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What was the design influence for the "power suit" seen in the Metroid series of video games?

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>What was the design influence for the "power suit" seen in the Metroid series of video games?

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The power suit was designed around medieval armor crossed with a "space suit" and a Mega-Man like buster. It was supposed to be a bit sexier but then someone said "it almost looks feminine" and that was the "ah-hah!" moment

Seriously though I have no idea.

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Cute girl + Alien looking suit of armor? One with impossibly wide shoulders?

I want to say it was inspired by Dragon's Heaven but I'm just pulling that out of my ass.

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Metroid was released before Mega Man

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Crab shell.

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That's pretty cool, I think you might be on to something.

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When did the manga come out? Seems like Metroid predated the OVA by 2 years.

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I was gonna say it looked like Bubblegum Crisis but then it turned out Bubblegum Crisis came out a year after Metroid.

Is there anything Bubblegum Crisis doesn't ripoff?

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Metroid: 1986
Dragon's Heaven OVA: 1988
Not sure on the manga though.

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From what I can dig up, the original manga was serialized around the same time as the first game

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Probably truer than any Metroid fan will care to admit.

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Metroid is heavily inspired by Alien.
A big inspiration for all the creatures and themes in Alien is rape.

The helmet looks like a really small asian dick and balls morphed into one.
Samrus Aran is wearing a dick shaped rape suit.

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I always thought it was an obvious influence, especially since they basically used the same color scheme.

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>dose identical shin guards
>dat similar visor/samus ship
>big shoulders

+10 Internets good sir

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Holy fuck she is 6'3"?

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> you know jerry, I've always wanted to have sex with a tall woman.

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You'll never find a weeb willing to admit that anything Japanese is less than 100% original though.

Which is dumb because Japan's popular culture has almost universally been cribbed from every other culture on the planet.

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I like your enthusiasm though

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Honestly, I'd say Samus's suit is an improvement. Until the Robert Downey Jr. movie came out, Iron Man always struck me as kind of generic. But then, being in the same universe as Spider-Man, it's really hard for someone in a tin shell to match up to that.

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Booba Fet

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Samus is a big girl. Her character redesign into a soft body underwear model pissed me off. Right up there with Warner Bros casting that waif to play Wonder Woman.

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Seems like the case but there's one problem.

When the original Metroid was in development, Iron Man looked like this:

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correct answer. her helmet is a dickhead shape

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I fucking hate this picture so much.

She never looked like this in any of the games. The artist just made shit up and for some insane reason people cling to the design anyways. I'm really beginning to think that people's experience with the classic Metroid games begins and ends with this one picture.

It's not even a cool looking design. She has more protection for the empty space around her shoulders than for her vital organs.

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Regardless of what inspired it, it surely is one of the most unique designs in gaming ever. I miss that uniqueness.
Now everything looks like tacticool shit.

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That's great.

Iron Man has been using the streamlined gold and red suit since 1963.

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>empty space
that's the drive engine on the morph ball.

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that's not even remotely true.
It's been Red and Gold since 63. Calling it "streamlined" is a massive stretch.
This is the red and gold design that had ever been used prior to Samus. There's not really any similarity beyond the inclusion of the two colors.

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>Metroid is heavily inspired by Alien.

Speaking of which, there's this obvious inspiration from Alien. It makes more sense when you think about how a lot of the more iconic aspects of the Power Sui/varia suit, like the big shoulders, where added in Metroid 2 because of the gameboy's inability to show color changes in suits. A lot of the art for the suit from Metroid 1 has it with a much slimmer look, and a bigger bubblehead like a space suit.

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It is streamlined compared to that monstrous mark 1 and 2 armours he was wearing previously, but don't think I'm not noticing you splitting hairs.

It is a manned personal powered suit that shoots lasers, coloured red and gold. This description is equally apt to describe the equipment used by both Tony Stark and Samus.

You're simply obsessing over the purely cosmetic aspects, and I'm frankly surprised that you haven't tried to make some harebrained comparison that aren't alike because Tony is a man and Samus isn't.

The issue is, what designs influenced the power suit, and Iron Man is clearly an inspiration. How is it not?

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The artist, Benimaru Itoh, actually worked for Nintendo Japan for a while; and the fact that the Metroid comic he illustrated had backstory that wouldn't be revealed anywhere else for years seems to imply he knows more about what the game designers intended than you make it seem. He wasn't some random nobody.

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> it looks feminine

I think this is something a lot of people overlook, the suits had various male and female secondary sexual characteristics to cloud the player's view. this is something I think fan artists miss the pount of, if they genderbend samus they just make samus male but plop him in the suit which is unchanged.

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Uh, did you ever beat Super Metroid in under 3 hours? She's built and toned just like that when she takes her suit off.

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In 1963 Iron Man looked like this. The first red and gold armor came soon after, but it had rivets and a welding mask on it. The one after that had a damn nose on the faceplate. Aside from the colors there just doesn't seem to be much Iron Man influence in Samus' design.

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>armor and beam weapons are totally original ideas
>two complimentary primary colors are trademarked!
Iron Man and marvel comics didn't have anything like that kind of international reach in the 80s. Tokusatsu is a much more likely inspiration.
If you want to argue that Tokusatsu have a capefag origin with Spiderman and Marveller, that's a different discussion, but talking about what inspired Samus's creation is different.

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whoops meant to reply to this >>2687737

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All proving me >>2687275 correct.

Marvel didn't have influence in Japan in the 80s? Then why was there a fucking live action Spiderman show in the 70s there?

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The contrast between the hulking androgynous armor and the woman inside of it is the coolest thing about Samus' design and it sucks that people want to throw that out the window for some boring appeal to practicality.

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Samus confirmed for strong Jamaican woman

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>literally already namedrop the spiderman show
>"you'll never admit spiderman was a thing"
are you actually retarded?

Marvel didn't have reach because their comics weren't read and their characters weren't known. There are roundabout influences of creators who are a closed subset, but saying Samus is based on marvel comics is like saying Megaman is based on Disney because of the inspiration from Osamu Tezuka who was inspired by Disney.

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to elaborate: the difference between reach and influence is important.
If a produce has reach, it's being directly exposed to consumers.
If it has influence, there's a small community of creatives that know about it.
For a retrogame example:
M.U.L.E. has influence. Civilization has reach.

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You are just obsessed with "weeaboos" boogiemen.

I actually think Iron Man could be an influence, though I'd be inclined to believe Metroid has less of a Super Hero influence and more of a space opera/mecha influence, but yeah who knows, could be.
You're still a dense motherfucker.

Reminder that anti-weeaboos are more annoying than weeaboos themselves.
Reminder that Star Wars wouldn't be what it is without Akira Kurosawa's films.

The whole world is influencing each other, America or the west in general isn't the center of the world. It's just another place that influences others, and at the same time gets influenced too.

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>sure they had thing
>but you can't argue that they had thing!
>plus I better falsify a quote to make him look retarded!
>and also make a deranged apples to oranges comparison at the end

Fine work. Not falling for it. I can mock your tone right back at you and make you look equally ridiculous, but I at least have actually shown several examples of things that could have influenced Metroid and the best you guys have come up with is "Nuh uh, 1964!" and "Marvel didn't exist in Japan in 80s!" which are obviously both wrong and proven so earlier in the thread.

I also don't even NEED to prove that gold and red existed in 1963 because it certainly existed in 1964, which by my reckoning, actually predates the 80s. Time is funny that way.

I'm also taking umbrage with the fact that you guys aren't willing to admit an influence because you think I'm implying that Samus is some sort of rip-off. You would, again, be wrong because I'm not arguing for Iron Man being a basis, I'm arguing that he was an influence. Similar, sure, but not a duplicate. But you guys won't read what I've actually said, you've just attacked your own interpretation of it, which I believe is known as a strawman around here.

So go believe what you want, I'm exhausted of trying to explain a simple concept to you.

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>Reminder that anti-weeaboos are more annoying than weeaboos themselves.

eeeeh. Maybe in regards to Japanese topics, but overall I find weaboos way more annoying.

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In my experience the anti-japan guys are more annoying because they will be paranoid about people being FUCKING WEEBS at any single little thing you like from Japan, and they're very vocal about their hateboner.

I also know a lot of "weebs" who fucking love Super Hero Marvel movies, and consume a lot of western entertainment too.
I don't really know weebs who hate the west, or go around calling people "westaboos" (only saw the term "westaboo" used ironically on /v/ or to refer to people like Kojima)

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>their comics weren't read and their characters weren't known
What the fuck? Of course Marvel comics were read and known in Japan. Why would Marvel not distribute their comics in one of the world's largest comics market?

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>Marvel didn't have influence in Japan in the 80s?
Not Iron Man. Before the movies, even the west ignored Iron Man.

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I just don't see it, sorry.

The people who made Metroid weren't exactly subtle about their influences.

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when did Marvel take off in Japan? obviously the enviornment was different back then than it is today where you have anime studios like Trigger who are huge Marvel fans.

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In design terms I can't see any relation to Iron Man. The only thing they have a little in common are the colors. Despite the helmet and the arm cannon, the Power Suit seems very cliché to me comparing to other cyborgs from the 80's.

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And obviously the shoulders, that are the signature of the armor, after Metroid II. The helmet, the cannon and the shoulders - Iron Man doesn't have any of that.

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>when did Marvel take off in Japan? obviously the enviornment was different back then than it is today
Are you kidding? Marvel has been well known in Japan since at least the 60s.

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That helmet is just a zaku head

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Sort of looks like generic 80's anime mecha to me but with that Boba Fett style T visor since she was a bounty hunter and all.

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shut the fuck up all of you, she belongs in a skin tight sexy bodysuit and if you disagree you are probably a SJW cuck

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Holy fuck that pissed me off too. I always saw her as this huge Amazonian womanwhowas like Ellen Ripley and bobba fett. Cold, merciless, evaluating, like a machine designed to murder. I always thought her suit was living bio mechanics like the guyver unit in guyver bio boosted armor. I thought it was such a dark slimy universe and she got turned into some five foot tall skimpy blonde bimbo.

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I also thought she was a merging of the hero with the hand blaster and the robots from berserk.

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Iron Man could have been an influence, but then Iron Man wasnt an A-List character until the recent Downey Jr movies.

In the 80s the most popular Marvel characters were Spiderman, X-Men and the Fantastic 4.
Avengers was where they dumped their B and C list characters.

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About the armgun, it's origins are linked to budhism. IIRC, there's a general disdain for weapons in the discipline. This was transmited to Japan and fused with martial arts, which share the belief that the inner strenght of the individual is all it needs to achieve incredible feats. Evolve the concept further, and you have ki blasts. Paint it with a coat of sci-fi, and you have arm cannons a la Samus or Mega Man. It's seen as a more 'honorable' weapon in the eyes of the Japanese public.

I know I explained it horribly and skipping the details, but I hope I transmited the point clearly enough.

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Bro, it's just a gun. On an arm. That shoots energy. Like the famous sci-fi series Space Adventure Cobra. Which inspired tons of Japanese stuff, including Metroid, Megaman and even Devil May Cry. It's got nothing to do with Buddhism.

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What I still don't get is that people have dicked about in the ROM and found that at one point Samus had non-mirrored sprites liker her later incarnations (which honestly would have gone a ways to make her NES sprite a bit more readable) and that the sprites still remain, but were for some reason never used.

> I always saw her as this huge Amazonian womanwhowas like Ellen Ripley and bobba fett. Cold, merciless, evaluating, like a machine designed to murder.

Minus the Ellen Ripley part you and your kind are the reason this series is forever fucked. Your characterization of Ripely is insultingly fucking wrong. Fuck you. Fuuuuuck you. Sakamoto is far from perfect but stop projecting your goddamn spank-fantasies onto this fucking series You goddamn motherfuckers.

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You need to look deeper. Where do you think the tradition comes from in the first place? Why do you think they don't use bullets?

>> No.2688745

I hope the few Japanese fans Samus had were upset about the change too.

>> No.2688749

It's not a tradition and there's nothing deeper to it. Cobra is just a famous classic series in Japan like Golgo 13 or Lupin III and there are references to it everywhere in Japanese media that you'll never even realize.

>> No.2688753

I seem to recall reading that the designs were inspired in part from Walt Disneys "the black hole".

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Can kinda see it, although more on my pic than in >>2688760

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And to think this is still just a handful of all of them. In Marvel Heroes there's about 20 different costumes for him - more than any other hero in the game.

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>I never beat a Metroid game: the post

Every time.

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What a worthless post.

Everything is influenced by something.

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So, /vr/, what version of the power suit do you like the most?

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Anti-weebs have the habit of autistically labeling anything remotely Asian in origin as "HURR WEEBSHIT", such as say, /a/, who actually don't like Japanese society and shits on it (and actual weebs) frequently, as an actual weeb would stick up for Japan no matter what, and have very unrealistic dreams and goals about moving to Japan and thinking they would be able to at all fit in, acting like charicatures of characters from youth tv shows and comics.

There's a reason /a/ doesn't get along with MAL or the tumblr anime crowd, who much closer matches what a weeb is, hell they barely get along with /jp/

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Dat NGage on da back

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Shut the fuck up you wapanese faggot.

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Oh my god you're right! She was just a spy this whole time!

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ill never understand why people think these creators HAVE to pander to their shitty sub culture. WE NEED MORE BLACK GAY TRANS MIDGETS IN VIDEO GAMES. Then go fucking make one.

A perfect example is that famous female manga artist. When she started the industry was dominated by males. Did she whine and cry until the industry pandered to her? No she made her own shit and became very successful. This generation think its so fucking progressive but they are selfish and narcissistic as fuck.

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What I've learned about Metroid fans is that at least half of the people rabidly clinging to 'muh 6'3' are just waifufags that like tall women or people with a femdom fetish.

Do you know how ridiculous it sounds for people to claim that the one true Samus is the one that only showed up in a magazine, never showed up in any of the games, and was never acknowledged by the developers?

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Which female manga artist? The only one that comes to mind is Rumiko Takahashi.

>> No.2689647

Isn't she the richest woman in japan? It's probably her.

>> No.2689653

I don't know who the guy was talking about, but women have been making manga long before the 1980s. In other words, NO.

>> No.2689659

He never said she was the first, the industry is STILL dominated by males anyway so what he said holds true

>> No.2689665

Huh. The prevalance of shoujo manga like Ouran High School Host Club or the Pretty Cure franchise would have made me think otherwise. Oh well.

>> No.2689668

>the industry is STILL dominated by males anyway
Yes, let's just discount the countless shoujo and josei series out there. Not to mention shonen series by females. Honestly, it's one of the most balanced industries out there in terms of gender ratio because Japan produces comics for every demographic they possibly can.

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Huh, that sounds awful. Japan is essentially a big Tumblr.

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the Prime 1 Power Suit >>2686551 and Zero Mission one are pretty sexy, but I also like the Fusion suit

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You're an actual retard, aren't you? Who let you use the PC?

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I don't care about anime.

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Which comic(s) did it right, if any?

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e-Manga and the Gag comics. Fight me faggot

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I guess Astro Boy is an even older example of an arm cannon that shoots energy.

>> No.2689827

Captain N and the 4-komas.

>> No.2689886

>never showed up in any of the games
Retarded faggot who never beat Super Metroid in under 3 hours detected. Also ignores the information in the official strategy guide and dossiers in various games.

>> No.2689923

Original Astroboy had jets in his arms and legs but didn't have any lasers.

For some bizarre reason he had machine guns in his ass and that was it for actual "weapons"

most of the time what he does is use his jets and just punches a fucking hole through things

>> No.2689950

>some bizarre reason he had machine guns in his ass
Have we come so far that even vintage fart jokes are lost on us?

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yeah I was wondering why I didn't find any picture of the arm cannon that was from the original manga.
however I'm almost sure I've seen his arm transform into a cannon on the manga, though that could be some of the extra pages Tezuka added for the reeditions or something.

His butt machine gun is a kickass weapon.

>> No.2690003 [DELETED] 

It was a good design however, >>2689920 is horrible design, get in there and say something about it

>> No.2690021

Episode of Aether.

>> No.2690163

There you have him.

>> No.2690170

Eeeh maybe in the sense that you can't be too different or people will freeze you out, and that they as a society have a very collectivist mindset, but I wouldn't say that they are particularly much like tumblr.

>> No.2690179

Neither does most of Japan, not adults anyway, you're supposed to grow out of it (and you WILL, or you'll hide it, because you'll be shut out from social circles), people who still watch it as adults are seen as weird and people will talk shit about you, and being an otaku means you are a pariah, nobody EVER proclaims themselves as one in Japan, because you will be shunned, there is no tolerance for being different from majority.

That's another reason weebs are fucked, they think they'll move to Japan and just openly be an otaku, and then fit in, when in fact everyone will go "What the shit is wrong with this foreigner and how can I avoid him forever?" and the only people willing to hold a conversation with them are creepy and sweaty nerds hanging around places like Akihabara (otaku central, where they sell mountains of waifu pillows and plastic figurines, but also esoteric collectibles and sex toys modeled after 7 year old cartoon characters, mostly unofficial and bootleg, sure, but some is actually licensed)

>> No.2690189


Y'know, it isn't really that absurdly clique-ish anymore. Even the dinky little small town I stayed in had some arcades and decent otaku-y bullshit shops. No one I knew cared as long as you still did the 'Stay absurdly late for work/school and hang out at the bar on bar night' type shit you always hear about.

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Aren't all powersuits based on Heinlein's ideas, or is there a more direct influence on metroid that I'm missing?

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Is that so?... then I will not be an ordinary Otaku.

I will be the Otaku of the Otaku.

I will be.... the OTAKING!

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Both Alien and Metroid were inspired by Starship Troopers. Mechanical armor, fighting insectoid aliens.

>> No.2691989

Most of that height and weight is power suit, since those numbers were just pulled from the Metroid 2 manual.

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This is meaningless. It's well known that BMI is bullshit because it doesn't account for muscle (which weighs more than fat). Somebody could be at 8% bodyfat, but very muscular and be considered overweight.

Pic related. Wouldn't surprise me if he were considered to be "overweight" by those bullshit tests, and he's a pro boxer.

>> No.2692084

Damn, look at those pectoral ripples. He could probably punch your head clean off with a hook.

brb watching his fights

>> No.2692509

You faggots realize that
>6'3" 198lbs
is supposed to be a reference to Samus while she's in her suit?
That's taken directly from the II manual that shows her in her normal suit (although the picture was the Varia, it called it the "normal suit") and states
>1m 90cm 90kg

The thing from the Nintendo Power comic was just supposed to be a reference to that, and to show how she fits in her suit. Samus had never been conceived of as a person, AND a suit. She was a person IN a suit. At least until the Zero Suit came along. They were one in the same.

So... Samus... in the power suit... is 6'3" and weighs 198 lbs.

>> No.2692546

samus is actually a knight saber

>> No.2692548

Well if the power suit is a mix of male and female characteristics then why should it be changed if Samus is genderbent?

>> No.2692568

Except for the part where the suit doesn't resemble one whatsoever

>> No.2692629

You are wasting your words.

>> No.2692798

Retard, so you think the japs would copy everything down to every detail?

>> No.2692804

The original suit didn't have the big shoulder balls, it could have been an inspiration for the other designs though.

>> No.2693026

You're wasting oxygen

>> No.2694108

"down to every detail"... well, my dear intelligent being, it's not hard to see that I said that the armor doesn't have ANY relation in terms of design. The suit of Iron Man in the comics looks more like a rubber suit showing his muscles than an armor.

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Wow. She's the same height as Gwendoline Christie. Hmmmm.

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Someone also did this.

>> No.2695384

You're right. People have no concept of ... I don't know. I can't think of the word.

People just make things unnecessarily complicated by reading too far into it and applying ideas or suppositions that are not there or even otherwise implied.

>> No.2696142

I get what you're trying to say. Metroid is a case of people's headcanon spiraling out of control and I'm fucking sick of it.

I blame Nintendo for being so inconsistent and vague about everything.

>> No.2699456

Not funny.


>> No.2700689

In all seriousness there is probably a lot of truth to this, at least more than Iron Man (did anyone even in America even care about Iron Man, he's like Marvel's Green Lantern). Star Wars was huge in Japan and while I'm sure they didn't invent the space-suit-of-armor they probably popularized it to the point where it was everywhere in Japanese sci-fi. Samus's armor is basically a sexy Storm Trooper with Boba Fett's helmet visor painted orange but with a gun arm. It's pretty obvious to me anyway.

>> No.2700715

>Metroid is a case of people's headcanon spiraling out of control

Reminds me of Mario and all the "DEEPEST LORE" shit.

>> No.2700725

I actually like those red and green smash alts. Wonder what kind of ability they'd provide if they were made into power ups in the main series though?

>> No.2700731

Did they ever give an in-universe reason for the ass machine guns? What was the creator's reason, just that they'd think it'd be funny?

>> No.2700952

>butthurt fat guy with small penis cant handle the sight of huge dong


>> No.2700960

>"you're obsessing over the cosmetic aspects!"
>makes a big huff about how important the colors are

>> No.2700970

Ellipses... are... for preteens... and... the elderly...

>> No.2700976

Maybe the weight is noticeable off, then, but the height is still impressive. Look at the diagram. There's, what, maybe two inches of lift at the bottom? And there's zero clearance above her head. That makes her basically 6'1" unsuited, which is still bigger than you.

>> No.2700978

Don't be childish...

>> No.2700980
File: 316 KB, 590x419, craig-lamar-traylor-as-severely-asthmatic-and-disabled-geek-stevie-kenarban-in-malcolm-in-the-middle-2000-2006-jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that... feel... when...

>> No.2700996

>Ellipses... are... for preteens...

So they're for 4chan's userbase then? Glad we got that sorted out.

>> No.2701079

At least Mario fans don't quote the cartoons or comics as some kind of holy scripture.

>> No.2701086

Deepest lore is just a joke that originated from reading all the crazy out of character stuff in the old manuals.

>> No.2701107
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>it's not a gun because my projecting on a culture that routinely used swords, bows and arrows.
>they definitely didn't use guns/bombs in ww2, yep they were honorable and went around punching everything to death

samus isn't running around shooting things from her hands literally, it's with the power suit's blaster. she also shoots rockets from there too, not a ki blast.

there's no comment on samus training her physical prowess to a point that she can produce energy balls. the original companion manga produced to help players understand the game shows it's the suit and if anything she comes off a little ditzy. it's more like explaining the computer to your child than a spiritual experience.

>His butt machine gun is a kickass weapon.
and excellent anti-rape protection for a boy robot who flies around in his undies.

>> No.2701107,1 [INTERNAL]