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Who has been playing their Virtual Boy recently?
Recently got a sealed Wario Land.

What is your favorite game? Also general discussion

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my favorite game on da virtual boy be da toilet simulator 2015 son

you drop it in da toilet like boom baby! then you flush dat big red turd down da drain SHAAZAM

then you buy a real device baby!!!

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Jack Bros.

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>inb4 some spergbaron comes in and says the VB is genuinely a great system with a fantastic library and anyone who disagrees is just parroting e-celebs
>inb4 "I never got eyestrain"

But seriously, I like some of these games, is there an emulator somewhere which can remove the 3D effect so it looks like a normal game? I'd love to play a few of them but anaglyph 3D gives me massive eyestrain and headaches, since I have astigmatism which makes it difficult, if not impossible for me to look at 3D screens and shit.

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Wario Land is easily the best Wario game made. I like that and Vertical Force the most. Next would be Red Alarm.

And ignore the VB trolls. VB gets so much hate since you can't emulate it unless you have an oculus, ignoring the broken as he'll 3ds emulator.

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>vb thread
>6 replies
>4 are shitposting with the obligatory "eye cancer/eyestrain" post

I never got any eyestrain because I adjusted the Focus and IPD switches, as everyone who play with the VB should do.

Also, disappointed nobody posted Teleroboxer yet.

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Teleroboxer is my favorite VB game, but I also like Wario Land (easily one of the best Wario games ever as anon already said), Jack Bros is a nice game and it has the novelty of being the first megaten-related game released outside of Japan, I also like Mario's Tennis and Golf (aka T&E Virtual Golf),
Galactic Pinball, one of the best pinball vidya I ever played, although it's not really a pinball because you play with a disc rather than a ball, which makes it more interesting and the physics feel really satisfying.
Vertical Force is a nice vertical shooter too, I like the dual layer mechanic and how it looks with the 3D effect.
Red Alarm is also nice, but I can understand how some people don't like the wireframe graphics since it can be confusing at times, but I think it's still pretty fun.
There's more games but some are japan-only, like SD Gundam Dymension War (a SRPG in the vein of Super Robot Wars) or Insmouse no yakata (a first person shooter/dungeon crawl inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth).

The only VB game that I played and didn't like was Waterworld, stay away from it unless you really like the movie and don't mind a shitty game about it.

The only thing I can think of is using an emulator and disabling one of the 2 layers.

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Teleroboxer looks really good, but again, eyestrain.

How does the thing do the 3D? Does it render a double of everything in two layers or will some objects only show on one layer? If the former, fixing the graphics should be pretty banal.

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Bought a system. The right lens was not working. Huge clusterfuck returning it on Ebay, guy tried to say I didn't return all the items back to him. It was a nightmare.

Won't be buying one again.

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I got a headache encountering this post in the catalog.

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red alarm and wario land were my favorites.

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Just bake the lens in the oven

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It's a joke about the Virtual Boy causing eyestrain and headaches

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Being unable to understand humor is one of the telltale signs of autism.

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maybe he didn't find it funny since VB jokes have already got old by now


Although I feel for the people who can't properly see 3D for real, the VB should have included a non-3D mode like the 3DS does.

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If you're avoiding it because of one bad experience that was mostly due to one crappy guy and corporate bureaucracy, then you're an idiot.

If it's just because you don't think you'll like the system, then I guess that's on you.

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I guess it struck a nerve, are you still bitter about buying one brand new?

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Honestly this system is so bad it should be against the rules to make legit threads for it.

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I actually got mine for cheap in 2010.

The best part? the previous owner was a really hot chick so I don't mind sitting my face on it even if it's used.

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This. Look up YouTube tutorials on how to repair VBs. It's actually very easy to fix a broken VB

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I hope Teleroboxer gets another shot someday.

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How do you even use it? You would have to duck tape it around the back of your head.

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Ahh yes the virtual boy. Picked up one of these and a 32x from the bargain bin at a toys r us back in 95 or so. As stated teleroboxer and wario land were good games. Mine ended up ducktaped to a motorcycle helmet, no idea what became of it. I would suggest making sure you get the AC adaptor if you do pick one up

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With the stand attached, you could just rest it on your face and chest while laying down.
Alternatively, you could buy a cheap adhesive head-strap to attach to the VB

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I think maybe it would be comfortable if you put it on a chest high desk or something.

But they really should have supplied a head strap or adjustable brace.

Fuck, if Nintendo released the VB library for a modern console and with the option to turn off the 3D, that'd be tits.
I mean I know Nintendo are actually pretty embarrassed about the VB but there was a couple of good games on it.

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I did, I don't want to go through the bullshit of opening the virtual boy case up and actually doing all the bullshit to fix the lens.

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Are there still no fully-colored VB game remasters on 3DS?

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I'm a little surprised Nintendo hasn't re-hashed this yet. Look at all the other old failed ideas they've brought back with moderate success.

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Because the Virtual Boy failed, and it failed REALLY hard, it's one of those few things that Nintendo is actually genuinely ashamed and embarrassed of and likes to pretend didn't happen.

There was a lot of talented people who worked on that but many quit the company out of shame.
Re-releasing the games, or remaking them, or porting them, or whatever, would be admitting that they made the Virtual Boy, and since Japanese culture is very big on honor and saving face, that's not gonna happen.

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But we all already know about the virtual boy.

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Virtual Boy had a very distinct imagery that can't really be replicated. It also had a very VERY distinct background and foreground in most of the games, the one game that matters is Warioland, and it would never be recreated with the same feel, movement, fluidity and depth as the original release on Virtual Boy.

That game truly incredible and is amazing to play with the background and foreground elements, and it looks and sounds fucking incredible. There's truly no replication of the original in it's original Virtual Boy state.

I'm not sure about the other games, but Warioland was a masterpiece and it's the only one I know of worth really playing and experiencing.

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I'm the one that was commenting on them not rehashing the idea. Like, why not make a new helmet console?

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played a few months ago
still looking for a deal on waterworld and an english jackbros...

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>it's one of those few things that Nintendo is actually genuinely ashamed and embarrassed of and likes to pretend didn't happen

Maybe once, but they seem a bit more chill about it now.

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with 20 years behind them and major financial success in the intervening years, sure

They're still embarrassed as fuck, otherwise we'd have Virtual Boy Wario Land on the 3DS.

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>Iwata Mii


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Surprised nobody made any good homebrew games for it other than HyperFighting

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Not sure if any of those are good though.
There was also an unreleased games ROM dump, Bound High

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VBWL is the best Wario Land game.
Never owned the system but I emulated it through years ago. There was a peculiar phase in our history where you could emulate Virtual Boy on a FUCKING MAC better than with any other OS. Those days are long gone but I felt very privileged those days.

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I-is that a Joe Pesci Mii on the left?

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What am I clown? I fucking amuse you?

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P-please don't stab us sir!

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Virtual Bump

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>i dont like it so we cant talk about it
Get out, candyass.

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Not to step into /v/ territory but maybe the NX will be a helmet console or something, with all the speculation who knows.
Anyway I'd love a Warioland remake, with the lack of attention towards the series I think it would be a great idea.
Is that no longer true? Virtual Boy emulation on my Mac is pretty solid.

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>Nintendo NX
I'm very nervous for this console. They let it leak way too soon that there was anything in the works at all and killed the Wii U. Here's hoping they've fuck up with the new "platform" and make piracy easier so I can emulate on it.

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There's a video where Reggie plays the Virtual Boy, knocking shit over with his arms and saying "These games are great!" I don't think they really care anymore.

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In the japanese version of Melee, you can see a Virtual Boy in the trophy room. For some reason they took it out of the western versions, but you can still see it if you simply change the language to japanese in your american or european disc.

Brawl also included a list of (most) VB released games, and a bunch of VB references were made in the Wario Ware mini-games, including one that's straight out Teleroboxer, and a few others.

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>Is that no longer true?
Well, these days you can emulate VB games super well regardless of your operating system. But back in 2003(?) your only option was Richard Bannister's ViBE on OSX because it had full sound emulation and affine graphic support.

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