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What is your favorite Treasure game?
Mine is Gunstar Heroes

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Alien Soldier with RS in a close second.

Really they're pretty much all excellent.

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Mischief Makers

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they all good.

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Light Crusader is a pretty great game. Treasure? Doing an isometric action-RPG? In a Medieval Europe-inspired setting? And that music! Those puzzles! This shit's mindblowing, especially when you remember how different this game is from all of Treasure's other ones.


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My favorite Treasure game is not retro, but I'll tell you that it's based off an Osamu Tezuka manga.

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The town music in that game is comfy as fuck.

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Guardian Heroes, bar none,

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I'm with you. That game alone convinced me to buy a Saturn back in the day.

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why does Treasure love this limb-rotating thing so much?

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Because it's amazing and you know it.

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I think it looks weird, like a puppet show

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Back then, that was highly impressive stuff. And in action with a little bit of background it's less weird.

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it was actually the only way to get huge animated characters with multiple moving parts like that to work, and as I recall, they actually had to use the Mega Drive because the SNES didn't have the processing power to do it

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Someone working there probably thought the same thing, hence Dynamite Headdy.

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Sun & punishment 2

Bangai-O is underrated.

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>Gunstar Heroes
I like the game, and getting snobby about Treasure games feels pretentious as fuck, but Gunstar is kind of entry level.

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Uh, Light Crusader was fucking shit.

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Gunstar Heroes is nowhere near the best but I have great memories of playing it co-op with my friends. The boss designs really blew my mind, they were unlike anything I'd ever seen.

In a lot of ways Silhouette Mirage is like a remake of GS. I like that game a lot, too bad about the American version.

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Because it was a way to get fluid animation without having to draw a bunch of sprites.

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Can you really argue with these moves?

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>I wasn't smart enough to solve the puzzles

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That last levels when you go in various places and times - past and future

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> amazing wolfgun blood animation

gif saved!

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>why does Treasure love this limb-rotating thing so much?

You can get way better animation for much smaller memory space if you do that.

Vectorman also did it and holy fuck was it smooth.

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Mischief Makers.
Love the charm of the characters and the badass bosses.

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Dynamite Headdy might be my favorite, but there are so many good ones. What about Konami games the same developers worked on before they started Treasure?

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anything but their shmups, which are overrated garbage

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>you will never get to play this

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Name a better shmup than Radiant Silvergun. You can not.

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>bullet hell puke with gay lolis in frilly dresses
Fuck off, weeb

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this tbh

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I like dodonpachi as much as the next guy, but you are wrong.

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Treasure developed Wario World on the Gamecube.
Wario is obsessed with treasure, he is a greedy bastard.

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Not retro but Gradius V is Treasures best shmup.

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It's also the worst GIt doesn't even have the moai. Coincidence?

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It's also the worst Gradius, it doesn't even have the moai. Coincidence?

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>no anime shit in the old ddp
>meanwhile Silvergun forces nips talking and animu portraits on you as you play

Nice try, shitpost-kun, but maybe youre in fact the weeb here.

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kek, I think that's my new favorite insult.

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that's the arrange mode on saturn, the arcade version didn't do that

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alright, bra, whatever you say, bra

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Haven't played a bad Treasure game, but I had the most fun with Alien Soldier.

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>a bad Treasure game
Stretch Panic

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Dragon Drive was apparently so horrible that Treasure doesn't even mention it in their list of games on their website.

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>Stretch Panic
It wasn't necessarily bad, just very strange.

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They came up with a concept and made some bosses, but forgot to include a game. The interstitial parts where you collect points to unlock the bosses are terribly half assed. A great deal of the bosses themselves are not very fun, the whole thing just feels incomplete.

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Its ok but the music is what shines.
(at 3min)

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It's hard to pick just one... but most fun I'd say
1P - Alien Soldier, Dynamite Headdy
2P+ - Gunstar & Guardian Heroes

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Swap Dynamite with Silhouette Mirage and you have my picks exactly.

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Gunstar Heroes
Guardian Heroes
Radiant Silvergun
Gradius V

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>Name a better shmup than Radiant Silvergun.
anything is better than a shmup with a shitty chaining system, even fucking Touhou

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dodonpachi had a chaining system

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not as shitty as the RSG one though.

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Yes because that's definitely from DDP and not one of the shitty non-/vr/ sequels.

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they all play the same, tbh

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Which is why they're shitty sequels. Virtually no innovation and all they did was add animu girls because that's what's popular now.

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yeah, agreed

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>tfw I like Touhou
Why do Cavefags always have to shit on other shmups?

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wow, fuck off back to /jp/

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Because delicious cake. They'd spend less time annoying us around here if 12chan were still around.

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I have that for Gamecube, it was seriously amazing.The music was so good, too.

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>that flapping penis

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Got to be Dynamite Headdy, to this day it is still one of the best platform games I ever played.
Guardian heroes and Gunstar heroes are close seconds.

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Not /vr/, but I really liked Bangai-O Spirits and Missile Fury. Yet to play the N64/Dreamcast original.

The only "bad" Treasure game I've played/own is Gunstar Super Heroes.

I really should try the original Sin & Punishment, since the Wii sequel was great. That OST, man:

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For me it's a tie between Guardian Heroes and Bangai-O. If I take non-retro into account then Gradius V makes it a three way tie.

What is it about Gunstar Heroes that makes it your favorite? I'm curious because I hear this a lot, but it's always been one of my least favorite of their games. Maybe I've used the seeker gun too much, but it's always seemed super easy.


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treasure is overrated

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Fuck Off

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treasure is overrated

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>average treasure fans

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Virtually every opinion you encounter is going to seem either overrated or underrated to you. Simply saying you think something is overrated though really doesn't mean anything other than just pointing out your opinion is different, but without any specificity to it.

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>all that /m/ anime references
>all that shoomup cliche
>the bomb mechanic
>level creator included

My most played game of Dreamcast.

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I always thought it looked goofy as hell, too. Symphony of the Night on the Playstation uses it too.

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yep. the guys at treasure actually complained in an interview that the SNES wasn't powerful enough for their games, or something like that.

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I'd have liked to see a SNES equivalent of

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Yeah, a lot of them were arcade guys that were suddenly put on SNES duty and didn't like the more unfamiliar system architecture.

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I dunno, I prefer the chaining in DOJ and Ketsui to DP and DDP.

Dangun Feveron, however, has Cave's finest scoring system.

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Not-/vr/ choice aside, it'd be a toss-up between Alien Soldier and Gunstar Heroes

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radiant silvergun is babby's first hipster choice. protip: just because it's not as famous as ikaruga does not mean it's better.

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Rendering Ranger R2

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none, i hate them all. I tried to love them. It just didn't happen. Maybe the closest thing to was ikaruga. But then again there are tons of arcade shooters that are much better.

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Bakuretsu Muteki Bangai-O

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No, the variety in weaponry make it better than Ikaruga.

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>I have that for Gamecube, it was seriously amazing.The music was so good, too.
Another clueless pleb who just listens to hype and hasn't even played Ikaruga for score. Ikaruga is ass.

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I actually agree with you tbh, Guardian heroes was great but many other games they did especially the shmups are crazy overated, christ hardly any actual shmup players even like them.

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Jesus. Dodonpachi is good. Ikaruga is good. Radiant Silvergun is good. Just because X > Y doesn't mean Y=0.

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It's almost as if he actually plays games to have fun, what a sin. We should punish him, onichan.

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Nah, you're just an ass with your head too far stuck into scoring systems that you let something that should be there for fun first and foremost define you. Protip; at the end of the day, nobody cares.
I'm not even a fan of Ikaruga, but you and shmupers like you need to reevaluate your lives.

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>they all play the same, tbh
Only if you're a poor player.

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>I prefer the chaining in DOJ and Ketsui
Ketsui doesn't even have chaining.

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Why are you talking about non-Treasure games here?
There's a STG general you guys.

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All i got from that hilariously defensive reply is that you definitely can't play these games for shit and need to attack those that do and can to make yourself feel better. Go be a shit at everything worthless sack of cum somewhere else and take your ignorance with you.

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Oh wow, they added a hyper mode to daioujou.
What a massive game changer.

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That's probably why Ketsui's scoring system is better than the patchies.

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It's really hard to pick a favorite from such a great dev, but I would rank them roughly so:

Gunstar Heroes - first because I played the shit out of it as a kid and has the most nostalgic value, also has a really perfect balance between memorable boss fights and great level design. One of my favorite games to play through with a buddy.

Bangaioh N64 - Some of the best gameplay I've ever experienced. Love the intensity and how you can strategically approach the levels. Endlessly replayable.

Sin and Punishment - Like Starfox on drugs, tons of fun to play for score and also one of the crowning visual achievements of the 5th gen. The aircraft carrier level is a real treat.

Alien Soldier - A mindblowing Genesis game with amazing gameplay (love the dash move) but the complete lack of level design knocks it down a few in my book.

Radiant Silvergun- Lovely shmup with great music and enemy patterns. Seems to be extremely fair as far as shmups go (never really puts you in too tough of a situation, there always seems to be a path you can take if you react quickly enough). It's kind of bland in the beginning however, which there was more variety in the earlier levels.

Dynamite Headdy - Really fun and creative (if difficult) platformer, love the music especially. Heard the Japanese version is a bit more fair and really want to try it now.

Mischief Makers- It's fun and I really want to like it more but I just have trouble getting used to the gameplay. I really need to give this some more time. Has a weird nightmare vibe that offsets the cuteness, I can't quite put my finger on it.

That's all the retro Treasure I've really sunk time into, still need to play more Guardian Heroes and Ikaruga before I can fairly rank them. Haven't played the McDonalds game at all though I hear it's decent, and really dont have any interest in Light Crusader or Silhouette Mirage (willing to be proven wrong here).

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Ikaruga is a no-bullshit game, if you don't give 110% and pay perfect attention, it eats you alive. However if you can conquer it (at least up to getting an S rank), it will feel like gigantic achievement. Not one of those stupid ones you get on Steam, but more like climbing the Mount Everest or reaching the South Pole.

Also the final boss is basically a huge orgasm. It rhythmically builds up, and builds up, and builds up, and keeps getting faster, and faster, and faster, and when you can't take it anymore it EXPLODES.

There is just no other way to describe it. That's exactly what happens, when you play against it.

Silhouette Mirage is one of those games that you really need to figure out and then grind the shit out of the easy parts, otherwise it is damn near impossible to beat, but if you can do that it is actually crazy fun. Only problem is the lack of saving (it's a long game due to the grinding), and by the last few levels it's really just the game playing with you instead - you cannot win by skill, only by abusing the game.

It is also pretty creative and has some WTF parts (the soup boss took me a bit to figure out), it looks absolutely great (one of the best looking 2d games on the Saturn, up there with Cotton Boomerang easily), And one of the few platform titles from the 32bit era, which makes it extra interesting.

If you liked Gunstar Heroes, then Silhouette Mirage takes it up to eleven in how weird and spontaneous it can be. You might want to look at a "let's play" video on how to abuse the scores and where to get the hidden best weapons, and also stay away from the Playstation version (Working Designs fucked up the weapon system).

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Astro Boy

>> No.2619876

You may have sold me on Silhouette Mirage, I'll have to check it out sometime.

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>but the complete lack of level design knocks it down a few in my book.
I disagree. Alien Soldier best exemplifies Treasure's style of game design: FUCKING AMAZING bosses that cut out the middle man of wading through levels to reach them. It also probably has the best designed scoring of any run & gun shooter, here's an example of how it works:


Alien Soldier is their magnum opus really. Just a flawless game that excels at what it does.

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It's a great game, in many ways it's similar to Gunstar Heroes. Play the JP version, the US game is all wack because Working Designs "balanced" it. Maybe there's a patch for it by now, I don't know.

>> No.2620004

it's not flawless since it's missing 2 out of the 7 force forms

>> No.2620030

Funny thing is, if you check the sound effects in the options menu, there's still voice samples for them. The missing forms were called Harpy Force and Nemesis Force, apparently.

>> No.2620031

Who cares, the Seven Force in Alien Soldier kicks the shit out of Gunstar's despite only having 5 forms.

>> No.2620050

Thanks for just proving my point. I feel sorry for you.

>> No.2620129

What are you talking about? He has you dead to rights.

>> No.2620146

I beat Guardian Heroes with a buddy tonight, and we got the Heaven ending. We were playing on my Japanese Saturn, so I have no clue what anything was about. That didn't stop us from having fun, though.

>> No.2620301

Sirene-Force REALLY enjoys kicking the player's shit in.

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does this guy own it?

>> No.2620337

So is your comment.
>Hello, I would like to enter a thread and post an unpopular opinion among the fans.

>> No.2620658

as a human being how do I get S ranks in Mischief makers

>> No.2620740

Shake your booty.

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So much trolling, because someone likes a game you don't? How old are you?

>> No.2620884

I think it's RS.
I haven't played enough of their game most of the way through.

>> No.2620886

That's alright, even when you play the English version things don't make a lot more sense. That game is fun as all hell though and has boatloads of replay value.

>> No.2620893

use the d-pad to dash

never do anything that is not fast

I'm certain there was a dash jump in this game as well, use that

at least one of the stages was considered by the developer to be so hard to S-rank that they flat out didn't believe and player could do it (of course, someone did)

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It's not retro, but Gradius V blows both Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun out of the water. Especially when you start getting high up into the loops. Ika and RS are both solid shooters, but Gradius V is one of the best the genre has ever been.

Pure retro, Alien Soldier or Bangai-O. It's hard to choose.

>> No.2620918

Probably Bangai-O. It's a shame its sequels were basically puzzle games but I did enjoy trying to beat my times.

>> No.2620926

>You're having fun the wrong way!

>> No.2620937

It's his own fault. Everyone knows that you're not allowed to have your own opinions. First you check with the hivemind to see what the correct one is, and then you can say that all you want. But going around spewing bullshit like " it was seriously amazing.The music was so good, too." Without checking to see if you're right or not first is pretty pathetic. Fucking kids keep shitting this place up.

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>Name a better shmup than Radiant Silvergun.

Ikaruga if you are into the combo system, Gradius V if you just want an epic long space shooter.

Radiant Silvergun combines both, AND forces you to do combos, which is nerve shattering because you have to concentrate for way too long on comboing and you are unable to enjoy the game as a shmup. (unless you play the Saturn version and grind up your scores to maximum).

To be honest, Radiant Silvergun was the weakest shmup Treasure made.

>> No.2620949

That's actually fair criticism, better than just saying the game sucks outright without going into detail while calling people scrubs.

>> No.2620950

If you don't like being called names /r/shmups is a better place for you.

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Opinions are opinions, but I find this statement

>Radiant Silvergun combines both, AND forces you to do combos, which is nerve shattering

Is at odds with this one

>To be honest, Radiant Silvergun was the weakest shmup Treasure made.

You just described what I think makes the game fantastic, and then said that's why it's the weakest. Diff'rent strokes I guess.

>> No.2620969


Not him but these threads are increasingly becoming a place for people to be elitist fuckwads. It's not about creating a hugbox. It's about having decent discussions without some snooty little cunts coming here just to shit on everyone's opinions without contributing anything.

>> No.2620971

I don't think they can help it. I can smell a troll, and this board has them, but more often than not, these threads are filled with turbo spergs.

>> No.2620983

Seconding this big time. Calling someone a pleb and then trolling as hard as you can because they liked a game you didn't is pathetic. Trying to make it out that that's just par for the course here is even worse. I wish we had more active mods who could have just deleted and banned at that first comment and let the thread continue. On a slow board like this it only takes one or two people like him to completely ruin a thread.

>> No.2621017

Er, no. Being very intense is not bad for a shmup, but RSG FORCES you to go for combos, or else the game becomes impossibly difficult since you can't level up fast enough (weapon power is tied to your score). Which means you are forced to go for the high score at all opportunities in a game where an average playthrough is an hour long and every level has 4-5 bosses.

That's just way, way too long. It gets too tiring, to concentrate on no-mistake combos while also dodging, for an hour.

Ikaruga does combos better, because it is short and sweet. It won't tire you out with excessive length, and so it can focus on being three times as intense as RSG is. It is more satisfying to go for the score because of that. You need to concentrate heavier, but it's fine, because you only need to do it for shorter bursts, and that's easier to keep up with.

And Gradius V does the "epic long shmup" better, because you really only need to concentrate on blowing shit up and dodging, which is easier in comparison. So easy that it can ramp up the difficulty to looks-bullshit-but-not-really levels, and still stay playable (and in turn get more enjoyable).

>> No.2621031

>implying Silpheed the Lost Planet isn't Treasure's best shmup

>> No.2621036

Like I say, different strokes I guess. Personally if I had to pick one above the others it would be Gradius V, but you're literally describing what I think makes Radiant Silvergun shine. We don't have to agree though, and that's cool.

>> No.2621148


This might be relevant

>> No.2621162

It was making fun of >>2618008 bro. Calm down.

>> No.2621202

Isn't that M2 doing it, nothing to do with Treasure?

>> No.2621205

We had a thread about that a while back. All those ports have been excellent so far, I can't wait for Gunstar. M2 is fucking rocking it these days.

>> No.2621207

Yeah, it's not Treasure doing it but it's still a Treasure game. Also good because it will hopefully open the doors for them to do more Treasure stuff.

>> No.2621213

>Ikaruga is ass.
uh... k.

>> No.2621217

it's true

shmups that force you to play for score aren't enjoyable

>> No.2621229

Maybe if you don't like playing for score....

Can't we all just chill out and deal with the fact that some people like their games one way and other people like them another way? I swear this is going to turn into Castlevania before long.

>> No.2621232


>> No.2621239

Yeah but which one! I know, let's all start a new thread every day where we post a Castlevania game and ask the community why that one is the best. It'll be so great, like what if someone says Rondo? lololol So great, that faggot didn't say Bloodlines. It's the casual game though. Real CV fans like III the best everyone else is a raging faggot. IV's whip destroys the game, it shouldn't even be called Castlevania.

>hey guys, I enjoyed SotN quite a bit. Good music too!


I love every one of you.

>> No.2621253

The the same endless debates will echo of /vr/'s walls into perpetuity. Being trapped here is a crueler fate than dying.

Now how about them treasure video games

>> No.2621365

This. The "balancing" kind of broke it into not fun.

Not harder I didn't think. yes the enemies did more damage, but really the problem is upping prices and increasing your drain from using weapons. Ultimately I never bothered with the grind, I just beat the whole game with the shit weapon.

Which is a shame, because unless you speak japanese, the plot ad characters are quirky enough to actually be worth having those things.

>> No.2621536

Yeah, the game was kind of grindy as is. But in that version you pretty much have to Cash Bash every enemy you come across, then do an energy drain on them before finally switching and killing them. It's tedious as fuck.

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>> No.2621820


Castlevania and Treasure threads used to be my jam.
Now I can't enjoy any of them because of shmup elitist shitting Treasure threads, and SNES/Genesis fanboys ruining Castlevania threads.
It's not fair.

>> No.2621828

>SNES/Genesis fanboys ruining Castlevania threads.
Rondofags are much worse than them though.

Agreed about shmups though, shitty copypaste genre with a shitty obnoxious fanbase.

>> No.2621841

>shitty copypaste genre
They only seem copypaste to the ignorant cunts who'l never get good enough to discover the ridiculous amount of depth the genre has though which apparently includes you.

>> No.2621846


He may be wrong about the copypaste part, but he's absolutely right about its fanbase.

Yeah Rondofags are also very obnoxious, but usually Rondofags are also Bloodline fags.

>> No.2621858

>Oh wow, they added a hyper mode to daioujou.
>What a massive game changer.
it's like you're so bum fuck retarded you probably think learning ddp will instantly translate over to daioujou.

Completley agree

>Ikaruga is a no-bullshit game, if you don't give 110% and pay perfect attention, it eats you alive. However if you can conquer it (at least up to getting an S rank), it will feel like gigantic achievement. Not one of those stupid ones you get on Steam, but more like climbing the Mount Everest or reaching the South Pole.

I agre with the latter bit of ikaruga although that literally the same for playing all shmups at a high level by the first bit is nonsense, playing ikaruga for survival is a cake walk.

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>Guardian Heroes
Fuck yes niggas! This game is so fucking good. Me and my buddies used to spend hours and hours in vs mode. Fighting ropers vs gods and villagers and shit. It's such a shame the only follow up they did to it was that super shitty Guardian Heroes Advance. I'd have killed for another real game.

>> No.2623391

So, what happened to Treasure's promise of no sequels and only original games each time? Was it as simple as just needing money or running out of ideas?

>> No.2623410

>Was it as simple as just needing money or running out of ideas?

Pretty much, yeah. New properties are always a gamble and several didn't pay off very well, so they felt a little forced into sequels. Unfortunately so few of them are even close to as good as the original.

>> No.2623487 [SPOILER] 
File: 219 KB, 1280x699, 1439996252004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not actually made by Treasure, and not retro, but one of the lead designers and the artist made what is essentially Guardian Heroes 2 in every way. If you don't mind a bit of cheesecake, it's not quite as good, but damn close and a fuck ton of fun.

>> No.2625267

Did something happen to Treasure in 2001 that stopped them from making original IPs since then? You guys think they'll ever make another new thing?

Btw I guess this is only semi-/vr/ so I'll spoil it but [spoilers]I'm sorta making a youtube montage on what I consider "Treasure-Core" (more specifically awesome moments and playthrough highlights from Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Guardian Heroes, Mischief Makers, and Omega Factor). However, I also plan on including some then-contemporary as well as newer games that are similar to or inspired by works similar to that of Treasure. So far I'm thinking Noitu Love 2, Freedom Planet, Jet Gunner, and Jack the Reaper. Does anyone else know anything I should include?[/spoilers]

>> No.2625271


>> No.2625283

Money happened. They mostly work freelance for other companies.

>> No.2625284

They made Gaist Crusher pretty recently.

>> No.2625291

And it sucked.

>> No.2625294

I thought that was Capcom's idea.

>> No.2625296

Nah, they just published it and produce the non-vidya merchandise.

>> No.2626004

>Gunstar Heroes
Top choice anon.

Also 3D Gunstar Heroes comes out in the US today.

>> No.2626037


Did it? I know it bombed, but was the game actually bad? I remember looking at the trailer and it looked kinda fun.

>> No.2626063
File: 23 KB, 256x256, Tiny_Toon_Adventures_Buster's_Bad_Dream_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's bad dream.

>> No.2626090

>although that literally the same for playing all shmups at a high level by the first bit is nonsense, playing ikaruga for survival is a cake walk.

Even playing for just survival is not as simple, since the game severely punishes indiscriminate shooting. Stage 3-4 are hell because of this. Plus you need to do combos for the extra lives anyway.

>> No.2626128

Just in case you didn't know, all the games developed by Treasure for the Genesis are property of Sega. That's why they remade Gunstar Heroes for the Sega 3D classics series. We may get to see Alien Soldier or Dynamite Headdy.

>> No.2626203


Definitely some of the best puzzles of the era
Shit, I feel like replaying that.

Every treasure game is great except some of their GBA titles though.

>> No.2626225



So stop playing it when you get tired nigger

>> No.2626245
File: 184 KB, 452x311, lightcr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I started Light Crusader not too long ago and was enjoying it until I got stuck in this room. Didn't feel like looking for a solution online... but I can't figure it out, and I don't know if it's a problem of me not thinking right, or the game's physics being wonky. I can't seem to find a way to make the boulder reach the switch.

Also, I hope you're not meaning Omega Factor is not GOAT.

>> No.2626260


It's honestly been years, man, I don't remember. Sorry.

And mostly I'm complaining about Guardian Super Heroes.

>> No.2626348
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>> No.2628787

Its easier to list the bad ones like Wario World and Stretch Panic the rest is golden

>> No.2628794

Wario wasn't even bad, it's just that people at the time expected a 3D Wario Land.

>> No.2629474
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>Wario World

>> No.2629518

3D gunstar'credits are great. Sadly this is the only video I could find of them

>> No.2630903
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>and many other chips

Lol the "power" of the snes.

>> No.2631561

>snes vs genesis faggotry on my Treasure thread

come on kids

>> No.2631975

at least those aren't quite as bad as the endless "muh rehashed cave shmups are superior to your shitty treasure puzzle em ups" whining

>> No.2631976

Fucking hell how retarded do you have to be to not realize Ikaruga is shit.

>> No.2631997

treasure is one of the best game companies to grace this earth, radiant silver gun all the fucking way

>> No.2632154
File: 159 KB, 1280x720, disney_princesses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that music
>that gameplay
>that visuals

Let's all agree Alien Soldier is the best action game of the 16-bit era.


>> No.2632173
File: 66 KB, 400x400, EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

s/the 16-bit era/all time/

>> No.2632865


That is absolutely not true. Gaist Crusher was Capcom's attempt at a Level-5-like multimedia franchise for boys, they just farmed out the game development to Treasure.

>> No.2632874
File: 947 KB, 636x636, jm0ydkcz99cgmcypalmx.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unquestionably. Paid a lot for it (Japanese version) but oh so worth it.

>> No.2633278
File: 120 KB, 256x256, astro_boy_omega_factor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also my favorite. They went all out for Tezuka. Awesome game.

>> No.2633405

Anyone else think the intro title theme of Axelay sounds a lot like Treasure music?


Sounds like Hanzawa stuff.

>> No.2633484
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>Dat tasty Kinu Nishimura artwork

>> No.2633585
File: 12 KB, 240x240, HeaddyArt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dynamite Headdy is my all-time favorite retro game.

>> No.2634194

Huh, I just realized the Axelay ship in hori mode looks a lot like the Border Down ship.

>> No.2634603
File: 81 KB, 640x448, smirage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Check out Silhouette Mirage on Saturn since you liked Dynamite Headdy, it's by the same producer and it's just as wacky.

>> No.2636952
File: 126 KB, 640x360, Treasure-Logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like how they have the words "Video Games" on their company name.
Not software, not entertainment, no bullshit, this is Video Games.

Any other developer that actually put the words Video Games in their company name or as a slogan?

>> No.2636987


I wanted to play that game so bad but no one I knew had a saturn

I never even saw it for sale anywhere

>> No.2636993

spot on anon, ikaruga is one of the most overrated games ever, radiant silvergun is better

>> No.2638291

Thanks for the recommendation. It was released on Playstation too, right? Is that version any good?

>> No.2638301

Code of princess is FAR too laggy.

Why would you ever recommend it

>> No.2638306

Dude, what the fuck, ikurrga is the hardest game ever made and there's that sick black and white aesthetic and that sick soundtrack and it's also really good for playing for score, mang.

>> No.2638313

Play the Japanese PS version, the US one was "balanced" by Working Designs and is sort of fucky.

>> No.2638314

Ahh... that is the base of one of it's big problems. The game isn't actually laggy, but when you start your speed is stupid low and because the game is longer than Guardian Heroes it takes some time to build your character till they're fast enough that it feels good. Especially considering that Solange is the main character and she's one of the slowest.

I put points all into speed until it's about 1/3 of the gauge full and then split between just speed and some attack. This also helps in that it keeps the difficulty up, because base wise it is a bit easy.

By the time your speed is up at the higher end of the scale, everything moves WAY faster and the game is a lot more action packed and a ton of fun. It's far from a perfect game, but if you put a bit of time into it, it's actually quite solid. And more importantly, the closest thing we've ever had to a real Guardian Heroes 2 and possibly the closest we ever will.

>> No.2638335

haven't played many treasure games, but Mischief Makers is one of my favorite games ever. i wish there were more platformers like it, with the grappling and insane movement options.
huh, that makes me want to start playing again. thanks for the info. any advice on the harder bosses, though? juppongi just about ruined the game for me, got past it, then fucking semble is wrecking me now.

>> No.2638358

Personally I prefer the Saturn version because the PS version took out some effects and details, but the PS version did include an extra part in the game.

>> No.2638359

When I got it, I was pretty disappointed and put it down for a long while. But then started playing again when I was bored with other stuff and ended up really loving it.

My advice for bosses is also tied to speed speed speed. Once you're fast enough, you can get in a lot more hits and rely on stun animations and traveling explosions (or however you would describe how magic attacks spread from one enemy to the other in these games) and actually get into comboing them somewhat.

Also, learning their patterns, blocking and then countering as well as the blocking hops are very important to get down. And of course making full use of the separate planes. There are some quite tough fights as the game goes on. One that had me stuck for a while was evading two dragons for two minutes that can pretty much destroy you if they get close.

>> No.2638518

>extra part
I thought it was just a couple new bosses.