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What's the best GBA Castlevania game?

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Aria of Sorrow by a mile.

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Not retro my man unless they're remakes

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None of them are retro, but it's Circle of the Moon by a pretty big margin. Then Aria, then Harmony.

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Circle of the Moon is the only one worth playing, and has any resemblance to the series' core elements. The other two are bishounen fanfic-tier nonsense.

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And then there's this nostalgia faggot.

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Why am I a nostalgia faggot? Because I like Circle the best? If that was out of nostalgia shouldn't I also have said Harmony was better than Aria? Gee!

No, I just think Circle of the Moon is a rock solid game and one of the best Igavanias around. Aria is still really good, just not quite as good in my opinion and for my tastes. You don't have to agree.

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For me tie between Aria and Circle, then Harmony. Their all great for different reasons. Played all of them in the winter. POR is my fav on DS, then OOE. Didn't care too much for the other Sorrow.

>>2643435 Factor in the replayablity of COM and you're right.

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The extra mode in Dawn of Sorrow with the three characters who don't level up is pretty great though.

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Actually they do level up. Its just that you can't directly access the menu or change their skill layout.

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Aria of Sorrow by way far. It's an odd coincidence that it's canon sequel to SOTN.

The sequel to AoS though is meh.

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Not /vr/

But it won't be deleted anyway.

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Interesting, I maybe didn't notice. It's been years since I played that game. But I remember finding the regular playthrough kind of dull, but that one a lot of fun.

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cotm plays like a romhack where somebody tried to make a "hard mode" by nerfing the whip and giving all the enemies max HP but forgot you can cheese everything with the cross anyway

sage'd for wrong board

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Maybe I didn't see it like that because I never cheesed through it with the cross. I like that it's overall a little tougher than Harmony and Aria which are both fun, but especially Aria gets you super powerful way too easily.

Also I really like the various whip abilities you get by swapping cards around. Circle of the Moon is fun from start to finish in a way the Souls games aren't quite. But like I say, that's just my opinion and yours doesn't have to mesh.

My preference has nothing at all to do with nostalgia though.

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CotM falls short because of the lack of enemy variety and choppy animation. I'm pretty sure the same suit of armor sprite was used for 8 different enemies. Card system is cool, though.

Also, not retro.

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I just have one play through on that one was going to revisit it.

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This shit ain't even retro, but I enjoyed Circle of the Moon the most. Also, HoD on GBA is the worst Metroidvania of all time.

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I think my base problem with Aria and Dawn is the same in that it always feels like I'm farming for souls and it makes it a bit tedious. But the extra mode in it, which is just two characters, Julius and Alucard is much more fun and no grinding on enemies. I highly recommend giving it a play.

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I don't think HoD is a bad game in itself. It's the one that's the most like SotN, but with slightly less broken difficulty. It's big problems are that it's really ugly and sounds terrible.

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Aria of Sorrow is the best GBA game and Order of Ecclesia is the best DS game.
I know Circle of Moon has a big cult fanbase but its castle is one of the most boring in the entire series and, while the card system is cool on paper, I only acquired two cards throughout the entire playthrough despite 100%ing the map excluding that bonus arena. It was really tedious and repetitive.

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Calling CotM bad for having boring level design and then praising Order of Ecclesia as the best DS game is pretty laughable. One of OoC's worst things is it's level design. Drac's Castle and the bonus dungeon are the only areas in the whole game with decent platforming.

Also, you don't have to do even a tenth as much grinding on monsters for items in CotM than you do the Souls games or Order. You apparently had no problem with that in the other games, so saying you rushed through CotM and didn't get everything and then saying that's why it's bad is pretty strange.

In my opinion the DS games Go Portrait (which is amazing), then Dawn (if only for the bonus mode) then Ecclesia, which isn't bad but sure isn't great either.

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>You apparently had no problem with that in the other games, so saying you rushed through CotM and didn't get everything and then saying that's why it's bad is pretty strange.
I didn't rush through CotM, I spent over 12 hours searching for everything. I only got two card drops at the very beginning of the game and then nothing for the rest of it.

I eventually caved and looked up a guide before Dracula to find the rest, and still spent over 3 hours repeatedly grinding on enemies trying to get the remaining cards. I was using a fire whip throughout the entire thing and had no idea where the fuck to get any of the other cards. At least in the Souls games I can tell where to find souls since every enemy has one named after itself, and there's so many souls that you're bound to have a couple dozen by the time you reach the end regardless of your luck.

Maybe I got dealt a really bad hand with the RNG but that totally soured my experience, and shouldn't be an issue to begin with.

>Calling CotM bad for having boring level design and then praising Order of Ecclesia as the best DS game is pretty laughable.
Order of Ecclesia has its fair share of boring corridors but they have great presentation, with all of them being totally distinct from one another, and the larger areas like the prison island and Dracula's Castle have some of the better level design in the Iga titles.
The only areas I remember in CotM are the big hole, the water area and the clock tower. Everything else is this blur of identical corridors and the occasional vertical corridor.

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Don't forget the level design is shit (I think the only part where I had to try was the spike corridor) and that the bosses were a joke- they fuckin' ruined Legion. Those flaws, along with what you said about the horrible sound quality and graphics, make it a really shitty game.

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>Maybe I got dealt a really bad hand with the RNG but that totally soured my experience, and shouldn't be an issue to begin with.

Maybe. My biggest problem with the Souls games and Ecclesia is all the grinding for stuff you have to do. I maybe got lucky on my first Circle playthough and you very unlucky, but I found everything really easily and have subsequently remembered where it is.

Circle feels like a game I can play through sort of like an old Castlevania but with a big open castle, I don't have to stop and kill everything I come across over and over. I can go grab the cards, which are usually on monsters very near doors or in one room off to a side for easy extra killing till it drops. Then I move along, there's lots of fun things to do with the whip (sorry you didn't experience it) and it's in general what a good Metroidvania Castlevania ought to be.

Like I say, you don't have to agree with me, but it also sounds like what you don't like about Circle and what I don't like about the others is pretty much the same thing.

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I actually only like Classicvania, Tried SotN and got the bad ending,

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I've always liked both, but the Iga ones and Simon's Quest the best. Anyways, yeah not technically retro, but not too far off either. I honestly look forward to the days when we take GBA in here, it fits way better here than /v/ these days.

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>>2643420 >>2643428 >>2643440 >>2643445
>>2643458 >>2643461 >>2643480 >>2643484
>>2643495 >>2643513 >>2643519 >>2643593
>>2643614 >>2643619 >>2643623 >>2643646
>>2643658 >>2643661 >>2643668 >>2643706
Not retro.

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It really isn't. Now if OP was asking for the best 8 bit castlevania...a smaller pool, but y'know.

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cheers for reminding us anon

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>Don't forget the level design is shit
This part I disagree on, it's ugly yeah, but the two castles with one in good shape and the other crumbling was really cool and the design always flt interesting. At least to me.

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Everyone knows.
Did you really have to take your time and quote all these posts though?

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I hate to say it, but if the janitors haven't shut this down now it's probably going to stay.

Stick around and talk about SOTN if you want, one of the GBA games is it's sequel after all.

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Aria of Sorrow so badly. this thread shouldn't even exist.

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So, why did HoD have that shitty glow everywhere?

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I really don't understand why so many people like that game. All that soul farming is such a slog. The clockwork tower theme is one of the best in the series though.

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Two reasons mostly.
>It was the GBA game to do it right
>it also took the series in a bit of a different direction, which it badly needed after doing SOTN completely all the time

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It's Aria of Sorrow, of course , altough I liked Harmony of Dissonance much more than the other two

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I like HoD the most, but AoS is usually agreed upon as being the best.

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If we start allowing GBA then we'd have to also allow PS2 which is a big no-no.

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>it also took the series in a bit of a different direction, which it badly needed after doing SOTN completely all the time

But Cirlcle of the Moon was already quite a departure from SotN.

I still don't get how having to grind on almost every enemy to get it's drops is "doing it right" but whatever, we all have different opinions.

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Harmony of dissonance was my favorite.

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Why not just talk about 360 while we're at it? Might as well merge back into /v/ too.

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I think that was bait, stupid

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CotM is very different from SotN, what are you talking about? HoD is the only one that's a Symphony clone.

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The GBA is as modern as the PS4 is retro. Seriously, can't we just put this to rest?

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As long as there's a sticky placed by a mod, people can either read it or get fucked.

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this one easily

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>GBAfags will never get to discuss their precious portable piece of poop on this board

Feels so fucking good, tasting their delicious tears.

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The PS2 was a fucking long time ago, anon.

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>yfw GBA will be let in on /vr/ within the next three years
You should taste your own tears.

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Do you work at a movie theater? Because you're great at projecting. GBA will be accepted here eventually and we all know it. Even if this thread gets deleted in the next 30 seconds (which it won't) we've already had a great discussion and all you've done is cry about it. If you're tasting tears, they sure as heck aren't mine, kiddo.

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The 1999 rule will never get changed no matter how many years into the future we go, especially now that moot is gone.

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Why IS GBA not retro? We're on 3DS now, that's TWO generations later.

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The rule was changed once to allow the Dreamcast.

It's only a matter of time.

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Wanna take screenshots and meet up here in 2025?

>> No.2644309

I think I'll reiterate this point.

>> No.2644312

Because we'd have to allow PS2, XBOX and Gamecube then since those are also "two generations age".

Why are GBAfags so retarded? Did playing on that tiny screen give them brain cancer?

>> No.2644313

Because >muh cutoff point.

>> No.2644318

This. I change my answer to this. I forgot about it.


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The choppy animation was apart of the charm for me. I don't know, I just love everything about CotM.

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omg the SCANDAL

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Aria of Sorrow has an interesting story, which I can't really say for most Castlevanias.
The castle is fun to explore and doesn't feel drawn out with things like inverted castle or HoD's A and B shit.
But grinding souls is tedious and it lacks challenge. I generally enjoyed killing things in Harnony more. I dunno, I'll put it as tie.

Honestly I found Circle's controls horrible to play with and it just feels bad, I couldn't play it much. I'll give it a proper chance sometime.

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>Because we'd have to allow PS2, XBOX and Gamecube
What's your point?

>> No.2644703


What is the point? I'd be willing to call the 6th gen retro. It was a long fucking time ago anyway, it's not like any of those systems are modern in the slightest. Sure the PS2 had some late releases, but those don't really mean anything.

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I don't really give a hoot, but actually I agree with the idea that Moot being gone won't allow it.

After he left the idea was a pretty hands-off approach, meaning no one alters any rules unless absolutely necessary. As in "it threatens the board" necessary. Moot probably would've allowed updating the sticky by now.

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If /vr/ starts allowing the likes of Halo 2 and Call of Duties, I (and I assume many others) would drop this place.

>> No.2644756

The PS1 had late releases too.

Honestly, I'd be perfectly fine with letting in 6th gen in a few years, I think this would be a wonderful place to discuss Gameboy Advance, it's a great system (at least the SP was) with a lot of great titles, and it's pretty old now.

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Circle of the Moon, then Harmony

the others aren't even good games

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Circle of the Moon

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Harmony of Dissonance is my favorite, but Aria is amazing as well.
I don't really like Circle of the Moon. Stiff controls, feels like a fan game (which it kind of is, since it wasn't made by IGA)

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Why is this thread still up?


>> No.2645235

Well as one /vr/ oldfag to anther, I can say that gives me two reasons to look forward to that day. /v/ is for modern games, /vr/ is for old games. I don't see why that's so hard to understand. "old" is relative, just like "retro". We've been over this. If you want an 8-16 bit forum, go find one now. Don't waste your time trolling here till you get fed up. The kind of forum you want is out there.

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ps2 will never be retro, cry some more u big babby

>> No.2645249

2001 should be the cutoff point

>> No.2645281

No, because 2001 hardware still got games up until 2012.

>> No.2645369

Great music and cool DSS system and the bosses are nice and difficult, but pain in the ass potion grinding can be a real drag. Magician mode is a blast.

Classic Belmont action, amazing movement and agility from Juste, and some great bosses. The music quality gets shat on, but I found myself humming the music from this game more than any of the others.

I loved the combat, bosses, and world building.

Honestly, I'd have to go HoD>Aria>CotM. They're all top tier though and definitely blow the DS entries out of the water.

>> No.2645374

The game cutoff be around 04, dipshit

The NES still has recently released romhacks and homebrew games like Battle Kid, Rockman 4MI and HBWC 2012 but people don't complain about "muh raytro" when talking about those

>> No.2645378

>game cutoff
no such thing unless it's a PC game

new games on retro hardware are in fact allowed on /vr/. learn the rules before you post next time, "dipshit"

>> No.2645389

yes they do and no, we don't actually talk about these, they have got their own romhacking general containment thread

>> No.2645390

I'm not saying they aren't allowed, but if they allowed the 6th gen (probably not until 2020), games for those specific systems should be allowed independent of how late they were released

>> No.2645401

Fucking this.

>> No.2645453

I would like that. The PS2 is the best console.

>> No.2645454

So how do we contact to make this happen?

>> No.2645457

The owners of Reddit.

>> No.2645468

The GBA is more retro than the Dreamcast will ever be.

>> No.2645473

There need to be exceptions for handhelds honestly.

Unless you seriously believ portable SNES games are on the same tier as Halo and co.

>> No.2645497

>he thinks 2D graphics means it's automatically retro
Yeah, let's just start allowing AVGN Adventures and all that indie garbage while we're at it. Fucking maroon.

>> No.2645502







>> No.2645504

Games from the PS2 era onward have gotten many "HD remasters" in the form of higher-res textures and a resolution bump. They are basically modern video games with worse graphics. PS1 and earlier games cannot get the same treatment due to their primitive visuals and unusual controls - they are re-released, but not remastered. The MGS HD collection left out MGS1. Final Fantasy X got a remaster, while FF7 needs a remake from the ground-up.

So there's an objective difference between the 5th and 6th gens, and it's not just a matter of not wanting Halo/Kingdom Hearts/GTA/Call of Duty/MGS/DMC on the board. Though I won't lie, that's the main reason for me. If we bring /v/'s games here, we'll bring /v/'s culture.

>> No.2645651

To be fair we have one of the slowest boards on the entire site, people are more likely to go to /vg/ or /v/

>> No.2645656

not retro, kindly fuck off back to >>>/v/

>> No.2645660

>official platforms
>non-platform indie games
Beg your pardon?

>> No.2645672

Ofcourse such a niche topic will have a slow board. Did you think retro gaming is super popular? The good thing is, on average, the quality is higher.

Many retro genres continued to live on the GBA. Beat'em ups, shmups and turn-based RPGs.
The Dreamcast had fucking online games, that's not really retro.

>> No.2645676

>What's the best GBA Castlevania game?
Not /vr/ related.

>> No.2645728

CoTM was too dark.

>> No.2645730

PC had online games since the 80s.

OP here. Can't believe this took off. I'm slurping up those NOT RETRO tears.

>> No.2645736

>I posted an off topic thread and they're complaining that it's off topic! I'm such a master troll!

Are you 12?

>> No.2645738

Not Retro but I love me some Circle of the Moon.

>> No.2645745

Holy shit, I can't believe this thread is still up. I guess the GBA is now unofficially retro. :^)

GBA Fans - 1 / Buttmad Oldfags - 0

>> No.2645748

Now watch the buttdevastated retrofags start Halo threads under the premise of "if GBA is retro then Xbox is retro too".

>> No.2645754

I would be perfectly OK with this.

>> No.2645771

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

As long as there's a sticky posted by a mod, people can either read it or get fucked. You people are literate, right?

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>his post was deleted
>insinuating the mods think the thread are ok

YES! Give me your delicious tears!

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>Gen 6 gets cleared
>grognard fags try to passive aggressively post Halo threads
>they fucking lose it when people just roll with it and start regular discussion

I mean, I don't even like Halo, but their anger and frustration would just be so perfect.

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>cry some more u big babby

Ohh, kiddo! You know what's super ironic about all this? You rage against the threat of GBA being included here because you think /v/ is full of shitposters. But where as you could have seen this topic, just ignored it and payed attention to the threads you're actually interested in, instead you decided to come into it and curse, name call, shitpost and troll as much as you possibly can in the hopes of derailing it.

All this because you see people talking about something you don't want them to be talking about. You are the very essence of what people don't like about /v/. If accepting GBA and even PS2 gets the assholes like you to finally leave this place then I welcome it. You're one of the worst posters on this whole forum.

Also we all know it's going to happen sooner rather than later. Mods barely care about GBA threads here because they honestly fit. And accepting Dreamcast but not PS2 is considered odd by everyone here. It's coming and we all know it.

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Not retro.. Stop this GBA bullshit on /vr/

CoTM > AoS >> HoD RomHack >>>>> HoD

>> No.2645884

>It's coming and we all know it
all good things must come to an end, it's nothing to celebrate though

>> No.2645897

But good things happening is always cause for celebration, which is what this will be. This isn't a forum for just 8 bit or 16 bit or only CRT 240p based games... it's for retro games, and what's retro is always changing with the times.

/v/ is for modern, contemporary games and /vr/ is for older games. Pretty simple. If you want a forum that's just dedicated to CRTs or 8 bit games, you're welcome to go find one. But if you're hoping this place is never going to accept GBA you're in for disappointment.

>> No.2645902

What did they change in the HoD romhack? The only one I'm aware of is the graphical fix that takes that ugly blue outline away. Did the hack alter other things as well?

>> No.2645904

Why does he have that stupid outline in the first place?

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File: 1.29 MB, 3007x2227, 1440774663255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Omg not /vr/ geeeez

Quite a lot. Changed palettes, music, difficulty, sprites ect. They added new characters and modes including Julius mode(pic related). Over all it's a great rom hack.

>> No.2645917

Interesting, I'm going to have to check it out!

When Circle of the Moon came out, there was still only the original model of the GBA and it was so dark the game was almost unplayable unless you were in full sun. HoD was designed so that it looked decent and playable.

Of course soon after, the SP came out and all the sudden CotM looked amazing and HoD looked like a hideous mess.

>> No.2645923

Well it's August, my theory is that the few handful of mods/janitors that bother to moderate /vr/ are probably in some sort of vacation now.

Also it's probably still too soon to allow GBA, but if we would to allow the next console to be unlocked in the board, my vote would go to it.

>> No.2645932

>Interesting, I'm going to have to check it out!
Whatever. read the rules and go back to >>>/v/

>> No.2645942

I agree, if only to cut down on trolling around here. GBA definitely feels like it fits this board. And honestly, I think the mods generally agree. They delete obvious troll topics pretty regularly, but ones like this that are just having a decent discussion tend to stick around. It's been this way for some time, and I welcome it.

Thanks, downloading now.

>> No.2645958

>Circle of the Moon is a rock solid game and one of the best Igavanias around.
Iga had nothing to do with Cotm.
Ironically one of the reasons why Cotm is so great.

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>> No.2645979

That's interesting, I had no idea. But it makes sense. CotM is the only one that feels more like an open ended Classicvania than the typical Igavania ones. I always just figured it was a fluke.

>> No.2645998

There's no need to be an autist about GBA on /vr/. GBA is technically way behind other platforms of the same generation. At best, it's like a handheld SNES. A good portion of the GBA's library does in fact consist of NES and SNES ports or enhanced remakes. I think /vr/ can make a logical exception in this case, especially since Dreamcast of all things is considered retro by /vr/'s standards.

Also bear in mind that remakes and non-retro ports are already welcome here, so we can legally discuss GBA in the context of games like Super Mario Advance or Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls.

Since the mods have been so lax lately, I say just go ahead and post whatever GBA-related stuff you want and see where it goes from there, and ignore all the rules autists who complain about it. Either the mods will crack down on it, or they won't.

>> No.2646010

Pretty much this. You can't really talk about GBA on /v/, because it's all about what's currently happening in games and they have little interest in older stuff. GBA generals on /vg/ are too open ended to really talk about anything in detail without getting derailed.

This is really the best place for it, and the only bad thing about threads for GBA games here are the people who intentionally shitpost to try and ruin them so they won't happen. If they just left alone and stuck to the threads they're actually interested in then all would be totally cool around here.

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I agree. IGA games just try to be Symphony 2.0. Just look at Harmony, it tries to be Symphony so hard it ends up lacking its own personality (aside from the... furniture, I guess?). Aria was interesting with the soul mechanic, but it ended up being too tiresome and the story is wannabe and stupid as hell.

Circle of the Moon is my favorite because it blends the good aspects from classic CV like difficulty, controls and level design with the good aspects from Metroidvanias, namely exploration. The story is sufficient, the DSS system is awesome, and the various modes offer great replayability. Only bad thing is grinding for items if you need them, but still beats grinding for souls.

Also it has the best Dracula design of any game. And the best final boss, it's a fucking beast and it's awesome. Plus, that music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I5mUeRKOhg

Just a great game all around.

I hope GBA is included soon. Only GBA things that survive in /v/ are e-shop re-releases. Maybe MMBN. But there are many games that nobody can discuss in any board, /v/ is too fast and /vr/ needs to update the rules. Including the Dreamcast and not the GBA is almost hypocritical.

>> No.2646232

>/v/ talking about the GBA
jesus christ

>> No.2646258


>> No.2646292

That's pretty much why I prefer CotM as well and it fascinates me Iga wasn't part of it. I do like his other games, but they turned into real collectothons. Cirlcle of the Moon has some of that, but way more focused. And the amount of different things you can do with the card combos gives you at least as much variety as most of the Iga games with only a fraction of the loot grinding.

Damn, I gotta play that game again.

I agree on GBA as well. It obviously fits here, especially with the presence of Dreamcast and I think the mods are starting to see it that way as well. I agree with the poster above who suggested we just go with it and see what happens.

I think if we keep the discussions civil and just ignore the inevitable shitposters who will scream and yell and keep make them good threads otherwise it should be fine. I'm sure some will get deleted from time to time but heck, Dreamcast threads get deleted all the time too so mods are already ignoring rules both ways.

>> No.2646297

I used to think Harmony was the best. Now I think it's not that good mainly due to how unbalanced it is.

After replaying them all, under different ways (hard mode, thief mode, etc), I have to say I like them all as much, but for different reasons. I can't seem to give a prefered order of any "Metroidvania" CV, each has its share of things it does worse and better than the others.

>> No.2646304

yeah, quite a lot of shitposting in that one

bit late to this part mate

>> No.2646321

I'll certainly say that although I will go on about how much I like various ones over the others for various reasons, I really like all of them as well. They're great games and I'm now really looking forward to giving this new HoD hack a try.

>> No.2646338
File: 102 KB, 576x768, sotn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elder God Tier:
Circle of the Moon

High Tier:
Order of Ecclesia

Mid Tier:
Portrait of Ruin
Symphony of the Night
Aria of Sorrow

Low Tier:
Dawn of Sorrow

Shit Tier:
Harmony of Dissonance

>> No.2646345

DC shouldn't have been allowed either (seeing as it's a gen 6 system) but at least most of its games have an oldschool arcadey design to them.

>> No.2646365

>A good portion of the GBA's library does in fact consist of NES and SNES ports or enhanced remakes.
True. I couldn't name a dozen GBA originals that are even worth mentioning. Golden Sun and Ninja Five-O threads aren't going to break the board.

But if Halo and God of War make it in it's UTTER DOOM and the board is dead, second holocaust all over again. Might as well burn the internet down and salt the earth, we'll never have a proper pinball thread again.

>> No.2646424

Fuck, I've never seen so much shitposting about a system.

>> No.2646505

It's true that the real strength of the system was having portable versions of tons of classic games. But off the top of my head, some GBA games I loved

Boktai 1 and 2: both great action RPG/stealth games.
AstroBoy Omega Factor: Fucking amazing
Zone of Enders: Fist of Mars: Fantastic SRPG with a really cool combat system
Alien Hominid: great portable port, plays surprisingly well
Both Kirby games

>> No.2646548

>I couldn't name a dozen GBA originals that are even worth mentioning.
Then I recommend you look over the GBA library and play some games.

>> No.2646557

There was a PS2 thread that hit bump limit a while back, I think mods just stopped giving a fuck.

>> No.2646573

>But if Halo and God of War make it in it's UTTER DOOM and the board is dead
How, exactly?

I mean, at the worst, wouldn't they just end up making one general each if the threads are populous enough? Doubt it would crowd out everything else.

The Doom threads are by far the biggest and fastest of /vr/ and it's not like they eat away at the place.

>> No.2646578

I believe then gentleman was being purposefully over dramatic to illustrate the absurdity of the situation. PS2 and GBA will be perfectly fine once they're officially allowed here.

>> No.2646589

Retro will always refer to gens 1-5, it's not this "evolving" term that you all want it to be where some day gen6 will be considered retro. It's more to do with the times they were made in than whether the game is 2D sprites or not. Eventually gens 6-10 will have their own category, perhaps "neo-retro". Or maybe split into ages, where /vr/ would be early age and current modern games would be considered middle age. Regardless you should all feel bad for bending the rules to your whim just because /v/ is fucking terrible and you need a place to escape to. Either adapt to the ecosystem of /vr/ or get the fuck out and quit bringing modern games to this board.

>> No.2646596

Agreed, also Dreamcast isn't retro.

>> No.2646601

don't worry mate i feel really bad, near suicidal for talking about something barely off topic

>> No.2646602

You have no idea what the word "retro" actually means, do you?

>> No.2646606

Look up the word. You have literally no idea what you're talking about. "Retro" is not a synonym for "Golden Age" like you want it to be. It just refers to things from the recent past. Guess what GBA and PS2 are now. Guess what Xbone and PS4 will be in 15 years. I'll give you some time to think cause I know you're slow.

>> No.2646625

retro refers to a style

which is why GBA and some examples of modern indie games technically classify as retro

>> No.2646632

Again, you want to take some screenshots and meet up here in a few years, see how that's worked out for you.

Yes, but what that style is, changes. What was reto in the 80's is not the same as what was retro in the 90's, the 00's or the teens. Retro never changes. What is currently retro changes.

>> No.2646643

>Yes, but what that style is, changes.
only after something fresher and more modern appears and takes over it's place

only way I can see PS2 and later games be classified as retro (and modern games in general becoming retro), is when oculus rift or something similar goes mainstream

>> No.2646651 [DELETED] 



>> No.2646659


HoD has the honor of having the best and worst quality GBA Castlevania music in one game.

>> No.2646681
File: 110 KB, 1253x1120, never-ever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the term "retro" refers to a definite span of time and not the general, recent past

Did you know that in 1992, the term "retro" was not applicable to the Super Nintendo or even the Nintendo? It's almost like these things change.

Did you also know that when /vr/ was created, the Super Nintendo was just about as old then as the Game Boy Advance is today?

Unless you can can provide an argument other than "MY OPINIONS ARE FACT! HEED THEM AS LAWI", I suggest you shove it.

>> No.2646685

That's literally not how it works at all.

1950s fashion was contemporary at the time, but by 1980 it was "retro". In 1985 then-current fashion was not retro but by 2015 standards it is. It's a sliding scale, as things fall out of style and fade into history people look back and call it retro. By 2050 all vidya from 1970-2030 will be classified as retro because it'll all be lumped together as "old fashioned".

Also I'm quite impressed this thread is still here. Sage anyway.

>> No.2646693

It's pretty obvious that these threads are only ever deleted because of the autistic spergs shitposting and complaining about the people actually discussing video games.

I've never seen anything but civil discussion from the GBAfags, but people opposed to it act like six year olds being told they're wrong.

>> No.2646712
File: 93 KB, 1280x720, 1440401567193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I disagree with your opinion.

>> No.2646713

> I couldn't name a dozen GBA originals that are even worth mentioning
probably more an issue with you rather than the GBA tbh

>> No.2646750

Not him, but I tried this the other week. I could barely come up with 20, and half of those were MegaMan and Pokemon games. There's just not a whole lot to discuss when it comes to GBA that really stands out. Certainly nothing on the same level as Chrono Trigger or FF6.

>> No.2646778

>not a whole lot to discuss when it comes to GBA that really stands out
I completely disagree.

>> No.2646794

This, virtual reality and other leaps forward will make the games of today seem to have much more in common with 3rd-5th gens than the games of the future.

Probably every game that's been made so far will be lumped into "old school screen games" or something like that.

>> No.2646802

I tried myself. Minsh Cap, the three Castlevania games, Pokemon, Metroid Zero... that's it.

>> No.2646805

Nah, VR is just a shitty fad. Screens with physical input from devices will last for a long time.

>> No.2646806

I'd go so far as to say the GBA was the worst handheld, but there's still shit like the Lynx, so I can only say with real honesty it was the worst of Nintendo's handhelds. I'm still finding original GB games to play, but when it comes to GBA the well's dry.

>> No.2646812

Oh come on. I could name at least 20 amazing GBA games of the top of my head. The GBA was amazing and gave us some great games

>> No.2646817

Then you're not looking hard enough. The GBA has an amazing library

>> No.2646819


>> No.2646823

Just skimming that list at least half of it are ports from better systems.

>> No.2646824

Well, a controller is a very basic and easy way to make your player interact with your game, it's proven and perfectly functional.

Then you look at the Kinect, which had troubles seeing black people, will still sometimes register an open door as player 2.
Oh, and it's terrible at reading your movements and many games are hard to play, and some are even ENTIRELY unplayable, such as Steel Battalion.

The Kinect is a fascinating piece of technology with a lot of potential uses, but as a videogame controller, it's absolutely abysmal.

I think that physical controllers with buttons, pads, and sticks (and also touch surfaces with newer controllers, such as with the PS4), will continue to dominate how console games are played for the coming next 100 years at the least.

Why reinvent the wheel when the wheel you have does everything you need it to do?

>> No.2646830

wow that list is missing a lot of good games

>> No.2646831
File: 136 KB, 640x640, ninjafiveo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the other half being system exclusives. Most of which have fallen into obscurity nowadays, quite sadly.

The list covers only the games they have reviewed so far.

>> No.2646837

>And the other half being system exclusives.

And how many of them are actually good/worth playing? Comparatively fewer than most other systems.

>> No.2646840

who are you quoting?

>> No.2646841


>> No.2646862

>"ninety percent of everything is crap."

But that's true, and isn't that exactly what I and a few other anons have been saying? GBA has relatively little worth actually playing.

>> No.2646869

That's like saying the PS1 has little games worth actually playing because of the good games/shovelware ratio.

>> No.2646887

The ubiquitous online connectivity of the 360 generation has already caused that shift. PS2 is retro by this point.

>> No.2646893

Except I can actually count more than 20 exclusives on PS1 worth buying. It's not about the ratio of good/bad, it's that there's very few good at all, whether it's 10% or 1%

>> No.2646903

Can GBA just be fucking retro already

>> No.2646932

VR is not just a shitty fad, it might be gimmicky at first but trust me that is where digital entertainment is headed. People said the ipod was a fad, but apple went on to shape the mobile revolution and changed the face of the tech world forever. VR will be the same way, the goggles coming out today will seem very limited now, but they will be the precursors to much better forms of virtual reality in the future.

Video Game technology always seems to make large leaps and then stagnate for a while. You had the advent of 2d games that really kicked everything off, the jump to 3d and the nearly simultaneous popularization of the internet. VR will be the next leap.

>> No.2646940

Still more than game.com and the Gamegear.

>> No.2646946

>I think that physical controllers with buttons, pads, and sticks (and also touch surfaces with newer controllers, such as with the PS4), will continue to dominate how console games are played for the coming next 100 years at the least

That's some pretty lofty foresight there, but you have a point. Physical interfaces are (with our current level of tech) the only reliable way to input information with complete accuracy. However the possibility that motion/touch sensitive controls could come to outperform them is very large. Look at how far that technology has come in just the past 5-10 years.

When you consider that physical inputs require manual interaction with physical buttons (usually that are stuck in fixed places and cant be rearranged to suit the game), it's easy to see how a very precise and smart motion or touch-sensitive alternative could be vastly superior. The tech isn't there yet but in 10 years it very well could be.

>> No.2646950

>Look at how far that technology has come in just the past 5-10 years.

Has it even improved at all? IMO there's no way motion control will ever give you the precision you need for a game like Ninja Gaiden.

>> No.2646957

GBA =/= portable snes
same way the GB/GBC =/= NES

>> No.2646994

The GameBoy color is practically like a portable NES with a steroid injection.

>> No.2647019

It's improved significantly. Anyone who owned a touch screen phone pre-iphone (or even an early gen android/iphone) can attest to that. Motion control was basically nonexistent before the wii, which even came out with an improved controller later in its life.

As long as the interest in development is there, the scope of any particular technology is indefinite. There's a very real possibility that motion sensitivity could surpass the timing and input accuracy of physical inputs.

>> No.2647051

>Many retro genres continued to live on the GBA. Beat'em ups, shmups and turn-based RPGs.
>Beat 'em ups
How many good ones, 2-3?
See above.
>turn-based RPGs
This isn't a retro genre, it's the beginning of modern gaming tbh.

Dreamcast has quite a lot more arcadey games than the GBA, tons of fighting games, shoot em ups, exclusives like Daytona, Sega Rally, Virtual-On, Dynamite Deka 2, Crazy Taxi, that's indeed more retro.

>> No.2647083

>>turn-based RPGs
This isn't a retro genre, it's the beginning of modern gaming tbh.
you have to be 18 to post

>> No.2647097
File: 8 KB, 224x224, slime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>turn-based RPGs
>This isn't a retro genre, it's the beginning of modern gaming tbh.


>> No.2647103

>turn-based RPGs
>This isn't a retro genre, it's the beginning of modern gaming tbh
congratulations on making sure everything you've said is completely ignored

>> No.2647108
File: 2.62 MB, 353x209, arnold-grinding-teeth.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This isn't a retro genre, it's the beginning of modern gaming tbh.
I hope you die.

>> No.2647248

>Ninja Five-O
That game was so good, dat grappling mechanic.

>> No.2647251

JRPGfags sure are easy to bait. Must be because they only play shitty menu-driven games that even a monkey could do well in.

>> No.2647254

Leave. Now.

>> No.2647650

Fuck you.

>> No.2647840
File: 141 KB, 796x631, 1396600869635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Skies of Arcadia

>> No.2648080

I'm playing CotM for the first time, it's so fucking good. It's exactly what I wanted SotN to be, just classic gameplay in a Metroid-style map.

At first I was excited to play the other GBA/DS games because everyone said they were better than CotM, but now I'm seeing the people who say that like them because they're more similar to SotN, which is kind of disappointing. I'm sure I'll still like them though.

>> No.2648083

nailed it

>> No.2648113

Aria of Sorrow. It's the one that got me into the series though I despise how grindy it is. Though my favorite in the whole series would be Castlevania Legends

>> No.2648126 [DELETED] 
File: 108 KB, 1280x720, club-nintendo-end-mario-toad_1280.0.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always been fine with people talking about whatever games they want on here since the genesis of the board.

We wanted /vr/ to be different from /v/: to be a chill, inviting place where we can actually talk about fucking games. /v/ is just a mixture of /b/ and /pol/. And for a little while, we managed it. Hell, it was a more fun place than anything on 4chan and I've been here since creepy-tan.

And for at least a year, it has been the most elitist STOP HAVING BAD WRONG FUN!!! place on the entire internet. We've been worse than /v/ for quite a while now.

So, /vr/, just let this board be about games again instead of about our egos.

>> No.2648129 [DELETED] 

>I've always been fine with people talking about whatever games they want on here since the genesis of the board.
>We wanted /vr/ to be different from /v/: to be a chill, inviting place where we can actually talk about fucking games. /v/ is just a mixture of /b/ and /pol/. And for a little while, we managed it. Hell, it was a more fun place than anything on 4chan and I've been here since creepy chan.
>And for at least a year, it has been the most elitist STOP HAVING BAD WRONG FUN!!! place on the entire internet. We've been worse than /v/ for quite a while now.
>So, /vr/, just let this board be about games again instead of about our egos.

>> No.2648130
File: 108 KB, 1280x720, club-nintendo-end-mario-toad_1280.0.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always been fine with people talking about whatever games they want on here since the genesis of the board.

We wanted /vr/ to be different from /v/: to be a chill, inviting place where we can actually talk about fucking games. /v/ is just a mixture of /b/ and /pol/. And for a little while, we managed it. Hell, it was a more fun place than anything on 4chan and I've been here since creepy chan.
And for at least a year, it has been the most elitist STOP HAVING BAD WRONG FUN!!! place on the entire internet. We've been worse than /v/ for quite a while now.

So, /vr/, just let this board be about games again instead of about our egos.

>> No.2648150

They did, it was closed and this is still up. GBA is retro now.

>> No.2648157

>GBA is retro now.
Well technically no. Unless you can provide a source stating that.

>> No.2648158

There you go:

>> No.2648164

Great source you have there. Well done. This thread is currently against /vr/ rules.

If the mods decide the allow GBA they need to make a post and tell people otherwise threads like this will happen where people arguing whats right or wrong.

Currently GBA is not /vr/ you know this.

>> No.2648171
File: 4 KB, 75x100, url.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying mods know what the fuck they're doing
You get what you pay for.

>> No.2648187

Or people who aren't mods could just shut the fuck up, report and let the mods do their jobs instead of shitting up the place with their bitching.

>> No.2648189

Oddly enough, they deleted >>2647109 , a thread about retro games you think are unappreciated.

Granted, I'd be fine and dandy with GBA games being discussed here.

>> No.2648191

if already started sorry i didn't read. but try and post a gba thread on/v/ . it doesn't fucking happen at all. its all console wars, kojima, r. mikas tits, fallout bullshit. and of course smash. i say gba and game cube should be thrown into retro but nooope you guys would all shit bricks sorry we'd have content but hell guys shit changes.

>> No.2648196

>let the mods do their jobs instead of shitting up the place with their bitching.
There wouldn't be bitching if they did do their job. the reason there is bitching because there is confusion. They need to tell people whats going on.


>> No.2648326
File: 13 KB, 480x360, 1438016435604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people have been shitting up this thread begging for mods to delete it since it was first made
>been up 2 days
>still here
top kek

>> No.2648350

>mods don't give a shit
>surprised in anyway
top kek indeed

>> No.2648352

the top kek was more at the begging mods to delete it tbh

>> No.2648376

> this new HoD hack a try.

What Hack?

>> No.2648384

literally discussed a few posts above.. learn to read.

>> No.2648385

it's linked earlier in the thread, pretty sure it's this >>2645932

>> No.2648421

That's not Unreal Tournament in that picture, that's Quake.
I highly suspect that Metroid Fusion picture is actually Symphony of the Night as well.

>> No.2648548

Literally NONE of the games in that picture match up with their screenshots.

>> No.2648553

I've never played any of the GBA Castlevanias. What's the best one to start with?

>> No.2648554


they do it because gba people go into full sperg rage mode

>> No.2648568

>he didn't unlock Sora in Skies of Arcadia or Crono in Boktai
Man, you must suck at games.

>> No.2648663

>they do it because gba people go into full sperg rage mode

People keep saying this, but the only ones freaking out are the anti-GBA folks. The rest of us are just talking and watching them loose their shit.

>> No.2648664

Which other Castlevanias have you played, and which ones of those did you like the best?

>> No.2648684
File: 22 KB, 207x145, 2a1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, guys... Just don't respond to them.

We're pretty much there. We know the majority of us want GBA to be accepted here. We know the mods either largely agree with us or don't care. Heck, as has been pointed out in this thread, half the GBA's library is ports and remakes that are already fine to talk about.

All we have to do at this point is stay civil, have good conversations and not give in to the shitposters. You're never going to convince them, and replying in any way just encourages them to troll harder. If we just hide or ignore what they say, there's only so long they're going to bother screaming into an empty void.

If the threads stay interesting and positive otherwise, the mods won't have a problem with it and be fine. This is a great day for /vr/, let's all chill out and enjoy it.

>> No.2648690

>cinematic "cutscenes"
>focus on story over gameplay
>lengthen the game via slow as fuck gameplay
>people who plays it don't give a fuck about gameplay as long as the story is "good" for their shitty standard

jRPGs are the cancer that started it all.

>> No.2648705

also the beginning of waifu faggotry

>> No.2648709

>Point-and-click adventures are the cancer that started it all.

>> No.2648713

They're a lot better balanced than SOTN at the very least.

>> No.2648723

>>lengthen the game via slow as fuck gameplay
Wizardry called.

>> No.2648735

>cinematic "cutscenes"
Ninja Gaiden

>focus on story over gameplay
Point & Click Adventures

>lengthen the game via slow as fuck gameplay
Arcades already did this, as well as sucking down quarters.

>people who plays it don't give a fuck about gameplay as long as the story is "good" for their shitty standard
Subjective, but you have terminally shit opinion so whatever.

>> No.2648761

How the fuck is this thread still up yet other GBA threads are getting deleted? Does the Mod have a hard-on for Castlevania GBA games?

>> No.2648805

Probably because except for the people bitching about the subject the discussion was really good and the games are so close to being retro that mods figured "can't hurt to have one barely off-topic thread every once in awhile if it's good".

Like how on /co/ we used to have good Godzilla, Digimon and Metroid threads that were allowed as long as discussion was amicable.

>> No.2648817

I tried to have a good GBA thread tho it was deleted. Mods should adhere to the rules or let others have GBA threads.

>> No.2648829

>jRPGs are the cancer that started it all.
So you mean the 8bit games, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest? LOL you are so mad that different people enjoy different things and it's so fucking funny.

>> No.2648839


I thought digimon threads were allowed on every board. They're on /m/ and /tg/ all the time.

There's a load of Godzilla comics


Yeah, I got nothing.

Wait, so is that why /co/ is just yet another mini-/pol/ and e celeb drama board now? All the fun threads got banned?

>> No.2648847

>Ninja Gaiden
Skippable and short, aren't used as excuse for the lack of good gameplay

>Point & Click Adventures
niche PC genre nobody cared about, have at least some meaningful puzzle.

>Arcades already did this, as well as sucking down quarters.
I have yet to see an arcade with hours of pointless cutscenes about an orphan hero with spiky hair, retarded grinding and no challenge whatsoever

Enjoy your shit genre that ruined gaming.

>> No.2648864

>niche genre nobody cared about

If I remember right, at Seirra's height, they had like a 20% market share over all of PC gaming.

>> No.2648868

My understanding was that Digimon threads were allowed on most places because the ones on /a/ were fucking horrible. Godzilla has a big comics presence but technically isn't allowed because it's a movie first. Metroid became impossible to talk about on /v/ because of Other M and people copying that one fag who calls everybody Primefags.

What happened to /co/ was that cape comics got popular in videogames and movies, inviting lots of cross-posting from /tv/ and /v/ which are like the biggest boards on this site that attract the most shitposters, and they think that it's ok to have massive fits over Twitter and journalism drama like it is with video games nowadays.

So basically all the people who ruined those threads on other boards came to /co/. The threads aren't banned, but they don't last very long until they devolve into meme crap. Ironically the main way to avoid the shitposters is to dump comics because the shitposters don't read comics, which is why we still have the occasional good Godzilla thread.

/vr/ has it's share of autists and hipsters, but at least it's possible to have discussions because it's too slow for most memelords. Polite sage for my comment being horribly off-topic.

>> No.2648878

>Godzilla has a big comics presence but technically isn't allowed because it's a movie first

That can't be right because there's Ghostbuster comic storytimes all the time and it was a movie first. Of course it had a cartoon series too, but then again so did Godzilla.

>trying to make sense of 4chan rules

>> No.2648898

You can have storytimes which is how people get away with it, but you can't start a thread with a Godzilla pic and say "Godzilla thread!" for example.

It's also why the Punisher/Eminem comic used to get dumped so often because they turned into good hip-hop discussions.

>> No.2648906

So is that why the Godzilla comic storytimes happen on /m/?

>> No.2648936

>Gameboy Advance is not retro

the definition of retro is something from the past.

get your facts straights faggots.

>> No.2648941

*straight. my fault.

>> No.2648948

My understanding is that it's more that Godzilla has Japanese origins that's what's different about it. Ghostbusters was always western and had a pretty successful cartoon as well as the comics. But that's just a guess, I avoid /co/ for the most part these days.

>> No.2648954

>Enjoy your shit genre that ruined gaming.

So much anger... it's sad. What are your opinions on modern games that aren't all cutscenes and non-action. Have you tried games like Zone of the Enders, Bayonetta or Monster Hunter?

>> No.2648956

I didn't know Chrono Trigger was called Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hands on the GBA

>> No.2649089

That's not the worst of it.
The SNES version of Final Fantasy III was renamed Doki Doki Densetsu in Japan.

>> No.2649129

/m/ I think is considered the "correct" board for Godzilla and other kaiju discussion, and for some reason the comic dumps there are 100x more civil than either the /co/ or regular /m/ threads these days.

Also like 90% of all Ghostbusters media is NOT the movies, to the point that one of the two fucking movies is disowned by fans, so an actual discussion about Ghostbusters is only really possibly with people familiar with the two cartoons and the comics.

>> No.2649171

>HALO thread deleted
>GBA thread stays up

Mods once again confirmed for dickriding Nintendo shit, along with randomly deleting Sega hardware threads.

>> No.2649173

>one of the two fucking movies is disowned by fans

Soon to be two will be disowned by fans

>> No.2649315

The GBA is good though, and practically retro.

>> No.2649403

>It will never change
You are delusional. I would love to see additional console generations to be discussed here, but not right now. Maybe when the next console generation comes by then maybe we can have PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube.

We already have one grey console, the Dreamcast, we don't need any others.

So what are your favorite PS3 games? Heck the Vita is now a legacy handheld so lets talk about that here as well.

>> No.2649426
File: 19 KB, 500x303, gameboyadvance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>200+ replies
>Still arguing over whether or not it's retro

Obviously the mods don't give a shit, so shut the fuck up and post more GBA.

>> No.2649431

I still don't get why the Dreamcast threads keep getting deleted even though no one is posting pirated content anymore

>> No.2649440

My theory right now is that GBA is currently on a probation period. If mods find it worth it, they'll probably allow it.

>> No.2649448
File: 9 KB, 320x320, gamecube_to_gba_link_cable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what are your favorite link games?

>> No.2649461

Because the janitors have an asthma attack when they see "dream" in dreamcast, reminding them that they're on a Chinese image board, doing something for free, instead of living their crushed dreams.

>> No.2649464

Sega Nights game. Link your GBA to Billy Hatcher and you get Nights and Chu Chu Rocket

>> No.2649468

Too bad all the bitching in this thread will probably ruin it for everyone.

>> No.2649479

Maybe they see it as a portable snes instead of its own entity?

>> No.2649483

That's what I always saw it as. I remember really hoping a DQ6 port would release on it.

>> No.2649719

The problem with the GBA is that it really wasn't around that long. Only a few years and then DS eclipsed it. It's library is small for the same reason the Dreamcast's is, it didn't die for the same reason but the effect is the same.

>> No.2649787
File: 73 KB, 500x500, 2560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My favorite Metroid game is Scruge Hive.

>> No.2649886
File: 99 KB, 1273x849, montsaintmichel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


None of them are bad though. Circle has the best music and difficulty level, Harmony has the best visuals, and Aria is in the middle when comes to just about everything else.

>> No.2649893

Is that some British Alcatraz?

>> No.2649903

It's Mont Saint Michel in France. It was also the castle used on the American cover of SotN.

>> No.2650184

>small library

Are you serious, nigga? It's behind only the PS2 and DS in terms of sheer volume of titles.

>> No.2650265

You can also fight demons and solve puzzles through the whole place in Onimusha3, and some of the places are incredibly faithful to real life.

I've been there twice and I have a strong memory of it, it's a very magical place. See the path with all the cars at the bottom? At night the path is inaccessible because of the rise of water, and it becomes an island.

>> No.2650353
File: 22 KB, 480x480, 1416594113044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's library is small

>> No.2650482

>It's library is small for the same reason the Dreamcast's is, it didn't die for the same reason but the effect is the same.
Except the GBA had a pretty large library and was pretty successful.

Even when the DS came out games were still made for it, probably because you could still play GBA games on it (smart move on Nintendo's part)

>> No.2650491


What planet are you on?

>> No.2650917


>> No.2650938

Where the GBA sold well and had a pretty extensive library?

>> No.2651016


>> No.2651302

Half the library is shovelware trash like Mary Kate & Ashley games, Mr. Pants, and episodes of Sponge Bob. GBA is a kids' handheld.

>Hey kids, have you ever wanted to watch Pokemon at 240p?
>Well now you can!

Also, the ports. Oh God, the ports.

>Hey kids, have you ever wanted to play Final Fantasy VI on a tiny screen with a tinny sound chip and soulless new translation?
>Oh well, enjoy your episodes of Pokemon then!

There were a lot of semi-decent games that were basically just beta test versions of DS games. Megaman Zero feels like a proof of concept for ZX, not something that was actually meant for release. The two Advance Wars games are eclipsed by Dual Strike just a few years later. Rehashlevania: Circle of the Harmony of Sorrow are just... just dull. Tell me, is there one, even ONE good GBA game?

>> No.2651415

The DS Advance Wars and Castlevanias were trash compared to the GBA ones. The DS also lacked good Zelda and good Metroid games. Honestly, the only real highlights were Ace Attorney and TWEWY. Maybe Strange Journey and Etrian Odyssey too, if you're into that stuff.

>> No.2651418

>Half the library is shovelware trash like Mary Kate & Ashley games, Mr. Pants, and episodes of Sponge Bob. GBA is a kids' handheld.
The GBA has almost 1100 games, if I recall correctly. Around 30 of those are part of the video series, which arrived late in the system's life and were never its selling point or focus, or anything important besides an experiment.

It's harder to assess how much shovelware there is on the GBA, but you also have shovelware everywhere. Are the PS1 or the Atari unworthy of discussion because it's full of shovelware, too?

There are plenty of good games on the GBA. Ace Attorney started on the GBA. The Fire Emblem games are excellent. Knight of Lodis beats the original TO, in my opinion. Astro Boy is probably the best game Treasure ever made. Mother 3 and the Superstar Saga gems are great RPGs, not to mention the likes of MMBN. Megaman Zero is way better than ZX; so is Battle Network when compared to Star Force. Advance Wars are worth playing, Dual Strike didn't "eclipse" anything and let's be fair here, it pretty much killed the franchise. Circle of the Moon is not a rehash of anything, and is quite unlike any other Metroidvania. And you not liking the FF ports' translation doesn't make them bad, I guess you should just enjoy your 50+ bugs and lol so zany Woolseisms (which the GBA kept) in the SNES version of VI.

Also way to move goalposts, you went from "small library" to "yeah but I don't like it and it sucks". Don't like GBA discussion if it's ever formally allowed on /vr/? Don't participate, and everybody wins.

>> No.2651658

Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

>> No.2651696

Mario Kart DS was pretty good. Super Circuit was great, especially since you could unlock the SMK tracks but

>> No.2651703

>There were a lot of semi-decent games that were basically just beta test versions of DS games. Megaman Zero feels like a proof of concept for ZX, not something that was actually meant for release. The two Advance Wars games are eclipsed by Dual Strike just a few years later. Rehashlevania: Circle of the Harmony of Sorrow are just... just dull.
opinions invalidated

>> No.2651852

You sound like a cunt

>I don't like it so its shit waaaa
Fuck off you cum dumpster

>> No.2651858


>half the library is shovelware trash

Like every console with a huge number of games? SNES, NES, PS1, Genesis, and on? They only lose to Game.com that has 100% of games being trash

>> No.2651895
File: 109 KB, 1024x1448, Lash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dual Strike didn't "eclipse" anything and let's be fair here, it pretty much killed the franchise.
I thought it was pretty good.

It had cutest Lash for one.

>> No.2651904
File: 86 KB, 412x347, 1423977747966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree with >>2651852, you're a cumdumpster.

>> No.2651969

>comparing PS2 to 360

You're a fucking idiot or a shitty troll.

>> No.2651971 [DELETED] 
File: 202 KB, 1536x814, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

looks like a janitor has a hardon or damp cunt for the GBA castlevania games.

All other GBA threads get deleted tho this one is A-OK.

What the actual fuck.

>> No.2651983


>> No.2651984

CotM is retro though.

>> No.2651987

Lol epik

GBA games are /vr/ :^)

CoTM is just as retro as GTA5

>> No.2651990

I love that your feelings are hurt.

>> No.2651991

Janitor is that you :)?

>> No.2652036

Hah, you know a janitor can't identify themselves on the boards (hence why I am making this post, I don't have a janitor position to lose).

No, I just love it when old piece of shit grognards like you get shit on.

>> No.2652043

If you guys weren't new to /vr/, new games that are in retro franchises are allowed on /vr/. For example, you can discuss Megaman 9&10 on here without getting banned because they belong to retro franchises even though they only came out a few years ago on modern consoles.

>> No.2652053

thanks for the heads-up janny

>> No.2652059

>Tell me, is there one, even ONE good GBA game?

I'm still looking ;_;

Besides Mother 3 everything just feels like watered down versions of better games. LttP > Minish Cap, Super Metroid > Fusion, MM X series > Zero, it goes on and on.

>> No.2652068

>ONE good GBA game?
The Starfy games are pretty cool.

>> No.2652070

Megaman Zero is an improvement over Megaman X, though.

>> No.2652082

>Knight of Lodis beats the original TO, in my opinion

Literally how? It's soooooooooooooo ssssssssssslllllllllloooooooooowwwwwww

>> No.2652103

>Tell me, is there one, even ONE good GBA game?

Take your pick.

The only true thing from your whole post is that the GBA was primary aimed at kids and teens, much like "actual" consoles were before Sony decided to change the market, hence it is more fair to consider the GBA the last retro console in this regard.

>> No.2652135

I laugh at this pathetic thread

>> No.2652152

>GBA sequels of classic SNES games are watered-down knock-offs of said classic SNES games
what bizzaro circus world did I just jump into

>> No.2652290

Handheld versions will always be inferior to the console ones, and the GBA wasn't even that powerful a handheld to begin with.

>> No.2652301

Compared to it's competitors (the NGPC, WonderSwan Color, various Gameboy knock-offs no one ever bothers to remember anymore ) it was pretty fucking powerful.

>> No.2652302


Have you guys tried Odallus?

I really fucking enjoyed it,and wish it was longer.

>> No.2652310

yeah but

how can sequels be knock-offs

>> No.2652579

>LttP > Minish Cap
>Super Metroid > Fusion

This is what nostalgiafags actually believe.

>> No.2652756

No, it's pretty much established fact. You really can't think otherwise unless you played the gba ones first and are nostalgiaing for them instead.

>> No.2652770
File: 141 KB, 459x453, NostalgiaGoggles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2652814

>if i compare some of the best games ever made to games in the same series on a handheld that mean they're bad

>> No.2652818

1. Super Star Saga
2. Mario Vs Donkey Kong
3. Pokemon R/S/E
4. Pokemon FR/LG
5. Pokwmon Dungeon: Red
6. Minish Cap
7. Warioland 4
8. Warioware Inc.
9. Metroid Zero mission
10. Metroid Fusion
11. Kirby And the Amazing Mirror
12. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
13. Aria of Sorrow
14. Harmony of Dissonance
15. MOTHER 3
16. Sonic Advance
17. Sonic Advance 2
18. Sonic Advance 3
19. Sonic Battle
20. Astroboy Omega Factor
21. Gunstar Super Heroes
22. Mega man Battle Network
23. Advance Wars
22. Advance wars 2
24. Yggdra union
25. Golden Sun
26. Golden Sun Lost Age
27. Summon Night Swordcraft Story
28. Summon Night Sword craft Story 2
29. Boktai
30. Boktai 2

And thats not eveb including some gems in the trove of licensend games out there.

>> No.2652820

into the trash your list goes

>> No.2652825

Even if you took out three pokemon games, its still 27.

Not sure why you would, seeing as they're very popular and liked games. But I'm going to venture a guess that you're one of those "I hate everything popular" kind of guys.

>> No.2652832

Man, I love /vr/ but I hate this sudden influx oif shitposting. Why can't we all just be cool cats and accept each others opinions? Why all the hate?

I agree that GBA isn't retro, but it's no cause to chase people off and go all agro on em. Thats a /v/ thing.

>> No.2652835

I'm gonna venture a guess most of /v/ is taking refuge here because /v/ is filled with MGSV spoilers right now, and all they want to do is shit post, which our board is apparently good for.

How else do you explain all this unregulated posting?

>> No.2652837

>Because we'd have to allow PS2, XBOX and Gamecube
>What's your point?

Do you think Persona 4 should be allowed to be discussed on /vr/? Should Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 be allowed to be discussed on /vr/? Why have a board for retro games at all if you're going to allow those games in by allowing the rest of the 6th gen?

>> No.2652839

ebin XD

>> No.2652850

because /v/ isnt a place to discuss 6th gen either, and 6th gen games were actually good and not DL:C riddled and cut up like 7th and 8th have been.

You cant discuss 6th gen on /v/ without some epic memester shitting it up, or telling you go to /vr/. Then /vr/ says go to /v/ so where the hell should 6th gen be discussed?

/v/ isnt video games, /v/ is memes/SJW Gaming Journalisim. Its all they ever fucking talk about and we're sick with it. We're starved for a community that will actually discuss 6th gen without being obnoxious OMG SO 90's Kids.

>> No.2652918

I would say only 5 of those are actually good, and I've played almost all of them except like 6

>> No.2652931

if only 5 of those games, some of the best games in one of the most celebrated libraries in gaming is only just good to you then there's quite an issue with you, not the games, either that or you have way too high standards where it'd probably be best for you to just stop playing games all together

>> No.2652938

>one of the most celebrated libraries in gaming

That's quite an exaggeration if I ever heard one. SNES? Yes. PS1/2? Yes. Genesis? Maybe. GBA? Never gets mentioned.

>> No.2653004

>watered down versions of better games
>LttP > Minish Cap, Super Metroid > Fusion, MM X series > Zero

>> No.2653013


Sales say it all, chump.

>> No.2653275
File: 1.44 MB, 1200x900, MH4U-Image_001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone who says that all games turned to shit in this generation or that generation are idiots. Trends change, but people who genuinely enjoy video games will always be able to find ones they enjoy. The problem is that as games have grown, they've become more popular and for larger audiences in the past.

I don't like Halo, Call of Duty, Minecraft, DotA or a host of other games that appeal to younger generations. But I still have more awesome games piling up than I have time to play.

Also, DLC isn't necessarily bad. Perfect example pictured. Boatloads of content on the cart, with regluar DLC quests and the like, all free.

>> No.2653292

There's a strange age of people who were probably around 14-18 when Pokemon became super popular who have always been convinced it's a terrible shitty kid's game.

I was in college when it exploded and the game was massive there, hell even my mom played through a few of them. And then of course kids aged probably 5 to 13 all got totally into it as well.

But there's always been that one section of people who dug their heels in, declared it awful and have done so ever since.

>> No.2653313

I'm 26.

I played the shit out of Blue with my friends but never bothered to play another game until Soul Silver (my brother had regular Silver, but I didn't play it).

Its a mediocre JRPG with some linked elements. Thats basically it. I can replay Pokemon Blue, Red, or Yellow every so often but I usually get bored. Its just not very engaging. Combat is all Rock-Paper-Scissors style, or you can just max something like a Blastoise or Nidoking and use it to crush through most of the game.

I have no desire to play the newer ones because I'm fairly confident its bringing nothing new to the table. A forgettable subplot, involvign some evil Team-Rocket wannabes, generic rps battles, and thats basically it.

I don't think they're shitty, but I do think most of them are probably 6/10's.

I could honestly forgive it, if it tried to innovate. If it tried to make combat interesting or engaging, but afaik its just watching sprites wiggle on screen and thats boring as fuck.

>> No.2653323

>Combat is all Rock-Paper-Scissors style, or you can just max something like a Blastoise or Nidoking and use it to crush through most of the game.

The real engaging part is that it's one of the only RPGs with truly good versus battles that allow for a lot of strategy. That was where the real obsessions came in, at least when I was playing. Sure you can blaze through the game with any few high levels. It's building a team that can take on another team of the same level and win where it gets great. I personally think it has some of the best combat in any turn based JRPG.

It is true that the new ones are rehashes, but that's in Nintendo's best interests. Even big fans of the game only play 3-4 of them max before burning out, but there are always new people coming along. And that's better than messing with what's such a good formula.

>> No.2653571


i grew up gen 1 with Pokemon Red and Pokemon snap being my first ever video games.

Yet, they're horribly broken and too dated to go back and truly enjoy nowadays, especially since they got remakes in the GBA era.

Gen 4, Platinum, HGSS and Gen 5 B2/W2 are easily the holy trinity of pokemon games if you want a good fun game, wide selection of pokemon for team building, and great competitive play.

Gen 6 bit the bullet introducing Megas and ruined what was so great about gen 4-5 online multi.

>> No.2653582

One of the disappointing things about the games is that despite the amount of depth they've added to the combat, leveling and stat systems, less and less of that gets reflected in the single player game. If anything it's easier than ever to blow through the game with no grinding or strategy at all outside of basic type matchups.

The collection and training aspect is still the most fun part, even online battling is ruined by tierfags unless you play in the lower tiers.

>> No.2653589

I think they realized that raising and breeding was the meat of the game for most people. So the actual story mode got left in the dust a little. I did like some of the challenge tower things they did later on though.

I never really got into Black and White or 2. I played them both, but didn't actually finish and by that point not a lot of people I know in real life still played either. Gold was always my favorite and Heart and Soul were fantastic.

>> No.2653613

Actually B/W were the only games in the series to do anything interesting with the story. Not SUPER interesting, but somewhat. They're also the hardest if you discount G/S for having bad level scaling.

B2/W2 are considered the best games in the series difficulty- and content-wise. I recommend trying them again if you're interested in getting reinvested. There's some hacks, I think they're called Volt White and something Black or something, for both the first games and their sequels that completely rebalance the difficulty, they're supposed to be off the chain.

>> No.2653646

I actually loved the story in the first two because it was so minimal and really just you going on an adventure to become a champ.

I probably won't go back to B/W honestly, story is never a compelling reason to play a game for me and my real interest in the series was preparing for versus battles, and I'm out of that now. It's all good though.

>> No.2653776

>Total Nintendo DS games sold: 943.98 million.

>Total Game Boy and Game Boy Color games sold: 501.11 million.

>Total Game Boy Advance games sold: 377.42 million

What was your point again? Even among Nintendo's own handhelds it's done the worst.

>> No.2653818

It sold 400 million in the span of 5 years; the GB solid 500 million in the span of 10 years. Admittedly it only loses to the DS.

>> No.2653836

And I'm sure half of those sales were Pokemon. That's really the main reason most people bought a GBA. Even the list proved it with 3 Pokemon games taking the top spots. 4th is a Mario Kart and then it's ports from then on out.

>> No.2653893
File: 86 KB, 623x384, boktai_20041025_001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pokemon was popular because it was great, but to say that means the system didn't have other great games is a pretty big failure of logic. The system had a ton of other great games on it as well.

It's the same kind of idiocy as the people who try to say there were no games other than Halo and Call of Duty in 7th gen just because those sold really well.

>> No.2653925

>Even among Nintendo's own handhelds it's done the worst.
you're forgetting the 3DS

>> No.2653930
File: 62 KB, 544x708, 1440263804326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even among Nintendo's own handhelds it's done the worst.
>if we compare this great success to these much greater successes, it doesn't look as good
>it only sold many hundred millions
>it's not that good guys

>> No.2653935

What are you talking about? 3DS is massively popular.

>> No.2653961

Most of the DS Games are shovelware and 3rd party titles.

There are good ones, but I have seen a lot of 3rd party games being churned out for it.

Wii/WiiU/DS/3DS has a lot of 3rd party games.

>> No.2653971

>Most of the DS Games are shovelware and 3rd party titles.

So in other words, the exact same thing people are saying about the GBA. I've never understood why people care about shovelware. I don't give two shits about how many games on a system I don't want to play, just how many games I do want to play. 3DS has an incredible library.

>> No.2653980

>Most of the DS Games are shovelware and 3rd party titles.
Normally what happens with any successful console. People will release trash to make a quick buck because the install base is so large.

Just look at the app store/ps2 for instance.

>> No.2654015
File: 469 KB, 1545x1376, etrian4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> but I have seen a lot of 3rd party games being churned out for it.
Third party doesn't mean bad though. Some of the best games on the system have been third party.

>> No.2654040


>Fusion being better than anything
>somehow it's nostalgia if you point a game which is better in every sense

ebin :^)

Fusion got a few good boss battles though, nothing else surpasses even ZM -unnecessary zero suit section is probably the worst offender for this title anyway -

>> No.2654063

>and 3rd party titles
What console had a majority 1st party library of games that was successful?

Do you understand what 3rd party means?

>> No.2654105

Didn't forget, 3DS is still on-going so the numbers aren't done rolling in yet. But there's no doubt it will crush the GBA too. What I think some people are forgetting is that when the GBA first released it was trash. It had a super-dark screen that unless you had a flood light behind you was barely visible and if you took it out in daylight the glare made it equally hard to see. It wasn't until the backlit versions came later that it really started to catch on, but then it had already lost a lot of ground.

>> No.2654165

bumping to spite mad /vr/ autists

you sperg babies mad this isn't le retro?


>> No.2654175

I hope you don't think obvious shitposting will get this thread deleted any quicker mate, It's been just that for the last 200 posts with like 10 threads complaining about this one deleted

>> No.2654248

>Rayman thread gets deleted instantly
>This still stays up 4 days later

Nintendo bias at it again, folks.

>> No.2654260

It's weird though because someone posted another unrelated GBA thread and it got deleted instantly. I don't know how the janitor decides what to keep and what to delete, though he definitely deletes heavy criticism.

>> No.2654287

It's not a Nintendo bias you dolt, most GBA threads get deleted too. They just decide to keep some up at random it seems.

>> No.2654295

He deletes threads that aren't to his liking. He leaves threads up even if they're against the rules. He does all of this free of charge, too.

>> No.2654324

Can we finally discuss GameCube on here now?

>> No.2654325
File: 187 KB, 796x1280, wild ride.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What arbitrary amount of time must pass before something is considered "retro"?

>> No.2654329

For clothes it's about 30 years. For technology, since it moves faster, I don't know if there's a set guideline yet. I'd say 20 years if I had to guess.

>> No.2654341

Nintendo shitty original GBA made CotM too dark.

>> No.2654345

>Circle of the Moon
>feels like a fan game
>which it kind of is, since it wasn't made by IGA
You should stop stuffing your mouth full of horse shit.

>> No.2654385

>because /v/ isnt a place to discuss 6th gen either
Except it is.

>and 6th gen games were actually good
This is an opinion.

>You cant discuss 6th gen on /v/ without some epic memester shitting it up
Every thread on /v/ gets shitposts, giving the shitposts attention isn't going to make them go away, it just encourages more shitposts.

>We're starved for a community that will actually discuss 6th gen without being obnoxious OMG SO 90's Kids.
Make your own community better instead of destroying another community. Allowing the 6th gen on /vr/ would make /vr/ almost indistinguishable from /v/. I ask again, why have a board for retro games at all if you're just going to make the board indistinguishable from the one it's trying to not be?

>> No.2654386

That picture disgusts me on so many levels of my autism.

>> No.2654406

You're a fool if you truly believe that /v/ discusses the 6th gen or that having it here would make us more like them. You're just as much of a fool if you believe that your dislike of an entire generation of games means we shouldn't discuss it. It is, as you said, an opinion.

>> No.2654413

None, the design of games from gen 1-5 and the industry in general pre-2000 is vastly different from gen 6 and up. Retro will always refer to gen 1-5 only regardless of how much time passes.

>> No.2654417

That split happened with the 5th gen, not the 6th. This board has always been to discuss outdated games in general, not truly retro titles.

>> No.2654423

>You're a fool if you truly believe that /v/ discusses the 6th gen
There's a thread about the PS2 on /v/ right now: >>>/v/308397608

>or that having it here would make us more like them
How would it not? It's happened every single time the board rules have changed to allow more games and platforms. The inclusion of the Dreamcast is what lead to all this outcry for the GBA and the rest of the sixth gen being allowed. Prior to that, there was an outcry to allow the Dreamcast because it was released in 1999 despite the fact that it was a sixth gen console and sixth gen consoles weren't allowed. Prior to that, there was an outcry to allow 5th gen consoles because of the 1999 rule. Allowing the rest of the sixth gen WILL lead to an outcry for 7th gen systems to be allowed for one reason or another, such as, "the DS and PSP came out in 2004, that's basically in between generations, so it should be allowed on /vr/!" The line must be drawn somewhere or else there's no reason for /vr/ to exist at all.

>You're just as much of a fool if you believe that your dislike of an entire generation of games
You're making assumptions here. Who says I don't like the 6th generation of games? I don't talk about 6th gen games on /vr/ because they don't belong here.

>> No.2654425

Nah, the arcade scene was still alive and at its height during the 5th gen, and PC games still weren't tainted by console shit yet like what happened with XBOX.

It was 6th gen that killed gaming.

>> No.2654787

Call me nucking futs, but I liked Harmony the most. Even the music I thought was the most memorable of all 3. CotM had that awesome version of Vampire Killer, though.

>> No.2654890

>It was 6th gen that killed gaming.
Do people actually believe this hipster trash? Gaming is alive and well, I enjoy plenty of new games and if you don't you're missing out on a lot of wonderful stuff.

>> No.2654902

Like what? AAA moviegame #9000 or pretentious indie sjw garbage? I'll stick to my retro vidya, thanks.

>> No.2654914

Geez man, you've got to be a bit more open. I'd hate to be that jaded.

>> No.2654915

Not him but the problem with modern gaming is that AAA stuff is mostly shit, unlike retro video where AAA stuff was top notch.

>> No.2654916

To be fair, there is a lot *more* stuff, so there is still enough good to be found in there just because of the sheer amount of games being made.

>> No.2654918

Probably because you damaged your ears listening to it, I'm going to assume you went deaf and its the last thing you ever heard.

>> No.2654919

>6th gen

That was 7th gen, buddy.

>> No.2654925

You can't just call something shit because you don't like it. Modern Triple A games do very well as evidenced by sales, they upset you because they focus on something other then the gameplay, they focus on cinmatics and movie like realism. If that upsets you so much, don't play them. theres millions of average people out there who like and accept these cinematic games as a modern life style. And gaming is now more accesible then ever thanks to its ties to Movies and cinema.

YOu gotta have an open mind man, Cant just diss something because you can't understand it.

>> No.2654951

>hurr being open-minded means you have to force yourself to enjoy shit you don't
Fuck off my man.

>they upset you because they focus on something other then the gameplay
And since when it's a sin to demand gameplay from a fucking video game? jesus christ.

>> No.2654957

Accepting =/= Forcing you to like

YOu merely need to be open in accepting what other people like, not force yourself to enjoy it. Theres just no point in shitting on someone elses likes just because you can't understand them. You need to learn to take the good and the bad with everything my son.

>> No.2654961

sixth gen was the beginning of the end, don't delude yourself

>> No.2654965

Stop being pigheaded and autistic and then maybe you'll be able to enjoy what many others do.

>> No.2654968

Maybe. But 7th gen is the one that killed it, though. 8th gen is now just propping its corpse up like Weekend at Bernie's.

>> No.2654984

Nice preaching grandpa, but if you can't see anything wrong with downright rehashed games every year that keep selling millions, 0 risk from big companies to do something different because consumers don't give a fuck about playing the same shit again and again, constantly jewing with Season Pass/DLCs for incomplete games, and an standarized as fuck video game industry, then there is something wrong with you.

I know that there is more than AAA games, there is indeed some quite good semi-indie or indie stuff, but my point is that the big industry is way too "safe" today because the mainstream consumers don't demand much from a video game.

>> No.2655159

>forgetting Advance Guardian Heroes
tsk tsk tsk not Treasure worthy my friend

>> No.2655352

fusion's atmosphere is fucking great, mate

super metroid > zero mission > fusion > ii > nes metroid tbh imho

>> No.2655462
File: 1.04 MB, 2889x1763, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what GBA games we playing today /vr/

Might do another AoS run or play some SSS

>> No.2655497

Thats a goodun.

>> No.2655642
File: 42 KB, 460x300, final-fantasy-i-ii-dawn-of-souls-20041130030201633_640w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet another run through DoS FFII. This time, everyone's an archer, sittin in the back and leaning super heavy on buffs and debuffs. Turning enemies into toads, poisoning them and then sucking their MP out as they die is great. God I love this game.

>> No.2655662

The best part of Dawn of Souls is FFII. Which is good, considering FFI on Dawn of Souls is pretty cruddy.

>> No.2655679

Haven't played circle of the moon yet, but I have played Aria and Harmony. Aria was pretty good, very smooth but just a bit too easy, Harmony is clunkier, but somehow easier.

Hope Circle is gonna be good

>> No.2655685

I think every version of FFI is pretty cruddy to be honest. I did play through it on this just to see, but it was still boring. FFII is one of my favorite of all the FFs though, and I've played this version of it a ton. Every time through is different.

>> No.2655687

kinda lame how easy they made FF1 in that port

>> No.2655689

Some people say Circle feels clunky because the controls are a little more like classic CVs than the newer Metroidvanias. I think it's a fantastic game though.

>> No.2655693

I like Final Fantasy I, but depending on your party it can either be shit or good. The sad part is that the Black Mage sucks ass, when he's supposed to raise destruction. The spells per day system is too limiting, and the typical MP charge is too broken. In term of classic FF games I feel that FF3 hit the nail on the head with the MP system.

>> No.2655709 [DELETED] 



>> No.2655718

if you can look past the old school controls and double tap to run you'll have a blast. My personal fav GBAnia

>> No.2655721

Its not going away. At this point just embrace it and enjoy some GBA games.

>> No.2655734

GBA is not that bad, and in all honesty it along with gamecube fits in quite well here. Assuming you're not looking at the rules.

>> No.2655739

Gamecube doesnt fit.
Gba is basically a portable snes.

Either way mods know this thread is up and refuse to delete it so its all good. Just dont go making any other GBA threads. They will get deleted for some reason. Maybe the janitor loves GBA castlevania games.

>> No.2655743

HoD's OST does have some gems like Juste's theme.

>> No.2655746

It was okay the first time I played it, partly because it was one of the first RPGs I played. But overall I find it's just too lacking in interesting choices. Spells are limited and boring for the most part, outside of bosses almost all the battles are just all your guys attacking over and over. In some ways I think DoS is the best because at least you can blaze through it the fastest and be done. But when you get to that point, why bother playing a game at all?

>> No.2655749

> Maybe the janitor loves GBA castlevania games.

It's not that, he stealthily explained it here >>2652043

Basically CV is fine because its a classic series and the games we're talking about are pretty much inline with that.

>> No.2655757

So is sonic advance ok?

>> No.2655763

Every era has had it's AAA game genres that everyone floods the market with. That it's FPS games now instead of Shmups and platformers is a minor detail. There are more games, in more genres being made now than ever before in gaming.

>> No.2655768

In theory yes. Though I'm not sure if Sonic Boom would be, and I would doubt that a thread about Lords of Shadow would fly here.

I am curious if a general Shantae thread would though.

>> No.2655776

>Allowing the rest of the sixth gen WILL lead to an outcry for 7th gen systems to be allowed

Which is good, because eventually they should be. Times change, and what was once shiny and new will eventually be outdated. /vr/ is here to talk about outdated, non-modern games. /vr/ is not here to be an 8-16bit gaming forum. If that's what you want, go find one. This place will never be that.

>> No.2655779

>In theory yes.
Guess not. thread was just deleted. Would like to know what's going on with this thread then.

>> No.2655782

>/vr/ is not here to be an 8-16bit gaming forum.
I'm not so sure if that wasn't the original idea. Keep in mind that Moot made /vp/ as /tr/ and he had interest in the topic before it turned into him almost nuking it.

Perhaps this came out of a creator-centered fit of nostalgia. 8-16 bit fad has been going on the entirety of the board's life after all.

>> No.2655784

Because the janitor saw you being a faggot.

Also >>2655749 and >>2652043 are in fact wrong. Normally if a thread stars GBA either way it's taken down completely. It's if sequels are mentioned in a thread solely about the retro games that there's no problem.

Fact is the janitors leave one up every now and then to get everyone angry and for funsies. This is 4chan after all, be happy it's not like /v/ where nothing is enforced at all.

>> No.2655785

>What's the best GBA Castlevania game?

I don't know. Why not ask /v/, since this isn't retro?

>> No.2655790

>Because the janitor saw you being a faggot.

>Fact is the janitors leave one up every now and then to get everyone angry and for funsies

So the jannys can break the rules for shits and giggles?

>> No.2655793

>Fact is the janitors leave one up every now and then to get everyone angry and for funsies. This is 4chan after all, be happy it's not like /v/ where nothing is enforced at all.

I fully support GBA being officially allowed here, but if this is really the case I'm delighted. Gotta love 4chan!

>> No.2655797

Circle of the Moon

>> No.2655798

Say, if I wanted to make a thread about design differences between prime and classic metroid, especially around other ways to make a 3d metroid and if people liked the prime way and so on, could be done on /vr/? /v/ has become shit for metroid threadsI won't do it right now, naturally

>> No.2655804

Only one way to find out. Personally I would love to get into a discussion of that. Worst that happens is it gets taken down.

>> No.2655831

Welcome to 4chan bruh. No one was ever strict or adhering to the rules. Even janitors have always had a little bias even if the job is basically cleaning up shit.

>> No.2655841

>Fact is the janitors leave one up every now and then to get everyone angry and for funsies
Was this thread left for funsies as well?


I guess it's official, we're moderated by an underage perma/v/irgin.

>> No.2655876

Eh. Honestly I'm perfectly fine with this.

GBA was like a portable SNES to me, I loved the thing to pieces. Never went any further then that though.

>> No.2655881

>I guess it's official, we're moderated by an underage perma/v/irgin.

Far more sad than a janitor not deleting that thread is that posters who come here have filled it to 400 replies in three days. I suppose on one hand I should be thankful they were focused on something else for that time, but wow is it sad. People here really do just want to bitch and troll each other above everything else.

>> No.2655885

I don't see it so much as trolling other then having a debate.

If they mean "Casual" in the actually coined termed, as in easily accesible to the majority, thats fine.

If they mean "Casual" in the derogatory, elitist "you only play games for attention" nonsense, then yes. by all means delete it.

>> No.2655895

Well that's shocking then, but good. I see the thread keep getting bumped but the whole debate over this or that console is so boring to me at this point I didn't even think about clicking it.

>> No.2656124

Why else would you become one?

>> No.2656129

Always imagined janitors to be single men who fight for truth and justice and follow the rules to a tee.

>> No.2657208

I figure I'll ask here since this is the "gba" thread that everyone on /vr/ is rectal ravaged about.

the tldr; Renters fucked off without paying for a month, left a bunch of shit. Found a Blue GBA SP and a mystery labelless orange cart. Its an official cart, Y screw and nintendo printed on the PCB. No charging cable, I ordered one for a couple bucks on ebay.

Any idea what the game is? Only orange game I know is Pokemon Fire Red.

>> No.2657859

Define "orange" Orange translucent? or solid orange? Can you post it?

>> No.2659352


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