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What is the best Castlevania game and why is it Rondo of Blood?

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Great game, but Dracula's Curse is better.

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the rondo circlejerk is hard to escape

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The one you enjoy the most.

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I like 1, 3, Rond and Bloodlines pretty much equally, every other Classicvania isn't as good.

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I prefer Castlevania III, but Rondo is arguably next best.

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cv3>sotn>rondo>cv1>whatever else

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Out of the retro ones I like Symphony of the Night the most, out of the GBA ones I like Circle of the Moon the best and out of the 3D ones I like Lords of Shadow the best.

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>out of the 3D ones I like Lords of Shadow the best
absolutely fucking disgusting

curse of darkness is the best 3d one

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People like Rondo cause its on an obscure system and they like being hipsters

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Rondo > CV3 > SOTN > CV1 > Bloodlines > shit

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Agreed 100%.

Not in Japan it isn't

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But I played it when someone made that pc version that ran on a self-contained emulator for just the game. It being on that machine didn't matter to me.

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Dawn of Sorrow > Symphony of the Night > Circle of the Moon > Aria of Sorrow > Order of Ecclesia > Portrait of Ruin > Harmony of Dissonance

Also Metroidvania are way better than Classicvania

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sliver-x's "win32 port"

good friend of mine

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Shinobi > Sonic

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Fuck off back to /v/.

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That's not Super Castlevania IV.

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Muh Soma, muh swords, muh souls, holy shit only real cv fans realize portrait of ruin is the best cv

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18 year old faggots that grew up with GBA detected

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Never played it. Shit looked homoerotic as fuck.

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>Also Metroidvania are way better than Classicvania
This is objectively wrong. Objectively.
If you want a good metroidvania just play Metroid, Classicvania are some of the best games in the action-platforming genre, while Metroidvania Castlevanias are subpar Metroid games.

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>only real CV fans
>didn't start playing CV till the GBA era

fuck off kid, metroidvania fans aren't real fans cause they had to have the series turn into a handholder

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>not enjoying glorious fair skinned feminine male protagonists
what are you, gay?

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>Metroidvania Castlevanias are subpar Metroid games
Too bad Metroid is mediocre too.

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Circle of the Moon has some bosses on par or harder than a lot of classicvanias tho. Aside from Castlevania III and maybe Dracula X, classicvanias aren't that hard.

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No, that's probably my major malfunction.

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Castlevania 64

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Thats a lot of bile for the metroidvanias,
anyone here like DxC and LoI

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Not sure if you're serious, but I love that game and it's one of my favourite Castlevanias.

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Yeah, actually. I like SC4 and SOTN better, but I played this when I was younger and really enjoyed it. I can understand everyone's complaints about the shitty camera controls, but that wasn't a deal breaker. Still pretty good even today.
If only it didn't use the unstable memory cards I might be able to finish it again.

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>If only it didn't use the unstable memory cards I might be able to finish it again.
I didn't know people had problems with them. I use mine since it came out and it still works perfectly fine.
Anyway, Castlevania 64 and Super Castlevania IV are my favourites.
I also enjoy Judgment as a multiplayer game. Spoiler since it's not /vr/.

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classicvanias aren't hard and metroidvanias are even easier.

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I made it about halfway through when I first bought the game and the save corrupted. And the memory card was new then?
Then a couple years ago I played it again, this time on hard and it corrupted on the save right before the final boss. Fucking seriously.
It's not like I throw my controllers around either. I just don't know what to do differently.

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>being this contrarian

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You must be a hardcore Nintendo fanboy.

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Super Castlevania 4 tho

>tfw no new Classicvania

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Genuinely, Castlevania 64/Legacy Of Darkness.

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I exaggerated a bit, but in all honestly i found Super Metroid meh, dull as fuck enemies and bosses all the game, at least SOTN has more variety and quantity in that asqpect.

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The only "Metroidvania" I could get into was Circle of the Moon, because it actually felt like a classic Castlevania game and not a weird teenage bishounen drama like most other SotN clones. Too bad it's not considered canon.

As far as the series overall is concerned, it's really hard to say which game was my favorite. Castlevania I, II and III all have great merits, and I definitely think the "best" game would be something in the original trilogy.

I guess it's a toss up between Castlevania II and Castlevania Chronicles. I want to praise CV2 for its open world and RPG elements, but I'll also admit the game has some issues. Castlevania Chronicles took CV1 and pumped it full of steroids, but it's nonetheless the same linear experience as the original game.

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The first Castlevania is the best in my option.

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The remake is better.

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SCV4 > Bloodlines > CV3 > SotN > Rondo > Dracula X > CV1 > CV2

I'm sick of all these guys claiming Rondo is the best CV. It's fucking not.
The gameplay sucks, the CD music is average at best and the cutscenes are shit.

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>i'm sick of guys having different opinions, my opinion is the best!

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>putting SCIV above anything else
>thinks he can judge others

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This kek. It's one of the dullest classicvanias.

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it has objectively the best controls out of any classicvania though

it just needed to have more challenging level design and bosses

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just because the controls are more responsive doesn't make it good lmao. I would argue that the earlier castlevanias are actually better when the control was purposely restricted. The game was built around those controls and so was castlevania 4 which is why its piss easy cause you have more control over simon than the game was designed for. They took the graphics and controls and made them next gen but they still left enemy AI in the NES era.

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>They took the graphics and controls and made them next gen but they still left enemy AI in the NES era.
Exactly. Any classicvania works perfectlyl with those "restricted" controls, in CV4 it feels like they forgot that updated controls implies also updated challenge, updated enemies and levels.

Take for example the axe knights in CV4, they are a fucking joke to kill compared to the CV1 which are quite satisfying.

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you insecure closeted faggot.

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I could forgive IV for most of ita flaws, but the unremarkable war of attrition boss fights make me never want to pick up the game again.

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Yeah bosses were quite disappointing too, the only really cool bosses with good patterns and some strategy where from Slogra to Dracula.

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>The gameplay sucks

Fuck no, it's some of the best in the series. Best level design behind Bloodlines and best bosses behind CV3.

>CD music is average at best

The music is awesome, the only problem is that the looping is awkwardly shit, otherwise it'd be possibly the best music in the series.

>The cutscenes are shit

Then skip them? There's like eight of them and it's in a console from 1987, what do you expect?

The fact that you put CV4, which has sone of the worst gameplay in the series (I sure love enemies being temporary roadblocks rather than actual threads) as #1 should be enough to invalidate your opinion.

CV3 > Rondo > Bloodlines > SOTN > CV1 > CV4 > Dracula X > CV2

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Rondo > Bloodlines > SotN > CV3 > CV1 > SCV4 > Dracula X > CV2

I don't hate Simon's Quest. It's a really neat and very ambitious game, but it could have been a lot better. Much too cryptic and it felt empty and incomplete in a lot of ways. Every list has to have a bottom, and CV2 is it.

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Was I doing something wrong, or was the final boss to Circle of the Moon really fucking hard?

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>CV3 > Bloodlines > Rondo > SCV 4 > SotN > CV1 > Dracula XX > CV2


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>Fuck no, it's some of the best in the series.

>can't duckwalk
>can't multi-whip
>can't whip grapple
>no more numeral icons
>item crash is OP as fuck
>exploit backflip i-frames to win
>don't even get me started on the loli

Nawh. Dracula X gameplay is for gays.

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>can't duckwalk
>can't multi-whip
This is a meme at this point, if you like an OP as fuck whip that breaks the balance of the game, fine, however that doesn't make it good.
>can't whip grapple
Bland gimmick for the multiwhipping, doesn't add much honestly, it had more potential
>no more numeral icons
You still can use item twice from what i remember
>item crash is OP as fuck
Not more OP than pretty much anything in CV4, bosses in CV4 are a fucking joke
>exploit backflip i-frames to win
Eh, i never used the backflip much so whatever
>don't even get me started on the loli
Using the loli is still harder than Castlevania 4, but seriously who seriously play with the loli if you want a decent challenge.

>> No.2617507

>This is a meme at this point, if you like an OP as fuck whip that breaks the balance of the game, fine, however that doesn't make it good.
No, the whip is fine, they just needed to balance the game around it better. Besides using items is still faster than the whip for DPS (go watch a speedrun).

>Bland gimmick for the multiwhipping, doesn't add much honestly, it had more potential
I thought it was fun, and that doesn't mean Konami should scrap the idea for subsequent CV's (excluding Bloodlines, even though it was worse in that game).

>You still can use item twice from what i remember
But it was about collecting them to power up your item so you could wreck bosses harder, giving it to you from the get-go makes it feel less rewarding.

>Not more OP than pretty much anything in CV4, bosses in CV4 are a fucking joke
That's the fault of the boss designers, not really IV's controls. Also the last few bosses weren't that bad. Hydrah, Golem and Frankie can be tricky too.

>Eh, i never used the backflip much so whatever
Not even against those knights in the clocktower where it's very obvious you're supposed to backflip when they telegraph their slash?

>Using the loli is still harder than Castlevania 4
Not true, she makes platforming in that game even easier than it already is. Simon is pretty limited when it comes to jumping around.

>> No.2617529

>they just needed to balance the game around it better
But they didn't, thus most enemies in the game are quite boring to beat.

>giving it to you from the get-go makes it feel less rewarding.
But a x3 boomerang in CV4 is just broken, i like that in Rondo of Blood some enemies reverse/block your boomerangs like Death or Minotaur, forcing you to use the whip and learning patterns, feels a lot more polished than just spamming boomerang for 90% bosses in CV4.

>That's the fault of the boss designers, not really IV's controls
Yeah, but again the point is that they didn't improve it, the enemy/boss design as a whole feels mediocre. I agree that some of the last bosses, especially the 4 last ones were good and required some strategy, but everything else was just meh boomerang/whip spamming.

>Not even against those knights in the clocktower
No, i just jump back attacking them as i find it more intuitive.

>she makes platforming in that game even easier than it already is
True but Maria is more of a bonus/easy mode, i think most people would agree that playing Richter is a better experience.

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My opinions from what I've played

CV1, Dracula X, Order of Ecclesia

>Great but overrated tier
CV3, Rondo of Blood, SOTN

>bretty gud tier
Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance, Lament of Innocence, SC4, Bloodlines

>eh tier
Simon's Quest, MSX Castlevania

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>there is an alternate dimension where Super Castlevania V exists that expands on IV's excellent gameplay but adds more challenging stages and smarter enemies

Instead we got a shitcanned V and the wretched abomination that was Symphony of the Night thanks to that hack IGA.

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Guys, it's 2015, you can't still seriously believe that symphony of the night is better than Aria of Sorrow.
Grow up kids.

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Dracula X is your top? holy shit.

>> No.2617574


The only other Metroidvania after SoTN worth giving a shit about is CoTM. Everything else is a waste of time.

>> No.2617575

Good thing we're talking about Rondo of Blood, not Dracula X, you retarded sperg

>> No.2617582

Yes, it's fantastic and after CV1 the one I replay the most. It feels like the first game with its several relatively short, challenging levels that will kick your ass on every screen, it has no empty moments at all. The Dracula fight is also ridiculous and the most satistying one to beat for me.
Also having a darker atmosphere and Dracula looking like Dracula was a plus, Rondo was the end of horror aesthetics

>> No.2617583

Rondo of Blood is Dracula X, you retarded sperg. Can't you see the X in the OP pic?

>inb4 I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.2617585

Why are Rondo fans so insufferable?

>> No.2617587

Not really. I enjoyed Bloodlines, Rondo and Sotn a lot, too. Just not as much as SCIV and CV64.

>> No.2617589

Weeaboos and hipsters.

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To me it feels like a generic Castlevania game using Rondo's graphics, it's not bad, but most levels feel kinda repetitive empty corridors with similar design taken from other games, it lacks originality and feels like a mid tier title.

And Dracula was so tedious, it's not that hard once you know how to kill him, but the battle itself is just long and boring. As for the "dark atmosphere", it's quite the opposite IMO, the pallete was a lot brighter and more cartoonish than Rondo, Rondo's pallete is darker, only the cutscenes were goofy.

Agreed that CV1 is pretty good though, the length is perfect for replayability, it's a bit on the easy side after a couple runs, but still great and fun to replay..

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Not the anon you were responding to but I think CotM is actually better than SotN in a lot of ways

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Rondo of Blood marked the series slide down the "Metroidvania" path with easier games that provide multiple paths instead of difficulty to keep the player occupied.
I really like how fluid the game plays, but ultimately it's a cheaper experience compared to previous games.
Personally I really like Castlevania Rebirth.

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Castlevania 3 and 68k are the only ones i would call hard, most other games in ther series are just as easy as rondo.

>> No.2617621


Oh, I definitely feel the same way. I was just saying that it's also unmatched by any further CV games in the same style.

>> No.2617627

I just don't want to have sex with guys.

>> No.2617643

I like it because I played through it and thought it was the legit best installment in the series besides Harmony of Dissonance. Not really a Castlevania fan though, so maybe it's the non-fan's game of choice.

>> No.2617645

I thought HoD was horrible, funny how that works out.

>> No.2617765

Yes, I do agree that Metroidvania is Castlevania at its finest.

>> No.2617993

My favourites are Casvtlevania 3 Japanese, Akumajou Dracula for the Sharp X68000 and Rondo of Blood.

>> No.2618098

>What is the best Castlevania game
dunno, maybe the great soundtrack, tight controls, new jumps, secret levels, multiple pathways & boss death rattles?

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My favorite Castlevanias are honestly Aria Of Sorrow and Dawn Of Sorrow.

I liked Symphony Of The Night and Order Of Ecclesia quite well, and I think Harmony Of Dissonance is quite alright, even if it apes Symphony rather closely, it has some very nice aesthetics and designs. Circle Of The Moon I feel balances quite decently between classic and Metroid style, it gets rather hard at places, I've never once managed to beat Dracula, he's hard as a motherfucker in that game, I've beat lots of the other games but man that guy wipes the floor with me.

Of the classic ones, it's honestly Super Castlevania 4, sure, the enemies are kind of easy, but the gameplay is really fun because of the super smooth controls, whip in all directions, crawling on your knees. I could do without twirling the whip but if it's there, whatever. It's also a pretty good early tech demo of what the SNES could do, it does a bunch of stuff with Mode 7 which I find interesting. The sound quality isn't stellar, but a lot of the tunes and tracks are just fantastic, such as the main theme and the Castle Treasury theme.

I like Dracula X, even if it's just a discount Rondo (which I never played, because I don't have a PC-Engine), but the controls regressed to older ones, which I didn't like as much, you can only whip forward, and you can't move even close to as smoothly.
If Dracula X had the controls and movement of Super, it would probably have been my most favorite Castlevania game of all time. It's still dear to me for a lot of it's style and atmosphere, music is top notch.

Of the older ones, the first one is fine, but it's rather basic, and it takes a lot of practice to get good at it, though it is still fun, the games get more interesting and advanced as it goes. I liked the Chronicles Remake, but it's much the same in terms of difficulty. Had a kickass soundtrack.

I never played the N64 ones, PoR, Sega, 3, or the new ones, but they didn't look much fun to me (except PoR, which I haven't seen).

>> No.2618127

Dracula X is an original game that uses graphical assets from Rondo. People don't like it because while it plays similarly to the classic games, the level design is much worse.

Its alright though. Even the worst CV games are above average.

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I think they can be quite fun, but they're not always done in the best of ways. Sometimes they're too easy, (Symphony), or too hard (Circle).

Something I really would enjoy I think is something that would be kind of a mix of games, Super Castlevania's controls, with Circle Of The Moon or Harmony Of Dissonance style equipment managing and inventory stuff, with a bit more healing items available.
However, I would ramp up the difficulty a bit, as those games are a bit easy.

I'd also like Simon's Quest/Order Of Ecclesia style maps, like you can go between towns, forests, plains, swamps, mountains, caves, areas like that, a couple of mansions and small castles/forts, then a huge fucking castle as the final. And a New Game + feature.

I think it's OK, if flawed. Dracula is a son of a bitch to fight.
I just really love the graphics and music.

>> No.2618757

Nobody cares about that half-assed watered-down SNES port.

Also it's originally called Dracula XX to distinguish itself from Dracula X on PCE-CD.

>> No.2618785 [DELETED] 


It's not a port you idiot and it's also a great game. Stop spreading this dumb fucking meme and spouting shit about things you know nothing about

>> No.2618803

It's not a port you idiot and it's also a great game. Stop spreading this dumb fucking meme and spouting shit about things you know nothing about

Dracula X is the true SNES sequel to CV1 and 3. It plays and feels very differently to Rondo and calling ot a port is the perfect giveaway that you didn't play it like other retards

>> No.2618829

Castlevania 3 is the peak of the classic series for me. The game is huge compared to the first one but despite that it does not have a single bad or even underwhelming level in the entire game. The new features work well and add a nice bit of depth/replayability to the game and the music is consistently great. Every game after it is just retreading the same old stuff without pushing the series forward.

>> No.2618896

It's a port in the sense that it's the same game canonically as what's on Turbo except inferior and with less features.

There is no reason to acknowledge that SNES game when Rondo exists. Only Nintendo losers like James Rolfe think it's relevant.

>> No.2618913

>There is no reason to acknowledge that SNES game when Rondo exists.
Why? Lot of people have a SNES and it's a decent game for what it is, meanwhile, fucking nobody in the US has played Rondo.

>Only Nintendo losers like James Rolfe think it's relevant.
What does he have to do with any of this?

>> No.2618921

>Only Nintendo losers like James Rolfe think it's relevant.
or people like >>2618803 who jump on the james rolfe cuckwagon regarding topics they had no knowledge of prior to viewing his shitty meme vids

>> No.2619019

>an incredibly popular game series
>millions of copies sold
>dozens of sequels and ports
>routinely cited among GOAT
>"You only like it because of e-celebs, faggot"

>> No.2619039

Liking SNES Dracula X instead of letting it remain invalidated by Rondo is something AVGN and his fans would do.

>> No.2619046

Are you deranged? Serious question.

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>this guy has an opinion similar to someone who is well known on the internet
>literally the only way this could happen is if they base their opinion on his
>different people can't come to the same conclusion without hearing some famous person or other authority state it
>agreeing with that person means you base all your opinions on what they say, you can never agree partially with them, or they can never say something you already agreed with before you heard them say it
Cool it there, sperginator.

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>> No.2619361

>liking CoTM

Jesus christ...

>> No.2619376


Lamment of Innocence is miles better than Curse of Darkness. Lords of Shadow is okay too, I still have to beat the second one though.

>> No.2619382

>people shitting on Super IV ITT
Wow I didn't know Egoraptor browsed /vr/.

>> No.2619383


What emulator is that?

I only got to play it with the PSP version...

Fucking hipsters. At least play the superior version instead of being forever sperglords

>> No.2619417


Castlevania 3 isn't that hard, both 1 and 2 are harder. Having 4 characters and the good tight controls really helped. Dracula X is easy if it wasn't for some cheap parts.

>> No.2619421


Which is better, original Castlevania 64 or Legacy of Darkness?

I played both recently, Legacy of Darkness was unbearable (too bad because I thought it looked awesome) and Castlevania 64 was surprisingly okayish...

>> No.2619424


We don't even have a new metroidvania Castlevania bro. Much less a classicvania.

Well, at least Bloodstained is getting made, it's practically a spiritual successor to SotN. It's still not castlevania but let's hope it is good.

>> No.2619430

Not them but I loved the GBA SP. I grew up with it during my teenage years and I loved that it kept great 2D style games coming out. Just recently dug it out and some of my games for it but I can't find my Golden Sun cart. I'm 26 now.

>> No.2619463

It's funny how the only ones bringing up "e-celeb bullshit" are dudes with some kind of deep resentment mentioning them out or the blue to insult or something. I don't see what James has to do with this thread but apparently now we haveto talk about him. Okay I guess, I deeply apologize if my opinions on a video game coincide with a human being that gave you such stress

>> No.2619486

"Metroidvania was a mistake" - Anonymous

>> No.2619504

Don't! You'll trigger anon!

You know he has a very hard time dealing with e-celebs and it's stunted him emotionally.

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Castlevania threads has some of the worst retro shitposters. Which isn't surprising since it carried since the old /v/ Castlevania threads, now it's just worse because you can tell many people never played most of the games mentioned ("Dracula X is a bad port of Rondo!" etc) and base their opinions on the game (or pre-judge opinions others have) entirely on youtubers.

Which sucks because Castlevania is one of my favorite series ever. I can take some silly banter, but the Castlevania shitposting is ridiculous, because it's mixed with console war faggotry and this youtuber nonsense.

It all makes me think most of Castlevania "fanbase" are teenagers/early 20ers who just cling to a "hardcore retro series" to gain e-hipster cred.

What the fuck happened?

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>> No.2619773


See >>2616324

It came out a couple years before the PSP version, so it's how a lot of people first played it.

>> No.2619793
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>people shitting on 4
>people shitting on X
>people shitting on AoS
>people bringing up internet celebrities for literally no reason at all
>people shitting on each other for not having played a game which is practically unknown in the west

What's up with this thread?

>> No.2619817

Castlevania was on such a wide variety of consoles, home computers, and portables, it's not surprising people pick the versions that align with their favorite systems.

>> No.2619843

Rondo is great, Symphony too,
Honestly i haven't played any bad CV games. I played Simon's Quest with the Retranslation patch (not the Redaction patch, which os also good) that fixes dialogue, adds saving, map view, etc, so it wasn't that bad to me.

Belmont's Revenge is awesome, a totally forgotten classic.

>> No.2619845

>Classic cv:
X68000 (cv chronicles)

Circle of the Moon
Dawn of Sorrow
Order of Ecclesia

Ok, that's the thread.

>> No.2619848

>Dawn of Sorrow


>> No.2619857

it's a mednafen package fwiw iirc, here's a link i found googling. i can't check it since i'm on osx these days.


>> No.2619936

>Rondo and Bloodlines over IV
Get a load of this joker.

>> No.2619942


You don't understand maaaaaaaan.
IV is too popular and, um, it's a lot eeeaaasieeeeer, understand? I'm a trve hardcore gamer, I'm subscribed to over 100 youtube channels about gaming since I was in 5th grade

>> No.2619943

'fraid I agree with egoraptor. Cv4 is uninspired.

>> No.2619961

remove DoS and put in PoR and yeah

>> No.2619970

I wonder how no one else has noticed that this SAME EXACT THREAD was made about a month ago...

>> No.2619972

>What is the best X and why is it Y?
There are dozens of these daily.

>> No.2619975

Why do people hate on DoS? It's a great game with tons of variety.

>> No.2619980

I meant literally the same thread, with the same subject matter, the same opening post, the same image, like literally everything the same, the same exact post.

>> No.2619985

Vampire Killer never gets any love ;-;

>> No.2620002

Because it's an Aria rehash with even more grinding and a shit drawing gimmick. Also the art sucks.

>> No.2620006

I thought it was a bit meh and forgetable personally, it kind of felt like "oh, yeah... we probably should make DS Castlevania game, huh? Yeah, and I guess it should use the touchscreen anyhow since it's there". It just felt uninspired and the touchscreen element seemed shoehorned in. I think the hate for it is a bit overblown since the game is mediocre at worst though.

>> No.2620015

It's not bad but some of the design choices are pants on head retarded

>face a tough boss
>get my ass handed to me
>decide to go catch some of the souls I'm missing because there must be one that could help me
>they take forever to drop
>finally find the perfect one
>it doesn't matter anymore because I've gained so many levels during the grind that I completely destroy the boss without the soul

>> No.2620021

What does 4 do better than Rondo and Bloodlines?

>> No.2620024

>no Aria

Come on, Aria is a great game, even if I think Dawn is better.

>> No.2620035

Game feel and level design.

>> No.2620041

How is the level design better when a lot of encounters can be trivialized by the multidirectional whip?
>game feel
Not with that floaty jump and weak whip sound

>> No.2620067

There's a bunch of bullshit parts in the clocktower levels.

>> No.2620080

>How is the level design better when a lot of encounters can be trivialized by the multidirectional whip?

You are trivializing and exaggerating the multi whip. Stop the hyperbole. We get it that some of you have a hateboner for IV, but it really isn't as bad as you say.
Bloodlines or Rondo aren't examples of absolute most hard games ever made. In fact, I think all 16-bit games (with the exception of X68K) to be rather easy compared to the original NES games. Only Dracula X on SNES (which is NOT a Rondo port) comes close to the classic difficulty.

>> No.2620090

I think this reaction is fueled by the fact that IV has been a well-loved darling of the series proclaimed to be the best by many since its release, despite the fact that it's one of the more mediocre Classicvania offerings. It's certainly not a bad game, though.

>> No.2620094

Its weird, but I never played it back in the day. None of my friends had it either. Symphony was the first one I played. When I went back and played all the classic ones, IV came off as one of the weakest entries. Just the opinion of someone who has no nostalgia for Castlevania.

>> No.2620098

The anon asserted that IV is better than both Rondo and Bloodlines without giving any proper arguments for why that is. It's a common thing IV fags do, just namedrop it and hope that everyone accepts it's better. Both Rondo and Bloodlines have better music, more colorful and impressive visuals, more replayability, better bosses, more challenge and more variety in general. What does IV excell at? The whip? Hardly even a positive.

>> No.2620114

Did you forget where you are?

Summer's almost over

>> No.2620127


I love Rondo and Bloodlines, but I don't think they've got better music or more impressive visuals. They're still good, not saying they're shit, but I liked IV more.
As for the challenge, I think people exaggerate Bloodlines and Rondo, they're not that hard, IV also has hard parts even with the multi whip.
I can understand some people not thinking it's that great though, but it irks me when I see hipsters calling IV shit. I've got no childhood nostalgia for it either, by the way.

>> No.2620140

IV has good songs but they aren't as good as they could be due to being on the SNES soundchip

>> No.2620141

The visuals in 4 are ok, but what put me off if that the animation is really poor, pretty much the same as the NES games but with 16-bits sprites.

>> No.2620143

Only attention seeking faggots call IV shit, and only idiots actually mean it.
I'm just saying if you're going to say that IV is better than the other games, your reasons better not stop and start at the multidirectional whip. Also, you must hate fun if you prefer IV's boring ambient music to the catchy, energetic tunes found in Bloodlines and Rondo of Blood.

>> No.2620145

You're a fucking idiot. A lot of IV fans have given reasons why IV is the best Classicvania even in this thread. Not our fault you're too stupid to realize IV's superior gameplay because you want to be a special snowflake.

>> No.2620147


I don't really see any issue, the sound designers at Konami did a more than impressive work with it.

I don't remember incredibly impressive animations on the other 16 bit games either, they're all pretty decent I think.

Again, all of this is subjective, of course. I just like them all in that regard, I prefer IV's OST overall, but they're all pretty amazing OSTs.

>> No.2620160

>Also, you must hate fun if you prefer IV's boring ambient music to the catchy, energetic tunes found in Bloodlines and Rondo of Blood.

I don't hate fun, I just find IV's OST incredibly good, and with lots of catchy, fun tunes too.
I don't think any of IV's OST is "ambient" (although I think I know what you mean), it sounds like solid baroque rock, dem bass lines and drums.
I also love the jazz bits with syncopated rhythms and what not. Definitely not boring to me, it's probably the richiest CV soundtrack in my opinion.

Of course, I also love the other 2 OSTs as I already said, I just prefer IV.

>> No.2620161

You mean multidirectional whipping and duckwalking? Those are god awful reasons. Might as well argue that SoTN is king because it offers the most movement options.

>> No.2620164

I'm not even sure what your post is supposed to mean, did you just cut and paste that out of your "generic insulting responses" text file or something?

>> No.2620345

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (PC-Engine) != Dracula XX (Super Famicom/SNES).

>> No.2620373

>I don't remember incredibly impressive animations on the other 16 bit games either
Rondo and Bloodlines have much more fluid animations, 4 is clunky as shit, most enemies have 2 frames of walking animation and 2 frames of attack animation.


>> No.2620381

thats interesting. I was looking around there and here are the animation for just 1 enemy in bloodlines.


>> No.2620395

Animation may not be the best in 4, but the sprite detail is awesome. Slogra and Gaibon look as good in 4 as they do in SotN.

>> No.2620397

Bloodlines also did a lot multi-segmented animations, similar to games like Alien Soldier or Gunstar Heroes but a bit worse looking.


>> No.2620408

4 last bosses look great, rest of the sprite art is hit or miss.

>> No.2620940
File: 16 KB, 256x223, scv4f.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I dunno, guys like pic related look as good as many of the stuff on Rondo, maybe even better, also details like the real time damage on the wall when he attacks with the poisonous gas and the transparencies, etc.
I think you're exaggerating a bit, I don't see IV as being "clunky as shit". Although it's true IV has maybe better sprite detail, and Rondo/Bloodlines have more animation frames, but the difference is not staggering, all 16-bit CV are pretty good and even, I think. This war is a bit absurd.

>> No.2621223

>I think you're exaggerating a bit, I don't see IV as being "clunky as shit"
Not my problem if you have low standards, to me the difference is quite noticeable. Also that boss battle was mediocre and filled with slowdowns.

>This war is a bit absurd
I was just pointing a well known fact, animation in CV4 is pretty shitty, take it as you will.

>Although it's true IV has maybe better sprite detail
lolno, it's ok but nothing to write home about, Rondo has much superior version of Axe Knights, Mermans, Bone Pillars, Harpies, Medusa, Skeletons etc.

>> No.2621249
File: 59 KB, 589x578, nitm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

best castlevania game

>not playing maria mode

>> No.2621258
File: 272 KB, 1014x720, s1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the best castlevania is symphony of the night you faggots get it right

>> No.2621259

Only if you're a fucking baby that likes retardedly easy games.

>> No.2621271

Most Classicvanias are easy and very short.

>> No.2621679


lol! you're really, really stubborn. I appreciate that you made me laugh though, thanks for the humor.

>> No.2621695

Yeah and thank you for the tumour, fucking cancer.

>> No.2621704
File: 271 KB, 639x901, castlevania_comparison_zps05d13e73 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah man, Rondo looks so good, almost 16-bit


At this point, I hate classicfags more than SOTNbabbies, and that's fucking saying something.
Classic are my favorite 'vanias, but the kind of people who cling to classic games nowdays really irk me, you can tell they're teenage hipsters who just got into the series not too long ago and try to act all hardcory about them playing "hard games from the past". I bet they're soulsfags too.

>> No.2621713
File: 9 KB, 256x224, CD_072EAB00-005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Cancer? I'm not the one that's so jaded that can't enjoy videogames anymore.
Try getting laid, you need some endorphins running through your braincells (if there's still any left) and videogames are clearly not providing them, 4chan neither.

>> No.2621718

They are only easy compared to arcade and other NES games. SoTN is just piss easy all around.

>> No.2621723


They're standard NES difficulty, they're not that hard.

In fact... fuck, videogames are not that hard in general, playing videogames is not hard.

>> No.2621729

What are you even trying to say at this point?

>> No.2621745

Cool fallacies there. i only criticized the animation of a game and you suddenly think i hate it and am socially awkward, typical Nintendo fanboy with severe autism that feel insulted even with the slightest thing, get help

>> No.2621759
File: 18 KB, 140x201, CV264_4804_iga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nah, I am factually cool. I love Rondo and Bloodlines too, I'm just fucking with you because you obviously haven't seen a pussy in so long.

>> No.2621761


Ah so you just hate IV because it's on a Nintendo system and you're one of these anti-Nintendo internet soldiers. Should have started from there bro.

>> No.2621765

At least SotN is fun to speedrun and do challenge runs in. The only Classicvania that gives some moderate challenge (to me) was Castlevania 3... well, and The Adventure, but only because that game had terrible gameplay.

>> No.2621768

Fucking with me? you are glorifying sex in a fucking Castlevania thread because you have nothing else to say, which is sad as fuck.

>> No.2621772

>he doesn't know about the wife

>> No.2621774

heh no, i like Nintendo, but usually CV4 fans are like that, just look at this guy >>2616545

>> No.2621780

I know about the retron5 meme if that's what you meant.

I'm not glorifying sex, sex is only something natural.

CV4 fans are like that? I don't get it.

>> No.2621786

It doesn't matter how hard or easy the games were to you because comparatively, SoTN is still far easier than any classicvania game. The classicvania games are more fit for challenge runs, too. Try doing a Trevor Belmont only run of the second loop of CV3 without items or whip upgrades. Then come back and try to tell us that it was less interesting than whatever shitty challenge you came up with to make SoTN slightly more difficult.

>> No.2621795

>what is the best [x] and why is it [x]?

Why, it's like I'm really on /v/!

>read the whole thread

Yep! I'm on /v/!

>> No.2621803

>not playing SotN Hardtype
It's like you guys want to be casual or something.


>> No.2621806


the guy said he also liked non-Nintendo CVs when (probably you) accused him of being a hardcore Nintendo fanboy:


Maybe you just need to stop sperging so much and caring about what other people enjoy and what they don't.

>> No.2621808

Even /v/ has better CV threads than this shit.

>> No.2621813

I wasn't the same guy, nice projection tho sperglord.

>> No.2621817


Damn, you called me sperglord... after I told you to stop sperging... dayum...

>> No.2621823
File: 6 KB, 150x150, 1437907228043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is AWFUL.

>> No.2621826


we haven't had a good Castlevania thread in a long while, better get used to it.

>> No.2621859

Dracula X IS a bad port of Rondo. If you think otherwise you should be gassed.

>> No.2621863
File: 22 KB, 256x224, castlevania_dracula_x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't remember this boss fight in Rondo... care to refresh my memory? I haven't played Rondo in a while, maybe I just have bad memory :^)

>you should be gassed.

lol, so edgy.

>> No.2621869

The background for that level is rad as fuck

>> No.2621873
File: 77 KB, 640x428, onizuka-03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dracula X IS a bad port of Rondo

Look at this retard who informs himself about vidya from youtubers instead of playing the games himself, and laugh

>> No.2621879

>Saturn SotN has exclusive dungeon and garden areas with new bosses, therefore it's not a port!

This is how stupid you sound.

>> No.2621884
File: 23 KB, 256x224, Castlevania-Dracula-X-U-20101226-215852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're good at baiting, I'll admit that.
But you're still a Youtube child!

>> No.2621889


I know you're just trying to be stupid on purpose (or maybe genuinely never played Dracula X on your own), but extra dungeons on Saturn SOTN != all the different level layout and bosses from Dracula X. They're entirely different games.
You probably think the MSX Akumajou Dracula is a port of the Famicom game too.

>> No.2621894

thread is now just two guys being mad at each other

>> No.2621896


>some retard who gets all his vidya information from youtube
>knowing what an MSX is


>> No.2621898
File: 59 KB, 688x522, deg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This thread has always been just two or three guys being mad at each other. This was never a Castlevania thread, you all got tricked.

>> No.2621904


The thing is, SotN is easy specifically because it gives you so many options.

If a game keeps giving you different ways that allow you to explore, eventually the game is going to become easy.

>> No.2621905


I haven't seen a guy be so fucking wrong in a long time. Bravo, /vr/, your ignorance is astounding

>> No.2621920

A lot of poorly balanced and thought out content isn't a positive or an excuse for its sloppy design. But the thing is that SoTN is easy even if you limit yourself to using bad gear. It actually takes effort to come up with a challenge "build" for SoTN that is both fun and difficult.

>> No.2621925

>What a horrible night to have a thread

>> No.2621927


Castlevania threads just aren't good period.
For some reason Castlevania "fans" don't enjoy discussing the series, they just like to pick "best" and "worst" entries in the series and they go from there, shitposting about opinions and opinions only.

>> No.2621943

>poorly balanced and thought out

Everything in terms of progression makes sense.
It's a game that purposely allows you to find certain blocked off pathways so that when you have the tool for progression, you actually know where to go instead of feeling lost.
All the nooks and crannies are there for the sake of exploration.

The game is easy as hell, but it is very well thought out as a game.

>> No.2621957

The point of Metroidvanias isn't to be hardcore, it's to have an immersive and atmospheric experience.

Almost all the old Classicvanias are forgettable because you're just jumping stage through stage as an old man with a whip, but SotN touched so many gamers because you're playing as a beautiful man who can use many weapons and spells and goes through an enormous and fabulous castle. That's what makes it more memorable than shitty old Castlevania. You can stuff your pixel-perfect platforming and cheap deaths up your ass.

>> No.2621964

The only thing that's thought out is the overall castle layout. Meanwhile the level design on a smaller scale is devoid of any interesting challenges, the item placement makes no sense half the time, the enemies are scattered about in a random fashion and some of the core systems feel half baked at best (magic system). Game's a mess. It's fun, but it's a mess.

>> No.2621967
File: 327 KB, 867x962, malice_mizer_au_revoir_by_scarletakatsuki-d4m5oc0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but SotN touched so many gamers because you're playing as a beautiful man

>> No.2621968

>The only thing that's thought out is the overall castle layout.

Yes, which is important when the game is designed as one giant area and not individual levels

>> No.2621969

I don't know who is worse, the elitist SOTN shitter or the casual fuck classicvania shitter.

>> No.2621972

Yeah right, SoTN isn't even scary like Castlevania 3 is. I bet you'd shit your pants if you got to the cave levels.

>> No.2621974

t. Koji Igarashi

>> No.2621978

A good game would be designed well on both levels. Designing a set of empty but interconnected rooms isn't exactly hard.

>> No.2621980


LOL, same here, I used to get mad at SOTN fans, but given how new classic "fans" are so stupid I kind of sympathize with SOTN babbies even though I don't agree at all about what they say.

>> No.2621989

any castlevania is just metroid for babies

>> No.2621992 [DELETED] 

Not retro, but I like Aria more than SotN. Mainly because it has lots of little glitches and stuff you can use to exploit the game.

>> No.2622001

Haha nigga you serious? Super Metroid is a fucking joke, only died once the first time i beat it. SOTN is also easy but not as casual as Super Metroid.

>> No.2622007

Stop talking about non-retro games like Aria. IT'S AGAINST THE RULES

>> No.2622028
File: 177 KB, 800x800, 1407591231458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A-anon, calm down!

>> No.2622031
File: 187 KB, 578x341, igablood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2622072
File: 51 KB, 800x549, ahandydandyguide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here guys I made this image since apparently some of you aren't able to figure it out on your own.

>> No.2622086

I wonder how a Castlevania game by Treasure would turn out...

>> No.2622093

But Dawn was good. It just had some dumb decisions.

>> No.2622109


IV had Mitsuru Yaida being the lead programmer.
People don't seem to like IV too much around here.

>> No.2622120

Yeah, /vr/ hates on 4 because it's too popular and that James Rolfe likes it most. Even though they'd rather align with a clueless dumbfuck like Egoraptor instead and hop on the IV sucks bandwagon.

>> No.2622131

Lead Programmer was Masahiro Ueno, Yaida was "Player programmer", which i guess is Simon?

Oh, fuck off with your shitty e-celebs already.

>> No.2622136

and 4 is gloated to be the best by retarded casuals like the AVGN. The reason people dont like 4 is because its too easy. Yet you faggots can't get over james rolfe cause you're just as cucked as he is you little fucking faggot.

>> No.2622141


Ueno was the director, I think he may have done some work programming the bosses maybe, but the lead programmer was actually Yaida. Yes, he programmed Simon but also the enemies.

>The reason people dont like 4 is because its too easy.
All the other Castlevanias are "easy" with the exception of III and Dracula X.
Also, how old are the AVGN videos? 10 years? People have been playing Castlevania for almost 30, dude. IV was always praised. I can understand that some hipsters on /vr/ would hate on it, but nah "people" don't dislike IV, quite the contrary.

>> No.2622148

You might have a point if you weren't such a contrarian memespouter.

As it stands, IV is the greatest Classicvania of all time, and all you haters are wrong. There's no disputing its amazing controls, wonderful Baroque soundtrack, great spritework, and interesting level designs.

>> No.2622161

According to the credits 4 people worked on enemy programming. Funny considering that it's kinda weak in that area.

>> No.2622165

the words I use don't change the fact the game is too easy, the spritework has been disputed and proven to be better on the other games. but you have your fingers in your ears going "LA LA LA i cant hear you" whenever someone mentions that.

All other castlevanias are easy yes but that doesn't excuse 4 for being so piss easy a down syndrome baby could beat it after his fingers were damaged from frostbite. Nobody is saying the other castlevania games aren't easy they say 4 is too easy.

>> No.2622192
File: 24 KB, 320x240, scvidancing-ghosts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All other castlevanias are easy yes but that doesn't excuse 4 for being so piss easy a down syndrome baby could beat it after his fingers were damaged from frostbite.

Boy, you sure sound mature and willing to have an intelligent discussion.

>too ez ez pc

I hate this cliche, I really do, but games don't depend on the difficulty alone to be fun. To be honest, no, I don't see Bloodlines or Rondo being harder than IV is. Not saying IV is hard, I'm just saying I don't consider Bloodlines or Rondo particularly harder than IV. IV has some easy bosses, Rondo and Bloodlines have some really, really easy and short levels. They're still fantastic games though, if I wanted to play only for difficulty, I wouldn't be playing Castlevania that much to be honest, there's other harder action games out there.

>the spritework has been disputed and proven to be better on the other games.
Who? the guy who claimed that IV's sprite animation was bad and when someone else refuted, he responded with "no u have low standards, my opinion is better"? That hardly proven anything at all. IV has pretty good spritework not only in the characters but also in the backgrounds and game architecture.
I hate to have to be defending IV this much because, honestly, it's not my favorite Castlevania. I'm a Dracula's Curse fan, and to be honest, out of the 16 bit games, I like Rondo the best. But the IV hate is so ridiculous and full of hipster bullshit that I can't help but defend IV. It really is not a bad game and no matter how much of a contrarian faggots full of shit you bunch are, people will never consider IV a bad game, I'm sorry.

>> No.2622210

4 is not satisfying to beat, you turn the game on play it through the end and feel entertained. Draculas Curse on the other hand you turn on play get stuck a few times battle your face of to finish the game, then have a deep sense of satisfaction once you do.

Yes they both entertain you and will keep you happy 4 just doesn't give you that sense of satisfaction you get having to battle to achieve victory.

The sprite work was not a matter of opinion, sprite sheets were posted. 4 has objectively worse spritework thats not opinion or up for debate.
Nobody is hating on 4 of course to you retards sticking it at the bottom of a castlevania tier list or some other dumb bullshit means you hate it. Everybody has been saying 4 is not the best one so quit trying to strawman an argument in about people hating 4 you fucking retarded little shithead. Why should I even bother to elevate my discussion to an adult level when I have to deal with you stupid fucks who can't even read?

>> No.2622216

sprite sheets are opinions now?

nice try faggot

>> No.2622224

He didn't really compare it to Dracula's Curse and say that 4 is better. He compared it to Rondo and Bloodlines specifically. Which aren't really more difficult than 4.

>> No.2622231

>4 is not satisfying to beat

Satisfaction is now an objective feeling? Like we can all agree what feels satisfying and what doesn't?
I dunno, I get my satisfaction from helping someone I care for, or getting a good business running. Videogames are a hobby. Sure, beating Castlevania III when I was 9 years old felt great. Nowdays I don't really find any of the Castlevanias difficult, or feel "satisfied" by beating them. I just enjoy them for what they are, nevermind the difficulty (which I think they lack at this point, after 20+ years of playing them)

>The sprite work was not a matter of opinion, sprite sheets were posted. 4 has objectively worse spritework thats not opinion or up for debate.

Not up for debate? sprite sheets were posted, and they proved nothing, and again, when someone else refuted you, you answered with a "u have low standard, I best opinion".

>shitty, shithead, I will insult you so I will win.

okay, whatever.

>> No.2622234

Rondo is more difficult than 4, the shaft fight alone makes it so. Even if that is the only slightly hard part of the game its more challenge than 4 gives period. Bloodlines has the rising water stage which is easy as shit but still more of a challenge than anything 4 tries to do.

>> No.2622242

Rondo also has more crutches for the player than 4 does. You can exploit the backflips, item crash whenever you see signs of difficulty or just play as Maria and make the game a joke.

>> No.2622243


Your own opinion. I don't find any of the parts you mentioned difficulty.
Also, Shaft is easy as fuck, even with the 4 mini bosses before him.
I'd argue Slogra, Gaibon and Death are harder than Shaft.
I'd also argue any of the last 4 levels in IV is harder than any level in Rondo or Bloodlines.

>> No.2622248
File: 52 KB, 1187x457, comp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Who? the guy who claimed that IV's sprite animation was bad and when someone else refuted, he responded with "no u have low standards, my opinion is better"?
Way to trivialize the my argument retard.

There is a reason of why SOTN and other Igavanias reused a lot of Rondo's sprite. CV4's spritework was mediocre so they only reused the few good ones like Slogra or Gaibon.

>Not up for debate? sprite sheets were posted, and they proved nothing,
If this proves nothing to you, let me tell you that you are worse than AVGN.

>you answered with a "u have low standard, I best opinion".
>you answered
He is not me you moron, the guy just has a brain and can see beyond nostalgia unlike dumb fucks like you.

>> No.2622249

when you say a sprite with 2 frames of animation is better than one with 7 that isn't being objective. Sprite sheets proved that your game has OBJECTIVELY inferior animation.

Satisfaction on the other hand is not objective but the average person derives more satisfaction from something they worked to achieve. You won't realize that having save scummed through all the games on an emulator.

>> No.2622251

Those don't change the shaft fight. The one reason I said rondo was harder so stop being a faggot.

>> No.2622254

Playing with Maria sure as fuck changes the Shaft fight, along with making the rest of the game a million times easier than 4.

>> No.2622267

>Shaft fight

There is nothing hard about Rondo, from the joke level designs to the cheesable bosses.

>> No.2622286

its still harder than 4 :^)

>> No.2622291


>There is a reason of why SOTN and other Igavanias reused a lot of Rondo's sprite

Yeah, the reason is because they were being as lazy as Capcom, and the team that developed Rondo of Blood was the one that also developed Symphony of the Night, which happens to be a direct sequel.

>CV4's spritework was mediocre so they only reused the few good ones like Slogra or Gaibon.
In that case, we can say IV has actually a remarkable spritework. I mean, a team that didn't even developed IV, in 1997, went all the way back to the archives from 1990/1991 and dug up sprites like Slogra and Gaibon, because they were that good. Did Bloodlines or X68K got any of their sprites on SOTN? (maybe they did, but I can't remember any right now)

>let me tell you that you are worse than AVGN.

Cut it out with your e-celeb obsession, I'm too old for that shit anyway.

>> No.2622297

Have you beaten 4 without losing a life, continuing, or clearing its second loop?


Then shut the fuck up.

>> No.2622310

Being lazy is making sprites with 2 frames of walking animation and 1 or 2 for attack. In SOTN they reworked the Rondo's sprites to look even better than they were, with better animation plus new new enemies of course.

>2 good sprites in the whole game
>"In that case, we can say IV has actually a remarkable spritework"
Holy shit your delusion level is off limits.

>> No.2622314


I'm not defending the axe knights sprites, and as I already said, I'm not even passionate for IV. It's not my favorite Castlevania.

On the contrary, you do seem very passionate about IV. You don't love it, but you hate it.

Sure, keep thinking IV is a bad game with bad graphics and that people don't like it because it's too easy.
And then I'm the delusional one.

>> No.2622341

I don't hate IV, it's a decent game. I just can't understand how you can defend its meh spritework and even calling it on par/better than Rondo's, calling that the team of Rondo was "lazy". Indeed you are the delusional one blinded by nostalgia.

>> No.2622351

Yes I have beat all of them without dying. You haven't cause save scumming them doesnt count you little faggot.

>> No.2622363


I already said that I like Rondo more than IV in fact. But I still like IV, so I will defend it if people want to to call it shit. I'd defend Rondo or Bloodlines the same way if someone bashed them. Nobody does because Rondo and Bloodlines are the hipster's choice now, but eventually Rondo will became too common, and people will cling to X68K instead, shitting on Rondo because being "2 easy" or whatever.
And yeah, reusing sprites is lazy. I was mostly talking about SOTN development though.

>> No.2622392

Don't confuse me with the guys saying 4 is shit, i was clearly talking just about the animations. About the game itself, i think it's good, just not as good as Rondo or Bloodlines, felt slower in pace IMO.

And SOTN reworked the sprites a lot to be just "reused", also added a lot of enemies. So i wouldn't consider it lazy considering that it has more enemy variety than any Castlevania to date.

>> No.2622404

Who called castlevania 4 shit? Is anyone in here going to step up and say it is shit? Or are we dealing with a bunch of retarded nintendo babies with a persecution complex?

>> No.2622414

Well this /v/ shitposter here claims people don't like 4 and accuses anyone who likes it a "cuck like AVGN"


>> No.2622416
File: 723 KB, 742x720, snail-do-not-like.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this entire thread

>> No.2622417

you are outta yo mind mah man

>> No.2622418

I think he means people hate ON 4 because of how hyped it is. not that they actually hate it.

>> No.2622427

Iga is a shitty they should have never handed it over to him and left him making tokimeki memorial games

>> No.2622428
File: 61 KB, 387x480, 1439757175293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Castlevania and FF threads should be automatically deleted. They generate nothing but autism.

>> No.2622430

zelda too. At least we aren't arguing why links hair is pink like those fucking loser do

>> No.2622431


It's sad because the Castlevania fanbase was never this bad until recently. You are right, CV threads are comparable with FF threads.

Why can't we be more like the Dragon Quest guys?

>> No.2622435
File: 44 KB, 400x300, castlevania_chronicles_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>simon's hair is not pink!

>> No.2622569

I played through the second loop of castlevania x68k recently and it went on to a third loop and stage 50 or so. How many loops are there?

>> No.2622592 [DELETED] 
File: 24 KB, 298x399, 1425715944698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Catlevania SOTN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>others


>> No.2622719

Other people are listing Legacy of Darkness as their favorite? I thought I was alone.

>> No.2622728

>something objective is not an opinion
Literally retarded.

>> No.2622739

Why are /vr/ threads becoming worse than ones on /v/? Can someone explain this phenomenon?

>> No.2622747


hipsters struggling to find a reason to live, in this case, arguing which Castlevania is the most "cvlt" and "hardcore".

>> No.2622845

God tier

Top Tier

Mid Tier:
Dracula X
Belmont's Revenge

Low tier:
Simon's Quest

I only exist to steal your money tier:
Haunted Castle

Prove me right

>> No.2622852

cvlt? fuck off to black metal faggot nobody talks like that. The most hardcore is obviously haunted castle.

Although haunted castle only exists to steal your money that music is better than ANYTHING.


this is one of my favorite songs from the series and this arrangement is amazing. Better than rondo, 4, bloodlines or any other soundtrack.

now you guys can come at me

>> No.2622859

Yeah it has some bitchin' music, and the japanese revision is quite playable, unlike the USA one which you have to pretty much memorize the entire game.

>> No.2622871

I forgot this song was from there too


I always think its from some RPG whenever I hear it haha

>> No.2622882

This one is great too, and was rearranged on Rebirth.


>> No.2622939

1 has aged like milk and Rondo isn't THAT good. Better revise your list. Also, Adventure is the worst 2D CV. Also ALSO, Adventure ReBirth doesn't get enough love.

>> No.2622950

>1 has aged like milk

>> No.2622967

>1 has aged like milk
>Rondo isn't THAT good
maybe but it's at least top tier.
>Adventure is the worst
not retro

>> No.2622979

face it, castlevania 1 is boring save for the death fight which is just RNG bullshit

>> No.2622982

Nah sorry nigga it's probably the one i replay the most, also one of the easier to get into.

>> No.2622986

>Castlevania isn't hard
>so the solution is to make it much easier!

I don't get SOTN fags, is this supposed to be an argument?

>> No.2623000

So many kids these days say this and have no fucking clue what it actually means. Anything they find challenging is "RNG".

>> No.2623009

Scythe spawns are in fact randomized. Go play Castlevania 1 and find out yourself.

>> No.2623013

actually no its an algorithm that all depends on where death is, the player is, and when the scythes have been destroyed. You retards say the same thing about medusa heads and axe knights

>> No.2623092

If he were a kid he'd have just save stated through the death fight, idiot.

>> No.2623223

It's fucking upsetting, man.
I miss when everyone was just cheerful and nice to each other.

Now it's swarming with bitter and arrogant grognards afraid of younger people.

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