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Show me a better looking retro game

Protip: you can't

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JJ FTW!!!!!!!!!
But honestly, I liked Earthworm Jim's looks better, I think they ARE better than JJ's, if only a little bit. Where JJ's graphics were neat, EJ's had an art style of their own, a thing very few games could ever establish.

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Well, JJ also has a smahing soundtrack.

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I like JJR but there's probably a million arcade games from the same year that look better.

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>[citations needed]

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I think Ristar is a better looking game in honesty.
JJ is a little inconsistent in the tiling and scaling and not quite as vibrant.

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I obviously won.

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Oh god, I remember those death matches and races I played after school with my friends. Two people on a single keyboard, one on a mouse and one on a joystick. If my memory serves me right, there were times when we were so desperate as to have 4 players on a single keyboard. Simply magic.

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Muscarine or Erica's Trip

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>Show me a better looking retro game
Metroid Prime but that's not allowed on this board

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>having 2 people on the same keyboard
>inevitably one player figures out a key combination that disables the other player's buttons
And then it stops being fun.

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Oh, then you hit him in the ribs and the fun can go on

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>JJ FTW!!!!!!!!!

Fucking kill yourself or fuck off.

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First of all, Metal Slug. Second of all, Dodonpachi

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Bonanza Bros
After Burner

Really, a ton of Sega and Konami games.

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I don't think OP's pic is particularly good looking.
I prefer the first Jazz game in terms of graphics, reminds me of Sonic 2.

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Oh you like cute little bunnies?

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Come get your bunny-wunnies!

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This looks pretty cool. Is that a Jazz 2 mod or did they develop it from ground up?

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Him too!

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dude i had this on pc in the 90s

it was fun as fuck

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A lot of SNK games.

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I think it's a separate game entirely.

Well, guess I'm out of bunnies! Here have some ducks instead...

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looks like vaporware trash tbh fam

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it's actually by the same guys who made unreal smh tbqh bbq yolo

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The only people the two games have in common are Cliffy B and Alex Brandon.

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interesting, that's good to know

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is one of my favorite games of all times. And that soundtrack? perfect.