 presentation in 2003 that MG should continue, but not with him. I know this, I was there when he said it, and he was specifically referring to wrapping up the story threads left dangling after 2.

>> No.2719319

MSX is so slow, and having the crouch command be punch+shoot buttons make no sense.

I will admit the MSX version is a smidgeon more difficult.

It's entirely possible to play through those games without killing anything besides the bosses. it's much harder than MGS2 and later games since there's no tranquilizer easymode.

Also, I like being able to get a code name when I'm done.

>> No.2719350

Then why go so far out of the way to craft a story difficult to follow up on? One whose open, ambiguous ending was clearly intentional? Why bother making a prequel? Why--in an interview for the game's long-awaited sequel--did he say
>Once again I'd intended for MGS3 to wrap up the series, but so many people wanted to know what happened after "2". Things like the identity of the Patriots and so forth. I had planned on leaving those mysteries as mysteries, but people weren't convinced that the series was wrapped up. So ultimately we ended up making "4".

Whether he cared about other people continuing it or not, it's pretty clear that wasn't what Kojima intended with 2.

>> No.2719384

Because the ending of 2 wouldn't make any less sense than if they'd said the Patriots were wizards from Mars. Nothing from 3 resolves any of that. 2 doesn't have "an open ambiguous ending," it is a cliffhanger, plain and simple and it had plenty of plot points to resolve.

What happened to Ocelot? Who are the Patriots and what did they want? Why is everyone after the remains of Big Boss?

It's foolish to think people wouldn't want the ending of a game series to be, "then the bad guys got away forever."

>> No.2719401

Okay. But your feelings on its intentionally unresolved ambiguity do not make it any less the intention, especially given Kojima's own words. Get over it.

>> No.2719417

>Kojima said that MG should continue, but not with him.

Well at least he finally got his wish.

>> No.2719421

>Who are the Patriots and what did they want?

Wasn't this answered in MGS4?

>> No.2719423


>> No.2719428


It would have been a terrible ending

>> No.2719429


That was a retcon. Otacon was following a fake lead

>> No.2719437

I don't think that's so much of a retcon so much as that was the implication in 2's ending. The original Patriots as they were when 2 was written were very obviously supposed to be the illuminati and their identities kept secret. What better way to end that story than to show that Solidus had been barking up the wrong tree for the entire game?

I'll never understand why 4 dropped this plotline almost completely and just chose the simplest explanation possible in that they were just thrown together as characters we met in the last game. It's as if the patriots became more of a buzzword than an actual threat. They may as well not even exist in the game beyond them saying the word "Patriots".

>> No.2719456

MGS constantly changes focus.

>Metal Gear Solid
Gene therapy, Genome Soldiers, VR training and a little bit of nanomachines.

The Patriots, AI, information tampering, etc more emphasis on VR. Genetherapy and Genome soldiers basically completely dropped for child soldiers plotline.

Patriots, War Economy, HYPNOTHERAPY, FOXDIE, accelerated aging.

MGS3 PW and GZ/TPP are basically irrelevant to the Solid series.

>> No.2719545

The identities of the Patriots that got changed over and over again during the course of the MGS series.

MGS2: The Patriots are a secret organization led by a group of 12 men known as the Wisemen's Committee.

MGS3: The Patriots are an offshoot of a secret organization known as the Philosophers.

MGS4: The Philosophers had nothing to do with the Patriots at all. It was Big Boss and his support crew from MGS3. Zero was the evil mastermind behind everything.

MGSV: Zero dindu nuthing. It was this guy named Skull-Face who fucked things up for him and Big Boss..

>> No.2721306
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Any ROM hackers here? I need advice on fixing this typo in the Virtual Console version of Metal Gear 2.

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