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Mods. Is the GBA now accepted on /vr/?

You have left a thread up now since thursday. Half the posts in the thread are bitching about whats /vr/ or not.

Can you please for the love of god clarify if the GBA is now /vr/ or can you delete the thread? Current rules say GBA is NOT /vr/

People are confused.

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why do you care so much

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Because bitching can be avoided by a simple answer from mods.

Pretty simple really.
If you enjoy the shit posting then good for you.

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The mods already spoke.

>1999 and earlier

GBA was 2001
GBA is welcomed on /shitstorm/... I mean /v/

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No. It's not retro. The gamecube, ps2, xbox, and any console/handheld made in the year 2000+ won't be retro for a very long time.

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/v/ openly hates the GBA though

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/v/ hates everything, what else is new?

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Either the whole sixth generation is retro or none of it.

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I, for one, welcome the thought of Ico and Gitarooman threads.

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I don't.

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That means we would be taking about games released as late as 2014. Even worse, garbage like halo be allowed to be talked about.

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/vr/ was established in 2013, and the rules haven't changed since.

To be fair, I would imagine the rules changing in 2 years, tops. Even Nintendo classifies it as a "classic" console.

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The why are the mods not deleting GBA threads? They will opening delete shitposting within them tho not the actual thread itself.

Why are the mods not adhering to the rules?

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>muh Halo/Cowadooty boogeymen
I'm fine with having threads about brovidya on /vr/ we already have Doom generals after all, as long as we don't have the usual /v/ porn/anti-SJW posters again Doom threads are pretty civil over here, I can see /vr/ having civil Halo threads as long as we deal with shitposters.

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Lol that is definitely not Unreal Tournament

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/vr/ mods suck ass

Wouldn't be surprised if they come from /v/

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Pick one

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MoH, KH and GTA, don't know the racing game

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I don't want a bunch of underage halo/cod faggots being allowed here talking shit about doom/quake.

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that's CoD, mind you

also the racing game is obviously Need for Speed

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I don't think the 1999 rule for platforms will change until 9th generation starts, which probably won't be another 3-4 years at the very least.

For when it gets to the point of changing the year, I'd probably go with 2003, and then make a special rule to ban 6th gen games that came from 2007 and onwards, and any 2005 and 2006 multi-platform game that also has versions on 7th gen consoles. Not 100% sure on this thought, though.

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dreamcast isn't retro, however said it was simply is not very bright.

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>and then make a special rule
Mods dont even know the current rules hence this thread.

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Dreamcast is retro, came out before 2000

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From past experience, I can answer that question for them.
Sometimes it's okay, sometimes it isn't.
If they delete the thread, it isn't okay.
If they leave it up, it is.

Yes, the Dreamcast is considered retro here. Read the sticky.
But if the mods were to suddenly decide it wasn't, then it wouldn't be anymore.

Get the picture now?

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cutoff date should be september 11, 2001 (aka the date games stopped being about fun)

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Guess /vr/ doesn't have mods.

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Mods are global.
Janitors are only for certain boards.

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>Get someone who'll work for zero compensation
>expect them to do a good job

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So do they actively avoid this board? It seems they don't even know the rules.

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>muh rules
get a life spergs

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maybe they realized they have no need to, why bother when the usual 10 or so autists will just scream for mods derailing the thread and barely making it not retro anymore

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Says the 4chan poster

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In far far future of 2040
GBA is stil not retro

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this attitude is part of the reason why /v/ is such a garbage board.

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This board is the most irrelevant one on 4chan tbh

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irrelevant to what?
i don't think the word means what you think it does

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nah probably /po/ or something

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Agreed. At least /v/ has new games coming out, so they don't have to circle jerk over the same catalog of games over and over

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>new rehashes of old games

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Those screenshots are wrong.

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naaaaww rieally >??

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yes, /v/ has new games, but most of the time, it's literally nothing but shitposting. Especially if it's a hyped game that's expected to be big.

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That was a long time ago. Opinions have changed since then. The sticky just needs to be updated.


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Fucking hell, the "racing game" is obviously GTA III, a game so archaic I would consider it "retro" nowadays.

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No they don't, I see GBA threads all the time, and they always have the least shitposting

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GBA is like, a handheld SNES right?
I thought people liked the SNES.

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/v/irgin here, i can confirm this.

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GBA is still halfway GB/GBC (because compatibility), so it's hard for GBA not to come up around here.

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not this one.

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Holy shit this image

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According to your logic games like Shovel Knight are retro. Retro is more than just looks

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>Mods are global

While this is true, most mods have a particular board they camp in and AFAIK they're almost all in the anime boards, /co/, and /v/.

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That logic makes sense though. You do realize most the games on GBA were just SNES games made portable, right? there's a lot of 90's games on GBA. It's essentially a portable SNES that came out "1 year too late" for this board.

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