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>Fury Road
>only 1 arcade cabinet
>virtual boy
>HDTV for retro games
>loose carts everywhere

Impressed with what?

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>Virtual Boy
>Flat-screen TV

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better be bait

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I like it, the arcade is very good

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Yes, OP. I am thoroughly impressed with the massive hole in your life which you have chosen to fill with physical media.

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Gamecube isn't retro.

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That is a fuckton of buttons for Galaga.

And where do the tokens go in?

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nice presentation, vaguely impressed
is there a reason you have bat-top sticks
and is there a reason you have a flatscreen display but only retro consoles

>that fucking one N64 cart with writing on the top, fucking why

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I wouldn't have the NES and SNES games just sitting upright and naked like you do. Exposing them to light like that will only fade the label.

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impressed, but maybe a little too much displaying your games

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a little bit. I like your idea of hanging the controllers in the same shelf as the console. I'm going to do that now

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You guys realize that isn't even his pic, right?

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>not having a virtual boy

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That LCD TV for retro.
Nigger this ain't even good bait.

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Those VBs must be vampires because they have no reflection.

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>maxing out your perception
>not maxing out luck

its like you didn't know what you were doing when you rolled your RL characters.

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very observant.

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dude are you retarded? lrn2photography
>what is photoshop

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Are you meaning those are NOT vampire virtual boy consoles? I don't think I'm convinced.

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Its ok. This is an impressive Normie arcade/collection.

You show your power level but from this it would still look like you have a life and can interact with normal humans.

The virtual boy is a bit much, but its humor value and conversation piece utility may let it slide. The modern hdtv for retro games, though a on /vr/ make it look as though you haven't gone off the deep end.

BUT you can still subtly be "hardcore /vr/" if you use a framemeister or scanline generator.

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2/troll. You get one point because a few people think you're serious and one more because a few are so young they actually like it.

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>no crt in sight

fuck off

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Absolutely disturbing.

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So is this a general showing-off thread? I'll post something later.

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Its not even a real galaga, its obviously a shitty MAME machine. Look at the X-arcade stick

I give it a 6/10. I like some of what you've done, but you get -1 for being a retard. -1 for having a MAME instead of a real cab, -1 for not using the Battlestation thread, and -1 for being a retard again.

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maybe hook some shit up so you can play games

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Presentation is nice. You have a good amount of consoles, but the amount of games for each system is not what I would call impressive in the least.

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>Fisheye to make it look bigger than it is

And god, that TV is physically hurting me

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get a crt what the hell is wrong with you please stop

>> No.2689282

keep pop'n

>> No.2689291

throw out your HDTV and replace it with a CRT right now.
and Is that a LCD monitor on that arcade cabinet?

You're fucking disgusting

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Well they do suck the life out of you when you play it too long.

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Replace Fury Road with a heisei era Godzilla poster.

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yeah of course, cosidering you can play all that shit on a laptop without spending a dime.

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Why would he photoshop his virtual boys out of the reflection?

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>Rumours spread about virtual boy causing eye strain and dizziness.
The truth is out there people! Virtual Boys are machines of the dammned! They will drain your life essence away!
No wonder Nintendo tries to make the virtual boy an obscurity!

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Look at me, I got Fabergé Eggs for days at my place. All neat perfect photographs stored on my laptop. The fucking Tzar ain't got nuttin' 'gainst me, son!
You know, sometimes it's just better to not spill hatred all over the place, anon; it could very well make you look very stupid.

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I'm pretty sure it's just a composite photo with one VB in several positions.

The reason there's no reflection is because they weren't there when that portion of the image was taken.

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so much this

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>this new fad where people dedicate entire portions of their room to old fucking shit that just sits there and is literally useless
>shelf collecting is cool now

Put a fucking painting on the wall. Unless you play those games daily or weekly you have no reason to have them on a shelf taking up an entire wall.

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Really I do. Very nice woodwork, pretty decent collection, nicely displayed. What a normal person would do to display their childhood collection and probably enjoy a game now and then.
You have my applause.

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