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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below:


Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:


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>tfw romhacking other people's romhacks for fun
>and because the original FF is such a shit starting point anyway

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Another fucking NES-like level? Might as well draw new graphics then.

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that's not nice

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Nintendo is retarded but it doesn't really matter to me. I don't watch Let's Players on youtube.

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Weird, my hack/emulator videos are still up

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>many complete super metroid hacks
>infinite shitton of mario world hacks
>tfw basically no alttp hacks


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Ever used the LttP editor?
It's s h i t

A new one was under Dev some time ago but I dunno what happened

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I hate giving these out-of-touch douches money.

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The kind of Let's Player that does SM romhacks is not a very good LPer in the first place.

Example: ProtonJon.

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Thanks for this hack

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Lunar Magic (SMW editor) has been around since about what, 2001? It has basically been the first stop for romhackers who ever ended up actually doing anything.

For alttp there is a hack called parallel worlds which is fairly well known, but I don't know whether it's actually any good or not. I've heard other people say most of the Metroid hacks are crap, but I don't know firsthand whether that's true.

I don't personally get the appeal of hacking these long quest games. With the hyper difficulty the majority of romhacks seem to have that combination is never going to be an enjoyable experience, at least not for most people.

Typical platformers seem a much better target, but again most romhackers seem intent on making their hacks as difficult as possible and almost no-one gives a fuck about anything that isn't Mario.

In recent years there have been a lot of editors of varying quality released for games that people end up not really using or even knowing about, which is kind of unfortunate.

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>that pic

wow that looks awesome, can't wait to play

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Also unlike most editors, Lunar Magic is the most user-friendly editor out there, its got tons of updates and you can do just about everything with it, so of course its most popular one and has tons of hacks.

Plus making simple mario/platformer hack is easier regardless of editor/game(assuming there is editor at all), wheres zelda is more complex and takes more effort.

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Damn I had the perspective wrong for a FF sprite, how stupid am I?

New rendition. Also I added lavender to the Red/Skin/White palette in place of the skin tone so that I could make FF-1's Time Mage way less crude, and I was able to use the new color for some shadowing effects on the characters who lost that skin color. Cool? Shit? Stupid?

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>In recent years there have been a lot of editors of varying quality released for games that people end up not really using or even knowing about, which is kind of unfortunate.
Such as?

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To give a massive game like Zelda or Metroid justice would likely take a shitload of planning.

Games like Mario are better suited for this stuff because every level is separate from the rest.

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I downloaded Castlevania Overflow Darkness and some translated hacks, but I cannot play them on NEStopia.

Getting interested in the hacks of the 8-bit era, does anyone know what do I have to do?

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For example theres Kirbys Adventure editor yet theres barely any KA hacks out there.

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Most of the Kirby games, Wario Land 3 and the entire DKC trilogy spring to mind. There's loads out there.

If someone could make a comprehensive list of all the games with half decent editors available and pastebin it that would be pretty great. Most of the existing lists are either very dated or are missing a load of stuff. Even places like RHDN are pretty lacking.

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are you trying to play the ips files or something

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If you downloaded a patch you have to apply it to the original ROM file. If it's an ips patch use LunarIPS to do that.

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Why bother?

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Castlevania has Stake, but it doesn't allow you to modify the layout of the level screens, so it's somewhat limited, Phantasy Star 3 has Aridia, Bubble Bobble has Bobblicious, Chrono Trigger has a lot of tools, FF1, 4, 5, and 6 all have a lot of tools, Earthbound had PKhack/Jhack, now has Coilsnake, FF9 is getting Hades Workshop, Goldeneye 007 has a freaking level editor+other goodies now, Super Mario RPG has Lazy Shell, Super Mario Kart has a track editor, Mega Man X has a level editor, Ogre Battle:March of the Black Queen has an editor, Contra has Red Falcon, Rock N Roll Racing has a few tools for editing different things, Adventure Island 3 has a level editor, CadEditor works for a ton of games like Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers 1 and 2, Duck Tales 1 and 2, and Darkwing Duck.

That's a short list.

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>Super Mario RPG has Lazy Shell
to be fair, there are some rather thorough hacks of SMRPG out there

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At least the graphics have been redrawn. I've SMW hacks that used the original SMB sprites.

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Because it bothered me that a 12-class hack to improve gameplay variety had a class (Viking) that was totally redundant.

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All done. I think its hurt pose is kinda cute.
Jesters use hammers and axes, and have the odd gimmick of universal spell access with only 1 slot to use of each level (ie you only bust them out as a trump card).

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when will SF2 start getting romhacking tools like SMW, LttP, and Super Metroid has now outside translators?

DKC is already getting romhacks
Kirby Superstar is soon to get some american ones as well.

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Actually fuck it, that posture or line style didn't match the style of the game. I'm aware no one gives a shit but I don't want to leave a thing unfinished.

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>implying SNK wasn't making romhacks of SF2 for like 15 years

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any of the Earthbound hacks good?

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Yeah, that's why I drew up the tileset. I hate it when people put sprites of games with different art styles in one hack, it almost always looks clashing and ugly.

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i mean Star Fox 2

an unreleased game

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I've seen some anon post in these threads with a FF1 hack that uses 8bit versions of the sprites from Dawn of Souls/the wonderswan color version of FF1.

To that anon: is the only patch you have based on Grond's Final Fantasy, or do you have the patch for vanilla FF1 too?

I'd like to use it as a base for my own romhack, if you don't mind

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It is. My hack was originally planned to have my own set of enemies and color palettes, but no matter how often I tried, it wouldn't patch correctly-so I simply used GFF instead.

What sort of hack are we talking about? The goal of Final Fangame was that it was meant to be the definitive FF1 experience; keeping the world intact but updating it to current standards.

If someone were to upload Fangame to Romhacking.net (I am currently unable to do so), I would be perfectly okay with others using my sprites. Keep in mind that the version I posted is unfinished, as the post-Bahamut characters and bosses haven't been added in yet. I plan to release an updated version soon that adds in those sprites and the updated battle engine posted in the last thread.

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>final version of recommended rom hacks
>has like ten games and 20 hacks listed

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>tfw no alisia dragoon rom hacks

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I'm guessing the reason you don't see anyone messing around with the SuperFX games is because it would involve getting nice and familiar with the SuperFX. Check it out yourself:

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holy shit

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you tell me

i always wanted to do romhacks of this pretty game right here.

>you will never recreate 63% of OoT in Super Drakkhen

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I'm currently trying to work Samus from Metroid into Batman on the NES. It's pretty hard so far and I have no idea what to do about the colors and some of the sprites yet.

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How do I connect my PC to play on my old television? (av cable)

I can't find anything on the web

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>Pokemon from gens 1 to 6
>Physical/Special split
>Abilities implemented and working
>staying Johto+Kanto region (ie the best place) but with more trainers in sparse areas, better level curve and a difficulty option

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>I can't find anything on the web
Try google, it usually gives good results.

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that's crazy

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Is there a tool to hack Super Castlevania IV or Super Street Fighter 2 on the SNES?

>> No.2694683

The worst thing is that I really doubt it will get finished. It sounds too ambitious for its own good.

>> No.2694731

Most of the stuff it intends to do I think it's already done. Plus, they're pretty much making this hack as a base for another hack they want to do in the future, which is why the plot and regions are the same as vanilla GSC.

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It's just Johto until they finish. But going by the player-submitted "Hall of Fame" images (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=323705), it still takes you all the way to level 70-ish on the Johto adventure. Some of them are in the mid-80s with "new hall of famer" teams, so that might be the Hard mode difference. Here's one of them.

Eevee seems to have a new and horrible ability though so it's not entirely faithful, and obviously no romhack utility has tools for changing the abilities of pokemon in a Gold rom.

>> No.2698174

Those sprites look pretty damn good for a fan work. Honestly, they wouldn't look out-of-place in vanilla G/S/C.

Ah, I see.

>> No.2698470

Projects like that usually pull their sprites from unrelated Deviantart collections (with credit) that were already made just to see what they'd be like and not specifically for romhacking.

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Is that Milotic shiny or something? It looks muddy.

>> No.2698571

For the past week I've been working on a hack for Super Metroid that opens the world up significantly. I've removed every one-way gate in the game, turned all of the green and yellow doors into red doors, and removed some tiles.

To give you an idea of how open this is, you can easily get into Maridia within your first 5 or so minutes on Zebes.

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>get an idea for a hack
>look up guides, download tools I think I'll need, etc
>can't figure out how to even things that sound like they would be simple, like change colors of shit

Maybe some day. I think my main problem is I can't just read a guide and learn how to do something, unless it's something really simple like making tea or something like that, I just get overwhelmed and confused too easily. I need someone here to actually teach me, using a guide is like using a self help book, I'm an idiot and the last person anyone would want help from.

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There's no remotely interesting hacks for double dragon 3.How lame. However, someone did make something called "double dragon 4", but it's a hack of #1! I don't know, that just seems to compound the lameness. (not even DD2 based)

You know what would be intersting? A hack that makes you start off as Chin. Then of course get Ranzou after mission 2. Then ideally fight Billy or Billy and Jimmy at the end of mission 3. Oh, and player two would also ideally get a palette swap of Chin, naturally.

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What are all those MMC3/MMC5 hacks for? Do they make the rom easier to modify?

>> No.2699479

Simple answers, to Provide a better base for hacking from, and Kinda.

Full answer, lets look at Castlevania. By default, it uses UxROM mapper. This limits the PRG ROM to only 256K, and the CHR ROM to 8K. By switching it over to MMC3 as that hack does, now the PRG ROM can be 512K, and the CHR ROM can be 256K. That's a lot more room for custom graphics and code without having to worry about overwriting something important.

>> No.2699483

And I just now noticed there's a MMC5 hack for Castlevania, that puts the limit up to 1024K for PRG and 1024K for CHR.

>> No.2699834

Yeah the hack has more common shinies. 1/256 or something and they get the hidden ability.

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There's no basewars hack.

Not that I could imagine much happening.

But a few things seem natural, toning down the hugely overpowered teams, tweaking the league mode, and adding like 2 extra teams - just two, it would be hard to balance them and make sure they're unique enough.

It's kind of discouraging that hardly anyone else seems to have examined the game deeply.

>> No.2699952

*hugely overpowered EDIT teams!

They're so overpowered, there's this silly rumour floating around that you need a code to give them the laser weapons they always have.

>> No.2699961

chrono trigger msu1 patch got added to romhacking, but the music won't convert from wave to pcm for me. so i haven't given it a testing.

>> No.2700043

Does every Super Metroid romhack require doing that difficult ball jump glitch technique?

>> No.2700094

Even Ocarina of Time has a level editor and it doesn't get much attention.

>> No.2700421

Seems like it, Super Metroid romhacks are generally made for advanced players, which I think is a shame since people who aren't that good might want to play a new game based on Super Metroid.

>> No.2700510

Romhacks in general are made for advanced players. Since hackers tend to be very familiar with the game they're hacking, and don't have a QA department forcing them to lower the difficulty level, they usually end up making something that is challenging enough for they themselves to enjoy.

Also, potential players have to be somewhat savvy and enthusiastic just to be willing to get past several barriers to entry (patching a rom, etc.)

>> No.2700513

Are you talking about Mockball? I'm sure Z-Factor doesn't require it. Redesign probably doesn't need it either.

>> No.2700543

Nah, you're just looking at the wrong ones.
Loads of 'em don't require it. In fact, most don't unless you're going for 100% completion.

Redesign requires it if you want to get everything, but to just complete the game, nah.

>> No.2700948

I saw some archived posts by an anon that was working on hacking/translating the PS1 version of Baroque, but the latest post I could find was from may. Has there been any news since? Are you still here, anon?

>> No.2701620

I've noticed there are many Mother 2 Uncensored hacks. Anybody knows which one is worth playing?

>> No.2701626

What, they just add the hospital signs back? What else was censored

>> No.2701627


fuck your rom hacking near impossible machine code bullshit

>> No.2701628

Ness penis.

>> No.2701631

https://forum.starmen.net/forum/Community/PKHack/Fully-Uncensored-EarthBound-hack-1 One of these hacks. List is pretty big.

>> No.2701641


difficult is one thing, but many romhacks I've played are over the top kaizo. sometimes I just want a challenge and not a grueling marathon. they can also be unbalanced and frustrating (eg invisible coin blocks).

I'm not saying they're all the same. sometimes rom hacks do cool/interesting stuff with the engine. but what they've taught me above all is that the original devs knew what they were doing.

>> No.2701648

dont you need to know ASM machine code just to rom hack?

>> No.2701665

No, but it's needed if you want to do things the game engine was never designed to do.

Of course, just because you can code in assembly doesn't mean that the result is going to be good.

>> No.2701965

Say what you will but there's an audience out there for kaizo hacks too. Romhacking is such a niche hobby to begin with that it doesn't really matter how small your audience is.

>> No.2702095

I don't think so, after all, some games can be bent in really apt ways just with game genie codes.

>> No.2702538

I'm looking for a collection of Super Metroid's SFX. Anyone know where I can get them?

>> No.2702870

Well, guess what more complex game genie/action replay codes are. It's not just codes to change/freeze RAM, but also change instructions("ASM").

>> No.2703124

Depends on the game, only some games will execute program instructions from RAM.

>> No.2703712

This, most GG/AR codes are just for locking a value into RAM.

>> No.2703881

You missed the point, that it's entirely possible to freshen up a game just with a particularly well though out set of RAM value changes.

>> No.2705204

Looks like someone removed the voices on the GBA port of Super Mario World


Now we wait for SMA4 to get its voices remove

>> No.2705897

Plenty of games can just be unpacked, looked at carefully and modified with hex editing (with a lot of trial and error but typically if you're looking for something that's in a collection of like objects, like items or characters or whatever, there are patterns that can be discerned and it winds up being easier than it first seems). Super-mainstream games often just have entire toolsets for romhacking without touching ASM or hex editing.

>> No.2705959

Is there any reason to play the GBA version of SMW?

SMB2 got those coins and Yoshi eggs (though I hate what they did to the aesthetics with the shit they added), YI I think got some extra levels, and SMB3 is obvious, but what did the GBA version of SMW add?

>> No.2706076

Playable Luigi with different physics, Yoshi-coins in all levels(and game keeps track of them), tiny changes on some levels and its portable smw.

Theres also patch that fixes the over brightened palette.

>> No.2706085

Oh yeah, I forgot about single player Luigi. Though, doesn't every level already have Yoshi coins (keeping track is still nice though)?

>> No.2706092

SMW was inconstant with it, some levels had them and some didnt(and none of castles had them), while sma2 has them in all levels.

>> No.2706247

It depends on what you're trying to accomplish. I'd figure that might be enough for something like >>2699952 for example.

>> No.2706297

>Theres also patch that fixes the over brightened palette.

Do patches exist like this for other GBA games? I'd like to play Mother 3 with a darker palette

>> No.2706306

Most emus support some kind of darker palette on their own.

>> No.2706342

Are there any hacks of the Gargoyle's Quest games?

>> No.2706348

I actually don't mind the voices. The only hacks I'd want for the Super Mario Advance games is adding in all the E-Reader shit.

>> No.2706882


I heard Hyper Metroid doesn't need any advanced techniques for 100%. Is that true, anyone? I hope so because I can't pull those off on the shitty laptop keyboard, and I'm too cheap to get a controller to use.

>> No.2708849


Now someone should make a hack that reverts the color palette back to normal.

>> No.2708868

How many times I must repost this:?
Theres also one for SMA1:

And theres one for YI/SMA3 but its not complete/released yet. Dunno about SMA4.

>> No.2710590

Do the color palette hacks and sound hacks work with each other or are there compatibility issues?

>> No.2711261

There's also easy mode power-downs i.e. getting hit with fire/cape reverts you to super instead of small. And shitty sounds/music like every GBA port. A music patch like the FFVIGBA one would be nice.

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Any resources for how to hack Super Mario Bros. graphics? I just want to see if I could do a simple graphics hack.

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How's the Everdrive MD China ver?

I'd support Krikzz but his shit is too expensive.
It doesn't look like this could break easily, it's a cartridge and basically a copycat of Krikzz's Everdrive.

I'm mainly gonna use it for modded roms

>> No.2712251

Can't you open them in any tile editor?

SMB1 doesn't seem like the kind of game that would use compression on its graphics.

>> No.2712342


Apparently, yes. Thanks.

>> No.2713113

I need sauce on this pleeease

>> No.2713236

Newer demo:

>> No.2713716

>See new hack on romhacking.net
>Castlevania RPG, modifies Castlevania to act a bit more like an RPG with no time limit and leveling up
>mite be good
>Starts you off with a single sliver of health, anything is a one-hit kill
>Each enemy/points bag gives 1 EXP, 100 EXP per level
>Level 3 finally get a second sliver of health
>Grind on ghosts on level one till I have three slivers, go after boss
>Get stomped
This would be cool if it didn't start you off at crippled and required a shitton of grinding to be able to get pass the first boss.

There needs to be a beta ROMhack feedback group or something. Somewhere where hackers can upload a hack and have some people test run it and point out any issues before it gets released to the public at large.

>> No.2714313


Greatest hack of all time coming through.

>> No.2714318

>not Donner Party

>> No.2714336
File: 17 KB, 229x264, i swear if one more blonde kid in green stabs me in the mouth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hack Release Date
>20 September 2015

>> No.2715295

Fucken this. Why has nobody made it yet?

>> No.2715323

How old is that guy? 10? Seriously. That's not even trolling, it's pure shit.

>> No.2715441

because there are save(s) that unlocks all the e-reader shit.

>> No.2715850

and yet "Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis" has more than 900 downloads

>> No.2716573
File: 311 KB, 620x429, 6882-super mario 64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any notable SM64 hacks that aren't Star Road? There's that guy's major project but it's still being developed.
Also any notable N64 hacks in general that aren't of SM64?

>> No.2716803

Final Fantasy 6 sound restoration patch has over 30k downloads
900 is shit, the hack is shit, you are shit

>> No.2716881

I'm not saying it isn't shit, just that people actually play this shit. It has more downloads than my mod that came out around the same time.

>> No.2717075

i've got the two player Mario 64 mod on my xbox, it's pretty fun

>> No.2717830

Mario 3 Mix should be in the pastebin, it's the best Mario 3 hack out there.

>> No.2717873

Seconding, though I figured it was in since /rhg/ is where I heard about the hack in the first place.

I've seen a bunch of people who hate the hack for some reason, apparently they don't like the "each world is based on a different game" theme.

>> No.2718037

Super Mario Bros. 3Mix? It's in the pastebin.

>> No.2719103

As >>2718037 said, it's already on the list. You can find at the very end of SMB3 section.

>I've seen a bunch of people who hate the hack for some reason, apparently they don't like the "each world is based on a different game" theme.

Really? I thought it was a great idea. I would love to see an update that adds Super Mario 3D Land/World-themed world.

>> No.2720970


>> No.2721534


>When Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 2 released on Romhacking.net, a denizen there got mad. He facticiously suggested my next hack be
called "fuck Dick Nazi Random Offensive Word Tetris". I thought this name sounded fucking awesome so I stopped work on my other projects and spent roughly
3 hours creating the initial work and 2 more days refining it.

For 3 days of work its not terrible. Imagine if this faggot made something good.

>> No.2721548

Sorry I'm new but why aren't there any GBA hacks in the OP? Fire Emblem alone has an absolute shit loads of hacks

>> No.2721574

Cause no one here cares about non/vr/ stuff.

>> No.2721581

It's not that we don't care, it's more or less just the rules of the board, anything non-retro video game related isn't really /vr/ related to my knowledge.

>> No.2721638

He just does graphics hacks right
not that big of a deal

>> No.2721649

>Graphics hacks


The Tetris one has hacked music, hacked text, and text in places where there there wasn't any before, The title screen also slightly altered to accommodate the new, much longer title.

This is the same guy who did the first level of Donner Party.

>> No.2721739


>> No.2721939

multiple reports of weird behavior and an abnormal amount of games not working at all.
a real everdrive is only $77, quit being a cheap nigger.

>> No.2721942

you fucking kids piss me off with this shit
>too expensive
as if it were an unobtainable sum of money

>> No.2722940

There's Star Revenge series:


>> No.2722982

I fucking hate when you guys keep calling users kids, but really it's not expensive all considering.>>2721942

>> No.2725003


>> No.2725115

the download link has no files on it :(

>> No.2725541

What are some /vr/ systems that can run C? Been thinking of using GBA for a small project but was wondering if there would be something even easier (since GBDK isn't very good, from what I hear)

>> No.2726830

You mean the one in the OP? It works fine for me.

>> No.2728403


>> No.2728671

I fixed your URL


>> No.2730435


>> No.2730538

i lol'd

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Will we ever get a romhack of the original Metal Gear games? We have a shitload of Zelda romhacks, but this one thread for Metal Gear has been on life support for the past 4 years.


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File: 439 KB, 1920x1080, anime maid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't make fun of Jon. He helped me get through my cancer.

>> No.2731113

Did you make it so that the game is actually playable?

>> No.2731459

are there any actually enjoyable mega man romhacks that aren't Minus Infinity

>> No.2732373 [SPOILER] 
File: 15 KB, 595x455, 1444588071791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zelda3 IQ Test working without the custom emulator builds on Windows 7 and newer.

XDeltaUI patching:
Output file MUST BE Zelda3 IQ.zip (Yes, .zip)

CRC32: 915422C3
MD5: 44856843bae96652866fe9de8f7627a9

Works on 64-bit SNES9X 1.53 on Windows 8
Does NOT work on 32-bit ZSNES 1.51 on Windows 8

>> No.2732374
File: 6 KB, 256x224, Screenshot 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, that was too much work. However, if you'd like to attempt to play it, you can get it here:

Shame the archives are gone, I posted this link in the last thread.

>> No.2734545

Rockman no Constancy and Rockman Install Metal are supposedly pretty solid.

>> No.2734551

Rockman 5 Air Sliding is pretty good.

>> No.2736484

When it comes to non-standard MM hacks, the Burst Chaser is pretty fun once you got the hang of it.

>> No.2737449
File: 89 KB, 500x333, 1371567908083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the best improvement romhacks you've played? I recently installed a re-translation hack for Simon's Quest and a hack for Metroid which stops you spawning with 30 health and they both made the games way more fun without removing much of the integral challenge.

>> No.2737474

Project Base is a pretty huge improvement for Super Metroid
It's almost like playing a whole new game, even if you just use the engine patch and ignore the map-pack it comes with.

>> No.2738029
File: 10 KB, 256x224, 2575titlescreen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit what a clusterfuck

>> No.2738086

The point wasn't immediately clear and at first it sounded as though people were only complaining about it not working properly in certain emulators or real hardware. What seems to have happened is that the hack author was paranoid about people selling repros, so he released an obfuscated hack that only worked on the two hacked emulator builds he also provided. Naturally, it devolved into several pages of irrelevant shitposting. The author is clearly a total dipshit, but everyone looks bad in that thread.

RHDN really sucks with quality control overall.

>> No.2738464

I couldn't even get the hack running in the emulators provided.

>> No.2738493

>What seems to have happened is that the hack author was paranoid about people selling repros, so he released an obfuscated hack that only worked on the two hacked emulator builds he also provided.

And that's reason enough for me to never touch another hack that retard makes, if they make another. Why the fuck would I want a romhack that only works on certain hacked emulators, and won't be usable in the future on any other emulator? Hell, you can't even run it on real hardware.

>Read thread
>The retard behind the hack and some guy named SunGodPortal try to argue technical stuff with FUCKING DISCH.
I'll give the guy credit for bothering to learn how to hack Zelda3, but if he had half a brain he wouldn't try to argue technical details with Disch. What's he gonna do for an encore? Tell byuu that he doesn't understand emulation accuracy? Goddamn.

>> No.2738494

Who's Disch

>> No.2738496
File: 47 KB, 1189x183, QZIbUPb[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why the fuck would I want a romhack that only works on certain hacked emulators
I wonder if this person's next hack will be for Super Mario World that only runs on a single version of ZSNES.

>> No.2738508

>That picture
Can't stop laughing. These people actually think romhacks can be copyrighted? Did no one explain to them that the companies still own the copyrights to their games, and romhacks are legally reverse-engineered modifications, which are illegal under the license that came with those games? I'd love to see that court case.

>Well your honor, they may have created the game engine and all the spritework and music, but I was the one who arranged those levels, so this is ENTIRELY MY WORK AND COPYRIGHTED TO ME!

NES hacking pro. Wrote a lot of documents explaining all kinds of details about how the NES operates on a technical level, how to muck around with mappers and whatnot, and he also wrote some tools including a Lode Runner level editor, Final Fantasy editor, and Final Fantasy 3(j) editor. To put it bluntly, he knows what he's talking about.

>> No.2738734

>illegal under the license that came with those games?
What are you talking about? Old SNES games have no license, they don't have EULAs and purchasing the games does not constitute a contract. Romhacking falls into the same murky legal area as fanfiction. Technically, copyright holders might be able to successfully sue a fanfiction author for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, but they rarely do.

>> No.2738853

Off topic post, but is this game as bad as everyone says it is? I know the arcade version was the first example of pay 2 win bullshit with a choppy framerate.

>> No.2738882

they have a disclaimer stating copying or modifying is illegal

>> No.2739654

I cam across a hack that converts the Mapper for SMB2USA to MMC5. No other modifications.

What exactly does that accomplish?

>> No.2739679


see >>2732373

>> No.2739689 [DELETED] 

Allows it to be played on a NES, since it's actually a FDS game. MMC5 happens to be a good match for the capabilities of the FDS.

>> No.2739730

You could try reading the thread sometime.

>> No.2741769

Drama aside, is this hack even worth playing?

>> No.2743251 [DELETED] 

Oh boy looks like there's something brewing here
This time though it's about how the author wrote the post/description for the hack.

>> No.2743482 [DELETED] 

Just another feminism shitstorm. Boring. I can see those anywhere.

>> No.2744043 [DELETED] 

Did I miss something? Seems like whatever was going on got deleted.

>> No.2744405

Nope. It's extremely solid. This is the one version made by technos themselves. It's mind boggling how people can scoff at it like that.

>> No.2744595
File: 93 KB, 768x672, z3iqt-lv2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've cleared the first level;
Warping, warping everywhere.

also the hack's name is dum imo

>> No.2746901

Oh, that's what I expected.

>> No.2747079

Anyone here working on a SmileBasic clone for some /vr/ platform?

>> No.2747502

I've been trying my hand at hacking games to translate them.
In specific, Sakigake!! Otoko Juku for the NES (a beat em up but I like it) and Noobow for the Game Boy (I saw it on GameSack, played it myself, and it was fun).
Now I don't know kana but I have a rudimentary understanding of Japanese, but I'm trying to grasp some concepts, but I think that either I'm using the wrong tools (as a lot of these guides are very old) or I'm just a slow idiot. Mostly it's the first, since I'm not so familiar with a lot of things, but I feel like I'm getting better.

>> No.2749101

Shit, let me come back in a few days. Improvement hacks are like one of my favorite things. I'm always looking for more, or ways to combine them.

Link to it already taken care of? I kind of want to learn how to make repros just to piss this guy off.

>> No.2749126

Is the hack even worth the hassle to play?

>> No.2749196

>Link to it already taken care of?
This. I don't want to deal with that guy's bullshit just to play what might not even be a good hack.

>> No.2749259

so why does /vr/ hate fan translation hacks these days?

>> No.2749262

dear lord, why? you shouldn't even be using that anymore

>> No.2749267


>> No.2749269

that doesn't limit you to using only ZSNES even for other things though.

>> No.2749273

Let's not get into this shitshow again, please

>> No.2749278

I really don't get why people do hacks like this if it's so hard, seems like a lot of work for so little pay off. It's not like you are improving the game, or even adding new levels or game play, just sticking a character from one game into another.

>> No.2749280

the person brought up ZSNES not working with a zelda hack as if it was big deal, it was actually relevant

>> No.2749295

RHDN forums really are full of shitposting these days, there was a recent fiasco where a thread for a hack that simply made the main charecter of the Genesis Shadowrun game female and it was instantly filled with /v/ tier shitposting accusing RHDN becoming a feminist haven and comparing the hack maker to that feminist gaming troll /v/ loves to bring up. and people wonder why I gave up on the idea of making game translations... I don't want to get involved with these fucks, which, since RHDN is the de-facto place for getting together game hackers, I would have to.

>> No.2749339

The news post for that Shadowrun hack certainly seems overly and unnecessarily feminist

>> No.2749347

I agree, but it still doesn't justify the /v/ like hate filled posts that resulted from it.

>> No.2749461

I didn't catch the first thread before they deleted it, but most of the discussion now seems to be autists too dumb to realize that they don't need to chime in their political views.

>I disagree with the statement that
I do too, but no one cares and it doesn't effect the hack

>My female gamer friends
That's awesome, my gamer friends are the same way, but this has nothing to do with the hack


The news post is disgusting. And it wouldn't be if they removed the first paragraph of it and changed the like two instances of "identify with" to "want to play as". I'm kind of annoyed that after the shit show, they didn't make that simple edit to shut down the irrelevant conversation.

The whole thing is a complete non-issue, easily avoided by some basic editing, and redirecting off topic (discussing the hack itself) to another thread.

Fuck this whole thing is triggering my ass burgers.

>> No.2749813

Learning experience I would guess. Actually doing these things isn't TOO hard if you know what to do, but if you are just starting out hacking it's a good starting point to learn how to do things and have something to show for it.

I read some of that first thread, it was mostly people picking on the OP for the stupid ass way he presented the hack. It was pretty damn over the top. I didn't follow it that far though. I liked the mod that made a penis joke.

>> No.2750062
File: 251 KB, 1767x830, mts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys is there a way I can hack an SNES rom to change its starting point? Could I change Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei to start at pic related (right portion) instead of its original beginning?

>> No.2750169
File: 306 KB, 593x540, 798[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Romhacking.net is complete and utter shit these days. in between allowing that troll to post his naked mario vs the dick men hacks and all this anti feminist chatter over there, I'm begining to think the place needs new managment.

management that will enforce rules and regulations against those that believe/do the wrong things.

>> No.2750191

what's wrong with being anti-degeneracy while allowing free speech?

>> No.2750384

I'm sure there's a retro games subreddit for you to go to instead of here.

>> No.2750518
File: 150 KB, 640x1009, 640px_Jean_Fouquet__Portrait_of_the_Ferrara_Court_Jester_Gonella.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Guys is there a way I can hack an SNES rom to change its starting point?
>Could I change Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei to start at pic related (right portion) instead of its original beginning?

You can do anything.
But good luck finding out how.

>> No.2750665


>But good luck finding out how

Fuck me, right?

>> No.2750873

I don't see why you would want to, though.
Unless you want to cut out Megaten II from the ROM.
Then again if you want to do that I'd say you might as well rip the script and insert it into the NES ROM. Not that different anyway (save for the Megaten II changes).

>> No.2751035
File: 51 KB, 511x499, ayyy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Rip the script and put it in the NES rom

Yeah. I've been doing that, but sometimes things get a little difficult and I just want to quit.

>> No.2752985

Oh, that's pretty cool.
Care to release it someday?

>> No.2752998
File: 46 KB, 529x506, shop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Maybe, yeah. I won't ever actually quit. I'll just stop and come back.

Man, figuring out control codes is difficult.

Also, I hate to say this but I am condensing the fuck out of each piece of script, because I don't know how to use more bytes for text. It's working out fine though so far I guess.

I would ultimately rather play this than Kyuu, because of the delicious expansion audio, and the fact that its standalone. I generally prefer standalone over compilations.

>> No.2753228


Holy shit. Kinda just had a thought and I solved the problem I was having. Going to translate it some more, and anticipate running into an error and dropping the project again.

>> No.2753684
File: 62 KB, 709x765, 1417803985179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw I finally encountered text compression

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm done.

>> No.2754108

Just wait till you reach hard-coded edge cases! Buckle up little Timmy, you're gonna see some serious shit!

>> No.2755280


>> No.2755797


Why are you bumping? Give people time. This is a dead forum.

>> No.2755814
File: 70 KB, 591x788, 1438578400889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, good luck anon-kun.
I'll be rooting for ya. Especially since I'm >>2747502 so I feel you.
Hope you'll succeed.

>> No.2755817


tbqh hacking anything to translate for something that doesn't use FCEUX is gonna be hard, and I'd rather not try it myself. I think it requires some reverse engineering. More than FCEUX, since fceux provides so many tools to make it quite easy, but alas, it is still not an easy task despite that.

I went ahead and fapped to that pic and opened up FCEUX again. Let's see if I can figure out this fucking compression.

>> No.2755851

Out of curiosity, how an what did you use to get started? I can't seem to properly grasp spme basic concepts concerning hex editing (displaying moonrunes also won't work) and I'm not sure if I understand some other concepts properly or if I'm a good guesser.
Especially since 99% of the docs I found are ancient and modern tools use different techniques and/or terminology.

Not being a native English speaker doesn't help either.

>> No.2756010

someone should hack a mario game into super mario bros: the movie: the game

>> No.2756031
File: 39 KB, 520x505, fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If it's not FCEUX, then I do not have much faith in myself.

I stumbled upon FCEUX's options one day I guess. FCEUX lets you see the PPU's graphics 1 by 1 in the PPU viewer, showing each of their byte values. You can then go into your hex editor and search that array of bytes and you'll find it (given that there's no annoying fucking text compression).

Even better is the Name Table Viewer. This thing lets you see the byte values of the current screen just by hovering over a graphic. Hovering over "B" would give me 81, and when I move to O, it'll say 8E, 8E, then 93 for T. I can then search 818E8E93 and I'll find it in the hex editor. Then I can switch shit up, and it literally changes on the fly.

I used TLP as well to insert english characters into the game's graphics as well.

Man, it made everything so fun but it really is a baby tool I guess. I'd have absolutely no idea how to translate a PS1 or snes game.

>> No.2757081

I have been wanting this for ages. It's a shame I'm not very good at making sprites.

>> No.2757406

>Man, it made everything so fun but it really is a baby tool I guess.
Hell no, FCEUX is the best emulator for ROMhacking because of all the features. Baby tools are Lunar Magic. There's a version of Snes9X that is designed to help hackers as well, I think it's called Gieger's?

No idea about PSX though.

>> No.2757894

Expand on this? Curious what you'd do for worlds and types of levels.

>> No.2758246


>Lunar Magic

Crazy shit. I tried building a level editor in SMB but that was too difficult.

>> No.2759793

>I hate giving these out-of-touch douches money.
Then don't. Either rent these games so Nintendo makes no extra money off of them, or better yet, rob the store so they are deprived of a copy of it.

>> No.2759847

So I have this PSX game I'm currently investigating the feasibility of translating. I've managed to split the iso and get out the FMV's and played with them, and it looks like hardsubbing these would be a relative breeze. But I don't really know where to start with the text. Where is it usually located, and what tool should I use to deal with most likely non-ascii text (SJIS?)?

I've only used hex editors before to change text around in the gb pokemon games (text in english), but that was back when I still was a kid.

Right now just somehow being able to extract the text would be great.

>> No.2759864

What's the game?

>> No.2759875
File: 66 KB, 640x640, 309283_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yuusha-Ou GaoGaiGar - Blockaded Numbers

It's basically two extra episodes to the anime in game form. As a game it's mostly spamming buttons, but storywise, animation-wise and voice actinge-wise it's really great.

>> No.2760028

>In recent years there have been a lot of editors of varying quality released for games that people end up not really using or even knowing about, which is kind of unfortunate.
Link, motherfucker?

>> No.2760215

As for the tools, they can all be found on Romhacking.net.

>> No.2760425

Anyone know of some retro non-Japanese games that weren't released in English? Like French or German games. I know of some German GBA games, but those aren't really /vr/.

Basically any European language is okay, translating languages I already know would go way easier than Jap games, plus I wouldn't have to bother with adding a Latin script.

>> No.2761785

Happy Hippo and Die Ottifanten on the GBC, German only but already translated. There are other German exclusive license game, but nothing good I think.

>> No.2761798
File: 232 KB, 67x100, 1443574308090.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking for a rom hack is saw an image of previously in one of these threads. It was mainly a graphics hack for smw that was absolutely gorgeous. There's so many out there I want to be sure I find the right one. The poster included a pic of it I previously had saved but wound up deleting a while back carelessly.

>> No.2763587

I think you are looking for this:


>> No.2763637

That's it! Thank you very much :) Gonna fire this up tonight.

>> No.2764646
File: 34 KB, 393x400, time bokan yattaman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try this, Italy only.

>> No.2764647

pretty sure this came out in japan

>> No.2764921


Does anyone have a .zip file of all of these? Mediafire doesn't allow bulk downloading unless you "upgrade" your account.

>> No.2764939
File: 26 KB, 480x432, ladxvwf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made this hack a few months ago:


You will probably find it useless, but I hate so much the text flow in Link's Awakening and I had to fix it.

>> No.2766079

I'm bumping this because it interests me.

>> No.2766081


>> No.2766089

Probably because op has never made one of his own.

>> No.2766101


haven`t you heard? They just released Super Mario Maker!!!

>> No.2766107

Meh, no mario 2 support.

>> No.2766108

I can think of a few reasons.

A) romhacking.net is a better resource, and has all the info AND tools, plus forums full of knowledgeable people.
B) You really can't make one catch-all "How to haxxor ROMs" guide, since the problems you will face vary not only system to system, but game to game as well. As for the basics, there are many easy to google guides already out.
C) Most people interested in ROMhacking generally are willing to put in the effort to learn the basics themselves and don't need anyone to explain the concepts to them, or are capable of harnessing the power of google to get the answers they want.

So with A, there is no need, with B there is no point, and with C there really isn't much demand.

>> No.2766109

D) It's autistically difficult to learn.

>> No.2766115

>difficult to learn
I can understand on 16-bit and above, once you start getting into encryption and compression and complex 3D shit, but if you can't figure out how to mess with Super Mario World or SMB, you are full retard.

>> No.2766117


This... this is just amazing.

Any chance of implementing this into the Oracle games?

>> No.2766157


>> No.2766195

I tried, but the text engine is so different and I kinda lost interest.

>> No.2766249

Fair 'nuff. I mean, implementing a functional VWF into ANY 8 or 16-bit era rom is still a great achievement in and of itself.

>> No.2767019

It's not useless, the text looks so much better with this hack.

>> No.2767063

Now I need a restoration patch for the DX version that gives me the weird quotes back. German version only.

"Gib mir deinen Saft, ich geb dir meinen."

>> No.2767282

Thanks man, I think so too.

I'll include a text editor in the next version, so I hope someone insert the german and french translations.

>> No.2768920


SHC 2015 entries are up, if anyone cares.

>> No.2769338
File: 86 KB, 268x309, 1445405418835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that Crazy Bus hack

>> No.2769790

i was hoping for someone to hack this game just to implement double dragon 2's controls for nes.

>> No.2770982


>> No.2770998


it's easily the weakest of the 3 NES versions, but it's not terrible. it had good ideas, like different characters and limited special weapons, and the art was well done. but the enemies are repetitive and the gameplay is kind of frustrating - I found that spamming attacks was often the best way to get through it. it's very easy to get pinned down, and you only get 1 life - and if you game over, you get sent back to the beginning (although savestates can negate this).

tl;dr it's not garbage but I can understand the negative reactions, especially when dd2 is GOAT.

that would help for sure. I kept wanting to use dd2 controls during my run.

>> No.2771249

Goomba's easter egg hunt is a fun little hack:

I'm currently playing through sr:night of doom, and its a great hack if you want a real challenge. sm74 ee is ok too

>> No.2773821

They really put a lot of effort into a joke hack, it's amazing. It's a shame that the Sonic hacking community is more interested in putting out hacks this instead of full-length ones

>> No.2773958

they're jokes but you could also consider them tech demos in a way

they show what is possible with a sonic disassembly

>> No.2775796

>I'm currently playing through sr:night of doom, and its a great hack if you want a real challenge. sm74 ee is ok too

I'd say the Star Revenge series in general is worth trying out.

>> No.2776070

Whats a good place to start with pokemon romhacks?

Preferably GBA hacks.

>> No.2776231

GBA isn't retro, but as a crossboarder, here's /vp/'s recommended hack list, though it hasn't been updated in like a year.


>> No.2778374

Great, I had no idea such list even existed. Will add some of the hacks featured there on my list.

>> No.2778389

No problem. Though, like half the entries on the list for Gen 1 and 2 were added because I saw them on /vr/'s list and tested them out, so there's already some overlap because of that.

>> No.2779751

Super Mario Maker

>> No.2780217

MaternalBound is definitive imo

>> No.2782264


>> No.2782724

Anyone can tell me how to translate sega master system roms ? I took a look with a hex viewer but can't find any text, is it encoded ? how to find clear text ?

>> No.2782876

For most games you have to use a relative search to find text. It usually won't be ASCII-encoded. Not all games use the same values for text.

>> No.2783156
File: 3 KB, 256x224, 2619titlescreen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Why are people allowed to make shit like this?

>> No.2783198
File: 44 KB, 502x699, 1424565511373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>screenshot says 2009

>> No.2783226

>he didn't click the link and read the release date
Not his fault you're stupid.

>> No.2784701

>Why are people allowed to make shit like this?

RHDN community gets buttblasted every time these kinds of hacks even get mentioned. I guess that's why they keep making them.

>> No.2784790

Attn: Rom Hackers-

Post a screenshot of any section of level design from your game you're working on here, to receive a free, thoughtful, quality critique by me. My qualifications include
>being old
>having played lots of vidya
>still plays lots of vidya
>not an idiot
>have spent a ton of time breaking down levels in games and analyzing each individual segment one at a time

Seriously just do it, trust me.

>> No.2784825
File: 9 KB, 256x240, Adventures of Lolo 2 (U) [!]_026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2784849

Disclaimer: 2D sidescrollers only. Preferrably Mario or something. Thanks.

>> No.2784904

>having played lots of vidya
>still plays lots of vidya

>preferrably mario


>> No.2784914

Not that I still play Mario, but that type of game is the area where the extent of any expertise I may possess lies. Laugh it up shit head but I don't see you offering to critique anyone's work.

>> No.2784932

Giving your opinion on a platforming level based on one screenshot isn't something that I would call "expertise".

If you could properly critique that Lolo screen then you *might* be able to call it a talent.

>> No.2784939

>Giving your opinion on a platforming level based on one screenshot isn't something that I would call "expertise".
That's not literally my expertise you idiot that's what I'm offering to do. I never said it was a talent. I just thought I would, in kindness, offer feedback as best I can in case there's rom hackers here who would like to receive it. If you're not one such rom hacker or you otherwise don't want that, then shut up. Seriously. Ignore my post and just keep scrolling. Why would anyone not do this?

>> No.2785548

How would you go about designing levels in games like Pokemon or Final Fantasy? Obviously there are tons of guidelines for action oriented games, but you don't really have to worry about that when your combat takes place in a pocket universe.

>> No.2786254

FYI rom hacking is illegal

>> No.2786268

Call the police.

>> No.2786270

I think in those games, level design is more about balancing enemy levels and encounter rates.
The areas can be designed to look any way you want, but there should be a way to quickly backtrack out of them (ledges in pokemon.) Also, it wouldn't hurt to have useful items laying around depending on the area (antidotes around poison type enemies.)

>> No.2786294

This is a paraphrasing of a Decalogue I typed up back when I was really into RPG Maker 2000.

>The recommended level of the boss vs your level at the starts should determine the size of the dungeon and the encounter rate.
>A fully-explored dungeon (including all treasures) should give enough experience for the player to defeat the dungeon boss.
>A dungeon should not be artificially lengthened to meet these requirements. Either increase the encounter rate, increase XP gains, or weaken the boss.
>No treasure in the dungeon should be for sale at a previously-visited equipment store
>All puzzles must be self-contained, and must not rely on knowledge from outside the game.
>Should the dungeon require backtracking to leave or is to be returned to in the future, then opened shortcuts should be added.
>The main path through the dungeon should never be obscured by decorations.

>> No.2786350

No moreso than Game Genie. It's not like you're distributing the ROMs, everything is done with patches.

>> No.2787334

well if the TPP passes you won't be able to ROM hack anymore, even with patches

>> No.2788003
File: 198 KB, 800x572, 1447060288848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TPP will do a lot worse than that so I'm operating under the assumption that we're going to repeal it.

>> No.2788028

that's pretty optimistic of you
excessively optimistic

>> No.2788032

Well worst case scenario (for ROMhacking) I just continue doing what I'm doing because I've already done illegal things on the Internet without getting arrested.

>> No.2788038


This is the likely scenario for the short term. Expect things to get progressively uglier after that.

>> No.2788043

Well the uglier it gets the more you can expect people to fight back.

>> No.2788052


Nah your average American is a bloated bag of shit with oatmeal for brains. Only say the word "terrorist" and he will cower in fear.

>> No.2788076

That's excessively pessimistic.

>> No.2788269

in england they call them boom boom tooty frooties.

>> No.2789604


Mario Gives Up 3 finally got released!

>> No.2789621


Wake up and smell the coffee, we're WAAAAY beyond "optimistic" and "pessimistic" at this point.

>> No.2791630

a FUCKLOAD of wwf no mercy ones

>> No.2793849

Here's something new:


A new major Mega Man hack called Rockman 5 Double Jumper. Haven't played it yet, but it sounds interesting.

>> No.2795520


>> No.2795717

as a shinning example, you certainly would know

>> No.2796426

Is PS2 retro enough? Because I need help with changing files in ISO. File is too big for Apache and TOC changer to handle and if I change TOC manually I still need to import file itself somehow. Any tips?

>> No.2796867
File: 1.33 MB, 400x182, 1421550676164.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>translating GGG material

doing god's work son

>> No.2796880

Yeah that looks really interesting. I wonder if he's done something interesting out of Wave Man's stage, it seemed very limited in terms of what you could do with it.

>> No.2797641

Call the cops, I don't give a fuck

>> No.2798625


>> No.2800165
File: 3 KB, 256x224, rock5dj-0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I wonder if he's done something interesting out of Wave Man's stage, it seemed very limited in terms of what you could do with it.

Well, gimmick-wise the bubble platforms move much faster and the jetski section was removed completely, save for the miniboss.

>> No.2800229


At first I thought RHDN was kinda cool, then there was this bullshit:


The only mildly good thing I can say about it is that heroic shitlords kept derailing the thread so much that it got locked...TWICE.

I was proud.

>> No.2800234


I don't even claim this country anymore, boyo. It's well on its way to becoming the New Soviet Union, and I want no part of that bullshit.

>> No.2800810

We're better off than Europe at least. I don't have good feelings about where America's headed either but if we work to make it great again (pardon the memespouting) we have a chance. If you want to head to Europe and get murdered by Muslims go right ahead, though.

>> No.2800810,1 [INTERNAL] 

i want /pol/ to die

>> No.2802013

Oh, I forgot, Wave Man's attack pattern also got completely changed. It's actually challenging now.

>> No.2802043

It really is interesting. I'm just waiting for Rockman (insert number here) Burst Chaser Air Slider Double Jump.

>> No.2803794

Combining those three would be too much. Air Sliding & Double Jumper hack would be neat as hell, though.

>> No.2806026


>> No.2807151


This hack is short but great.

>> No.2808734


>> No.2810352
File: 368 KB, 640x480, 770.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could I maybe get some assistance with my emulator? I don't know if it's the plugin for graphics I'm using but I keep getting this strange black box around the coins, would anyone know how to fix this? (The name of the ROM is Star's Revenge 6: Luigi's Adventure.)

>> No.2811280

You forgot "Deluxe."

>> No.2811280,1 [INTERNAL] 

Those /pol/ hijack posts are still there by the way. They were never deleted and the posters hopefully permabanned.

Proof /vr/ mods have stopped caring.

>> No.2813517

Try the default graphics plugin.

>> No.2813681

So does one have to download each week of The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets seperately? Or is there something that puts them all together. Only seeing individual weeks on emuparadise.

>> No.2814564

I've only seen it with individual weeks. You have to copy your save file to continue the story between each week.

>> No.2814683


Would you explain to me how I would do that? I'm unfamiliar with this sort of thing.

>> No.2815930

Your emulator probably looks for the save file based on the filename. So the save file will have the same name as the rom, but it will end with ".srm" or something different. So when you finish part 1, rename to save file to match part 2 before continuing.

>> No.2817153
File: 5 KB, 78x80, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was trying to find a good rebalancing rom hack for ff6, and what comes up on google most seened to be Brave New World. It stressed it wasnt a difficulty rom hack, though it was obviously harder than vanilla.

I was expecting something like FF4DS, but even pretty early on most random encounters I run into will just fuck my shit up if the enemys decide to spam their better moves. I dont grind in RPGS, and neither do I enjoy resetting all the time after shit went south out of nowhere. I think its blatant I'm already somehow underleveld at a few hours into the game.

Anything else that rebalances the game and fixes its zillion problems while being a tad less ridiculous?

>> No.2817204

Niggas where can I find myself some roms with cheats?

>> No.2817559

There's at least one FF6 difficulty hack on romhacking.net that claims to be less extreme than BNW, but I haven't played it so I can't tell you how it holds up.

>> No.2818659

can't remember the name?

>> No.2818728

You're triggering counters and not stopping to think about what you're doing to trigger them, you're not prioritizing the correct enemies, or you're running from too many fights - you should be able to beat the game just fine if you fight maybe 2/3rds of the encounters you run into, maybe a little less. BNW is no more difficult than games like SMT: Nocturne with the exception of Atma Weapon, the Goddesses, and Kefka himself.

>> No.2818789

Unless counters have a probability of happening as oppsed to pretty much always happening like in FF4, I dont think that's the case. And there's been plenty of times where I'm keeping my party at high health and an early move will just destroy a guy. Guess I'm too casual for this sort of thing.

>> No.2818823

Counters do in fact have a probability of happening - in the early game they have a 100% rate to teach you to stop triggering them and work around them, but that stops being the case pretty early on.

>And there's been plenty of times where I'm keeping my party at high health and an early move will just destroy a guy.
This is almost assuredly you being underleveled to a ridiculous degree. It wasn't designed with running away from every random encounter in mind.

>> No.2818858

I admit to running from those plants with Bane alot because I dont have infinite antidotes, and a party of like 5 ghosts/ectoplasms because then they'll just keep putting everyone to sleep and a blaze will probably get thrown in there.

Guess I'll try again from the beginning

>> No.2818882

Blaze and Bane are counters. Bane counters the Attack command and Blaze counters Bushido, but you can mitigate the former by equipping the relic that makes you immune to poison on your physical attacker(most likely Locke, Edgar has Tools).

>> No.2818894

they can definitely be used freely though

>> No.2818903

I was thinking of Hardcube because it came out recently but honestly there's a lot of hardtype mods that are generally untested because BNW sucks up all of the would-be testers. I've heard Eviltype was good, and that despite the name, it's not that hard.

>> No.2818914

I'd say BNW is more difficult than SMT games mainly because the counters are so cryptic. There are a lot of trial-and-error enemies in both games but in SMT it is always immediately apparent whenever you did the Wrong Thing. The developers of BNW seem to delight in writing complex AI and there are some bosses that nobody can figure out without looking at the AI in an editor... things like, their counters don't trigger immediately but doing the Wrong Thing increments a value that triggers a counter when it reaches something specific. Not to mention that every enemy has way more HP than it needs and fighting random encounters is a chore even when you understand the AI completely, because it's intentionally set up so that you will spend a minimum amount of time fighting an enemy in order for their weird AI patterns to actually play out.

Get the 1.7 beta, they're looking for testers and it has some quality of life features like "save anywhere"

>> No.2818916

>hings like, their counters don't trigger immediately but doing the Wrong Thing increments a value that triggers a counter when it reaches something specific.
To be fair, the bosses that do stuff like this(Dadaluma) don't necessarily go into Fuck You mode when you do stuff like this, they simply use a different battle script like Jumping instead of throwing shit at you. That's more for variance and is only a huge deal if you're LLGing(which I did, at least up to Thamasa).

>> No.2818929

That's fair enough but it also comes into play with regular enemies too, just in a less severe, more annoying way. Like in Nocturne, the only thing that really requires trial-and-error is figuring out what an enemy's elemental resistances are. But FF6 has a lot more variation in things that can be countered so you don't know whether an enemy is countering magic or fire magic in particular.

A lot of people who play FF6 (and BNW) don't even realize that counter attacks are a thing, which might have been by design on Squaresoft's part... counterattacks are a good way to manage tension and tempo during battles, because if the player finds themself in a pinch, they'll stop attacking and start healing, and without counterattacks the battle will auto-balance to use fewer attacks without them realizing it. BNW treats counterattacks more like a puzzle, which is fine, but the battle system isn't really designed to handle that because the player doesn't have instant feedback for their decisions like they would in a traditional turn-based battle system, like in SMT.

>> No.2818952

>get evil type off of romhacking.net and try several times with a fresh rom, and double checking that the vanilla rom works and would also work with a BNW patch
>"patch was succesful!"

Well if there's so many FF6 rebalance attemps being worked on right now anyway I guess I'll just hop to other stuff on the back log and try to fufill beating a "fixed" FF6 later.

Thanks for the help.

>> No.2818981

Have the Wii version. It's buggy as shit, but still neat.

>> No.2819483

>Why are people allowed to make shit like this?
Hey man, "Naked Headless Mario vs the Dick Nazis 2" is one of the greatest romhacks I've ever played.

>> No.2819501

It isn't on the level of Donner Party or it's sequel.

>> No.2819563

Isn't nATB becoming baseline in the newest version? Seeing the ATB bar only resume after a counter resolves should make it a lot more apparent that you're triggering a counterattack.

>> No.2819568

FF4DS puts a big fat "counter:" in the attack box. Surely they could just do that.

>> No.2819586

That doesn't really work unless you want Strago running around with a lore that says Counter:Raid.

>> No.2819594

IIRC Chrono Trigger does that a lot, too. Sometimes it even tells you specifically what is causing the enemy to counter.

Yeah nATB helps you identify when a counter occurs but there's still the other issue of not knowing why you're being countered. It's not clear because even simple conditions like using enemy's remaining HP can make their AI indecipherable.

I also don't personally like nATB because it means there's a lot of downtime while I'm forced to watch animations play out. It's also the kind of change that really should include a total rebalancing of every boss and enemy encounter, and AFAIK they've only rebalanced the player side of things and made the battle timer faster to compensate for longer battles.

>> No.2819598

Obviously the moved isnt named "counter: etc". You throw it in when its a counter

>> No.2819603

>I also don't personally like nATB because it means there's a lot of downtime while I'm forced to watch animations play out.
This is almost entirely the fault of FF6 having a fucking miserable battle speed. It's so goddamn slow compared to FF4 or FF5.

I'm still willing to deal with that over having speed be a useless stat for anyone not named Gau or having stupid bullshit in the game like menu pausing the ATB during your animations and letting them play during enemy ones so enemies get less actions.

>> No.2819606

IMO a better solution is to force Active mode and make animations shorter. That way you can't exploit the wait trick, and the it keeps the pace of the battle moving. Like I said, they already increased the battle speed, but the issue I have with it is that I want to be able to do things while watching that goddamn Ice 2 animation for the 99th time.

>> No.2819612

>IMO a better solution is to force Active mode and make animations shorter.
Fuck no. This devalues speed even more because even the basic attack animations in FF6 take too long for it to work like you want it to.

>> No.2819614

Keep the battle timer going at the same speed as vanilla and it'll be fine. Even in vanilla and using the wait trick, speed was the most important stat next to magic. You're really underrating its usefulness.

>> No.2819623

In vanilla? The wait trick is the only thing that gives any value to high speed once spells with longer animations are on the table, which doesn't take that long. Quick devalues it altogether.

Either way, I'd never go back to playing with the vanilla system over nATB. The only problem I have with it is that the original game's fleeing system was utter shit and nATB makes it slightly worse, but that becomes a moot point by the time warping from combat is available.

>> No.2819634

Speed determines who takes the first action in battle. In the FF6 speedrun, Locke is chosen over other, more powerful characters because he has the best chance of getting a smoke bomb off before an enemy attacks. He wears a sneak ring in the Sealed Cave, not because he's stealing shit, but because it has a speed bonus. The Ninja Gear is a crucial piece of armor because the speed bonus gives you enough of an advantage to kill Kefka at Narshe before his third turn. And this is just stuff that happens when you can't increase a character's base speed stat.

During boss battles, speed determines whether a character gets a turn after they've just been revived, or whether a character can fit both a revive and a heal before the boss gets another turn. Speed is super important dude, and not because of the wait trick. The wait trick means nothing when you only have one character left standing.

>> No.2819647

I dunno. Most of that feels like it only matters within the context of a speedrun, but maybe I'm just disagreeing because I have an extremely negative view of the original FF6 and its effects on the JRPG genre.

>> No.2819656

I don't feel like FF6 really did anything that wasn't already being done, or that a future game did more significantly. In terms of the Final Fantasy series, FF6 doesn't actually stand out very much, and its influence was dampened by lukewarm receptions compared to games that came before and after.

>> No.2819672

I definitely disagree with that because there's a large difference between how FF1-5 treat their mechanics and how FF6+ treat them. While FF2 had broken mechanics all over the place, it felt like they were trying when it came to that game's design, as evidenced from the pretty extensive status effect system for its time and that a improve-by-doing system isn't an inherently broken idea. FF6 is the first game in the series where playing it gives me the feeling that they didn't even fucking try and instead substituted effort and polish with quantity of mechanics.

>> No.2819685

FF6 doesn't have fewer mechanics, just compare to FF5. FF5 has two character classes that are focused on enemy skills, FF6 has three. And really, where was the innovation in FF4? FF4 is the prime example of a by-the-numbers JRPG with a strong emphasis on presentation. Hell, the original FF1 is just a poorly disguised software port of the D&D handbook.

What FF6 tried to do is take all of the classes in FF5 and assign them to a diversified cast of characters, you know, to avoid the scenario in FF5 and FF7 where every character is interchangeable. The problem is that nobody ever actually cared about Beastmasters and Geomancers in the first place, so even though these classes have niche uses, people opted to just blast everything with magic spells instead of bothering to learn enemy vulnerabilities.

>> No.2819695

My claim was that FF6 went with quantity over quality when it came to mechanics, not the opposite. FF6 has far too many mechanics with little to no time spent balancing them or making a game where even halfway intelligent use of them is necessary and after FF6, that became the norm for the series.

>> No.2819704

Oh, yeah, I misread your post. Still, I don't think you're being very fair, considering you can steamroll everything in FF5 without using any of the niche classes. Yeah, there is incentive explore other classes, but the same is true of FF6.

>> No.2819715

>considering you can steamroll everything in FF5 without using any of the niche classes.
Only a couple of those niche classes are borderline unusable without outside aid, though, and FF5 has many many areas and boss fights that will fuck you over if you don't know what you're doing, even early on.

>> No.2819725

If we're using baseline usability as the standard, then FF6 matches up with FF5 just fine, and they both far exceed FF3j. Yeah, Sketch and Control are shit, but so are Beastmasters. FF6 didn't actually "break" anything, it just imposes on you the broken mechanics that were already in FF5... except not really, because it's just as easy to ignore them.

I assure you that Squaresoft was using FF5 and FF7 as their foundation for future games, not FF6. Even though FF6 sold slightly more copies than FF5, it was widely regarded as a failure because it failed to grow the brand like FF5 and FF7 did.

>> No.2819729

>then FF6 matches up with FF5 just fine,
Keep in mind that while this might be true, FF6 is also a much easier game than FF5 on every level so there's a much lower barrier for each character to be considered functional.

>> No.2819738

Then the issue is that FF6 is too easy, which is hardly significant. FF6 isn't responsible for that. JRPGs were always on course to become easier (or in "business speak", more accessible to wider audiences). I don't even think FF6 represents a significant leap from FF5 in this regard, but even if you do, just look at other JRPGs of the era such as Chrono Trigger and SMRPG.

>> No.2819757

While CT and SMRPG are both easy games, on replays they both felt much better balanced and like they required much more from the player than FF6 did, and I really don't know how you can say that FF6 wasn't a major step down from FF5 in difficulty when the first third of FF5 ends with the meteor boss fights, all of which will kill a party that goes in unprepared. The only boss fights in FF6 that do anything similar are the wallchange bosses.

>> No.2819806

I concede that FF6 is easier than FF5 but I don't see it as being easier outside of the normal variance in difficulty of the series. Consider that FF4 has zero customizability whatsoever, so the only extent to which you can't be prepared is by not having a high enough level or the latest gear. Also look at FF3j, where the final boss does the same move every turn and the only condition for victory is that you can survive while still doing enough damage to kill it before you run out of heals.

CT is absolutely not balanced. One of the major linchpins of its appeal, the dual/triple tech system, is practically worthless if you actually compare it to using single techs with all three characters. The endgame bosses generally boil down to whether or not you have the gear that absorbs their element... same problem as FF6, actually. And regarding SMRPG, I'd say that the flower point system really hurts techs, and I generally just cruise through the game on physical attacks alone. I probably wouldn't call it unbalanced but I certainly wouldn't call it more demanding than FF6.

Anyway the point is that the distinction between FF6 and its contemporaries isn't strong enough to hold it at fault for the trends in JRPGs. I think it's absurd to claim that FF6 started a trend of sacrificing quality for a mish mash of gimmicks when all signs point to FF5 instead. FF5 had the gimmicks and it had the market appeal to convince Squaresoft to continue implementing similar systems. FF6 was only following FF5's lead, and happened to be easier... but that doesn't mean FF5 was balanced.

>> No.2819846

>but I don't see it as being easier outside of the normal variance in difficulty of the series.
I do because it was blatantly and obviously out of line with anything that had come before it. Neither of your examples really say anything about either of those games' difficulty. I mean, FF3's final boss is arguably the easiest part of that entire set of dungeons because it can be bum rushed with shurikens that you no longer have any reason to conserve to kill it before it can kill the party, which is not something you can say about the dark world bosses that never stop hitting party members for 9k damage when you'll have maybe 3-4k max HP, and FF4's difficulty isn't tied up in its equipment system - preparation wise, it's about proper resource management in order to get to bosses with enough health/MP intact to fight them, and execution-wise there are multiple bosses that will slaughter you if you go in refusing to adapt beyond basic healing+attacking weaknesses.

And while FF5 had the job system, it did not have the job system at the expense of any shred of difficulty or effort put into balance. I'd have thought the Four Job Fiesta would've made that clear - by themselves, only a couple of jobs are on the level where they're considered as guaranteed wins because they can sidestep the game's normal mechanics, and only a couple of jobs are considered detrimental to a party.

>> No.2820103
File: 76 KB, 693x648, Naked Headless Mario Fights The Dick Nazis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's /vr/'s opinion on BaddestHacks (formerly BadHacks, then BadderHacks)?

>> No.2820156

They can pump out some good shit once in a while, but it's mainly for shock value.

>> No.2820253

>I don't even claim this country anymore, boyo.
You can take the Amerifat out of Merica, but you can't take the Merica out of the Amerifat. Stupid American.

>> No.2820374

>I'd have thought the Four Job Fiesta would've made that clear - by themselves, only a couple of jobs are on the level where they're considered as guaranteed wins
But we're not talking about challenge runs. You can do challenge runs in FF6 too, but that doesn't make it balanced. Don't forget that we established a standard earlier, on the basis of how many character classes are utterly worthless, not how many character classes are capable of beating the game. Although FF6 matches FF5 in both categories.

If you want to claim that FF4's difficulty is tied up in resource management then fine, whatever. But it's laughable to say that managing resources in FF4 is more intellectually demanding than building a party in FF6. If you assume the same level of grinding in each game... and that means, no grinding for spells in FF6... then FF6 is no easier than FF4. FF6 is barely easier than FF5, and that's only because FF5 has a bunch of puzzle bosses, which aren't really a good indicator of difficulty because fighting a puzzle boss is more about dying enough times to learn their patterns than being skilled at making a party that can adapt to any circumstance.

>> No.2820395

>If you assume the same level of grinding in each game... and that means, no grinding for spells in FF6... then FF6 is no easier than FF4.
I don't think you've played FF4 recently. If you fight the random encounters you run into just getting from place to place in FF4, you're at the level expected to handle them, not the level needed to curbstomp them. That's not the case for FF6, where doing that sets you up to stomp. It's a fact that FF6 has damage inflation compared to FF4 and that its magic is more flexible and potent than FF4's equivalents, and when you're working against enemies that have the same amount of HP...

>> No.2820398
File: 37 KB, 480x640, 1374461844273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A long time ago the guy who developed the Super Metroid editor SMILE made it so that the editor would refuse to edit 'locked' games. When he released the Redesigned hack, he locked it so people couldn't use his editor to fuck with shit. I reversed engineered the lockout mechanism (he changed some non essential bits early in memory) and posted it on forums. He got all pissed because I released his secret and enabled people to hack his hack. He changed the lockout in later versions.

I never did understand his reaction. Dude was an ass.

>> No.2820415
File: 199 KB, 413x374, 1371147606563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honest question, does anyone in this thread know how to do more than just uncompressed graphics/text hacks, or hacks made using preexisting editor tools?

I know it's difficult to get into hacking at first because you may not know where to start. Let me ask you this though, what do you know, and what would you like to do?

Once you get the basics it's not difficult to hack, just time consuming. But it is quite fun.

>> No.2820564

>It's a fact that FF6 has damage inflation compared to FF4 and that its magic is more flexible and potent than FF4's equivalents
If you play FF6 casually without grinding, high level magic is actually pretty difficult to acquire. The Tier 3 elemental spells (except for Fire 3) can only be learned at a 1x learn rate, so if you don't grind at all, you're lucky if you can get them on just one character before you take on the Fanatics Tower. It's the same deal with Ultima, which is locked behind either 100 AP or 255 battles + 100 AP depending on whether you take the Ragnarok esper. But the worst offender (by far) is Quick. It always sounds absurd to me when someone says Quick breaks the game... you can't even obtain it until after you defeat all 8 dragons, which means you're pretty much already done! Plus, most of the encounters in Kefka's Tower don't even give AP, so you actually have to leave the final dungeon to grind for it. I have never gotten Quick in a playthrough of vanilla FF6.

So yes, FF6's magic is more potent than FF4's, but it's much more difficult to acquire at the end of the game without grinding. If you just do the sidequests in FF4 you'll get Bahamut, Tier 3 elemental spells, and all the curative magic you need. In FF6, you pretty much have to grind if you want enough decent spellcasters to fill out your parties in the Phoenix Cave and Kefka's Tower.

>> No.2820574

For some reason I thought Quick was on Crusader... I just realized it's on Raiden, so I rescind that point. It still takes 100 AP to learn though, so you probably won't be able to do the Quick-Ultima combo without grinding.

>> No.2821914

I really like Super Mario Star Road, but it doesn't run well on not64

>> No.2821984

>some lameass actually put a lock feature in the editor so people can't learn from others hacks
Because people wouldn't notice someone claiming someone else's hack as their own in the romhacking community right? I hate all the closed source so-called "hackers" in the community. It goes against the idea of romhacking in the first place.

>> No.2822398

I played it all on wii64 and not64 because I couldn't have any better. Most levels seem decent enough to me.

>> No.2822638

Been playing Pokemon Liquid Crystal for the past couple of days, how do you guys feel about it?

>> No.2824205

Isn't that a GBA hack? Thread's slow so I guess it's not too big a harm, it's not awful but I'm not a fan of the original content they added, there's a pretty clear quality drop with it. I'm more interested in CrystalDust, it aims to be as authentic as can be, but it's in development so we won't see the finished product for a while.

>> No.2824648

>Isn't that a GBA hack?
Yes, yes it is. But the board seems fine with ports of older games, so I thought it would be fairly kosher to talk about

>> No.2826275


>> No.2828198

They are overstaying their welcome, in my opinion. Hacks like Monster Party: Let's Go Again or Super Mario Unlimited prove that they can make good shit when they try, but for the most part, their hacks are boring and rather pointless.

>> No.2829059

The romhack equivalent of terrywad makers.

>> No.2829542
File: 9 KB, 256x224, bionic_commando.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why aren't there any real level-based romhacks of Bionic Commando?

It's admirable that someone went through the effort to port all of the "Hitler no Fukkatsu" Swastika's and other Nazi imagery that was missing from the American release of the game, but I really wish I could play more levels of it. The other comodore64/gameboy/color versions of Bionic Commando are vastly inferior IMO.

Bionic Commando for the NES should be the gold standard for Bionic Commando ROM hacks just like Super Metroid is the gold standard for Metroid Romhacks.

>> No.2829948

What do you mean by kosher?

>> No.2831198

He means he thought it would be acceptable.

>> No.2831292

i like how this picture is animated for no reason other than the little blinking pokeballs at the bottom

>> No.2831297

didn't one of the early concepts for OoT have the same basic gameplay as drakkhen /Dragon View

>> No.2833605


>> No.2834683

Oh my god! Are you me? I used to love the gameboy color one where you play as a girl, but when I was rifling through my dad's garage and found this game, I felt my love for the game rekindled in a more true and pure sense, playing a more perfect version of the game.

>> No.2836151

What happened to the sequel anyway?

>> No.2836189

90% of romhackers have no interest in actual game design

>> No.2836672
File: 6 KB, 475x173, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to try out romhacking for sm64
>go to use rom extender
>keep getting this message
>can't find the correct rom for the life of me
Am I just retarded or something?

>> No.2836681

The blue leftover always buged me,

>> No.2836687

You need the correct ROM.

>> No.2836697

Sorry, sorry.
>can't find the correct ROM for the life of me

>> No.2836704

You need search better for the correct ROM.

>> No.2836715

From what I've heard, the correct ROM was initially on coolrom, who got rid of all their Nintendo ROMs. Any other site I found did not have the correct one or looked shady as hell.

>> No.2838823


>> No.2839086

Been a long while since I posted here, but I did that first as a solution, it got rid of the box but slowed down my game horribly. I downloaded another graphical plugin and it's working just fine now. Thanks though!

>> No.2840130

I really like Headless Naked Mario. I wish they'd make another one.

>> No.2840191

You dont play as naked headless mario but its in the same "series"

I dont think its out yet.

>> No.2842508
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So, I actually managed finished to finish this baby and I had a pretty good time. The double jumping mechanic doesn't feel wonky and the level design is solid. I like how every level has a hidden weapon/item hidden somewhere.

>> No.2842926

>people still don't know how to get roms off archive.org

>> No.2843723
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I'm working on a simple hack of Yoshi's Island to remove Baby Mario's crying and the timer sound effect which plays when you lose him. So far I've been able to mute the crying using the ROM map info from the wiki below, but I can't find the address of the timer sound effect – any idea where it might be?


I plan to upload this to ROMhacking.net as a fix if it gets finished, so that people have an easy way of improving the game's sound.

>> No.2843759
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This should be a really simple hack. The easy (but more limited) way is to zero out some values in the sound data, while the harder (but more general) way is to locate the code that fires off the sound effects.

Easy way: The A-DSP is designed to make this kinda of hack almost trivial. You need to find in ARAM where the Source Table (a table with pointers to the BRR sound data) is located by examining the DIR register (DSP $5D). Next find which pointer corresponds to the crying and timer sound effects (for instance, by setting all pointers to the same value and listening for the results). Once you have found the pointers you can locate the BRR data in ARAM. Then you will need to trace back where the data is located in ROM. Luckily often times audio data isn't compressed on the SNES, so this amounts to watching for CPU=>APU transfers and noting the source of the data. The final step is to figure out where the BRR data is in ROM and zeroing it out. Viola, no more crying Mario/timer, but you may have inadvertently disabled other sound effects that rely on crying/timer (more likely than you think).

Harder way: Locate the program causing the sound effects to be played. This can be done by searching for programs that modify registers APUIO0-3 (CPU $2140 - $2143). There should be a sound effect routine that plays a sound when called. It will take as arguments a sound id and perhaps panning, volume, priority, etc. Once you know the address of the program, it's easy to search ROM for calls to this program. Look for the id that corresponds to Mario/timer sound effects, and NOP out the calling instruction. Viola, no more crying Mario/timer, and you _won't_ break anything on accident.

If something that I wrote doesn't make sense, don't hesitate to ask.

>> No.2843857

Thanks, that's just what I needed! I'll try to find and zero out the timer sound effect BRR data in the ROM first. Also, what emulator or other program do you recommend for viewing the SNES RAM while the game is running?

>> No.2844620
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I have always used Geiger's Snes9x debugging emulator.

Thinking about >>2843759 in the context of YI, things may play out slightly differently than outlined because YI uses the SuperFX chip. Since both the CPU and SuperFX chip can't access ROM at the same time, the CPU code will be loaded and executed from RAM in contrast to just about every other SNES game out.

Consequently the game engine is mostly a SuperFX program, so it will be substantially more difficult to find where in code Mario's crying sound effect is actually generated, although it should be substantially more easy to locate the actual sound effect subroutine (it's gotta be in RAM somewhere!).

Word of warning; disabling Mario's cry will likely do only that, but the timer is probably used for several other sound effects. Keep in mind that ARAM is tiny (only 64k) and has to hold program, samples, code, and echo buffer. Developers often reuse sound effects to get around memory constraints (for instance, Super Metroid has pretty much only 1 enemy sound sample played in about 30 different ways.)

>> No.2845103


>> No.2845493

OK, I found the sound effect subroutine and traced it back to the ROM: it's 22D28500. Next I'm going to go through every instance of this in the ROM and change it to EAEAEAEA, so the particular sound effect each instance is supposed to play is muted. It'll probably take a while, but eventually I should be able to find which one plays the timer sound effect.

>> No.2845739

It was tedious, but through trial and error I found the sound effect subroutine call locations for both the timer noise and Baby Mario's crying in the ROM (v1.0 with header):

$C47B = Timer sound
$034851 = Crying sound

Changing those from 22D28500 to EAEAEAEA mutes them: mission accomplished!

Many thanks for the hacking help fellow ma/vr/icks, I'll upload an IPS patch to ROMhacking.net later so you can enjoy Yoshi's Island with improved audio!

>> No.2848137


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