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Retro locations you would like to visit.
Paramonia is my first choice.

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I'd like paying a visit to the Soft Museum in NiGHTS, would be trippy.

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Also, the Panzer Dragoon world.

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for the grills

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>mfw mushroom kingdom

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The Lovecraft Museum that came with Shadow of the Comet.

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The whole world in FF9 and Legend of Dragoon

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The Legend of Mana world comfy-bomb blows those out of the water

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Hard mode: locations that are not motherfucking death traps

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wherever morrigan goes to sleep

because reasons

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What's even going on in that stage

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80's Hong Kong. It counts. Fuck you.

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Especially Citadel Island.

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ha ha those places don't exist in real life. jokes on you, nerds.
I really want to visit Britannia as the Avatar. Still waiting on a gypsy cart w/ gypsy and a blue moongate.

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Would love having the books to go back and forth.
Dni proper would be even better, a chance to learn the Art, but I'd be happy with any place I could visit.

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>being this autistic

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is that a screenshot from a gaming magazine from 1998? shit looked horrid. the game looks way better than that.

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All you have to do is dream, anon.

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I just want to jump down a pipe and find a bunch of coins, is that too much to ask?

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