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ITT: FPS games that aren't Doom or Quake


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I just ordered the Saturn version of that. Boy I hope it's good.

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I wish the EX version would get fixed and rereleased already.

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Exhumed is way better.

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It's the exact same game it's just a different name for different regions.

The PC version is a completely different game though.

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Dark Forces is amazing

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Saturn version is kickkkkasss

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Redneck rampage
Duke Nukem 3D
Shadow Warrior
Rise of the Triad
The terminator: Future shock
Terminator: Skynet

Nigga you're not even trying

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I can't decide which name I like better.

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there's a PC port of powerslave now. Never got around to finishing it but pretty cool

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that game is so damn cool it even had multiplayer for up to like 16 people if you could connect them all up somehow iirc

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A shame that this doesn't work anymore on modern systems.
Boiling the blood of your enemies or turning them into salt was the shit.

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Looks like its playable with nGlide, says it works in compatibility list.


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>Underrated as fuck

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c-12 on the Playstation.

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>>FPS games that aren't Doom or Quake


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After it got patched I honestly enjoyed it more than Half Life 1.

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ITT: FPS games that shit on Doom, Quake and whatever other gay Mario shit you kids post.

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Thank you for reminding me to play that Mario DooM wad

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You posted the wrong image.

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Get this: the community's still a little active and multiplayer is still around, even though gamespy happened. There's a huge community pack with better graphics, fixes, CTF mode/maps, everything. Someone even made an FPS version of Atari's Adventure using this game.

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>he doesn't even post the 2600 official Halo game.
Dude, if you're going to bait at least be funny.

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Look at that cover, it's fucking kickass, like in the vein of Doom's cover art.

We have the hero jumping out of the water, leaping into action, brandishing his machete at the foul beast before him as vicious piranhas chomp after him.

Also the lighting & shadow, the coloring, it's fantastic.

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I think the Doom thread covers other retro FPS games too.

But muh Dook.

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I hear that the Saturn version is supposed to be immaculate.

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Quake Killer boyz.

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I think the Powerslave art deserves special mention for being a very accurate portrayal of what you'll see in the game. The only real mistake is giving the guy a shotgun instead of an M60. I think it's cool how they actually show him with multiple weapons strapped to him though. There's in-art game that's even better with him carrying like 6 guns on his back.

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Yeah it does but Doom and Quake are generally all that are discussed. Duke/Unreal/Marathon/whatever don't really get discussed all that much except for on rare occasions.

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I see people bring up Blood and Duke reasonably often.

When it's about Blood, it's not seldom paired with people hating on Atari.

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That was pretty good overall for a hammy action romp and it did a number of little things that other games could have learned from. Enemies figuring out you were an actual threat and fleeing to get backup, regional based damage based on individual armor values, being able to mess with the environment and objectives to affect things in future levels.

Half Life may be called influential but people really should have pay more attention to what SiN did.

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i tried it with glide but the menus were all messed up maybe it was some bad ripped version though

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It was the first Metroidvania FPS wasn't it? (the Saturn version at least, plays well even today).

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It's amazing how fucking good the Saturn version is. Lobotomy really knew what they were doing with the Saturn. Shame they're no longer with us.

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>regional based damage based on individual armor values, being able to mess with the environment and objectives to affect things in future levels.
Goldeneye did these things in 1997

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CyberMage deserves honourable mentions....

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So this is where they got the idea for the game in Grandma's Boy.

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I haven't played it since I was a kid, but I remember loving the first level, but always quitting at some stupid stealth mission. It may have even been the second mission. Maybe its not as bad as I remember, but I remember it being complete bullshit that shouldn't have been in an FPS.

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And SiN did it better in 1998. Your point?

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These games were fun

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Always wanted more fps on jaguar

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Everyone around me praises this game so much.

I tried to get into it, I really tried, several times too.
Every time I get thrown off due to how slippery gameplay is. I can't stand how bullets are actually projectile (versus hitscan), and quite slow projectiles at that too. It makes the game unfun and feel like everything is happening a second after it should. Plus, moving and mouse aiming feels slippery too, no matter how I configure it.

It looks like it could be a good game, plus Levelord did tons of level in it, but if the base shooting isn't fun, whole thing won't be fun.

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Sin actually uses the Quake 2 engine.

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And I love Quake 2. Especially its add-ons.

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Proven faggot, nesfag was never around during the release of many games he feels compelled to speak about. Sin failed because of Half-Life and the crippling loading times.

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Why has no one repeated Jumping Flash's formula? Imagine how well it'd work with the tech we have nowadays.

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Fascinating story. Still hoping for the full game to be leaked.

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The stealth mission wasn't bad and reasonably decent for its time.

What killed that level was the unpatched version of it:
At the start of it you'd see a short cutscene of the receptionist of the lab walking to her office but that sequence wasn't in a separate room but played inside the level right in front of your starting position.
If you skip the cutscene you'd spawn into the level but the receptionist won't be teleported to her desk and will still be wherever she was when you skipped the cutscene which is exactly in your line of sight in most cases.
This results in her imidiately sounding the alarm and rendering the level unwinnable.

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What on earth does that have to do with anything? He didn't say "this is why the game wasn't successful," he said why he doesn't like it. Can you read?

I played SiN long after release and didn't think much of it--yeah I can see how the features were cool for the time, but nothing about it grabbed me. It's alright but there are better old FPS games to play. The shooting seemed fine to me though.

I would love a spiritual sequel to Jumping Flash.

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I always got caught right at the start by the secretary, so I imagine I was playing the unpatched version. Huh. Maybe I'll give it another go.

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Do you remember the first boss also not working at all and just standing there?
If yes then yeah, you played the unpatched version.

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All I remember about the game is enjoying the first level, and constantly getting caught by the secretary in the stealth level. I didn't even remember there being a boss in the first level.

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I think I like it a little bit more than Doom. Yeah it's a bit on the easy side and the weapons are more or less reskins, but I really like the fantasy setting and Iron Liches are really cool except for that goddamn tornado, that's the shittiest thing in the whole game

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The game in Grandma's Boy was actually a real game with a story by Clive Barker that ended up getting canceled shortly after the movie came out.

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That's incredibly interesting. Is there any other information?

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Sadly not really. Most of what you saw in the movie was what was shown elsewhere.




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Has a "_____ killer" ever actually killed its intended target? Not that I don't love Unreal.

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I feel like I'm the only one on /vr/ that loves this game.

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You're not, I love it too and it still plays well. The only thing I don't like about it is being crushed to death by doors.

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I love it too, but there are a few things that really annoy me:
-Rats and hands are hard to aim for and do way more damage than they should
-The minimap doesn't show the necessary key for each door, so navigation is confusing. I got pissed off the most in the abandoned mansion level.
-Voodoo doll runs out of ammo way too fast to be viable

But other than that it's an awesome game and I would so buy an HD update of it. Waiting on BloodCM to complete episode 4

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I still remember the elevator section in the early part of the game.

huge explosion and it crashes into the ground and the MC just goes hmm elevators busted. I laughed when I heard it the first time.

This game had a ton of easter eggs and horror references.

I should replay thru it again soon.

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I love BLOOD, it is just a really great game!
I also enjoy Rise of the Triad!

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This your first week posting here or something? We have Blood threads all the time here.

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I don't know actually. There definitely aren't any I can think of off the top of my head. I just wanted to put a caption to go along with the picture that wasn't an Unreal pun for the most part lol.

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blood was my fucking childhood (as awful as that probably is to say) jesus fucking christ I absolutely love that game. I wish somebody would just give it the Duke Megaton edition/Shadow Warrior Redux treatment. Fucking sega.

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I want to download doom and doom 2 .I never played the realdeal I only play the play in browser ones.

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>Fucking sega.

When did Sega get the rights for Blood?

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at some point, idk.

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Sure you're not thinking of Atari? I never heard anything about Sega even thinking about obtaining it.

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yeah, it might actually be atari im retarded

pic unrelated

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ITT: Underage kids playing lesser-known FPS games and thinking they're hardcore-edgy because of it

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Why is it that every time I see you post it's in some way that always detracts in quality from a thread?

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Because he wants attention. Just ignore him and he'll fuck off like most of the tripfags on other boards.

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the beta or whatever is playable, i don't see any problems with it other than random framedrops

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I tried to play this game recently and failed to get it running at anything more than software rendering (which makes the game look TERRIBLE) in a 640x480 window. Maybe I'll try again in a win98 virtual machine with a few fixes.

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Did anybody here play The Wheel of Time? It's been sitting in my backlog for a while and it looks pretty fun.

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>These games were fun

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Jedi Knight was pretty good, I think.
Though Jedi Knight II was a lot better.

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I saw a fair amount of it played. Part I saw, depending on the part, were spooky, interesting, and comfy. Certainly worth starting it to see what you think.

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>"Plus 4 New QUAKE Add-on Packs Reviewed!"
>"...We Tell You Which Ones Don't Suck."
holy fucking shit.

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I guess this is the old equivalent of clickbait. Did have a name other than "shit journalism"?

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>25 Greatest GUY GAMES

overhyping, probably, notice the magazine dates.
writers knows about the game just as much as whatever the game devs revealed on their demo, interviews, and claims about their yet-to-be-finished games.

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>Did have a name other than "shit journalism"?

Yellow journalism.

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