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i've just bought an gameboy for like $ 10, it's totally functional, but the dude who had it did this with a sharpie. i tried to clean it but it doesn't come. out any experience like this?

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No I don't buy garbage.

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Unscrew it

Dip the case in Oxyclean combined with Lemon Juice and Ketchup

Let it sit in the mixture for 24 hours

Proceed to scrub with the mixture


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Does nostalgia hold no bounds?

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Acetone will get that stuff right off and leave the plastic as grey as the day it was opened OP.

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just buy a replacement case off amazon. you may even find a cool color.

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spray some berryman's b12 on a rag and wipe it off.

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already tried, didn't work out

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You're a cruel bastard.

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$20 or more :/

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sounds like a grandma's recipe

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Grandma or not that shit works great

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Draw over the sharpie with dry erase marker, and while the dry erase marker is still fresh on the gameboy, wipe it off. Seriously, it works.

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>an gameboy
I feel like I'm reading Artemis fowl

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an hero

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Human semen will take that right off, OP

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>>>/v/ where the rest of you shitposters belong

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Post results please

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I happened upon this method myself back in school. Works a charm.

Has OP tries White Spirit?

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That things worth 2 dollars.

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whoa, is that the ultra rare japanese jet black edition gameman?

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Mineral oil. You can get it from a hardware store in the paint section.

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This is the best answer.

I can't tell you how many names and scribbles I've removed from carts with this method.

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looks like you've got no choice left but to steam-punk that GameBoy now...



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The steampunk gameboy is incredibly stupid. How do you even lay that?

However, if OP can't get the sharpie off cleanly, even with a dry erase marker, this may be a time when you could justify a casemod. As long as it's something tasteful.

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Spray it with AXE or LYNX

It should take it off.

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Do you live in North Carolina? I did that to my brother's gameboy as a kid before we gave it to a goodwill.

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God, shut the fuck up you entitled piece of shit. He obviously was stupid enough to buy a Gameboy that was sharpie'd in. You're the reason the circlejerk board is shit because none of you faggots can handle banter.

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a 10$ entirely functional Game Boy that just needs a bit of care, that's not so bad.

Don't you like taking care of old gear? It's like saving a injured puppy.

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Just Oxyclean should work.
Dunno why you'd want to leave it sticky with corn syrup and smelling of vinegar afterwards.

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I have a gameboy advance from a yard sale that looks like colored the front using pink nail polish. It's strange but it doesn't really bother me, I only bought it because of what they bundled it with.

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