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Looking for anything interesting, the more obscure the better.

Doesn't even have be a good game, it could just be something interesting aesthetically (Germs) or esoteric (Densha De GO)

List so far:

Fisherman Bait
Aquanaut's Holiday
Diver's Dream
Suzuki Bakuhatsu
Gekibo: Gekisha Boy
Ore No Ryouri
Mad Panic Coaster
Power Shovel
Iblard Laputa no Kaeru Machi
U.F.O.: A Day In The Life
Midnight Wanderers: Wonder 3
Tokyo Dungeon
One on One
Densha De GO
Rakugaki Showtime
Cho Aniki
Harmful Park
Vib Ribbon
Bishi Bashi Special
Pepsi Man
Umihara Kawase Shun
Groove Jigoku V

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>densha de go

is there some secret train brotherhood or something?

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Addie's Present is an odd, adventurous story puzzle that's missing from the list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7eYU376chY

Translation's still in the works after a few years.

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Tail of the Sun

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Tail of the Sun and Sentient are two of the more unique games I recall playing on it.

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i mean kind of, it was made for train enthusiasts and there aren't a lot of those.


cool, i'll look out for that

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forgot about tails of the sun, thanks

sentient looks really good too, i like the npc graphics.

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I'm sure Moon RPG counts for this list, too, as it looks and sounds weird + is a commentary on JRPGs.

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Are those naked people on the cover?

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yes sir

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I'd say Novastorm by Psygnosis, but the best version is on 3DO.

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Lattice 200EC7


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Internal Section might interest you, it's basically REZ's dad.

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>it was made for train enthusiasts and there aren't a lot of those.
Is that why it's an arcade hit with million seller console port? Was Elevator Action made for elevator enthusiasts too?

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condom the game...

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Koudelka. Basically the predecessor to the Shadow Hearts series. Set in Victorian era Wales. And for Sacnoth's first game they ever made, it's really good compared to most companies firsts.

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>Pepsi Man
Radikal Bikers

Everything by Artdink.

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I'll never understand why these threads are always just about the PS1. Other consoles also had weird strange, artistic or surreal games.

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Which one of these had the weirdest/strangest/ most interesting sounds?

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PS1 works because early 3D has quite a surreal vibe to it anyway. N64 didn't have that many surreal games

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Fluid is a pretty cool game

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Yeah but there may be some unknown japanese N64 games you didn't know about yet. Also what about Sega Saturn? Or 3DO? Or even PC?

I dunno, it's okay if you want to center only on PS1, but I think you can find a lot more if you also search in other platforms.

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N64 has no games.

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But what about Saturn, 3DO, LaserActive and many other systems that actually had more of what you want? Not to mention japanese PCs.

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Are you OP?

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Well, the PS1 sold 100 million consoles and the N64 only 33 millions. It's only logical that more cames would be produced for the PS1 and thus more weird games. If a weird game could reach 1% of those user, it would've sold 1 million times. Also, CDs are cheaper than cartridges which allowed for more risky or even indie projects.
And I have the feeling most N64 fans are Nintendo fan boys who only care about Rare/Nintendo games and never bother to look any further.
The N64 has Wonder Project J2, which is a rather unique game.

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But again, N64 and PS1 aren't the only consoles in existence, most of those games in OP's list are japan-only, so why not include at least the Sega Saturn too? it has plenty of weird japanese games, probably more than PS1.

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Can you name any?
The PS1 just gives me that 'vapourwave' vibe for some reason

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I know what you mean.

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i dunno if its what you are looking for but rising zan is weird.

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This game is cool as fuck, thanks for reccomending

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Esoteric is obviously not the word OP was looking for.

Densha de GO! started as an arcade game. The later sequels became "train enthusiast games", but it was originally pretty mainstream.

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Cheers for this anon.

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vapourware? like that pseudo music "genre" that teenage hipsters at /mu/ obsess over? I'm not too sure what vapourware is, but I always see people saying Soul Hackers has vapourware music, it was originally a Sega Saturn game, but then it got a PS1 port, and more recently a release on 3DS which is the definitive version and the only one in english.

Also check out 3D Museum for the Pioneer LaserActive, might be thekind of thing you're looking for (it's barely a game though, as in not at all)


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is this suddenly a Grimoire thread?

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it still makes no sense because you're limiting te amount o responses you can get to te tread. (keyboard isn't working btw)

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I was expecting him to say something like "I only have a PS1 and I'm looking for PS1 games only" or something like that, which would have been understandable and a decent response I could understand, but no, he had to go out and talk about sales, nintendo fanboys, and other nonsense. Sony fanboys are the worst.

I was curious because I could contribute to this thread because I know and own a bunch of weird, surreal japanese games, especially for systems like PC-88, PC-98 and X68000, but not with this kind of asshole around, if he wants rare, obscure games to increase his hipster cred then he should work harder. Next time you make this thread, be less of a fanboy.

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Next time you want a thread about obscure and weird japanese PC games, start a thread for obscure and weird japanese PC games.

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I won't, I know my shit and I don't need to ask other people to look games for me.

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You little whiny bitch. I didn't make this thread. And I was just making a wild guess. Why would I, as a Sony fanboy, even give an example of weird Japanese games on the N64? What's the point of that?

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This one certainly counts

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What is this, and what system?

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Looks pretty cool. Reminds me of the bar scene in Hackers.

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A Wizardry 7-style game made by a former SirTech programmer who lives in a nuclear bunker in the Australian outback. Been in development since the mid 1990s. Spends most of his time posting conspiracy theories and "scientists are dumb poo poo heads" on his shitty piss-colored blog, so he has very little time to actually complete the "4 micro-bugs" that are remaining.

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>he had to go out and talk about sales, nintendo fanboys, and other nonsense
He mentions sales because it makes more sense for something with more sales to have more content produced for it, thus meaning more chances something weird would get made.
The most popular games for the N64 seemed to follow similar themes, so perhaps that might've discouraged some people from straying from what they think the N64 consumer base seemed to enjoy.
That's not to say those two things really are the case, but it was just his theory.

>Sony fanboys are the worst.
>not with this kind of asshole around, if he wants rare, obscure games to increase his hipster cred then he should work harder. Next time you make this thread, be less of a fanboy.
You seem to be pretty upset and judgmental over this random guy's theory. It's a video game forum on the internet dude calm down.

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>You seem to be pretty upset and judgmental over this random guy's theory. It's a video game forum on the internet dude calm down.

Damn, maybe you're right, I overreacted.

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>no Gaball Screen

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I'd argue that the glut of content and thus more artsy stuff like LSD was due in part to how easy it was to program for the PSX; as well as the less strict quality control standards that Sony had for its systems. The result is weird shit buried beneath a sea of garbage.

Also, the fact that we're still in a pissing contest over twenty year old systems brings joy to my heart.

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>Spends most of his time posting conspiracy theories and "scientists are dumb poo poo heads" on his shitty piss-colored blog, so he has very little time to actually complete the "4 micro-bugs" that are remaining.

So this is what the SJWs think about the most glorious intellectual to have ever posted on RPGCodex (which is, by the way, *THE* elite intellectual HQ of the Internet with the highest concentration of people in the top 10% IQs in the world).

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File: 84 KB, 600x598, Jumping Flash! 2 [U] [SCUS-94108]-front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 234 KB, 500x500, floatingrunner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Shit Anon, that might be too wacky.

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wacky tobacky

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VaporWARE is hardware or software, that was previewed in some form, but never materialized.

VaporWAVE is the hipster elevator music.

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This and the first one are mazing, genuine masterpieces. Much better than Crash, Spyro and all that other mascot stuff that got famous on PlayStation for some reason.

Had this one too. It's a cute early 3D platformer. Too primitive though, but it's leagues better than Bubsy3D. Worth checking out for the charming early untextured low-poly graphics.

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Jumping Flash was pretty cool but you can't honestly compare it to Spyro and Crash

>> No.2679091


Yeah I know, they're not the same genre, but I wanted Robbit to be PlayStation's mascot, not Crash. I also never liked Crash and Spyro quite as much myself, but that's just me.

I actually think JF did a pretty good job at first person platforming. It's the only game in first person perspective that jumping actually feels good.

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pic related is a game with artistic value. One of the few artistic games made by western developers. Gotta love the cinematic platformers.

I came out before Mario 64 and did a lot of things right. Like, it had a shadow below you so you could estimate where you'd land. It came out a year before Mario 64.

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Power Shovel was the best fifty cents I ever spent at a Goodwill Outlet.

Mort the Chicken might count.

>> No.2680584

>This and the first one are mazing, genuine masterpieces.
Meh, they're both okay at best. I wouldn't say they're better than Spyro or Crash though ('specially in the graphics department), but that's just me.

>I actually think JF did a pretty good job at first person platforming.
In a few ways, yes. Still can get a bit wonky at times.

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I like Germs, sad that its one of those games that will never get a translation.

There's Mizzurna Falls, some sort of a precursor of Deadly Premonition (this one is all in jap too).

Aconcagua is a very cinematic survival/adventure game, it's dubbed in english and with jap subs.

I like Panekit too, like a precursor of games like Kerbal Space Program, Nuts and Bolts and Besiege:


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Holy shit that looks awesome. Possible to play without knowing japanese?

>> No.2681039

Panekit? Yes, once you learn the menu, the quests and all are pretty straight foward

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thx m8

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In terms of gameplay Jumping Flash is just as good as Crash and Spyro.
The graphics are worse.

>> No.2681189

the best
Finished it yesterday, loved its style - really nails that 80s action feel well. I want Jonathan's hair. And a cigarette. And an internal monologue that occasionally comes in the form of Ed.

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This is a FMV game, likely an interactive anime, it was made alongside the anime version but it features a different plot and art style, there doesn't seem to be much info about it.

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>paramonian temples
>the stockyards
Great game. Maximum ambiance.

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Heart of Darkness
Another World

>> No.2684847

OH NO! is hella weird.

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N2O. LSD may be required to play it.

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That whale is so moe.

>> No.2686919

I just finished playing this with my buddies. I'm so glad that it withstood the test of time. It's also a shining example of what New Game+ should be all about.

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This game Yakyuken Special is pretty bizarre. It's a strip tease game where you play rock-paper-scissors against women and they will take off an article of clothing if you win the hand. IIRC some of them will get completely naked, others won't. Good luck winning, though, because the game definitely cheats. I'm not sure you'd even want to win because some of these ladies are pretty gnarled. Maybe I'd find it more arousing in 1995 when the world wasn't inundated in easy to find internet pornography. As it is now, though, it's very slow and plays the same obnoxious tune over and over.

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esoteric - adj - intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

Nah. I'd say he's right, but the connotation of esoteric as occult is fucking hilarious when you think about it in that context. Train Sims are goth as fuck.

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Now this is interesting. I can really appreciate early 3d animation showcases and this is right up my alley

>> No.2688059

That looks cool as fuck. Is it something you can just jump into and fiddle around with and start building or would you need to be able to read Japanese to make anything interesting?

>> No.2688075

You just need to figure what do what on the menu, maybe find the demo videos in there to learn how to build something. Is just trial and error.

Then build something and go to the world finding pieces, completing the quests to win new ones

>> No.2688516

It's good in terms of scenario but very poor in terms of gameplay, impossible to translate, you can find transcriptions online tho. Still worth it.

>> No.2688542

Incredible Crisis.

>> No.2689217

I am watching a play through of this game, and it is rather interesting. Thinking about doing something like this for one of my tabletop games.

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They're usually more about Saturn and its non-games, like this crap here.
Somewhere someone fapped to this.

>> No.2691497

I'm fapping to this right now

>> No.2691983

>Somewhere someone fapped to this.
that somewhere is the same chair im in right now

>> No.2692253

Can somebody give me a link for Iblard Laputa no Kaeru Machi? Can't seem to find it around.

>> No.2692879

Does anyone else remember Silhouette Mirage? Insanely hard but strangely addicting 2d sidescolling shooter with an incoherent story line and some of the wierdest/coolest characters and designs. No pic cuz posting from mobile, but someone else has to have played this game.

>> No.2692883


Yes, it's a Treasure game. The US version got fucked because Working Designs (who published the game) decided to fuck around with the game balance, the original japanese version is much better, and there's an even better version for Sega Saturn

>> No.2696060

Well, me neither. Maybe we could find something if we had the title in kanji.

>> No.2698058

OP here, lot of good shit here yall. totally forgot about this thread.

i made this specifically about the PS1 because i'm getting a modchip and because the console has an affinity towards these types of games.

i know a pretty good amount about games like this for other systems if someone wants to start the thread


here you go


>> No.2698071

Is it this?
It's the only video I can find on youtube.

>> No.2698138


should be.

here's another video with gameplay:


>> No.2698393

I was playing Germs some hours ago but couldn't understand what you are supposed to do when you reach the hotel.

>> No.2698474

PS1 Juggernaut

>> No.2701246

I really need to play Sentient. I've just been trying to find the PC version but can't.

>> No.2701252

I like Jeffry better. Totally BARA

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>> No.2701373

Another mind by square

>> No.2701389

not retro, but the LocoRoco series on PSP is a mushroom trip in a video game if i've ever seen one...

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translated script available here: http://psx.lain.pl/

frustratingly it's probably never going to be put into the actual game so that's the only way to play it

>> No.2701452

>So this is what the SJWs think about the most glorious intellectual to have ever posted on RPGCodex (which is, by the way, *THE* elite intellectual HQ of the Internet with the highest concentration of people in the top 10% IQs in the world).

oof Poe's law at work

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I remember playing a demo of this. I was trying to find it again, but I just assumed it was some 3D Ecco the Dolphin game.

>> No.2703160,1 [INTERNAL] 

Fushigi Deka (Capcom)
Planet Dob
Doki Oki

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