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I just found out about this, I haven't played it yet, but it looks awesome.

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I forgot to mention, it's a FFVII beat-em-up side scroller.

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Didn't think it was possible but somehow they made FFVII even gayer

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I'm only downloading this for that Tifa sprite.
I mean, fuck.

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Is there a standalone version? I don't wanna play in my browser.

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Looks like it was made with the program that was used for Strip Fighter 4

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How is it gay? or even gayer?

I think it looks pretty bad-ass, although I haven't played it yet(the beat-em-up)

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>Cloud Strife
>How is it gay?

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It's really glitchy and unfinished, you beat the magitech looking boss and the game is over.
I bet they are never finishing this but it's fun for 10 minutes.

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why does cloud look like a tumblr lesbian now?

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Looks better than Advent Children...

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kek, best joke I've read all day

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Let's hope that Square-Enix does not issue a cease and desist order before they can finish it.

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