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Some time during the 1990s an engine named Genesis 3D was released with the source code. Since 2014 I have been messing with the source code in an attempt to make a new games based on heavy modification, I have a download of it now in its early stages. I wanted to know if this is the right board and if anyone is interested.

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Homebrew and hacks are both fine here, so I'm 99% sure this falls in the board just fine.

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I was under the impression it was only hacks made before a specified point in time.

On thay note I will put the link here then:

The programming is a little weird as most mechanics are a work in progress. Packed is the original game.

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Shameful self bump. For any small amount of intrest. I need input in order to improve it. I can provide any needed info.

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>Notable Genesis3D games
>Ethnic Cleansing (2002), an openly racist computer game developed and distributed by Resistance Records.

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Needs input from udders

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I found that game to be a riot not even going to lie, very good use of resources.

I figured 4chan, would be the best place. If anybody would give an honest opinion and advicw it would be anons.

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