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What are games with good looking flat shaded graphics?

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I love how Virtua Fighter 1 and Virtua Racing look.

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Wing War

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Not retro but sky rogue looks neat.

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The Wario Ware Series usually has good Flat shaded graphics on certain portions, like the Nose Boss.

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Bitches don't know about my 4D Boxing. 3D? That's for pussies.

Seriously, the game is pretty fun and ran really well on my 386.

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A lot of Amiga games had nice simple ones like this:

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Star Cruiser on the X68k (and Star Cruiser II for PC-98/FM Towns) have very nice flat-shaded visuals. The former came out in 1989 too.

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Wasn't this game for Genesis?

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Someone should recognize this one...

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Yes, it got ported in 1990.

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Somebody made this game with 3D Construction Kit.

There's a bunch more here (for various platforms):

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Looking for a flat shaded game on pc.
Wouldve been from the mid 90's and you were in control of a kindof spider going inbetween lasers and junk.

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Tempest 2000?

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You were a spider in 3d space/platforms i know its not tempest. Thankyou!

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i played the hell out of this back in the day.

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Does Poy Poy count? There are some texture mapped levels.

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No, that's Gourad shaded, not flat.

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iS Internal Section on the PS1 is almost entirely flat-shaded. Smooth 60fps and rendered at 480i.

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Tron 2.0 on the GBA has great flat shaded bits for the Recognizer or Tank battle bits.

Tron 2.0 is actually probably my favorite GBA game. The main game is pretty fun, and then it also has all of the arcade games, like Tron, Deadly Discs, and Light Cycles.

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Did anyone mention Geograph Seal? It's pretty rudimentary, but it's quite an appealing game. Great music, too.

Would Jumping Flash count, too?

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The Sentinel

Awesome game that had a pretty good sequel on the PS.

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Hunter was SO advanced for its time it's not even funny.

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Fuck, that game is amazing.

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Pretty much the entire 32X library is aesthetically god tier

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OP asked for flat shaded, Anon-kun.

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OP's not signing my paychecks

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Well maybe you should go post in the payroll thread.

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Maybe you should suck my dick if you're going to act like a woman anyways.

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I know it's a strange question, but how does the Model 1 graphics "work"? I can see there are some textures here and there and the total polycount of the arcade games is pretty high even in comparison with some Dreamcast games. The models look blocky more because of the flat shading and the modeling methods and choices of the time.
The mouths and eyes on the VF characters are textures? How high is the resolution of the textures? They look good even with the game resolution blown up.
The board could handle a fully textured game? The models have an "uv map"? The colors are just vertex colors? I extracted some models from Virtua Fighter 1 PC, but not the textures.

3many dimensions 5me.

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I'm guessing that's texture-mapped? (the windows seem that way)
Flat shading is much more primitive (a polygon surface is entirely the same color). It's just one step up from wireframe graphics.

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Far cry 3 is just a clone of Hunter

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No textures at all. Everything is done with flat-shaded polygons - that's all the Model 1 supports. Only 2D elements like the background or the UI can be bitmaps, and they're handled on separated layers (and separated chips) then composited.

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What about ellypsoid rendering?

Ecstatica is amazing for it's time.

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Robocop 3 for Amiga/DOS.

Top 10 game for me.

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I like janes fighter anthology.

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I watched an LP of that; that fixed camera was making me salty

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The Wing War logo here >>2612740 looks like a texture.

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I have the feeling you guys would love pic related.

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lel I saw that speedrun