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So, a few months ago I bought a PlayStation 1 at goodwill. It came with Final Fantasy VIII and a basketball game.

What are considered the best PS1 games to get? After doing a little research, I've seen a few titles keep popping up.
>Crash Bandicoot
>Spyro The Dragon
>Silent Hill
>Resident Evil 2
>Metal Gear Solid
>Final Fantasy VII

Are there any others I should look out for?

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We already have a PS1 thread up.

But anyway I recommend Galerians.

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I just loved Front Mission 3 and Gran Turismo 2 on ps1

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>But anyway I recommend Galerians.

Nice troll dude. But I already saw the retsupurae on it, you're not going to fool me that easily!

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The best retro Golf game ever. Don't like golf games? You will after this one!

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>But I already saw the retsupurae on it
I wonder if this is a troll in itself..

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Best Boat Racing game I ever played on PS1. IGN gave it 8/10 too.

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I liked parasite eve 1 and 2.

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The story is campy but it's hard as fuck, great game if you like survival horror with heavy resource management. Also, the something awful goons are blatantly anti-anime. I wouldn't take their opinions too seriously on japanese games if I were you.

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They also made a video riffing TRAG. While I agree the story is garbage, the gameplay at least is excellent.

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An oldish pic of my PS1 collection. it's small, but I recommend every one of them... except FF Tactics. Fuck that game.

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>Front Mission 3
>Bushido Blade 1&2
>Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 2
>Music Maker

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>i couldn't mash attack through tactics like every other FF games, fuck it!

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Nah, it's just that I don't have to patience for 15-minute battles.

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Hey, that's a respectable small collection. I'm a fan.

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>Front Mission 3
>Put 80 hours into it learning skills mostly
>Got to the last battle of Emma's campaign

Just shoot me.

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get rayman 2 the great escape, ape escape, thrasher skate and destroy if you can find it. and go for spyro 2 riptos rage over the 1st

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Grab a friend or two and play Top Shop. It's a blast.

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