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>tfw everywhere except /vr/ thinks the Sega CD had no good games except for Sanic

Why are "gamers" so misinformed?

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It had large amounts of shovelware and all the good games for it sold like shit. Also thanks to the 32X people assume the Genesis addons were a commercial failure even though the Sega CD sold 6 million units.

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Easy answer: Blame AVGN

Hard answer: The Sega CD was prohibitively expensive at release and went on to prove itself to be a poor investment despite the few good games that were available on it, except for the few people like myself who are into collecting 1-2 gen old stuff

This second reason is why the good games for Sega CD (and Saturn) are so expensive. They came in under the radar very similarly to those awesome games that drop during the lame duck period for a console when the vast majority of gamers have already moved on to the new hardware. With Sega CD and almost to the same extent with the Saturn, the console was in its dying phase almost from release.

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Sega fucked up by dropping advertising and support for their Genesis systems in 1994. I thought it came out late in the systems life when it came out in 1991 in Japan and 1992 in Norh America, there was still plenty of time.

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AVGN is a big part of the answer.

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Literally this. This is the reason why I though the Sega CD was shit a few years back.

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It was expensive and the most advertised games were shitty FMV titles.

Which is a shame. Sega CD was what everybody were porting their PCE games into for English speaking audiences, since the T16 was dead in the US.

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I actually think a later launch could have saved it, it was extremely expensive when it came out, more than the cost of the console. If it came out later it would have been cheaper due to less CD costs and would have had a well acknowledged library in contrast to early 32 bit games.

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Because it had a ton of shovelware

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So did the PS1/2.

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I implore you to name said games.

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You said a mouthful, Anon. Sega always had a terrible habit of not only launching new hardware too early but also cutting support for the old stuff. Tom Kalinske was almost solely responsible for the amazing success of the Genesis and it wasn't just because of the "Nintendon't" and other advertising campaigns, he was also a true believer in backward compatibility which is something Sega systems were great for and if Sega of Japan had fully supported 32x and Sega CD they not only would have avoided alienating a lot of their loyal fanbase but they wouldn't have really needed to launch the Saturn at all rather an all-in-one unit that could have competed with Playstation both on price and performance, freeing their R&D up to get the Dreamcast out even earlier and maybe not having suffered the fate we're all familiar with.

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Snatcher, Popful Mail, Lunar: Eternal Blue, Eternal Champions, Eye of the Beholder, Shining Force CD, Dark Wizard, Final Fight CD, The Terminator, Keio Flying Squadron, Vay, Heart of the Alien.

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Thanks, gonna be a fun weekend.

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Fuck, Sega had some of the most idiotic management of all time did they? Sometimes I feel they just got lucky with the Genesis. Great hardware, great games, idiotic business.

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No problem anon! Lunar Silver Star is also on the Sega CD but the remakes are much better.

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Also Lords of Thunder, Silpheed, Novastorm, Outer Space Adventure and a number of computer ports that are probably better on computer.

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It was Kalinske. He's got the Midas touch.

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I bought a used CD just for my retrofu.

No regrets.

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>Mention of Eternal Blue but not Lunar: SSS
Glad I'm not the only one who knows where it's at.

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It had a ton of shit on it. Only good games were Snatcher and Final Fight CD.

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Was going to mention Silpheed and Lords of Thunder but you beat me to it. I would also add Sol-Feace to those albeit to a lesser extent, but I still love it.

I would also add Dungeon Explorer to that list even though it is hard as all hell, though easy to exploit (the manual even tells you how to exploit the game!)

To name a few more - Robo Aleste, Panic! (fun for a playthrough, takes a little while to get into it though), Mickey Mania, Puggsy, The Secret of Monkey Island, Wolfchild (personal guilty pleasure), Rise of the Dragon, Powermonger.

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I loved The Adventures of Willy Beamish growing up too. Try that if you want a point 'n clicky cartoon game.

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Mail is worth it.

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>Only good games were Snatcher and Final Fight CD.

Kill yourself, both figuratively and literally

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Indeed, but it also had a shitload of good stuff.

The Sega CD had a few pretty good games, and a load of really mediocre and terrible games.
It needed less Night Trap and more Snatcher, if you get what I'm saying.

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Youtubers ruin everything, basically.

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>Heart of the Alien
that game is objectively shit and a non-canon sequel

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I want to say the FMV craze hurt it, it seems to me that they toted those games a lot, obfuscating all the good stuff.

Correct me if I'm wrong though.

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Won't your boogeyman keep demand down, and thus lower prices for these games?

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How is it a Boogyman if it's literally true?

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Any of you niggas played Cobra - The Space Adventure? I heard it's similar to Snatcher if a bit shittier.

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Is that Urusei Yatsura?

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Kind of. It is basically a visual novel. Moreso even than Snatcher.

If you like sci-fi manga and pixel art, you'll love it. If you like video games, you may not.

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Youtuber reads wrong info off Wikipedia -> Youtuber makes video with wrong info -> Journalist watches video with wrong info -> Journalist writes article including the wrong info since that is the extent of their research -> Wikipedia editor provides citation of journalist's article next to wrong info (Now it's impossible to remove it since it has a 'source')

Congratulations, you have now learned how misinformation becomes systematized on the internet

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Not him, but this used to be the case. Scalpers read boards like this(and even post, you can see them complaining in emulation/flashcart threads), though, so prices have gone up anyway. Even though people here like to blame such things on "youtube".

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AVGN said himself that the CD and 32x had a bunch of good games (snatcher etc) but he couldn't review them because he doesn't own them.

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For fucks sake I love sega games but cmon guys, the butthurt in this thread is embarrassing. If the console really was as good as you all claim then it would have been remembered as such like people remember the Dreamcast. Posting 2 or 3 obscure games doesnt change the fact that these were the exception and not the rule. Even though there is definitely a certain appeal to tbose few games, take off your fanboy goggles and actually put yourself in the time of its release. Its not worth it all to buy something so expensive to play games that dont even utilize the hardware for anything other than fmv and cd audio. Take a look in the mirror fanboys, you are the ones trying to rewrite history not your AVGN bogeyman.

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>tfw LttP is overrated and Super Metroid is shit
>Sega CD and 32x are gud
We bizarro-world now

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The PS1/2 had way more high quality games mixed in with the shovelware than the Sega CD did.

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Both Ecco games are much better on the Sega CD thanks to the SPECTACULAR FUCKING MUSIC. Thank god I never played them on the Genesis before.

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Yes, Popful owns.

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James Rolfe, pls go

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The 32X was terrible, anybody who defends it is just plain deluded. The CD is good tho.

The CD had way more then 3 good games. Most people are retards, the Saturn is better than the. DC (both good tho) but everybody beloves the latter more for no reason other than muh tragic Sega

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>the saturn is better than the DC
That's it. I'm outta here. People here are obviously more interested in being contrarians than actually discussing the merits of older games.

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Gillian, I'm detecting high amounts of Faggotry in this poster. Proceed with extreme caution!

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Not that guy but I like the Saturn more than the Dreamcast (which I still love) too. It's hardly an unpopular opinion in retro circles.

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Saturn had longer support and had lots more quality titles if you count Japanese games. I don't see the problem.

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Like I said, the DC is good, but the Saturn was better, much better controller and a giant library of great 2D games. The DC's main benefit is perfect (basically a Neo Geo for Capcom games) arcade ports, I didn't really care for the 3D games except Skies and Jet Grind.

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The problem is you're a fucking weeb and you didn't have a Dreamcast when it launched to see it make ps1 and n64 games look like shit in comparison. Instead you go on websites and find out what to think from other people. No one remembers anything from Saturn besides NiGHTS and Panzer the rest are just snes games.

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>You're a fucking weeb

Says the guy who plays Japanese consoles like the Sega Dreamcast. Fucking weeaboo faggot.

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I was there when the Dreamcast launched and it was incredible. But in retrospect I think the Saturn probably has a stronger library. Again, I still absolutely love the Dreamcast though.

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Sure a triple-a gamer such as himself would play a triple-a console like the XBox!

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>Graphic whoring

Opinion disregarded, and for a second there I thought you made some articulate points.

Dreamcast is shit bro, 360 shat over it! Fucking moron.

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You mean I did make good points but I hurt your feelings so you don't want to listen.

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Now this is a good post

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Except I have a Saturn and a shit ton of burned CD games. Not the consoles fault the company went full retard with management unlike the DC.

Saturn > Genesis > Dreamcast > Sega CD > Master System > Game Gear > 32X. Don't get triggered bro.

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Not retro but the Xbox was a good system. The main problem was the lack of support due to the dominance of the PS2.

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I read it in Metal Gear's voice. Best post on /vr/ right now, right here.

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The 32X is shit, other than that everything else in that is true.

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The AVGN fucked up and cherry picked a bunch of FMV shit, now tons of "retro gamers", usually Nintenbabbies, thinks the console was terrible on the basis that it didn't sell well.

Make no mistake, I like Rolfe a lot more than the angry collectors of /vr/, but he really fucked up on that episode. The Sega CD has some of the best 16 bit games ever.

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Marketing focused solely on shitty FMV games because it's easier to advertise that than explaining why someone would want CD audio in Final Fight.

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This list upsets me.

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Replace DC with the Genesis and I'd agree.

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You are all missing the fucking point. Its not that those games are bad, its that there is no difference between them and sega genesis games besides slightly improved sound and graphics. Imagine actually being a gamer in the time and how pissed of you would be if you bought the Sega-CD and realizing instead of being revolutionary like the bullshit commercial implied its just a slightly more powerful genesis. Ironic that you are accusing a Dreamcast fanboy of being a graphics whore when the only thing Sega-CD games improved upon Genesis was graphics and not gameplay.

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>Instead you go on websites and find out what to think from other people

Or maybe they own one and actually know what's on the console instead of parroting shit from other people.

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>slightly more powerful genesis
It's literally just Genesis with redbook audio.

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Is the English translation for Illusion City still dead?

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The SegaCD was literally just a CD reader for the Mega Drive. It had a CPU for reading the disc, and some minor improvements to the audio. It had nothing that could improve graphics.

Curiously, the SegaCD was capable of some pretty amazing things that comercial games never actually did. For instance, you could make cartdridge games use the Sega CD hardware, which in theory would allow you to run a gamefrom the cart and the CD at the same time. I think some ROM hacks do this, in particular a ROM hack of Rock and Roll racing that can play custom soundtracks from a CD-R.

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The only way to find games for the Saturn would be to look it up online now. Yeah im sure you only bought the saturn games that were in stores when it was being made and didnt just look up the grand list of weaboo shit to help get rid of your buyer's remorse for buying a saturn after neckbeards on gaming forums convinced you to.

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I'd say the 700MB space is a much bigger fucking improving than the Genesis, allowing for larger games and narratives.

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All retro video game consoles are weeaboo shit. Please go back to >>>/v/.

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Why does that image have Dungeon Master II listed as Dungeon Explorer II? Is there some hidden mystery connection between the two series?

>> No.2648860

And cheaper production costs.

>> No.2648861

Or I bought ports of arcade games I enjoyed like Virtua Cop, Darius Gaiden, and Strikers 1945 just to name some examples.

>> No.2648863

Except it doesn't matter because no games actually took advantage of it besides Sonic-CD

>> No.2648865

Shhh let the Nintendobabies cry, you know they'd be singing the praises of the SNES CD if it came out. Even if garbage like Hotel Mario and the garbage CD-I Zelda games came out on it.

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>The SegaCD was literally just a CD reader for the Mega Drive.


>It had a CPU for reading the disc


>and some minor improvements to the audio

>It had nothing that could improve graphics.

Except, you know, fucking scaling/rotation. That's not even mentioning the fucktons of more RAM (which was not puny cache) you could store some of the graphics. It's like you're confusing with the TFCD.

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What makes the Saturn's game library "weeaboo shit"? The fact that a lot of it was only released in Japan? Is Radiant Silvegun "weeaboo shit"? Yeah, the Saturn was terribly managed and advertised, which lead for the majority of its game library being hidden gems or non-localised. I don't see how that should reflect on the quality on the game library.

You seem to care more on how well the systems were marketed instead of how good the game library is.

>> No.2648875

>I don't see how that should reflect on the quality on the game library.

The guy isn't even arguing about the quality at this point. He's just rambling about Saturn owners buying games because other Saturn owners told them to.

>> No.2648876

Except, you know, RPGs and adventure games, two genres nonexistent on the Genesis with a few exceptions.

>> No.2648882

Sure is /circlejerk/ in here.

>> No.2648887

sega cd could also push more sprites on screen than the genny

>> No.2648890

I will admit that the Saturn is a lot overhyped on /vr/, especially when people say it's better than the fucking PS1. But it's still a great system with a large library of quality titles.

>> No.2648897

No I'm arguing about people ignoring the quality of games and instead trying to prove how much of a speshy snow flake they are by playing obscure games for the sake of obscurity.

>> No.2648903

>and instead trying to prove how much of a speshy snow flake they are by playing obscure games for the sake of obscurity.

What the fuck kind of Saturn discussions have you been joining? All the ones I've seen are usually talking about fighting games or shmups which are far from obscure.

>> No.2648907

Get fucking shreked matey.>>2648867

>> No.2648915

Oh, so you're insecure about the fact that other people are enjoying games you've never heard of and you have to lash out them. That's pretty sad.

>> No.2648937

Quite the opposite in fact. Its people who ignore great games and would rather play a game thats on Saturn soley for the novelty of playing a game on a saturn and not because it's actually fun.

>> No.2648952

Well it's a good thing no one who owns a Saturn actually does that.

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I bet you listen to nothing but top 40 music.

>> No.2649114

sorry but that's not good enough

no review = shit
negative review = shit

>> No.2649120

no, just someone who can't read

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>> No.2649354

Except those games for the CD-i hadn't even manifested by the time the SNES CD was still being developed.

Philips simply just had some rights left to publish some Zelda titles and a Mario titles, the CD-i games weren't developed by Nintendo or under their lead, and Philips went with the direction they did because of the kind of console they ended up making.

Had the SNES CD happened like originally planned the games would probably have been way different. Not necessarily good, buy different.

>> No.2649358

>console warring fanboys

>> No.2649359


>People aren't fucking stupid and put two and two together.

The jig is up james.

>> No.2649365

Do you genuinely think that he would come to a Vietnamese sockpuppet board to defend himself from the criticism of some Segs fanboys?

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How do you explain this?

>> No.2649374

You know that tumblr has a million other uses than to blog about being a quasimodosexual right?

>> No.2649376

why would you want that?

>> No.2649379

I don't.

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Where else am I supposed to find cool retro game pics? Facebook?

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You faggots like the Sega CD because normies hate it.
That shit only has like 3 worth games and a bunch of shitty Japanese games.

>> No.2649432

Nice samefag faggot. Kill yourself

>> No.2649437

I don't like the Sega CD much either, but it has at least 15 really good games. Not enough to build a console on but there are some gems there.

So emulate, don't waste money on a real unit or shit.

>> No.2649438

The Sega CD didn't have many Japanese games, all of those were on the PC Engine CD. The Sega CD was seen as the "American" PCE there.

Go back to >>>/v/, your uneducated kind aren't welcomed.

>> No.2649441

Good thing it's an add on and not a console.

>> No.2649443

End your own life.

You too.

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>That shit only has like 3 worth games and a bunch of shitty Japanese games.

>> No.2650204


The idea that some swearing, angry YouTube celebrity is enough to fully shape people's opinions about things they don't know about is disturbing.

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>Annet Futatabi

Yikes, I usually can stomach a lot of Telenet, uh, "quality" but that game is pretty schlock. Whoever plays it I hope they emulate or find it dirt cheap.

I did do that until I bought Mr. Bones, a Saturn game so stupendously shit that I stopped buying Saturn games from that point on. Thank you Mr. Bones for having me see the light.

As far as FMV games go, I still keep around Corpse Killer because its cutscenes are so lovably cheesy. But I make no mistake when it might be the most irredeemably bad game I've played.

>> No.2650384

But they have great music on the Genesis as well, especially II.

>It had nothing that could improve graphics
Anon please, something like Soulstar would not have been possible on the Genesis alone.

>> No.2650446

This thread in a nutshell:
>I know nothing about a console's library
>therefore it's shit

>> No.2650456

yep anett futabi is clearly unfinished, the camera doesn't even lock up if you walk to the right

>> No.2650462

Hmm, no. You have been misinformed, sprites are still handled by the Genesis VDP. All Sega CD hardware can do is helping generating scaled/rotated tiles in memory, instead of doing it through software calculations, but all graphics data are still being processed by Genesis hardware.

Only 32x was able to render its own graphics layer, but it required vido mixing cable.

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These are the same people who get their political opinions straight from South Park, Family Guy, and other cartoons.

These people are allowed to vote in elections.

>> No.2650781

got one of these for the 32x?

>> No.2650801

Any tips on playing NTSC games on a PAL MD/CD setup? I really want to get groovy with the CD version of SMT.
Also how's the mouse for the MD? I'm thinking of picking up some RPGs and it might be useful.

>> No.2650802

While the Sega CD can't actually display more sprites per row, you can just let the add-on's own 68000 handle the game, which will perform better than the stock Genesis processor.

>> No.2650832 [DELETED] 

I think you have to use an Everdrive, with it you can actually boot the US/JP BIOS from there, then you can run foreign games. You'll probably need two dip switches for both refresh rate and language.

>> No.2651380

>tfw everywhere except /vr/ thinks the Sega CD had no good games except for Sanic

Why are "gamers" so correct?

>> No.2651385

Children are very inclined to believe the first thing they are told about something they don't know. Especially if its from someone they like

>> No.2651394

There's literally a list in this very thread proving you and the other 12 year olds wrong.

>> No.2651610

This gets even better when you spend half of the game waiting for enemies to find their way back onscreen after you've left them behind in that dark void beyond your tv edge.

I feel that most Telenet games from the mid90s are unfinished. Like, they just gave up.

pixiv, I guess, but that's pretty spotty for older obscure games in my experience.

Ha, I didn't know there was one; it's a game I've wanted to play for some time now. Micro Cabin needs some more love.

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File: 160 KB, 252x310, The_Adventures_of_Willy_Beamish_Coverart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2652979 [DELETED] 

It can't handle the game by itself because the second 68000 can only access its own memory and Sega CD specific hardware. It cannot access Genesis sound or video hardware, hence why you still need the slower stock 68000 to send commands and data to the VDP. All they can both access is shared RAM and some communication registers, which limits what you can actually doon both sides.

That's the reason why 95% of Sega CD games do not benefit from the faster CPU for faster game processing and only use it to call BIOS commands related to the CD (play audio tracks, read data from CD, etc).

>> No.2652990

Anonymous 08/31/15(Mon)09:53:30 No.2652979▶
>>2650802 #
It can't handle the game by itself because the second 68000 can only access its own memory and Sega CD specific hardware. It cannot access sound or video hardware and more over, it could not access the large memory area offered by cartridge ROM if you wanted to, hence why you still need the slower stock 68000 to send commands and data to the VDP. All they can both access is shared RAM and some communication registers, which limits what you can actually doon both sides.

That's the reason why 95% of Sega CD games do not benefit from the faster CPU for faster game processing and only use it to call BIOS commands related to the CD (play audio tracks, read data from CD, etc).

>> No.2653048

Kill yourself, AVGN filth

>> No.2653098

Yo that anime is pretty great, too.

>> No.2653119

what you're thinking of is the nes

>> No.2655305

Wasnt there a version of Lunar for it? The Sega CD was cool but we never had money for it when I was a kid and I don't have the money for the games now. Good thing emulation's really solid.

>> No.2655916

Bardon my asking as I know nothing in regards to CD.

Is it region free? Can I play Jap CD games on an American SegaCD? I do really want to give popful a try.

In the meantime though, any good cD emulators?

>> No.2655924

Two of them.

>> No.2655943

Get this on PC, not Sega CD. The load times are painful on Sega CD.

>> No.2655957

it isn't region free (so if you're burning games, you'll need to change the disc region before that)
Kega Fusion is brilliant for the Sega CD, just remember to get the bios files.

which communicates over a narrow bus and is completely separated from Genesis RAM

the 32X has this very same problem as well, although that got around it by just plugging straight into the TV, overlaying itself over the Genesis's output and having big set of its own RAM

A Sega CD that was wired more like the 32X could have totally done a lot more. Direct video output and a bit more RAM on the CD side would have pretty much let Sega push all kind of impressive graphics and add more color like they wanted.

if Sega knew they'd have such an expansion fetish, they'd have built some way for expansions to access RAM into the Genesis

as it stands, there's a tiny handful of games that really push the CD like Silpheed (which calculates real 3D for the interactive objects, quite a good game if not entirely brilliant) and Soul Star (kind of lame game, but incredibly pretty with all kind of "mode-7" playfield effects and scaling)

there's like, 34 32X games
if you want some generally good ones, you get
>Shadow Squadron
>Space Harrier
>After Burner Complete
>Virtua Racing
>Virtua Fighter
>Chaotix (isn't actually good, but pretty much anyone you hand it to will at least enjoy it for a bit)

and even Doom 32X isn't a terrible port, but it's marred by being rushed and the music being dogshit (otherwise, runs fine, and is better than all except the PC, PS1, and Jag versions, seems to have a higher average framerate than the PS1, but the lighting is heavily neutered)

I think there's one game I'm probably missing that's good on the mushroom. It's not Zaxxon, fuck that game. I wanted to like Metal Head but it is unimaginably clunky. Darxide is pretty and that's fucking it.
Mortal Kombat is okay, IIRC. I'm not a MK person, so I haven't touched it in forever.

>> No.2655981

was it really necessary for the mega cd to have its own 68000 and be as powerful as the base console? i think SEGA should've made it just a cd player more or lesslike the turbo cd and release it cheaper so people would buy it. The worst thing about the Megadrive when comparing it with the competition was the low color count and the megabcd didn't change that. So I suppose the main exixsting reason of that 68000 in the cd unit is its fmv abilities?

>> No.2656074

Only like one third of that list is legitimate. A lot of those games are technologically impressive but crap (Batman Returns, anyone), others are available on other platforms like PC and the Mega Drive itself, while others are only available in Japan.

If you made a list of exclusives that are actually good games and are playable by non-moon speaking audiences, it'd be tiny.

>>2648516 may be an asshole but he's not wrong. MCD might be a cool collectible nowadays if that's your thing but if you'd shelled out for it when it was new you'd be pissed. Not as pissed as if you'd bought a 32x but then not everyone can be as daft as I was.

>> No.2656713

Ok since this looks like a Sega CD thread.

I just bought a JVC X'Eye and I want to burn a copy of Snatcher and some others. Anyone have a good resource to check out that explains it all? Is it as easy as copying a DVD?

>> No.2658291

Looks like it.

>> No.2658815
File: 14 KB, 232x254, 1410213642219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AVGN makes a video about some underdog vidya/console and completely shits all over it because it's part of his character
>babbies take his word as the word of god and spout their opinions even if they haven't personally touched the damn game/system

I love AVGN, but goddamn he has so much influence over people. Try to talk about some 3DO games like Star Control 2 or Flashback on some mainstream vidya forum and you're going to get thrown all over the place with uninformed baby shit opinions and memes all because "le 3DO is le bad because le internet le man le said something le le le xD xD". Fucking horse shit.

>> No.2658818
File: 26 KB, 384x224, VIRTUALBOY--Innsmouth no Yakata_Sep20 21_30_59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I suffer the same thing as a Virtual Boy fan (for those of you who claim AVGN always shit on Sega/other companies and not on Nintendo).

The VB was a commercial failure and a bizarre thing, alright, but it still has some great games and the thing, if bizarre, is quite unique.

But it's impossible to discuss it because there's always going to be people who never played it but will say it sucks because it gives you eye cancer or whatever.

>> No.2658824

>blaming AVGN when people cant think for themselves.
How do you thing same governments stay in power for 10-20 years.
People do what they are told to do.
I know people that still thing that everything said on TV and Radio is truth and they wouldn't lie to them.

>> No.2658826


>> No.2658859

Blame the Angry Video Game Cuck.

>> No.2659382

Same reason why people think Silver Surfer is a bad game, they watched an AVGN video.

>> No.2659403

So we can all agree that Youtubers are the worst cancer to ever affect retro games. What can we do about them?

>> No.2659672

>Not mentioning Tempo
Unless that's the game you're thinking of your list is shit

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