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My fellow VR, i saw one of this a long time ago, and I really liked it, so here I am, starting one. Here's to remember the good old days!

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It's a shame, but I don't have time to play videogames anymore...

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I'm married, have my own business and take care of my daughter, she's 10 months old

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Forgot pic.
On the weekend, i visit my family, mom, brother, sisters... There's a birthday coming up, my grandpa will be 90 years old next month

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And go out with my wife, she loves going to the movies and dining out

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A few yeasr back, I used to smoke mj and play videogames on the weekends with my brother, he loves D&D, King of Fighters, Street Fighter and some other beat 'em ups

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When i was in highschol, I did not spend any of my money, I saved it all for the weekend, and buy munchies and red bull, so that I could stay playing Metal Gear all night on my PS One

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The first time I played MK, I was like 8yrs old... remember being surprised by the graphics, the violence, the blood, and the fatalities

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When a kid, we were really poor, so no money for gaming consoles, I spend some of my allowence in arcades...I always wanted a Super Nintendo, sadly, I never got one

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Remeber going to Blockbuster to rent a movie, spending time watching the viodegames in stock

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My first GamBoy, was a yellow Pocket Edition, I played Pokemon Trading Card Game for
months, y memorized all oponents strategies and colleceted 99% of the cards

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Played my first Mega Man game, on Mega Man X 4, on my Win95 PC, had to install DirectX from a Starcraft CD in order to play it, awesome game, loved the fact that you could play as Zero

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Now for a TV commercial

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I alwasy liked Nintendo consoles best...How ignorant...until I tried my first PS game, then ditch the N64, and when I tried my first Contra game on Sega, man... how dissapointing Contra looks on SNES

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First time I saw a Dreamcast, I was astonished by the graphics and sound capabilities, left PS in the dust

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What time to be alive...no best time as the 90's (to be young)

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Another MegamanX

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A classic commercial


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Still have some left to post

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Sorry, wife and baby just woke up, if this thread is still here tomorrow will continue posting

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