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Miyamoto just confirmed that Super Mario Bros. 3 was in fact all just one long theater performance and that Super Mario is named after Mario Segale, NOA's warehouse landlord in the 80s.

It's shown in this video.

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We're not twelve year olds who just got into older vidya just to be cool with friends OP. It was pretty much implied and anyone can put 2 and 2 together. NIce that he confirmed it though.

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Go back to /v/ - Nintendo

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That was real fucking cute

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Yeah man I hear you. Good thing we have this board where we don't have to talk about gay mario shit and can talk about real hardcore games.

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>implying kids who grew up on Halo don't think Super Mario Bros is hardcore

they struggle a lot with retro Mario games since they're not used to sidescrollers, gaining momentum, etc.

My kid cousins will kick some ass in Counter Strike or whatever FPS is popular but they will call SMB bullshit difficulty

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I'm gonna say he's thinking of the original japanese or european covers; this one doesn't qualify as myth, it's just harsh reality

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>xbox being retro
The thought of that is pretty funny to me, but also a reality that will come to be. Imagine your average copy of Halo being price gouged for $80

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Nasir Gebelli is an Iranian-American programmer and video game developer. Gebelli co-founded Sirius Software, created his own company Gebelli Software, and worked for Square (now Square Enix).

He became known in the early 1980s for producing 3D shooters and other games for the Apple II computer, and later became known for his work at Square, where he produced the early Final Fantasy games alongside Hironobu Sakaguchi, as well as 3-D WorldRunner, Rad Racer, Secret of Mana, and other titles.


Here he is interviewed by John Romero.

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So HE is Bowser Jr.'s mother?
So Bowser fucked Miyamoto?

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He created him, therefore he is his mother.

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I always thought the sports games were more canon than the platformers.
In the sports games they are in a real competition, and you can see the different locations and companies of the mushroom kingdom.
the platformers in which Peach gets kidnapped are a play.

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He looks so old now.

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It's been 30 years since he did Super Mario Bros.
Older than 90% of 4chan userbase.

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That's a smug dolphin

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That wall is in the background, or else the fireball and his feet would not be over it

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You're both wrong. Mario obviously saved himself with a well-timed wall jump.

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That's because FPSs are all point and click now. Yeah, there's consoles too, but it's the same deal, push stick in the direction you desire, hit a button. Very little jumping off high platforms and melee killing people, jumping off towers and shit ala Unreal Tournament, et cetera.

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While most of this info is already known I do love how open Nintendo have been the past few years. Gaming history from the 80's is fairly lost to a lot of people since most games were just a quick thing that was rushed out the door. Hell the Mega Man NES games were one of those things that was mostly background stuff while they were investing in their "top games" since they were mostly a arcade developer.

And Nintendo has the biggest history of that era but with Nintendo being extremely Japanese they are the most tight lip about their games. So now they are slowly being more open about their past history we might here amazing things if the right people ask them. Hell seeing them show off all that graph paper and all the effort they put into making SMB to me is one the most important piece of paper in video game history.

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if you stand right beside a wall before shooting a fireball it actually goes through the wall for a few frames

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What a massive cop-out. Just admit that Peach fucked Bowser.

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>that stretched out perspective

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>>2673303 >>2673585

It's not a screenshot; if the trail lines weren't enough of a clue, there's the fact that back then there was neither such thing as a native "screenshot" (you'd have to actually take a "shot" of a screen with a camera -and probably a macro lens-, and that wouldn't result in this kind of cleanly delimited square pixels), nor was there any widely used Neanderthal Photoshop software you could use to enlarge it through Nearest-neighbor interpolation into a "high resolution retro pixel art background pls upvote".

The covers in those early NES boxes were motherfucking paper collages. Look at this detail, you can see slightly beveled paper edges catching the light and some fibers from the bits where the cuts weren't clean enough. Somebody received the commission from Nintendo of America (these were probably done by an staff designer, though), played the game, paused around to copy sprites and tiles into graph paper, planned the final illustration, and spent hours cuting the exact pieces of paper needed and precisely pasting them together (again, with actual paste). Of course there was no need to reproduce the actual behavior of the game's visuals. The idea was to show Mario and the fireball, and add a background. But why that particular bit of background? It's intentional; Mario is fucking dying in the cover; Whatever the original designer of the game has to say about the matter is meaningless: whoever employed a day of his or her life to pull this off and actually got it accepted has earned the right for this to be so.

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You'd rather have a proper aspect ratio than a full screen?
Pfft go back to /v/ kid, around here we don't care about how games look.

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>weak false-flag retort

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Yeah I thought this was pretty cool. There are some interviews with John Romero gushing about the Apple II days and how programmers had a distinct style back when stuff like OpenGL and widely used engines weren't around.

The secret of mana spinning menu thing was his signature thing and it's pretty cool that they honored fancy shit like that even when he wasn't around. I dunno, pretty cool.

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He wants Mario to look more like him.

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Shiggy has said before that he doesn't really know who Bowser Jr.'s mother is, but it's not Peach. He also doesn't know where the Koopa Kids came from but they're not related to Bowser Jr.

So basically, Bowser fucks whoever he feels like but he uses a condom when he's with Peach.

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What? Are you joking? Everyone knows that Daisy is the koopa kids mother and Rosalina is BJ's mother.
Luigi is always 'second' so it would make sense he'd get Sloppy Seconds.
BJ calling Peach 'mother' is confusing because his mother isn't Peach, but Peach's daughter... Rosalina.

But hey, it's just a theory. A poorly thought out theory. Thanks for watching.

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>Bowser fucks whoever he feels like but he uses a condom when he's with Peach.

Nah, he doesn't use a condom, his semen just can't impregnate her.

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And she loves it.

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Dude wtf, I grew up with Mario 3 and Super Nintendo just like most kids but I also played Halo in my teenage years as well as my gamecube games and computer games. This is almost as gay as a guy going "Kids who grew up on mario will think Pinball or Pong is retarded artificial difficulty because they are plebs"

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sometimes I think conservative christians were right and we really are just all going to end up fucking animals and inanimate objects and society will just accept it as normal

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Aight you grew up playing Mario in your childhood and Halo in your teens. There were kids that were born after you that started straight with Halo and aren't familiar with Mario or sidescrollers in general, FPS is their default vidya experience, while you had the chance to experience the shift between 2D and 3D games.

Also I never said they were plebs, I wouldn't call my cousins plebs. I just noted that they think Mario is a hard game, simply because they aren't used to play games like it.

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It's only hard until you play it a million times. Then it's easy.

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So this is the guy responsible for the trainwreck that was FFI's coding?

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>composite is how retro was meant to be played


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>It's only hard until you play it a million times. Then it's easy.

no shit

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>It was all a dream, used to read famitsu magazine

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I suppose that's why I like Splatoon. It really mixes things up as far as gameplay goes.

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>implying I even played halo and didn't just get bored of that shit repetitive game and not even finish

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What about the RPGs?

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This is the problem with people over the age of 18. They just don't seem to understand that Mario is the best thing ever and what true gaming is all about.

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I think he was talking about Halo.

Also you seem to be a triggered youngling, how cute!

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That's a big word for someone with kindergarten level reading comprehension.

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on the contrary, maybe I'm too old to follow that green memespeak.

I only use greentext to quote, I don't know why people still feel the need to use that whole implying meme in 2015, it was retarded then and it's still retarded now. Just write normally.

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There's something odd about SMB3 being all a play. I mean, the Koopalings appear in World, as a direct followup to 3. That, and Bower's flying battleship that crash landed at the center of Dinoland.

I think it's all a reenactment of actual events.

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I came here for the trivia
where is the trivia

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I used it to quote the post I was replying to.
Summers over sport. Do your homework instead of shitting up the board.

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talk about reading comprehension.

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> 50 posts in
> still no mention of did you know gaming

So Mario Segale confirmed to punch the chink shit out of Miyamoto?

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choose at least one

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I've always had a question.
Okay, we assume now that SMB3 is in fact a theatrical play.
What's up with Super Mario World? The events of SMW are directly preceded by SMB3. The Ghost Ship is one of the flying ships from SMB3. Is Super Mario World a fucking teathrical play too? Did any of the Mario games actually happen?

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did u no super mario 2 was really donger dumptruck picnic?

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Exactly what I thought about when I watched it

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what do you mean?

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All of the Mario characters are just professional actors.
Didn't you think it was weird that Mario and Bowser are sworn enemies one game and playing friendly sports matches the other?

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candid picture taken during the SMB1 rehearsal back in 1984

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These are the kind of things that no one questions because it's accepted as an ilogical fact to make a game enjoyable or, simply, make a game. For example, huge inventories in RPGs, the co-existance of all the characters in Super Smash Bros or other crossovers, the fact that most of videogame characters don't need to eat or sleep to survive...

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>just confirmed

I've read this shit decades ago in a magazine, what the hell you're talking about

>yfw in 3 years SMB3 will be 30yo

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This thread had appeared four times in the last day. It's just a meme.

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FUN FACT: 4chan is full of idiots and trolls.

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>huge inventories in RPGs


>the co-existance of all the characters in Super Smash Bros or other crossovers

Interdimensional bullshit.

>the fact that most of videogame characters don't need to eat or sleep to survive...

They do it when we turn the game off, duh.

What a faggot

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Did you knwo that da reel Mario 2 was never released in the US because the Japs thought it was too hard for waitu piggos? it was later released as The Lost Levels in Supa Mario All Stars tho!

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>not telling him mario 2 is actually just Doki Doki with a mario reskin

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Did you know Super Mario Bros 2 is not exactly "all a dream"
It is a real place in trouble on another plain of existence, that Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad all really went to. Being asleep was merely the means of going there.

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he doesnt look healthy m8s
iwata didnt last long
how long's he got?

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...who cares?

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Iwata had cancer and died from complications of surgery in an attempt at treating it.

Miyamoto is just gettin' old, maybe he tans a lot.

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anyone who counts? kek

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Playing Mario needs some basics nailed down, akin to learning to swim or ride a bicycle. You need to learn to move around quickly and accurately, accelerating and declelerating (use of B/Y) and measuring and timing jumps. Most people I've seen getting frustrated with classic Mario games ignored this and expected beating levels more or effortlessly without practice. Obviously they kept dying, and got frustrated blaming the game. But can you expect to use a bike to commute without learning to ride it first, and blame the bike if you keep falling over?

After you have the basic mechanics nailed down, you gotta get familiar with enemies, their behavior patterns (movement, attacks) and ways to defeat them as well as any of their special properties. Another thing is getting familiar with items and their usage, as well as the what the various blocks in a given game do.

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Nah, Halo is much more massproduced than older games.

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anyone but a faggot like you, yes

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SMB3 was based on true events.

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underrated post

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>NES controller

underage b&

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>Did any of the Mario games actually happen?
No, they are video game works of fiction.

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he's talking about mario games on the newer consoles

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No fucking shit, reatard.

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I'm actually surprised that Miyamoto himself would bother putting his face on a 2D Mario product.

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well, he's nothing more than a spokesman now

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Oh no, a typo. That never happens ever.

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Are you seriously that mad, dude? I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at the typo, and it yielded a genuine giggle from me very late at night. If anything, I appreciate it Anon.

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Actually Anon that's from the SMB3 rehersals you can see the Koopalings in there. No idea why Wort is there too though.

10/10 peach though. Leggy and smoking bitchsticks, HNNG.

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What? No? I laughed too when I saw it.

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lol you have no idea what you're talking about

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Well, your post from the perspective of anyone else makes it seem like you're either sarcastic or not annoyed. Can't blame me for reacting that way.

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How not?

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These fucking threads are amazing. /vr/ is where I imagine all the off topic shitposters go when they get old, all we need now is a guy spamming dubs guy and calling out gets and it will be just like /v/.

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Someone else already posted that.

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Did yuo kno that Pokeyman isn't real at all, it's just Ash in a coma and thats y he always stays the same age?

I mean, whoa.

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Maybe that sick asshole Bowser designed the levels like a play?

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In Doom2 when u go noclip and behind final bossdude is head on stick of ron jomero guy
he made the game and put his head in ther jajajaja

(I'm so, SO sorry for making this post, you guys!)

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That's obviously one of the SMB3 kings in his transformed state you Goomba

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Considering dildos and fleshlights are a thing...

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