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Well, this POS is finally up on Indiegogo

Doubt it will even each the goal


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lol que
And they are getting every cent of that, too.
What a time to be alive. Maybe I should learn blender or 3DS max and become rich with a scam like this.

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fake donations by the game gavel guy to generate interest in funding this. Who is blind enough to not see that this would be an instant failure?

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Had no idea when this was going to happen but I put my share in. Not so sure about the controller but HDMI will be nice.

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pls be joke

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>hoped thread would be a circlejerk with the url in the OP

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whatever dood. enjoy your overpriced indie game box ouya-thing

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why are you here

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>reverse shill
This garbage shouldn't be on /vr/ and I'm pretty sure this tactic is just trying to draw people in.

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Help me revise it for maximum replies. Instead of HDMI should I have lauded the so-retro 9 pins?

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bump for interest

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This concerns all /vr/ kind

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bumping, we need to hit this POS

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Quality thread.

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What exactly is the point of this thing

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my wife loves the retro vgs

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We need more people posting. Please help spread the word.

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Well, I just readed it and it sounds awesome for the most part, what's the real problem about it?

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Is that a Jaguar?

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It's hipster trash.
You should be linking the thread anywhere you can right now.

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got to keep this up

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This could have been so much more.

If the plans were to release a console that had open FPGA core development with the intention of creating an FPGA emulation machine then i would have been on board. Something to compete with the retron5 in terms of accurate hardware simulation would have been the reasonable business strategy. Instead the idiots behind this think they will sell an indie games machine just so people can have said game on a cartridge. The problem is nobody will buy the console and no developers will give a shit about the thing and it will die within a year. At least ouya can still operate regardless of their failure in sales and that's only because there are no production costs or licensing issues with a downloadable software service. Retro will bleed money on this instantly and it will go nowhere. Donate your money now!

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