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So we can all agree that this is the best beat em up ever, right?

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No, Bare Knuckle III with a 6 button controller is.

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I'll agree to that.

What is Axel saying by the way? GRA-SUCKKA !

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I honestly like Bare Knuckle 3 more just for the ability to dash. It's probably second best. Hell most beat em ups are excellent except for the Konami ones, obviously.

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I prefered BK3 tbh

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grand upper I think

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Yeah, Skate is the only character in 2 who can dash.

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I totally agree, but why though? What does SoR2 better than other beat em ups?

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>fun, unique characters
>large moveset for a beat em up
>perfect difficulty curve
>god tier AI
>some of the best music in retro vidya

BK3 is better though IMO, it has all that + rolling, alt missions and more characters

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So how many of you nerds are aware that you can hold up and jump whenever you're thrown, completely negated ALL damage from the throw?

It makes ninjas and jacket wearing dudes harmless, and in fact a GOOD thing because you bowl enemies over while flying through the air.

I fucking love this game


The art style I feel is pretty hideous in 3 though, Axel looks like shit and I'm sorry but that old guy can't compare to Max.

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I do, it's on the manual of the game.

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I never had the manual.

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It's not even the best Sega beat-em-up, Revenge of Death Adder is way better

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>god tier AI
You can shut down entire groups of enemies with a rhythmic jabbing and they only pose a legit threat on Mania.

Good thing we have Streets of Rage Remake

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>fun, unique characters
>large moveset for a beat em up
Ain't got shit on Guardians.

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Only graphically. In terms of gameplay, SOR2 is much better.

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I don't think that's a bug, if you try that out on a boss they will counter.

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It's still good though. Most games in the genre have something cheap like that that most players are unaware of. SOR2 is just a more ubiquitous game that more people have beaten so it gets flack for things that practically all other games in the genre should also be receiving. So, the infinite jabs are hardly a negative.

I wonder when the mame devs are gonna fix the graphical glitches.

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Yep, good point. It's definitely not a bug. It's an intentional design by the makers because normal enemies, bosses, and players all receive different amounts of hitstun. Another intentional design is boss invincibility. Midbosses and bosses have invincibility while getting up only during your first encounter with them. But they lose the invincibility in subsequent appearances (except Zamza). The game is very well thought out. It's practically perfect for a console beatemup.

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oh come on! 3 made axel look like an old worn out 80s rock star who thought he sitll had it but would stroke out if he tried to do his vocal solo again. And that old as man is a shame compared to the 2 beasts he's suppose to replace.

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Vendetta, sunset riders

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>sunset riders

nice b8

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It had the best Blaze though, slutfu makes up for it.

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>You can shut down entire groups of enemies with a rhythmic jabbing

That's a staple of every beat-em up game ever, though. You can do it in SOR3 too, though the timing is much tighter (you can't do it too fast, or else you'll trigger a combo). And it doesn't work against every enemy either, some of them can block, or have a hitstun so low that you can't lock them up, or have a 1-frame punch to knock you out if you make a small mistake.

Besides, Mania mode is where the game really shines. You are practically invincible on all the other modes.

BK3 has bugged balance though, dash -> jump -> air kick can move down any enemy, except for maybe two who have a higher priority move. It also turns the game into a repetitive run, air kick, turn around, run, air kick.

SOR2 suffers from the lack of dash but it also means you cannot do rushdown tactics. Even Skate, who can dash in SOR2, can't do it. Normally you do a fast jab, then dash in to grab and throw. Too many enemies can counter air kicks in SOR2.

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BK3 removed all the things you mention, except for the move set (which became even larger, and is one of the three things it does inarguably better than SOR2, the other thing being the playable bosses and the return of environmental hazards).

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Streets of Rage 2 is a real 10/10 for me, as in, cant think of a single bad thing.

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No, it's too hard :[

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>playable bosses
I don't like them. They feel unfinished/unpolished. Shiva has another special attack that they could've implemented, but they didn't even bother to do that.

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Grand upper in SoR2... bare knuckle in SoR3.

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Final Fight
How many other games let you beat on a guy in a wheelchair?

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Guardian Heroes, you fucking plebs.

>lots of combos, pretty much rivals any versus fighter in terms of specials
>branching paths and multiple endings
>excellent art and animations
>RPG stats add variety on how you roll your character
>music is classy as fuck with dat sax
>six player versus mode for when you want a change of pace from the story mode

Runner-ups are the Capcom D&D games and the KoV series. SoR games are pretty mediocre.

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What, lol

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>muh RPG elements
Into the trash it goes.

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>No one, NO ONE mentioning the D&D beat em up games.

Literally one of the best. Now get three other players and go at it. But the problem is....who gets to play the shitty Cleric?

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I can never pull off the crazy cancels they do on videos. I'm usually pretty shit on other beat'em ups too but this one game in particular seems to kick my ass harder than anything.

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nigga what,Cleric is the easiest character to 1cc Shadow over Mystara IMO, although that game is broken as fuck anyway.

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this really doesn't require a thread

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>No one, NO ONE mentioning the D&D beat em up games.
See >>2649665 you idiot.

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>call other plebs
>glorify RPG elements in a beat 'em up
You can tell someone is new to beat 'em ups when he glorifies RPG elements and poorly balanced games like Shadow over Mystara.

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How can you deny that RPG stats add variety? Just kill yourself you worthless elitist.

>poorly balanced
Sounds like you're just bad at them to me.

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>shitty Cleric

Yeah, you're absolutely awful at that game. The Cleric is the best character in the game alongside the magic-user.

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Funny how you call me an elitist when that's what you were trying to do, except you have shit tastes and glorify RPG elements as the apex of beat em' ups

>How can you deny that RPG stats add variety?
They aren't needed, a good beat 'em up with good combat has already tons of depth without RPG elements, the only thing heavy-RPG elements do to the genre is unbalance the games with OP moves and items.

>Sounds like you're just bad at them to me.
Nigga please, Shadow over Mystara is the easiest Capcom arcade brawler, River City Ransom is just grindy shit.

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>I can never pull off the crazy cancels they do on videos

You don't need any of those gimmicks to breeze through the game.

Simple stuff like LBOs on downed bosses, massive enemy/boss hit boxes, lightning bolt criticals, dumb enemy AI, and extremely floaty juggle mechanics are suffice to make Shadow over Mystara arguably the easiest Capcom beat'em up ever made.

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>the easiest Capcom beat'em up ever made

and by this, I meant arcade beat'em ups only.

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>implying Rival Turf is not the GOAT urban beat 'em up
Are you even trying SoR and Final Fight?

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It was kind of boring for me tbh. The music was great sure but I feel like I listened to all those songs somewhere else.

Pic related is my favorite

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>River City Ransom is just grindy shit

Not him, but RCR is still fun as fuck. I love RCR.

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Play on Hardest difficulty. Try not to play a console beat'em up on the default difficulty because it'll usually be too easy and therefore boring.

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All of BK3 felt unfinished/unpolished, so this is a given. But after coming from SOR2, being able to play as the bad-ass, completely unique judo-master superboss was mind-blowing. Plus he had an infinite move and TWO great anti-air moves.

If anything, Zan felt more unfinished than Shiva.

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I like Streets of Rage 2 in hardest a lot, but find mania ridiculous.

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>lots of combos, pretty much rivals any versus fighter in terms of specials

It doesn't even come close. It has much less normal attacks, and 4-5 specials per character, plus 4-5 magic on SOME characters (some of which are the same magic attacks assigned to multiple characters).

>branching paths and multiple endings

With unskippable cutscenes, one of them being minutes long.

>excellent art and animations

Animation, sure. But the art style was awful.

>RPG stats add variety on how you roll your character

But due to the inability to save or reload stats, you are forced to grind endlessly to get proper stats, which are required to finish the last few levels.

>music is classy as fuck with dat sax

It indeed sounded great, but it wasn't really as memorable, or even just fitting the action, as the tunes in SOR2.

>six player versus mode for when you want a change of pace from the story mode

Didn't that require an adapter? I don't remember whether you could pick CPU fighters or not (Bomberman could do that and supported up to 10 players).

It would have been better if it had 4 player single player, IMO.

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Yeah. It is pretty cool playing as Shiva and just elbowing everything to death. He is pretty powerful. But I still cannot comprehend why they didn't implement his Fire Wheel kick when the graphics are already in the game.

Ultimately though, I don't get much satisfaction from playing BK3/SOR3. For me, there has to be a certain cathartic satisfaction when punching someone in the face in a beat'em up. It's like the beat'emup equivalent of SHMUP explosions or FPS violence. It requires the proper amount of enemy hitstun and good sound effects. But I just don't get that from SOR3 because of the lack of enemy hitstun and the sedated sound effects. It doesn't feel like I'm smashing someone in the face, rather it feels like I'm playing patty cake and slapping people into a coma.

Same here. Hardest is perfect. Mania is kinda excessive.

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I like GH but you Treasure fans are getting way too annoying.

Another good GH-esque on the PS1 is Panzer Bandit.

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Are you fuckers really gonna have a beat em up thread and not mention the true #1 game?

pic related- best beat em up of all time.

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>Streets of Rage 2
>my husbando is no longer playable

They didn't even bring him back for SoR 3 ;_;

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It's alright, I play it with my friend here and then we I go over his house. It starts to drag and you can feel the monotony once you go back in time. At least to me.

We fight for pizza too in game

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It's a tossup between that, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (mainly for nostalgic reasons), and Comix Zone for me.

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And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade game on the NES. I admittedly was only thinking of Sega when I saw the thread.

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Played some Ninja Warriors Again last night looking for some redeeming factors for Kunoichi, but she really is quite lacking compared to the other two characters. She has a faster walking speed than Ninja, so you'd think that she would have a safer time grabbing enemies, but nope. Her throwbox is so small that if you were to walk straight into an aggressive enemy such as black Nick Fury on hard mode, then Kunoichi will get hit about half the time before being able to grab. Ninja, on the other hand, despite having a slower walking speed, is MUCH less likely to get hit when walking straight toward an enemy to grab him (thanks to his massive throwbox).

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Please keep those /v/-tier threads out.

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Guardian Heroes > Shadow over Mystara > Turtles in Time > Battletoads '94 > Pulirula > Golden Axe RoDA > Splatterhouse > Ninja Warriors > Sengoku > Final Fight > Double Dragon > Streets of Rage

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>all that garbage over Final Fight and Streets of Rage
lol, there are decent games there but come on, Puirula? Turtles in Time? pffft

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He's obviously baiting.

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>Cadillacs and dinosaurs > all that shit

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>Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

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