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Anymore like these, /vr/?

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like this?

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Yes, just like that.

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there's one for saturn, it's on a dead harddrive though

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there's another good one

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Not bad but OP's pic is all "hidden gems", no major franchises

Lack of Ninja Warriors is also triggering me

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Not really the same thing but you might like

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Never understood this one, could have just cropped out the bottom right and thats all you'll ever need to know

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>Best to use original controller
>Lists Buffalo SNES Controller as God Tier
>Said controller has incorrect convex X and Y buttons

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>Pilotwings above, say, Super Metroid in essentials
>Super Turrican, Contra 3, Metal Warriors and Super Metroid classified as SHMUPS
>SHMUPS classified as "Space Shooters"

Was this made for trolling purposes or did its maker really not know any better?

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You shoot things up. How is it not shmucks?

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Because just shooting things doesn't qualify it as being a Shmup. Hell, those games aren't even in the same genre. Super Turrican and Metal Warriors are Action Platformer, Contra 3 is a Run & Gun and Super Metroid is what we now generally call a Metroidvania (back then it was just an action adventure).

Educate yourself:

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What's scat? Does the main character just run around shitting on thai prostitutes?

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No, that one is called receiving a Special Cybernetic Attack Team I think.

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XBox 360 controller is god tier for games if you aren't using the dpad. But yeah that dpad is shit.

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Just played it and it looks kinda cool!
Like a Macross + Contra hybrid

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I'm learning Japanese. I'm giving myself a good year of studying before I try any of these games out.

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What is this a compilation of? Horror games? I can't read the writing at all.

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I don't know what dickhead made that image. Those are all Japanese horror visual/sound novels for the PS, as listed here:


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>Macross + Contra

It seems more a crippled Forgotten Worlds for me than anything. If you like this style of game try the arcade version of FW

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