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Someone in another thread suggested it, and I feel like we haven't had one in a while. At the risk of sounding like a pleb my favorites are Streets of Rage 2 and Bare Knuckle 3. Gimme suggestions and chat beat 'em ups.

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Sengoku 3

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>no extends
>juggling doesn't work on bosses
>final boss has a lengthy invincible projectile attack that's totally luck based
juggling the first three stages is pretty fun tho

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Thanks fam. I have the SNES version of Final Fight and it's kind of meh, downloading the arcade ROM now.

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What's the best version of MAME to use that has a GUI?

And what site do I go to to download decent ROM sets? Romnation is utter shite.

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mame has 4 hundred hours of input lag, don't use that

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Then recommend me something with 399 hours or less of input lag, my man.

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The SNES version is almost another game, the arcade is still one of the best in the genre in my opinion, although i would recommend you Cadillacs & Dinosaurs first since it's easier to get into.

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winkawaks shew dew

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>no extends
that's not a bad thing though

>juggling doesn't work on bosses
that's a good thing. imagine how retarded the game would be if you could infinite juggle bosses. there are some infinites on bosses but they're hard. also a couple of pattern traps on certain bosses

>final boss has a lengthy invincible projectile attack that's totally luck based
it's not luck-based. at all.

>juggling the first three stages is pretty fun tho
juggling is almost a requirement in the last 2 stages, because otherwise the game's stupid excessive hitstun lag will fuck you over, so you need to herd enemies (i.e. make them overlap) then juggle them so that the game mechanic's flaws won't fuck you over.

depends on the driver. for instance, neogeo has 1 frame of input lag. cps1/cps2 varies.. like 2-4

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also, give the jap version a try. like many neogeo games, the jap. region is a bit easier. in the case of sengoku 3 it's MUCH easier. but once you get the mechanics down, the non-jap region is 10000x more fun because the jap version doesn't spawn as many enemies for you to do extended juggles and shit

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All fair and square but,
>it's not luck-based. at all.
Well do you know how to cancel his invincibility frames while he's doing the crawling fireball things? Because I tried reloading savestates and he could it on a whim.

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>crawling fireball things

crawling? :?

you mean his full-screen attack where he sends waves of ghosts from the left then the right, etc? you can't cancel them, you have to jump over them.

stay at the uppermost top or bottom of the screen. then jump toward the ghosts not away from them. also, he has 2 patterns for those ghosties. one of them, you want to stay on the top. the other, you want to stay on the bottom of the screen. an easy way to jump over them is to do a running jump, not a stationary jump.

also, make sure you get 9 bombs to use on the final boss, because he's a cheap motherfucker and you want to cheap him back. if you time it right as he's recovering from that ghostie attack you can spam 9 bombs to wipe out 2-3 lifebars of his.

keep in mind. the chars have differing speed in throwing items

kagetsura, kurenai: Fastest item throwing speed. can easily stun the final boss w/ bombs. Also can do the 9 shuriken shit on regular bosses the easiest.

Byakki: been like 3-4 years since i've played this stupid game but if i remember correctly, his projectiles come out like 1-2 frames Faster than Kage/Kure but he has as much recovery lag from throwing them as the bald fuck and the gaijin.

Okuni and bald guy: hmm.. i think they have the same throwing speed. okuni might be faster. *shrug* i forgot

However, Falcon has the slowest speed, so he's the worst when it comes to the 9 shuriken trick on bosses and the 9 bomb trick on the last boss. OTOH if you have ridiculous skills, he can infinite all of them. Not THAT big of a deal though considering how difficult the "true" infinites are and the risks involved

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also, i used to be obsessed with sengoku 3 for a while years back, but i left the game with a bad taste in my mouth.

i had 2 massive issues with it

1) the enemies are dumb as bricks. like golden axe 1 dumb. well, not that dumb, but still pretty dumb. the trick to being "good" at this game is abusing their walking pattern.

against normal enemies, this is all you need to know:

-if you have access to 2 screen lengths then herd all the enemies onto one side, then run toward the other screen. the enemies tend to move vertically before moving horizontally in this game. so what they will do is they will all move onto the same horizontal plane as you, overlapping with each other, and THEN they will attempt to come after you. This gives you a perfect opportunity to hit all of them with one move. So all you need to do is dash toward the other screen and do a dash-kick or running-jumping-weapon-attack (depending on your character), to float them then infinite juggle them. This trick works EVERY single time if you have access to 2 screens.

What do you do if your playing field only takes up 1 screen? in this instance, you need to know the enemy patterns.. e.g. makes samurais walk into your jab when they're sword-charging you. dash-kick everyone else. normal-colored enemies are not a problem. with the upgraded enemies you may want to use special moves when appropriate for the invincibility frames.

speaking of special moves, the only times you want to use them are when 1) you need the invincibility frame to get out of being pincer-attacked . and 2) to end a combo against a boss.

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My second issue with the game is the hitstun lag. I've never seen such a case of excessive hitstun lag in a beat'em up. What i mean by hitstun lag is when you hit an enemy, your attack's animation gets extended a few frames (to add "impact"), which ends up delaying you. This is the most noticeable with Byakki's B button special. If you hit an enemy with the first part of the attack, but another enemy runs into the next part of the attack then it will force the rest of the move to miss against the enemy who was hit initially. That's just the most noticeable instance, but it affects every character and forces only ONE style of efficient play, which is abusing enemy walking patterns to make them overlap and floating them, because only by overlapping the enemies will you avoid the histun lag issue. If you're just playing the game casually then 98% of the players won't notice or be bothered by it. But when you're playing to be efficient, this histun lag can fuck you over when you're going for a 1cc.

It's a good game, nah a great game with a ridiculously fun combat system, but my problems with this game prevent me from loading it up again.

Also, the character balance is ridiculously bad.

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>played SoR then Final Fight 3
>thought FF3 ESS great
>then played SoR2 and Bare Knuckle 3

Wow, FF3 was a piece of shit. It looks like complete garbage in comparison

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Final Fight 2 and 3 are weak, just play the arcade.

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Punisher on mame!

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Is there a really good beat em up on Genesis other than the Streets of Rage games

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If you want a beat'em up with some different aesthetics, just for the sake of variety, I can recommend this one.

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GAIII is fine.

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shame, too, I kinda liked the music and graphics

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Nice post. Are these issues present in Gaia Crusaders?

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All of the konami beat'em up games are a case of style over substance, sadly.

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>All of the konami beat'em up games are a case of style over substance, sadly.
You've never played Vendetta, have you?

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Yeah Vendetta is great. Should have said "almost" all of the konami games.

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check out kaizou choujin subibaman zero for snes, its bretty good

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Violent Storm manages to be both style AND substance at the same time.

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That and Vendetta are pretty great. I also really like Bucky o' Hare although it's kind of a shoot'em up hybrid like Alien vs Predator.

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>that kana stylization

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>kaizou choujin
Haha, that's pretty cool. Feels like I can read japanese.

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Golden Axe 2 is solid. Hard mode spawns more enemies and you'll get 4 enemies on-screen more often.

The graphics and sound are average, but it has the most polished gameplay and combat mechanics in the series (especially when it comes to throwing enemies - GA is notorious for thrown enemies passing through other enemies harmlessly). It has better gameplay than RODD (Revenge of Death Adder) and GA3 imo because those games have way too much exploitable shit and aren't well-balanced. GA2 obviously has some exploitable shit too.. but I guess I just prefer it over the other games in the series. For one, Ax Battler isn't a completely useless retard like he was in Arcade GA1. Seriously, in arcade GA1, he had weaker magic than Tyris and the shittiest dash attack, but he also had shorter weapon reach than Tyris which is unbelievably stupid. In GA2, his attacks are faster and longer than Tyris, his dash attack has less priority but better recovery than Tyris, he has a better spinning move (funky move. it has 3 instances when it can hit an enemy. the 2 obvious slashes but he can also hit with his knee when he's jumping into the air after the first swing), and though his magic is weaker in general his level 2 spell is probably the most useful in the game if you know how to infinite enemies with the running down stab.

Nope. But don't take my word for it. I used to play Sengoku 3 religiously, but never got that into Gaia Crusaders.

Fun game. The 2p chick is fun to use. You can do a shoryuken with the dude (do the actual shoryuken motion), and press jump while jumping with the chick to do her special move. The girl's special move can wreck bosses like no other.

Yep. Both games are great. Boris is an awesome grappling character. I forgot about him over the years.

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It's pretty cool, but not a straight beat'em up. Kinda a mix of platforming, run'n'gun and beat'em up. It works well and is surprisingly good for a BS game. It has decent graphics and music, as well as a good level design.

And while we are at it, another hybrid think is Hammerin' Harry or Daiku no Gesan. Mix of platforming and beat'em up and it wokrs well. I only played the Ghost Building Company and it fantastic. Probably one of the best looking GB games. The sprites and backgrounds are amazing.

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I really suck at beat em ups but I just played TMNT for GBA last week. It was pretty good and what I liked about it was that is was on an entirely 2D plane so I didn't have to worry about walking up or down and trying to align myself with the enemy (because I always mess it up and get beaten first). Are there any /vr/ games like that? I guess >>2641426 looks to be in that vein but are there more?

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Check out Ninja Warriors Again, it's a classic.

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What is the first recorded use of the term "beat 'em up"? Does anyone know?

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>It was pretty good and what I liked about it was that is was on an entirely 2D plane so I didn't have to worry about walking up or down and trying to align myself with the enemy

I've been doing this since I was a young child, but what you want to do is bait the enemy into thinking you're gonna attack and move out of the way of their attacks or just interrupt it.

seriously, git gud and play Turtles in Time or SoR2/3.

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it was coined in a british magazine, if I recall right. shoot'em up came first

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I still think the first Streets of Rage was the best one.

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Why would you recommend SOR3. He'd get brutalized

>> No.2641502

I think you crazy ass nigga

>> No.2641504

I like the zoomed out camera angle, the music, the teamwork moves, the darker colour palette, the bad end. There's just too much superior in that first game.

>> No.2641519

not that crazy though.

2 > 1 > 3

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>the teamwork moves
but sor2 had them too
there's no bad end, btw, you're mixing it up with sor2. in sor1 you're sent back to stage 5 if you accept the offer

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>camera angle

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Ninja Warriors and Comix Zone are both pretty great

>> No.2641534

oh wait, there is a bad ending after all

>> No.2641540

So, you can only get the bad ending on a 2 player game? You can't bad end in single player?

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underage hipster detected.



if you prefer the music and levels of 2 then that's understandable. 1 pales in comparison on every front to the other two.

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this should filter to 'subjectively' and cause your computer to explode and your parents to die

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SOR2 was better than SOR3 in almost every way. The only thing SOR3 really had was more moves to use, punks could pick up items now, you had two playable bosses, and you had more environmental hazards.

Now if you would have said BK3, then we could have a real argument. Personally I think BK3 has shittier sound effects, worse AI, worse enemy placements, worse game balance, and the graphics are less impressive too. But the extra attacks and playable bosses offset all of this enough so the game is still a lot of fun, on par with SOR2.

Except for the train stage. That level is pure horseshit and completely destroys any fun you had up until that point, or will have on the later stages.

If I had to rate them on a scale of ten, SOR2 would be 9, BK3 would be 8, SOR3 would be 6.

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I preferthe artstyle of 1 actually. I dont like how they went from smaller sprites with a zoomed out camera to the straight up ripped off way zoomed in tall Final Fight style complete with carbon copy life bars for enemies.

I agree 2/3 are superior in every way but I prefer 1.

2 was slow as fuck. Movement is so slow and boring im constantly jump punching to get across the game faster. The music in 3 is absolute fucking garbage too.

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Can we make a /vr/ reccommended beat em up torrent/fileshare folder?

Or are roms frowned upon here?

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stop playing sor 2 on normal difficulty

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sor 3 had more moves but less uses for them

>> No.2641820

>Or are roms frowned upon here?
lol, he's new
Can't we just add them to the /v/'s recommended wiki or something? People can look up their own roms.

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Running was always useful. Weapon specials were always useful, except Zans. Being able to break out of back grabs was very useful too. The co-op moves did good damage, and they were fun to do.

That leaves... the upgraded blitz attacks. Being the most powerful moves in the game, I'd say they had their use.

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>are roms frowned upon here
I don't see why they would be, considering they're required for playing games.

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once you get the upgraded blitz attacks you don't need to use most of your other moves. it's harder to get 3 stars in sor 3 but it's easy and guaranteed in bk 3.

also, the non-upgraded blitz attacks and specials are much less useful than sor 2

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was just playing the genesis version of that sailor moon beat em up (haven't even watched more than a few episodes of it)

its better than the snes version, you can do shoryukens in it

>> No.2641892

btw i was talking about the entire move sets, not specifically the new ones. yes, the new moves are nice

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mighty final fight is cool, i need to start that again

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It's the best beat 'em up on the NES due to delicious FInal Fight combat. Shame about no co-op and only 2 nemies on scree though

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too nice in fact. zan's *** blitz just mows down enemies like no other. the trick is to stay on the bottom of the screen. best move in the game

I prefer double dragon 2 and river city ransom. but personally, i can't play NES beat em ups anymore. the 2 enemies on screen make for a bland experience, and even nostalgia doesn't make the games entertaining. loved them as a kid though

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Konami really pushed the NES though, TMNT3 has up to 4 enemies on screen on co-op, tons of flickering but it's still impressive. Too bad i don't really like the combat.

>> No.2641948

>too nice in fact.

Only as long as there are no pits or traps on the level. Most of the upgraded blitz moves cover almost the entire screen, so you are far too likely to fall into a pit if you use them recklessly around pits.

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How pleb am I for playing the steam emulator version of Streets of Rage 2? Should I be using something else? Sometimes the input feels a bit sluggish and inconsistent.

>> No.2641987

that's common sense. but yes, be careful around pits. but for the vast majority of the game you can spam them to your heart's desire. with zan, hug the bottom of the screen and spam his *** blitz. it completely wrecks enemies like no other move in the game.

my two fave things about BK3 are zan's *** blitz on the bottom of the screen, and blaze's katana special glitch(?) that does massive damage, doesn't degrade the weapon, and leads to a grab.

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Just 1cc'd this bad boy. Give it a try /vr/, it's one of the best 80s brawler along with Golden Axe and Double Dragon.

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File: 103 KB, 1067x800, The-Grinch-headshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dunno about "best".. but it's a charming game for sure.

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I remember this game from back in the day, still pretty fun IMO.

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who would choose SoR2 over SoR1??

>> No.2643235

Someone who cares about decent combat mechanics. SoR1 was fine for its time but the whole game is pretty much jump kick all the time.

>> No.2643394

Streets of rage remake

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So, am I the only person that likes Ninja Clowns?

>> No.2644452

Yes, thankfully.

>> No.2644487

in before jogability

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mfw after 20 years i discover that Guy has a second special attack.

and it's good too.

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Just beat Streets of Rage II without using a continue for the first time.

Got it 2 weeks ago on the 3DS
Beat it for the first time with Blaze using 2 continues, then with Max using 1 and now with Skate using none.
Axel doesnt seem to me to be as fun as the other ones, Max is for sure the best one.
Should I go for higher difficulties?
It is a shame the 3DS game doesnt save your score, it would be fun to compare with people around the world.
10/10 game btw, glad I got it

>> No.2644949


Download SoR3 if you wanna get your shit pushed in. Don't go for BK3.

>> No.2644969


I could play it on the Wii but I will wait to see if Sega ports it to the 3DS (which seems likely to me).
They should have begun with the good games. I dont know why they wasted time making a port of Altered Beast.

>> No.2644982

>Should I go for higher difficulties?
Yes, SoR2 doesn't get real until you play it on Hardest/Mania.

>> No.2644983

>but I will wait to see if Sega ports it to the 3DS (which seems likely to me).

It won't. The game wasn't popular enough back in the day

>> No.2644991


>wanting to wait for a shitty handheld port

Either play it on your Wii on an actual TV or download the emulator + rom on your PC in a couple of minutes.

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At the 9:50 mark, how is he doing the knee attack without jumping first?

>> No.2645068

Been a long time, but I'd wager it has to do with the enemy ducking after landing from the fall.

>> No.2645073

Thanks. You're absolutely right.

While an enemy is getting up and is on his knee for a brief moment, you have to press A (punch) to do the knee.

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>make ninja turtles ripoff
>add cartoonier looking badguys and klansmen-satanists instead of Foot Clan
>The final boss is Satan

Pure fucking gold.

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what game?

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The Ninja Kids.
That game is flippin' great.
If you have ever played games like "Growl" which are cheesy, but so bad they are good.

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The Ninja Kids, by Taito
It also has fat enemies that pop like balloons when you kill them, and typical ninja-elemental Item Crash attacks in addition to different-but-not-really ninja weapons.

Taito's random beat em ups are really underrated, I think. 64th Street is also pretty solid, although some of the sprites and background are ugly.

They're not as good as the upper tier capcom ones, but they're consistently overlooked.

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playing now thanks

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File: 309 KB, 300x419, LightBringer_arcadeflyer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are fun games for some laughs, but the hidden gem from Taito's brawlers is definitely Lightbringer/Dungeon Magic


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Nice, but needs some Vendetta/Crime Fighters 2.

>> No.2645376

64th Street is by Jaleco, not Taito.

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