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Post limited edition, rare, or prototype/unreleased /vr/ hardware

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What about software/proto carts?

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Modded, but still pretty cool.

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Would be nice if you could post names and a description on what some of these devices are because without context, some of these could just be an old stereo or VCR unit for all some of us know, or just another kind of gameshark.

Like, this says Famicon, so I get that it's an old Nintendo device, probably from the 80s, and I see controllers, and a port which might be a diskette/floppy drive, but what is it exactly? What's that big golden knob/spire on there?

Now THAT is a peripheral I haven't seen, is it official, does it do anything special or is it merely like the Super Gameboy and allows you to play your Advance on your TV?

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Some autist put a figurine on top of it.
It's not a rare console at all and they sell all over in japan in video game shops. its a sharp twin famicom

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Oh, so it's effectively like a Sears & Roebuck 2600 clone in terms of rarity?

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Until the day I die I will be angry that I never had the one on the bottom left.

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how rare are non-grey ps1's?

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the black one is a net yaroze playstation, they were essentially cheap devkits for hobbyists and are very rare now.
white playstation is a scph-5903 that can play vcds. i don't know how rare they are,but they aren't common.
the blue and green ones i don't know about at all.

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Not really rare at all tbh, I own at least one of each of these, some spares in my closet.

Living that oil prince life while you peasants stay uneducated on all this "rare" shit, lel

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Sure you do.

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>the blue and green ones i don't know about at all.
They're debugging ps1s iir

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It's from some kind of competition.

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I always wondered how they recorded the footage pre-Super Game Boy.

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What the fuck ever happened to that guy who said he had it? Was it all a hoax?

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I want one so bad and I don't even know why.

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whats the fucking point of this?

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Just like the Sega Neptune was a 32 bit system, this was Atari's 32 bit system. Ironically, if both had launched, their console companies may not be dead now.

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More like a SNES Mini

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Please show me where it was proven to be a hoax beyond people shouting "3D PRINTED"

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The guy said it was a hoax and he later deleted the post or some shit. Google it.

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What am I exactly supposed to google?

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This. Not convinced until someone elaborates

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>I believe its real because he told me so

Just go join a cult and drink the cool-aid already retards

This isn't a courtroom. The rules "Innocent until proven guilty" don't apply to every single thing. In fact it's the exact opposite on the internet.

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That also applies to you, friendo.

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Nah, Atari was INFAMOUS for poor financial decisions, it would have just delayed it slightly.

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But does it actually work?

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>let's make a portable CD player that can also run Mega Drive and Mega CD games, but when you attach a fully compatible 32X it tips over

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>American conceived 32X
>on the exclusively Japanese CSD-G1M
Gee yeah I guess they overlooked your awful 32X peripheral when they made it what a loss. Think of all the American innovation I'm losing out on by not having the 32X. :/

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I was always told not to smoke around expensive electronics

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maybe not that rare, i've actually used one. I think me and some buddies ended up playing After Burner, maybe?

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yeah mang, that color was so 90's but it still looks cool

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>Japan had nothing to do with the 32X

Regardless, it was Sega of Japan who killed Sega.

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>This isn't a courtroom. The rules "Innocent until proven guilty" don't apply to every single thing. In fact it's the exact opposite on the internet


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Thinking everyone is innocent and a non liar is tumblr logic.

>hey black crackhead I just met in an alley, could you watch my baby daughter for a night while I go out, since I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure my daughter will be fine!

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It makes as much if not more sense to assume it is real than assume it is an elaborate hoax.

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They had a Japanese release, yes. But it was a Sega of America driven project.

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>I believe it's a hoax because I saw it but I can't prove it so you have to find out that it's true but take my word because if not then you're wrong and I'll mock myself by spelling out Cool-Aid instead of Kool-Aid

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You guys are absolute fucking morons. I have to spoonfeed you retards everything.


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I don't know. I think the Jaguar was rushed out and they botched it up by linking together two shitty 32-bit processors.

If they had released the Panther and gave Jaguar a few more years to develop, they could have had a system on par with the Playstation and released it for a similar price point. Instead they had a system that was barely 5th gen.

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>P-please shill my product brand! here I'll show you how to do it!

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People think that the trustno1 mentality makes them seem educated or something, and everyone is afraid of being branded a sucker and think it is somehow better to doubt someone and be proven wrong than it is to trust someone and be proven wrong.

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In general, people who find rare and exotic shit out of nowhere and don't post pictures of it turning on or anything working are full of shit.

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Nah, das ignorant, you ignorant.
Nobody's out to get you man. Why would anyone lie? my parents taught me to always tell the truth.

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>UPDATE 2: Well, the person that admitted making it has since stated that it was a joke.

To make it clear, the "hey guys" dude is not that other French dude who twitted about faking the thing.

>Whether or not they are now lying is unclear, but it does mean that whether or not the piece is real is now back up for debate.
>whether or not the piece is real is now back up for debate

Literally the first paragraph.

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>One reason, is that the story is just too perfect. Back in 2007, a group of gamers were discussing this particular product. A Sony employee seemed to state that around 200 were made, but the only person he named having one was ‘Olaf Olafsson’. Isn’t is just rosy that the one that has popped up now uses much of the information in this forum post, and has no other information beyond the vague basics?

This seals it for me.

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> this is cool
You got that right

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this one gives me a kind of boner i don't fully understand

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How the fuck did he make that thing, then? There's no way that thing is 3D printed.

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the fuck are you doing
That wasn't the case with the Sega Pluto

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>There's no way that thing is 3D printed.
Why, exactly?

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Have you seen the pictures and video? It looks way too smooth and detailed to be 3D printed. Unless maybe he somehow had access to some industrial-level shit or something that could make something of thus quality, but I highly doubt that they would let him use it just for a hoax.

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I'm playing the devil's advocate here but you can totally make okay-ish 3D prints and make them look way better by postprocessing the plastic. Polishing, waxing etc

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My theory is this:

This guy is obviously a redditor.
He first posted the find on reddit in fact.

Just like a month or more prior to his post there was a front page link to a documentary about these recluses that would sit in their house all day studying ancient lost art and such in text books and would recreate them perfectly tricking museums into buying them.

This guy might of saw that post and decided to see if he could do the same. This here >>2690867
is a page right out of their tactics.

All he had to do was fabricate the plastic case and insert SNES parts into it (controller ports etc) The Controller is literally just a SNES controller with different text on it and colors.

He never showed the innards of the console or anything so it could very well be fake.

This is all a very farfetched idea, but possible.
I personally hope its real, I want to see this baby running.


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why did some ps1 have symbols on the bottons and other have writing?

>> No.2691823

I think it's what reviewers used to take screencaps and footage of GBA games before a more convenient device came along.

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that's a better design than the fisher price brick we got.

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>He never showed the innards of the console or anything so it could very well be fake.

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Is that a Seaman edition Dreamcast?

>> No.2692159

I am 12 and what is this?

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It's Nick Giannopoulos performing cultural exchange duties as a part of penance for his crimes against humanity.

>> No.2692318

Not really.

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I wonder where that Golden Mario...the predecessor the the amiibo is today...

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I think I'm the only one who'll get that reference.


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You fucking retards. Look at the button colors on the fucking controller. It's a buffalo snes controller. like 11 bucks a pop on amazon. He 3d printed a new top case for it an popped off the turbo and clear buttons.

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PSone, Vita = circles
PS2, PS4 = box slabs and grooved lines
PS3 = scanner grill

Circles was the cutest

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this fucking thing

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I read some tech specs and I think that Jaguar would be able to compete with PSX. But it died earlier.

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He could just have printed the buttons, you know.

>> No.2701593



Japanese super famicom had colored buttons.
Those are exactly the same.

How the fuck are you guys on /vr/ and not know basic shit like this?

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Neptune was just a Megadrive with a 32x built-in, the Panther was entirely new hardware. It would've slightly better than the SNES.

>> No.2701660


I really think you have to jump through a whole lot more convoluted explanations to say that every part of this is a fake than to just think it to be real for the time being. It isn't like prototypes of old game things are extremely elusive commodities. Rare, yes, but few-to-one-of-a-kind protos of old games show up for sale with some regularity. This is really no different. Just because it is more desirable doesn't make it rarer or less likely to have survived than old developer-used proto carts or review proto carts that were supposed to be returned to the company.

Someone had it, hung onto it, and it was then later rediscovered. How hard is that to believe? Sure of course it could be fake, but at a certain point it starts to sound like some people WANT it to be fake. I honestly don't care one way or the other, though the demo cart with it might be interesting.

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I'm >>2701573 and I was just pretending to be retarded not to state the obvious.

>> No.2702167

You don't need to 3D print this shit. You can do a better job in a fraction of the time with some tools and a can of bondo.

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Please, kill yourself and/or never come back to /vr/ stupid retarded americunts.

>> No.2702923

the snesps1 guy uploaded new video about it

>> No.2702994

I thought his dad was supposed to be olaf olaffson from olaffhio.

>going to fire it up live at an expo

Cant wait to see though.

>> No.2702995



Wonder if he is getting paid more than he would just to sell it, pretty smart lads

>> No.2703107

Why are you so hostile?

>> No.2703120

Is he just going to travel the globe giving the unwashed masses a chance to see THE NINTENDO PLAYSTATION?

>> No.2703146


More like the unwashed ASSES amirite comrades? eh? eh?

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Quit shitposting

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But that's just a normal V1 Dualshock.

>> No.2708396

I want an NES/SNES demo unit so fucking bad.

>> No.2708420

>Dat Chinese Starfox dub

>> No.2709523

Dual Analog Controller had no rumble, and the sticks were a hard plastic (like the N64 Stick) rather than rubber

>> No.2709779

I have one of these. Best famicom model ever.

>> No.2709805

Does anyone happen to have it there?

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Does anyone here have the Sega Powerstrip?

>five widely spaces sockets so you can fit all the AC adapters needed for the Sega Genesis, the Sega CD, and the Sega 32X, as well as the power cable for your television, and one socket to spare
>slick black look with big embossed blue letters between each socket, spelling out SEGA
>surge protection
>power switch

It's pretty cool that they put out a product like this for people who actually had the expansion modules. Ok, the 32X was fucking bogus and overpriced, but it would facilitate it for you, and the CD unit actually had a lot of great games once you got past all the full motion video garbage, so even if it was expensive, at least it had a library worth a shit (and it could play music CDs, if that mattered).

The thing was only $12 back in the day, but these days they go for like $100, so it makes little financial sense when you can get a better performing unit for much less at a general store for a normal price (and if adaptor boxes hogging space is an issue, you could always connect them with extension cords to the power strip), there's little reason to get one today beyond collecting.

It'd be pretty neat to have a fully expanded Genesis hooked up to one of these though, complete with a pair of six button pads.

>> No.2711904

It's a cute novelty, but nowadays you can get a single adapter for the whole Genesis stack.

>> No.2713119

I want one for ironic purposes

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