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Post your opinions on all the different doom ports, and list your best and worst... My favourite is the PS1 port, and my least favourite is the snes one. Btw. the n64 doesn't count as a port...

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I've never played it on consoles, but it was the shit on 95. I even designed .wads, still have them on floppy. Good times.

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go your shithouse general

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Doom 64 was definitely the shit, though. Who ever thought we'd get a Doom so fucked up and disturbing on a Nintendy system?

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How was the Saturn port?

Eat shit and die.

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It took this long for the Vita to get Rejuvenate, the inevitable Doom port bettter be fucking native and full 940x544.

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Saturn is literally PSX but worse performance

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I don't see how anyone can deny the 360/PS3 ports are technically superior to all others. Best frame rate and resolution, analog sticks for control, and accurate to the original level layouts unlike the PS1 which literally cut corners in many places.

Plus, you get the No Rest for the Living campaign which is pretty great.

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I actually didn't like that campaign very much.
But other than that, yeah, it's pretty good.

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No colored lighting either.

The Saturn version was rushed and suffered from dumb demands that it not utilize certain portions of the Saturn hardware, so it ended up being complete garbage.

It sucks, because the Saturn had a fucking excellent console port of Quake, and the best retro console ports of Duke Nukem 3D, Powerslave, and Hexen.

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32X version has atrocious music.

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I tried out the GBA port of Doom, its not unplayable, but the movement feels sluggish (not sure if its a problem with the game or the emulator). Haven't tried out the doom 2 gba port yet.

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it's really annoying how they didnt include analog stick sensitivity in the ps3 port though. youre always trapped with that shitty default sensitiivyt dunno about the 360 one.

why the fuck not? seriously

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The problem with most Doom ports was that the publishers thought it was a process of dumping some new art in and hitting the recompile button, so most Doom ports were done in an insanely rushed timetable. 32x and 3do ports were confirmed to be extremely rushed, do we know anything about the other ports?

Powerslave was ported FROM the Saturn to PC and Playstation, not the other way around.

Quake and Duke3d were indeed ace ports, but they bankrupted the company doing the ports.

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That's because the publisher got a deal to put it out in 10 weeks, then didn't tell the dev team that until the last minute.

So basically the dev team had to live in their office and rush the game out in that time, among them were Burger Bill (now Rebecca Heineman), real skilled people, but they just did not have the time to get any good work done. In theory, the port could have been even better than the Snes port (which frankly is rather meek port, even if it's ultimately pretty playable), but the publisher just fucked everyone in the ass.

The music files were basically just dumped onto the cartridge and never tuned or adapted for the soundchip or hardware, so that's why the tracks sound so atrocious.

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I've tried so hard but I can't work out how to play fps games without a mouse and keyboard.

I've tried for 8 years. Still failing.

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Here's a quick run through of all the ports I've played.
This is actually the first version of Doom that I played. I was absolutely captivated by it. In retrospect it's far from the best port yet I still find it highly impressive given the hardware and the time crunch.
I've probably put the most time into this port. After playing the 32X port this one felt like quicksilver. Granted it's still a little shaky compared to something like ZDoom, but the colored lighting is groovy and I like the new ambient soundtrack just as much as the original MIDI tunes.
This port is a janky mess. Yet, I still find myself getting enjoyment out of playing it. This is partly due to the fact that the Saturn is my favorite console and I'll do anything to justify it's shortcomings, but I think of the crappy framerate as like playing a more challenging "drugged" form of Doom. The greatly increased firing rates on all the weapons are hilarious too. Their existence feels like an apology from the devs about the game's poor performance.
I only bought this port for sheer novelty (and that slick angry red cartridge). It's probably the worst port that I've played. Still funny to be playing Doom on a freaking SNES, though.
Why the hell did I even buy a 3DO? Anyway, I've heard many people say that this is the absolute WORST port of Doom, and they're almost correct. It's actually the second worst behind the aforementioned SNES port. It's jerky as hell, it's missing a ton of levels, and it has to be played inside this stupidly huge border to make the framerate even kind of passable. Luckily this awful port is easily avoided. My 3DO is the only one I've ever seen in my life.
The best, of course.
>T-I nSpire
It's no secret that I'm a big Doom fan. One day at school one of my classmates tossed his calculator at me and said, "Check this out."
It was freaking Doom on a calculator. Now, it was totally black and white and the refresh rate of the...

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... screen was glacial, so the thing blurred like hell. I managed to make it through the first three levels of the first episode. I probably could not have done this if I didn't already know the map layouts like the back of my hand. It the most hilariously impractical way to play Doom that I can think of.

I can't speak for the Jaguar or the GBA not retro ports. Never played either of them. I wonder if the calculator counts as retro...

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I tried out the gba port of doom. Its playable, the sounds/music are okay, its not bad visually, but the movement and shooting feels sluggish.

I'm pretty sure the gba port of doom 2 is in the same situation.

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Can you explain the control scheme? I don't know how one would fit strafing, weapon cycling, running, and using in only two buttons.

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>A, B, L, R
>2 buttons.

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You move/aim with the d-pad, fire with A (i think the B button did the same thing), strafe with L and R, activated the map with select and used the start button for the menu.

Changing weapons was really annoying, since you had to hold L or R and press up (or down) in the D-pad to change weapons.

Honestly, most of the fps games for the gba (besides wolfinstein 3d and dark arena) were pretty awful (serious sam advance was complete shit), or rather mediocre (like the doom ports).

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The Jaguar port is actually pretty good, runs smoothly (and that's probably because Carmack himself worked on it and was one of the few people who were smart or patient enough to figure out how to get the damn thing to perform). Has all the levels, very little areas cut, graphics are fine, however, the big backlash against it is that it just does not have any of the music, and that's a tragedy because the music is like a third of the game's pleasure.

The GBA ports are... what they are. They're still Doom, but they're censored (green blood, blame the fucking Germans), framerate isn't very fast unless you turn off shadows and darkness. My big complaint is that the GBA port of 1 cuts out the bosses pretty much, no Cyberdemon, no Spidermastermind, Dis is replaced with Warrens, and that's it.

The port of 2 is MUCH better in that all the levels are there (two of the really big ones are split up in two each due to memory constraints, but they're all still there). All the monsters are there, however, the AI is limited due to memory constraints, if you get far enough away, the monsters just forget about you and ignore you.
There can be an Arch-Vile in the distance, and they're dangerous to deal with, but you can stay where you are and just plink away at him until he dies because he just won't register your existence unless you're close enough. The blood is green too, again thanks to Germany, and also the Wolfenstein levels are sort of censored and the SS troopers are reskinned as Zombiemen troopers.

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I think you shot with the A button and used the B button to hit switches and open doors.

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protip: left analog is your wasd, right analog is your mouse

there you go, it's not cryptic

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It's honestly not hard if you have two thumbsticks and some shoulder buttons.

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I think they meant like console fps games before analogs because I admittedly have trouble with those too. always did, which is why I was never big on the genre even before analogs became common. we had duke nukem 3d on pc growing up and that was the only fps I liked for years probably up until halo came out

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I've only ever played through the entirety of Doom on the Playstation.

I played it on PC at friends' places as a kid, and used to rent the SNES version. My parents wouldn't let me buy Doom as a kid, and by the time I was buying my own games, I wasn't interested in picking up DOS or Windows 95 stuff, but instead bought the PSX version to play on my PS2. Mainly because I remembered seeing that cool longbox at rental places and had to own it. Its pretty cool.

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Gloomy Dungeons 3D - new skins/textures

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ZX Spectrum had baller soundtrack

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SNES is technically impressive, but other then that it's god awful. 32X is underrated. Besides misisng Ep 3 and shit music, atleast it's playable unlike the SNES.

PSX is cool, but framerate problems.

N64 is a completely new game.

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>32X is underrated.
I think it's rated exactly as it should. It's a terribly rushed port and it shows.
I think it could have in theory have been a better port than the SNES one, but the devs, skilled as they are, just did not have the time to get good work done.

>Besides misisng Ep 3 and shit music, atleast it's playable unlike the SNES.
The shit you speaking of, boy?

The 32X version runs SLOOOOW unless you drop down the screen size to tiny, and cuts a lot of content. The BFG9000 isn't even in the game without cheats.

The SNES version, while pretty gimped, lacking textured flats, and monster infighting, was fast paced enough, had the levels, and the music was crunk as shit.

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funny this thread comes up again. I've been playing console ports alot recently.

I like doom 64, but to me its hardly a "port". it's literally doom 3 before doom 3.
I love its atmosphere, better sprites, etc, and the level design and slower pacing make it nice and more horrory, but less like pc doom.
my only qualm with it is that on an actual 64 controller, the default controls are dogshit and it demands a good remap.

snes doom is interesting, but largely unplayable on most emulators I run it in. the lack of circle strafing and the piss framerates I normally get make it too bad to actually play beyond the "ooh ahh" that running doom on shit hardware gives. playing it with a stick instead of a dpad makes it marginally better, but the frame rate and no circlestrafing kills it.

psx doom plays like pc doom for the most part. the controls are better than doom 64 out of the box, but if you're used to modern dual analogue shooters, it'll take time to adapt too. it's fun, but also still inferior to pc doom due to the stripped level design. the colored lights are nice, but the soundtrack is too quiet to hear compared to both PC and 64.

I've not played jaguar or Saturn, but fuck those systems anyway.

I can't really rank them, because psx doom and d64 are literally different games with comparable features. 64 looks better, psx has better controls...its a toss up and I play both.

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Not to mention that Saturn Quake isn't even using the Quake engine. They couldn't get it to work on Saturn, so they had to use Slavedriver (the Powerslave engine) and port every asset in the game to that.

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Always blows my mind away whenever I think about Doom not getting a faithful console port until the original Xbox.

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>Powerslave was ported FROM the Saturn to PC and Playstation

The PC version is a whole different game from the others, and it was made simultaneously. You can not say the PC powerslave was a port of the Saturn one. It's a whole different game on a whole different engine.

On the question of Duke3D's and Quake's Saturn ports, the quality is very arguable. They are recreation using a different engine, so they're very different (inacurate) from enemies and weapons behaviour to level design.
They also have their share of interest things.

What's fun about those Saturn ports is that they make Quake and Duke Nukem 3D share the same engine, right when the 'war' between both games was raging.

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>What's fun about those Saturn ports is that they make Quake and Duke Nukem 3D share the same engine

I have no clue why I never made that connection despite knowing who handled the ports. Shame that engine never got used by anyone.

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I only played PSX Doom and Doom 64 through PC total conversions. I own Doom II for GBA and it's not that great. Playable, but not great.

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I absolutely love the atmosphere of the PS1 version. While I like the PC version the way it is, the new soundtrack dramatically changes the tone of the game.

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I never got why people hated the GBA ports of Doom 1 and 2. They're actually pretty good for what 3D on the GBA can offer. I get that it may not look as pretty and run as smooth but ffs its Doom on my GBA with half-decent controls and all the levels.

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The first one cuts a shitload of stuff, including the bosses.

Second one is pretty intact though.

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Doom 2 GBA is frankly, better than it has any right to be.

I love ports of games that push the limits of the system they're on, like Doom 2 GBA or Dragon's Lair GBC.

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>Doom 2 GBA is frankly, better than it has any right to be.
Yeah, that's true, it actually has pretty much all of the original content from Doom 2, with very little cuts. All the levels are there, there's not many parts cut from the levels at all, all the monsters are there, all the music is there. It also helps that the music sounds kind of kickass.

As far as having Doom 2 on the go, it does a very stellar job.

The AI not working at longer distances is kind of a flaw though. I don't mind that for dealing with Arch-Viles, because those scare the fucking bejeebus out of me and if I can plink away at them from across a courtyard without them touching me I'll take that opportunity.

And it's not a port, but Resident Evil: Gaiden for the Gameboy Color, while not a stellar title in terms of gameplay, has really great sound, music and graphics, actual shadows and shading, where enemies can hide in dark corners and spots, actually blending into the shadows, a dynamic soundtrack that intensifies the music the more enemies there are on screen.
I feel that the Gameboy Color get's overlooked a lot, when it was actually a very capable system for it's time.

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>They're actually pretty good for what 3D on the GBA can offer

Pretty sure that right there is the reason. While they may be impressive ports for the GBA it still isn't the best selection to be playing Doom on. I can't imagine someone trying to play something like Suburbs on Ultra Violence with that tiny screen.

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