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Donkey Dong's Anal Gape Parade 9: Dumpman's Last One-Night Stand

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Not akward but first game I ever saw with boob physics was Soul Calibur.

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>boob physics

King of Fighters '94 for me.

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There was a DoA game for the xbox with jiggle physics so bad it actually bothered me. It's like it was done by virgins who had never even seen a movie let alone touched a boobie.

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>Be 11
>Playing Blade Runner PC game on family computer
>In VIP strip club room with stripper dancing
>Dad walks into room (irl)
>Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh
>Dad's talking to my sister, hasn't noticed
>Start clicking frantically to get McCoy out of room
>McCoy's glitched and stuck
>Whine quietly to myself something like, "Why can't I move out of heeeeeeeere?!"
>"You seem to be moving pretty good to me."
>Dad's voice behind me
>He thinks I'm the stripper

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>be me playing Donkey Kong 64
>mom in other room doing laundry
>listening to the DK rap
>"And the kong...Is one helluva guy!"

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>be ~24
>playing Ocarina of Time
>do that part that makes Darunia start dancing
>older sister walks in
>looks at me like I'm retarded

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I wonder how DK64 didn't get an NC-17 rating for that.

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why does that warrant an nc-17?

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Fucking scarcasm dude

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I kinda thought, but I was also wondering if it was a dick joke or something.

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Home Alone on the SNES because my only memory of playing it was when this cute redhead girl I met in middle school asked me to come over to her house to play SNES.

We played the game for about 30min before I had to go home. She was really cute and I wish she wasn't with a roaming family (dad was military, they moved.. a lot) as I'd have liked to get to know her as we were growing up.

To this day I can't look at Home Alone on the SNES without feeling that touch of childhood crush nostalgia..

She's probably why I still to this day have a thing for redheads.. and shitty games..

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> 11 yo me
> Playing FF7
> Playing with my hoes U Whore (Tifa) and Lesbie Ann (Yuffie) along side Wet Pussy (Red XIII).
> Cast Shiva so I can see some hot polygon tail
> Grandma walks in
> Awkward
> Luckliy I managed to cover the names with a battle menu

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Who is gonna get the Satan septs?

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let's see >>2666666

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Guess no dubs allowed here

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>be prepubescent
>sitting around playing SMW with sisters and mother watching
>notice that yoshi can't eat the fuzzy guys
>say "yoshi doesn't like hairy" out loud
>they burst into an avalanche of cackles

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Super Mario World reminds me of all of the shitty romhacks and lets plays I did when I was 11-12.

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I just looked...
>>2666666 = No one. Disabled or deleted? It's not like we are get whores on this board.

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Dubs are disabled pretty much everywhere on 4chan

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fucking newfigs

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that's fucking hilarious
I love this thread

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There's so much cringeworthy stuff in Zeldas now I really don't know what Nintendo is thinking. All that sumo stuff in TP was really uncomfortable to sit through too.

I guess as a rule anything too Japanese is pretty awkward. They're sense of humor just doesn't translate well here often.

I don't really get it. IIRC in SMW they were called Hairy Fuzzies (or Fuzzles) so it's a normal thing to say.

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Eiji Aonuma is the one in charge of the series, and he likes it being a QUIRKY and FUNNY game series. His first project had total control of was Wind Waker, and even before that he would insert the WACKIER elements in Majora's Mask.

>Aonuma: To put it simply, I was responsible for the fairy-tale sections, and Koizumi was responsible for creating realistic depictions of the lives of the townspeople. I tried to emulate the fantasy atmosphere we had in Ocarina of Time…

>Koizumi: And I created realistic lives for the characters.

>Aonuma: You could say that Koizumi slapped his worldview on the whole thing. [Laughs]

>Koizumi: I put in everything I’ve seen in my 30-something years on this earth.

>Miyamoto: It’s a very serious game. [Laughs]

>Koizumi: Aonuma was in charge of the outdoors, and when he saw how serious my town was, he made his areas of the game more light-hearted.

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So much hedgehog panties. I spent a lot of time looking up virtual girl's skirts as a dumb kid period.

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>on the Xbox


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>[volume decreases]

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Makes me feel awkward today. Jesus, why panties on a 12 year hedgehog that you can clearly see?

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keep it alive

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eh, I didn't think nothing of it. it's just a panty dude

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keep it alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i must keep it alive

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come on keep it alive

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keeeeeeeeeeeep ittttttttttttt aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>Fucking loved Yoshi's Island
>Buy it with saved up money
>Pop that fucker in
>Title screen comes up
>family gives me this look of pity
>Yoshi makes annoying baby sounds while collecting big smiling hearts
>later mom says to me "I'm not saying you should play ultra violent games either but there's a limit, anon"

The only time I've actually been utterly embarrassed about playing a video game.

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keep it alive

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This one hits home. Thanks for posting this, brings back a lot of what's going on with my body? feelings.

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Ha Ha Ha
Fucking lost it !
Your mom is a very wise woman
Did she buy you Contra or something ?

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pretty much any early computer game that attempts to be "open", no matter what genre, feels awkward as fuck to me.

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What's the retro equivalent to "finny fun"?

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>finny fun
the "opera scene" in FF6

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Rhapsody A Musical Adventure. But it's an awkward I get a weird kick out of.

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I could never get into this game, the story isn't really as good as people make it out to be and the combat in both versions leave a lot to be desired and is boringly easy.

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This is why grown men don't buy modern Nintendo consoles for themselves.

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I agree with everything you said but I still play through it once every year. Heh I guess I just like the lolis.

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No, it's what this anon said: >>2668802


Marjoly is still 10/10 ultra waifu though

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Every Saturday at 8.. Hopefully no friends would be over because I had to get my air-check of every song.


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SHITE wrong link


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I don't get it. Where's the problem?

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Hate to break the retro barrier but Final fantasy X cut scenes are pure cringe fuel

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Not a videogame, but I apologized to my mother for making her take me (and her) to the movies to see the Street Fighter movie.
I felt ashamed at how bad the movie was. I was like 9 years old.

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It's, like, made for kids that still watch Sesame Street.

I remember I was 13 and I had just bought Donkey Kong 64 from a store with my dad. When I went home my dad was watching me play it for a bit. There were those easy as fuck minigames where you did some trivial task and the game was scream WELLL DOOOOOONNNNNE!!!!!! at you. My dad said to me, even when I was just 13, "Kinda kiddish isn't it?"

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Nobody is better at delivering massive cringe material than Sega is. Don't even need to look at sanic.

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It's weird how more and more juvenile the DK series got. I mean, DKC 1 and 2 weren't grim dark by any means, but they certainly didn't have the tone DKC3 and especially DK64 brought.

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But these are great

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I wish I could say something similar didn't happen to me when I rented Yoshi's Story as a kid. I was so disappointed.

>> No.2669062


Not only did I have a similar experience Yoshi's Story but your family's reaction is almost exactly how it went for me and Tail Concerto

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>hell of a

Hell is considered profanity to kids so I assume anon was worried his mom would hear it and take the game away.

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>All that sumo stuff in TP was really uncomfortable to sit through too.

See also: Fucking EVERYTHING bug girl says.

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Oh Mr snail, I wish I could take a bath in your slime...~

>> No.2669802

You win the thread, if only because anyone who played that game felt the same at the time.

It didn't help that it somehow managed to be easier than Yoshi's Island, a game that the player is effectively invincible in.

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holy shit this.

my dad fucking despised that game. one day it disappeared and I never exactly figured out what happened to it. Im guessing he either hid it or just took it apart and threw it away.

One time I was playing quake multiplayer split screen by myself to learn all the weapon spawns and shit cause we used to do 1v1s.
apparently he didnt like that and took the cartridge apart in front of me so I couldn't play it.

Kinda fucked up thinking about it now, he's not a bad guy overall.

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Pretty much any NIS is cringe-inducing.

I can't touch Disgaea anymore but I did play Rhapsody. I mean, at least Rhapsody advertises itself as a "musical adventure" so its not really surprising that its very disney-esque in a lot of ways.

Disgaea is a shitload worse and I kind of want to get rid of it because I get second hand embarassment whenever someone asks me about it on my shelf. Its one of those games I played a shitload in my teenage weeby years so its kind of hard to get rid of.

Those are really the only games that I absolutely feel the cringe. I respect an amount of Campiness (Resident Evil series, and Metal Gear specifically) because they kind of lighten up the experience. If RE or Metal Gear was strictly serious all the time, it would be a much worse experience imo.

I guess any game that had suggestive themes when I was still living with my parents too, any kind of exposed cleavage or suggestive moaning and stuff was pretty cringe inducing as well.

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>dad walks in

>> No.2672325

Yoshi really is the Teletubby of Nintendo.

>> No.2672328

>all these fags ashamed of yoshi's story
best memories between me and baby femanon

>> No.2672386

hahahahaha, have fun with that did you?

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This is so cheesy it's beautiful.

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>that Kate Alen

Awkward isn't the word I'd use

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The only thing I really found ugly about all these clips are the hair.
3d humans were really ugly in the years companies where experimenting and learning the ropes of the animation.

It's just at 2005 or 2006 when 3d started to look fine.

>> No.2672984


I threw a party and started playing it while my guests chilled in the living room. Then got to the point where you're spanking girls left and right. It was a tad awkward.

>> No.2672991

What the fuck? That's great you stupid ass hole.

>> No.2672995 [DELETED] 

I like the plastic doll look, looks right out of a cartoon.

>> No.2673036

Fucking Aonuma

>> No.2673062

Well, Soul Calibur did it quite well, dare I say "realistic", though. It didn't stand out too much, like in say... DoA

>> No.2673065

A 12 year old hedgehog that you can clear;y see must be better than a hedgehog you clearly can't see.

>> No.2673124

Your dad sounds like he was kind of a dick.

>> No.2673256

Cant let my parents see rouge the bat's giant bat tits

>> No.2673280

Honey Pop. Hard to get off when my SO is in the next room and worrying she'll walk in any moment.

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>Be 7
>Playing Pushover on my mother's computer
>She walks in
>"Hey Anon, that's a really cute videogame can I play it with you?"
>Eh, okay mum but we take turns
>Lose after a handful of stages
>She beats all the levels at light speed
>Never got a turn that day
>Mom won't stop playing Pushover from that day onwards
>She even downladed Dosbox to play it again a few years ago

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I must have transcended self awareness into full weeabdom or some shit, most of the stuff in this thread I don't consider cringey at all.

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Your dad is a manchild who cannot regulate his emotions in a non-pathological way.

>> No.2673976

>started playing video games while hosting a party

Well there's your problem right there, you gigantic sperglord.

>> No.2674054

>peoples parents giving them shit for enjoying kid stuff when they were kids

The only thing I remember that made me feel awkward was my mom looking over my shoulder when I was playing C&C and commenting that Kane was hot.

>> No.2674067


My father molested me, but we played Lttp and Ocarina of Time together, so that was cool. I'm a straight male.

>> No.2674073

your mom cucked your dad prob

>> No.2674086

Not anymore you aren't.

>> No.2674090

no one ever gave me a "are you wining" our played any games with me ever.

>> No.2674091

That was an unnecessarily hurtful thing to say

>> No.2674092

If it was with Kane then I would be happy as hell.

>> No.2674105

except my friends. you guys are awesome.

>> No.2674114

He's your real father.

>> No.2674118

Are you sure. Now that it's been legally proven that you're born gay you might want to be get checked to see if he passed the gay gene along to you.

>> No.2675176

Metal Gear Solid.
>Dad walks in
Hey son, what are you playing?
>Soldiers flood the room, Snake and Meryl shoot their way out
Metal Gear Solid, I'm this super soldier that has to infiltrate an enemy base and take out the leader before he nukes the US
Huh, looks pretty neat.
>Meryl leaves, Snake stares at her ass
>Dad leaves room, don't see him for a few hours

My dad was kinda a prude, so there's that.

>> No.2677162

They don't?

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This game pretty much ruined Yoshi forever, too.
Fuck you Yoshi's Story.

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your dad sounds really gay and beta

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Who's gayer, Yoshi or Tails?

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File: 604 KB, 800x600, 800px-SSS_SONIC12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you really need to ask?

On an unrelated note,
>Select all images with street name signs.
>Multiple correct solutions required - please solve more [over ten times]
>Error: You seem to have mistyped the CAPTCHA. Please try again.
>[repeat several times]

How do I fix this shit?

>> No.2678750

I don't know, Yoshi gets mounted by fat Italian men quite frequently

>> No.2679206

Experience similar situation recently, I'm 26 years old.

>> No.2679247

Who buys them for them than?

>> No.2679616

probably DOA2 on DC

literally the first time I remember seeing an upskirt
well, other than >>2667813 and I literally didn't think anything of it at the time
like, she's a cartoon hedgehog, not a qt asian girl in a schoolgirl outfit

apex kek

so glad my parents didn't give a shit about "hell"
was really confused my entire childhood when some of the other kids would treat it like a bad word

>> No.2679628

Buy a 4chan pass.

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Parents watching me play OOT. Then this pops up with that screeching laugh to make sure you were paying attention.

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File: 18 KB, 391x293, Sunflower.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But mainly because I masturbated to it.

>> No.2681921

To this day I will never know why they changed them from the beta design.

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seems geneeric and boring tbh
the final ones were hardcore sluts, what's not to like?

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>> No.2681957


before and after meeting tumblr

>> No.2682867

When I accidentally fried a terrorist suspect in an old Soviet electrical chair in Spycraft.
F-ing FMV games.

>> No.2683793

i dont get it, can some anon explain this to me?
>i'm 26 btw

>> No.2683794

Could say that you were a ......pushover

>> No.2683818

Hairy vagina.

>> No.2683825

my most awkward moment would probably be when I was playing conker's bad fur day when my parents were watching, and it was up to the part where i got to jump on the sunflower's boobs

>> No.2684167

He had just some "private time"

>> No.2684176

That's dad 4 u

>> No.2685993 [DELETED] 

Many games did.

>> No.2686237

>>Meryl leaves, Snake stares at her ass
>>Dad leaves room, don't see him for a few hours
Hah, what a fag.

>> No.2686240

I felt a bit awkward when marle hugged chrono on death peak. like my characters were having a private moment and I, the player, was intruding on it, as weird as that sounds.

>> No.2687526

I loved those, days were spent enthralled and infatuated with playthroughs made by a twelve year old by stacking a camera on some books and zooming in until the frame almost fits the television. Good times, also reminds me of the SM64 scatman john videos.

>> No.2687876

cyberbykes , because nobody knows what it is

>> No.2687914

If I met your dad today I would beat him up

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File: 227 KB, 960x1280, 1440175988931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Beating on an older guy who's gotta be pushing 60 by now

>> No.2687932

Is your dad autistic?

>> No.2687946

I don't think I would've wanted my parents to walk in on any part of that game, really.
Though I'm glad I'm an ESL, my parents didn't understand the lyrics of the Great Mighty Poo's song, so I didn't have to lower the volume

>> No.2687965

Recently my dad was visiting my new house, so I thought "hey, I picked up some rare Saturn games from Japan, Ill play one with my dad. Itll be fun!"
>Parents are Jehovah's Witnesses
>He only reads American
>He picks Sexy Parodius
>I hadn't played it yet
>Thought it would be a colorful silly kids game like Parodius Da!
>I didn't know

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