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Do you remember the first video game you ever played?

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Monopoly and wheel of fortune on my parents first dos computer.

>tfw could never figure out how to play quicken, name made it sound really cool.

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pac-man on atari 2600 at age 3.

and first arcade game was the original mario bros when i was like 5 and my older bro needed me to play as luigi.

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Something on ColecoVision, probably Smurf.

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Glider on my parents' Mac. Also the only video game I've seen my father play, besides solitaire.

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>pac-man on atari 2600 at age 3.

same here (probably around the same age even). I used to think I was controlling the ghosts

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>atari 2600 at age 3.

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My earliest memory is playing some pool/billiards game on my mom's Windows 95 computer when I was 3, I believe.
First game I beat was Sonic 2.

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I'm not entirely sure because I've been playing games as long as I can remember but the first one I recall is asteroids

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Pong at my cousin's house. . First arcade game was asteroids.

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Pong console at relative's house in the 70's.

Later on Galaxian and Phoenix arcade machines, and they had some pinball there too (one of them was Haunted House, don't remember the others). I think the place had a few more shoot'em ups but don't remember what, except for a cocktail Space Invaders unit.

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The first that I've played at home was Aladdin in dos, I've probably played something before at the arcades but I can't remember it

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>Super Mario Twinz

I was 4 years old and my mom brought me to the local k-mart during the holiday season.

There it was, da mario twinz, on a 17" RCA TV staring right back at me.

After completing the first level, I knew that video games would be a huge part of my life from then on.

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Sure do!

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I don't remember which one I booted up first, but when we got our first computer a friend of my father's gave us a disk with a bunch of stuff on it. The ones I remember were 3-Demon, Jumpman, Qbert and Rogue.

Rogue blew my mind. I never even came close to beating or understanding half of what was going on until many years later, but I played it like crazy. Maniacal laughter in the distance still haunts me.

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Fun fact, the tank's pilot in this game was Ralf Jones

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>be 26 first system was NES
>most people hear talking about the 70s


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I don't, but my dad has photo evidence of me playing Frogger. It had to have happened, we didn't have photoshop back then.

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Yes, Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. At a friend's house. It was 1993, I was 5.

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isn't it cool that, for once, you can feel young while on 4chan?

Anyway, I'm 29 and I'm the guy who started with ColecoVision. I was born in 1985 so it was already the time of the NES, but my first contact with vidya was the Coleco because that's what my aunt had, I started playing NES around '89/90, and SNES/MD around '92/93

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Depends on your definition of "video game" so if pre-pong counts then yes. If not, also yes.

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Mario Bros on Atari

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First non-edutainment game I recall playing was Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle on the original Gameboy. Wasn't mine, though.

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We've gone beyond mere wizards, to real ultimate power!

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Wolfenstein 3D on a Mac II

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As far as I can remember, Final Fantasy for the NES was my first game ever, with the first one I could understand being Super Mario 3.

Trust me, I played Quicken for Win3.1, and I'll just say MS Excel is far more engaging.

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A bunch of Spectrum games.

One where you were running through a forest in first person or something I can't remember the name of it for the life of me.

If not that though probably Pac-Mania

God I remember that being better

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Well, I had a NES with Mario, Robocop, Ghosts 'n Goblins, P.O.W.: Prisoners of War, and this:


So it definitely was one of those, dunno which one though

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If not Tetris and Excitebike on my cousin's Gameboy, then Super Mario/Duck Hunt on my aunt's NES. Didn't have a console of my own until 95 or so when I got my Genesis, then my first game that I owned myself was the 6pack cart with Sonic, Golden Axe, Super Hang on ect

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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs arcade

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If your very first experience with video games is Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, then video games for you must have been disappointing as fuck. I mean, anything else you played after that did not have you jumping out of a car to punch dinosaurs in the face.

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Blazing Lazers on a Turbo Duo

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I've played so many video games that no, I don't remember what the first game I played was. I have memories of several games when I was 4, but I don't know what my actual first game was.

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The first game I remember was Space Invaders for the ZX81, closely followed by Trap Door for the ZX Spectrum.

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Super Smash Bros at age 3.

I'm a youngfag.

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Not entirely sure about this one

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Gradius on the NES.

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Having two older brothers who were into games, I had a whole bunch to pick from growing up. NES, SNES, gameboy, etc. However, the first game I can remember getting myself was Banjo Kazooie for the N64.

I remember it because I was super happy and swinging the bag with the game back and forth as we walked until my grip slipped and I accidentally tossed it into a snow pile. Fun times.

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