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Best Retro Gaming System of all time?

Mine is the Atari 2600. I love that beast!

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That is a really good video game console. Have a shit ton of games for it.

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my favorite

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Toss up between Sega Genesis and GBC. But also old PC was pretty great. I'm having a tough time picking...

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Ah the PC Engine. I have a Turbo-Grafx 16 and a broken CD add on that I need to fix.

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Im a fan of the Genesis myself. Which model do you use? 1, 2, or 3?

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I don't honestly remember the model I had originally, and I went through 2 of them. These days if I play physical carts I use a Nomad, but I emulate often than not.

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Op didnt specify it had to be a home console! The Color of an NES with a library about twice the size that fits in your pocket!

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These posters have taste.

My favorite though is the NES.

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He didn't specify it even had to be a console at all.

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I guess this would count too?

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If that's your favorite system, then yes it would.

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I'm glad I didn't have to grow up with the 2600. The thought of having a rose-tinted glasses effect for something that isn't Nintendo is terrifying, I feel bad for 2600 nostalgia-fags.

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...recently rekindled my love for this machine. Owning a VA05 and a first gen MD 2. The MD 1 is much better with sharper picture and vastly superior sound.

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Never said it had to be a home console! I love the Gameboy Color!

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Well if its your favorite then yes it counts!

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That is true. That's why I own the Model 1 and Model 2. Model 2 has the 32x and the CD. Model 1 plays my actual genesis games.

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Im glad that I have my Atari 2600. I love it. You have a charm that you don't get while playing the PS4 or the Xbox Bone. Atari made videos games what they made today. If we didn't have the Atari 2600 then we possibly wouldn't have consoles at all. Then again it started gaming and ended gaming as well *cough* E.T *couch*

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Sound is audibly better than all other models, but the picture? It looks just as awful through composite as the rest, and just as good through a converter. Maybe I just can't see the difference.

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I've seen retro gaming YouTubers like Game Sack but S-Video inside of it and it looks great. Also someone on Ebay buts RGB or Composite to an Atari 2600 and it looks amazing. Well for not even a bit grafx...

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Lame Facebook copypaste is lame.

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I have a scart to component converter on mine, it looks good. But I have the same for my model 2/CDX and don't see a difference. I can clearly hear the difference between the two.

And the model 1 looks just as bad with composite cables. Maybe even a bit worse.

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I didnt copy paste that. It was from my heart <3

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CDX. I thought those were supposed to be garbage?

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No? It is just a compact model 2 with a built in CD unit. Mine won't run a few CD games, but it is an old CD player, full size Sega CDs are also known to die.

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Okay, because I watched a guy that had one and he said it was shit and a waste of money. Can you use the 32x with it?

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I love pretty much every retro console. Even the "bad" ones like the 3DO all have some good games on them.

My favorite is probably the Saturn though, for all those arcade perfect SEGA games.

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Same. Besides the um. We don't speaks its name.

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It it a waste of money if all you want to do is just play games. A model 2 with model 2 CD costs like half as much. It doesn't work any differently, and only uses 1 power supply. If you buy one and the CD drives breaks would be down more money though, especially since you can't separate the two parts and you'll just have an expensive Genesis that can't hook up to another CD drive.

And yes, it is 32x compatible, but official documentation says it isn't because it isn't FCC approved.

I personally love it because it is small and a really cool system. It about the same X and Y dimensions as a slim PS2, and about 3 times thicker.

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Thanks! I may buy one just for the hell of it one day!

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Sega nomad

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Outside of nostalgia, there's really no reason to play Atari games today.

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This probably sounds stupid to people I know but Id rather play an Atari 2600 game, over an PS4 or Xbox One game.

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Once you've played Warplock or any Froggo game, you'll start to reconsider that statement.

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I'm what people in this board would call a underage but Atari games are really fun if you like simplistic games. If you don't like it because of MUH GRAFX go back to /v/

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Weaksauce, all of you.

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I completely agree 100%

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I love the Vectrex as well. Vector Grafx is really cool.

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>inb4 he tries to prove me wrong with a screencap that he edited the (You) thing out of

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if only for the pure nostalgia + aesthetics + and having my absolute favorite game of all time on it (zillion). i rank my favorite consoles as the sega consoles descending by year released. ms > gen > sat > dc

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How would you edit the you in there? You would have to know some good photoshop for that because of the line has to be perfectly straight.

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What about the console before the master system?

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You mean that Colecovision clone that was never sold in North America? Doesn't count for much.

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What's the story with the Colecovision and the SG1000? Apparently the architecture is so similar that there's a Telegames clone console that plays both Sega and Colecovision cartridges.

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They use the same chipset, however there are several architectural differences, notably the controllers and interrupt handling.

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i never play any of them, i'm not really a fan of anything pre-ms/nes beside a lil atari 2600 here and there because i had an atari jr. growing up also. 29yo american.

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they look so happy. ;_;

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I once did a conversion of an SG-1000 game for the Colecovision. Now, I had a commented disassembly of the code, but even so it was still a significant headache.

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I made that face when I got my Vectrex, too.

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The reason a lot of people complain about the model 2's composite is because of some shimmering effect that happens due to electrical interference. In sonic 1, waterfalls shimmer when you move past them on any genesis with a samsung video encoder, while every other encoder is fine. Either only model 2s had that encoder(not all), or they were more common on them than other models, I can't remember now. That said, using RGB completely negates the shimmering/rainbow banding, never tested with s-video though.

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>OMG i'm such a retro nurd lol xd
There were a handful of good games ever made for the 2600. Have you even played some? Also, pleb tier 4 switch. Is that the first pic that comes up when you google "bestest retroest console"? Is the NES too mainstream for gamer gurlz these days?

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are your favourite movies made by georges melies?

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Never was a big fan of the 2600. Arcade style games give me about an hour of entertainment and I'm done. I need a storyline game with a good amount of content or at least a variety. It would have to be the Genesis for me. Anyone play Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusions?

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>I'm what you a underage
>an underage

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Are you illiterate?

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It was never a beast at any point in time. It was the arcade at home for an actually viable pricepoint. Actual arcade hardware kicked the shit out of it, though arcades had a habit of doing that until the mid to late 90's or so. The Atari 2600's potential is extremely limited, even today's homebrew efforts are so limited that it's hard to be impressed by what they can do when they push the thing to it's limits.

About five years later we got the Commodore 64. Aside from five years of advancement in technology, it was actually designed to be a beast, seeing as it was an expensive computer that could really push sprites and had the much-beloved sid chip audio. The homebrew and demo scene are still able to do some legitimately impressive stuff, that's delightful to listen to, fun to play, visually appealing, and technically impressive even on the surface.

Don't get me wrong. Playing Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command at home on the Atari 2600 was a revolution, but it was just barely by the skin of it's teeth able to do those things. Even the geniuses at Activision could only do so much with the hardware. The C64 was able to compare favorably with the NES when it came out, because the C64 WAS a beast. The 2600 allowed for the simplest and most spartan of arcade games with little room to spare.

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What the fuck is your problem? Go back to /b. /vr is no place for edgy teens. Oh who am I kidding, of course it is.

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I own a Atari and I have a shit ton of games for it. The Atari 2600 is the best video game system of all time.

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Never watched any Georges Melies movies. Never ever heard of the guy.

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I think its a beast because of how it looks either the slick black version or that wood and black texture. It will always be one bad ass console. You will never get a charm with a video game console like you did with the Atari 2600.

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But it's a place for OMG i'm such a retro nurd lol xd teens? Bite me. It's people like that and you that have turned this place to shit.

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I'm glad I didn't have to grow up with the NES. The thought of having a rose-tinted glasses effect for something that isn't Sony is terrifying, I feel bad for Nintendo nostalgia-fags.

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He made some pioneering early silent films. Good stuff.
Not really the best though. The other poster was trying to imply that you're a hipster who only likes the 2600 because it's the oldest around.
It's not like you said the Odyssey was your favorite console though.

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I'm glad I didn't have to grow up with the ps4 like you.

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I always thought you eurobros got the better looking snezz. I'd love to add one to my collection one day.

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Yeah but ours was 17% slower.

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This guy right here. I just love that sexy beast. Wonder Boy III is my favorite all-time game.

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Kill yourself

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Mom looks like she's either going to stab or rape her son. Maybe even both.

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This thread was here first.

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Fuckinghipster faggot
>hurr durr if you like something I don't like you're a poser hurr durr

Fucking kill yourself kid.

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The irony of calling someone who had a 2600 as a kid a hipster for calling out a hipster

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You made the assumption that OP didn't have an Atari as a child and continued to rant like a raging faggot. What else am I supposed to assume.

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It should have been obvious OP was the hipster. Anyone who had a 2600 and pretty much any other console will never say it's the best console ever. Anyone who does is just butthurt earthbound is too mainstream now.

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settle down, beavis

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odyssey would be lumiere brothers. melies is the oldest "popular" filmmaker, just like atari 2600 is for consoles.

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