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ITT: games that were ported to far inferior systems. Be it for fun or profit.

Yes it exists, and it's actually fun.

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See it seems like you mean NES era arcade ports or something but you post this jokey homebrew thing.

Anyway I non-ironically enjoyed Zippy the Porcupine. It's not a port though, Zippy is an original character (do not steal).

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The term you're looking for is "demake"

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Feel free to post a link.

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This isn't an actual port, dumbass. See >>2698216

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Doom has been ported to calculators, literally
i enjoyed this port as a child

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Space Station Silicon Valley for GBC
Street Fighter 2 for all of those computers (though I think the Amiga/Atari ST port could've been good if they got the right people).

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Chris Chan strikes the core of /vr/

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Doom has been ported to fucking digital cameras.

I remember seeing Carmack show off this dorky fucking smartwatch at a developer's conference in 2003. He had managed to get Doom running at about 12fps on it. It had a mercury-based accelerometer and a shitty resistive touchscreen, so you tilted the watch to move and tapped to shoot.

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Oh, and this was the same con where Romero got caught slashing the tires on Carmacks's Lamborghini. Carmack laughed it off, refused to press charges, and started throwing wads of cash at Romero while laughing like a psychotic gnome. Eventually Romero started crying and left.

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Do you guys remember when someone ported DOOM to that canon printer?

Oh man that was a great read.

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What hasn't Doom been ported to that would reasonably run it?

More on topic, the GBC port of Dragon's Lair was something else.

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I know doom has been ported to a ATM machine.


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this port of Space Harrier is a thing of beauty
the machine doesn't even have a graphics mode

I'm actually surprised at how decent this is. Not the best Atari game, but honestly fun.

also, not a port

is this a true story
that sounds fucking hilarious

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>Halo 26ee

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The hint is >Atari

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Speaking of demakes, I think a few different people were toying with the idea of Half-Life 2 in Half-Life's engine. I can't even fathom how the fuck they would handle the gravity gun in Goldsrc, much less the super gravity gun at the end of the game.

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someone somewhere thought this was a good idea

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Wow! Cover is from a comic.

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Gravity gun just adds to the transform/force of an object if that exists in the engine already it wouldn't be to simple to modifier objects with colliers and pull them towards the player.

but your problem would be making props that match the half life 1 style.

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Stealing it already.


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Quest 64 reprogrammed on GBC, and apparently with many of its gripes rectified.

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That's really, really technically impressive for the Game Boy. There was an Alone in the Dark port that was crazy good too.

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The developer of retro city rampage was able to trim enough of the fat from his game to port it to nes, and it looks 99% the same

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Road Rash was done on the Master System around the same time as the Mega Drive original. Aside from PSG synth and simpler sprite scaling, it plays like the same game.

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Kill yourself, faggot.

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Is /v/ down? Why even take the time to post this?

If you'd said


I'd understand though.

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nice baiting, look how many people you hooked

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>Oh, and this was the same con where Romero got caught slashing the tires on Carmacks's Lamborghini. Carmack laughed it off, refused to press charges, and started throwing wads of cash at Romero while laughing like a psychotic gnome. Eventually Romero started crying and left.

I need a citation to this.

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3DS, it has enough buttons to be decently playable.

I think it would make for a good portable port.
I think Boom or PrBoom would be good because of efficient rendering.

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It's impressive that they made most of the game (sans the monsters, besides the zombie), even though it was canceled.

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That's not so much a port as it's a tie-in game.
I've heard it's actually pretty good.

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That actually looks like a great port.

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I remember playing Doom on GBA.

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>the machine doesn't even have a graphics mode

Well, it's like very low pixel graphics.
Though it's really impressive.

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>to port it to nes

I thought it was originally programmed for NES.

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I wonder if he used the GBC port of GTA as inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6GVz8WMXeA

Is that really you, Mr. Chipman? Proof?

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Was this before or after he was caught shoplifting milky ways?

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many levels are similar to abe's exoddus

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Speaking of Doom ports, sup dawg?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbnfYBFKD1g

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Pretty sure there's a 3DS homebrew port already

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>that sounds fucking hilarious
Carmack is a legit sociopath, but he's hilarious to be around. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true, given the shit he does at supercar rallies.

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That's actually not too surprising. We've got an ATM at work that's actually got Windows XP Embedded running behind it, it shows up when you're booting the machine.

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you know how in DOS there are things like box drawing characters and then the halftone shades, right?

that's what it has to use
it's at like 40x25 characters too

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Unplayable isn't a term I use lightly, but this is unplayable.

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Ambitious to say the least. Fucking Double Dragon. The games are okay, but the craze...

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Yeah, I hear DSDoom runs better though. Maybe because the 3DS one does 3D too?

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It doesnt run better.

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Don't know about the DS one but this looks pretty choppy and sluggish


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Running at 160fps uncapped on my n3DS. That video is from the original release on o3DS. It runs 60+fps even on the o3DS with mods.

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It was, like back in the early 2000s or whenever the fuck he started making the game. What he ended up with is a massively different beast under the hood. He also picked up enough skills and knowledge in the years between to actually get the shit working properly on the NES instead of a massively neutered version.

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His thing about the cat and taking that axe to the door at the old iD offices shows that the guy has a fairly interesting take on life and social norms, at least.

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>Not Quake on the oscilloscope
Step it up

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>It runs 60+fps even on the o3DS with mods.
Well that is relevant to my interests but

>with mods.

I'm sure too retarded to get this to work but just retarded enough to spend an hour or so trying

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It's pretty simple. You just specify the dehacked/wad files you want to load through the menu. Or you can build them into the iWad and load that way. Max of 2 wads+2 dehacked files at a time. A max combined total of 64mb and they must be prboom compatible

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A link, for those interested


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how come the dude in teal (back right) is missing a hand

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so good

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Yes, I have it on my 3ds

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Did it get updated? its fairly choppy on my o3ds

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very nice game

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SFII got a bootleg NES port back in the day. I remember reading about it in EGM like 20 years ago and always wanted to play it.

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if it exist doom has been ported to it

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I had a homebrew port of Doom on my scientific calculator in high school like 12 years ago.

Shit was terrible.

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Verified events that paint Carmack as a complete psychopath are a dime a dozen.

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Super Mario Bros. on the ZX Spectrum.

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Mortal Kombat too

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How does one even do that?

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You want a reply? Well here's your fucking reply

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I never really thought of Halo 2600 as a port. Game based in the same universe, yes, but not a port. For example:

Original game:


Not really a port:

In fact I'd go so far as to say Pac Man on the 2600 is a more true port than Halo 2600, as it does try to capture the original's style of gameplay.

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that looks beautiful

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I have these on a couple Aliexpress multicarts. Pretty cool, a bit awkward to play though

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>quake's geometry converted to sound

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I'm amazed they were able to make Nightfire work on the GBA, with music intact.

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He's wearing wristbands. His other hand is behind the woman.

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Please, please PLEASE let this be real. Romero is a fucking cunt. Carmack no good either, but he's completely dwarfed by how much of an asshole Romero is.

Reading that book about those two idiots made me hate them even more.

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Speaking of cool SF demakes, there's the GBC version of Warrior's Dreams. It's actually pretty fun.

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Funny thing, most do use XP if I'm not mistaken.

Imagine playing Capitalism on an ATM.

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There was Final Fantasy VII and Pokemon Yellow technically a mishmash of Yellow, GSC, and FRLG for the NES. Both are fairly impressive with patches with translations and fixes.

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I just love that quick 'Yo this is going to suck' message after that respectable Ryu splash

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