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Just ordered pic related.

How good is it? 40 games, all playable in their original resolution, with boxart and interviews and unlockable arcade/SMS games sounds too good honestly. Any flaws?

Also compilation/collection thread.

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shouldn't you ask before purchasing? what if we told you it gives you erectile dysfunction now?

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It's the single best retro game collection there is, other than being PAL.

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I have it. No flaws that I know of, aside from the giant Sanic on the American box art to try and get some extra sales.

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No S3&K. You can play Sonic 3 or S&K alone. No lock-on support.

The SMS and arcade unlockables are few, but you get Phantasy Star, Fantasy Zone, and maybe Shinobi. Unfortunately none of the Sonic games.

The emulation quality is fair. The sound is only slightly off when you hit the rotating banner at the end of each stage in Sonic 2. Aside from that, no noticeable inaccuracies.

No Shadow Dancer on this one, even though it was on the PS2 Genesis collection. There are some others possibly missing as well.

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>No S3&K. You can play Sonic 3 or S&K alone. No lock-on support.

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Oh no, is that true???

Yeah, nothing I can do about it being PAL. But I'm used to PAL, so... also like >>2600438 pointed out, the PAL boxart is better. So that's a plus.

Nice info, thanks. Bummed about Shadow Dancer not being included. But at least Golden Axe 3 is included, and wasn't that jp only?

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I wish it had more games like Revenge of Shinobi and Virtua Fighter 2 but otherwise it's still a great collection. It also looks good on HD Tv's.

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Space Harrier's sound is warped, but otherwise a great collection.

A M2 made one for the PS4 & XB1 with even more games would be better however.

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Sucks none of the Wonder Boy games are on there, nor are the SMS Alex Kidd games. Other than that, it's pretty rad if you wanna play some Genesis games on your HD TV. If they made one with like 10 more Genesis games, 20 or so SMS games, and maybe even a few marquis Saturn games it'd be the fucking bomb

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If they made that they should put in all the games that weren't included from the Sega Genesis/Megadrive Collection on PS2 as well as more games, I guess Sonic 2 and 3 with Knuckles and Blue Sphere, maybe even 32X games like Virtua Fighter and Knuckles Chaotix.

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Really everything non-licensed up to the Saturn due to the size of the discs that the PS4 & XBone use. arcade games as well included Fantasy Zone 2 DX.

Wii U as well if Sega is not doing VC for it (3DS has some Game Gear games on it's VC).

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As far as Sega Collections go, importing the Sega Ages 2500 stuff is a good idea (Or get them off Japanese PSN)

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>Sonic The Hedgehog 2
>Uses screenshot from Sonic 3

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>other than being PAL.

Are you okay?

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I don't see why that's such an issue. Sanic is their mascot, it adds a little bit of character to the collection

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I think the problem here is assface Sonic in particular.

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This is my jam

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Man, that Sonic 2 port was a disappointment.
How's Jam Sonic 3 and S&K?

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>Man, that Sonic 2 port was a disappointment.

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Slowdown & altered physics resulting in old tricks not working (Obvious example: try jumping off those green tops in Oil Ocean Zone, you don't get the velocity of the platform added to your jump)

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>How's Jam Sonic 3 and S&K?
Pretty good

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Only the M2 stuff. The first 2500 ones were fucking disgusting and gross. Those 3D remakes are chinese-tier as fuck.

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>16 bit music on vinyl

Hipster as fuck.

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I have the 360 version, it's pretty great. A good selection of games and they all run nice and buttery smooth.

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The options music in Sonic Spinball also became ear rape.

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The borders around the screen can get annoying, and it seemed to me like there was some pixel distortion here and there.

It's not bad if you got it for a good price. TBH, if you have a real mega drive, you should get an everdrive--you can load on it every genesis and master system game in existence (except Virtua Racing, which had a special chip).

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>I care so much about what other people do that I will insult them for the format they choose to listen to their music in
get a life.

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sounds like the guy either needs to clean the needle or get a new one....

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>the games that defined a generation
I was going to protest this but then I remembered "oh yeah, europe..."

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I can't remember, but didn't this also include the censored versions of Phantasy Star II and Streets of Rage III? That alone kind of pisses me off. It wouldn't have taken much effort to do a quick translation hack of the original Bare Knuckle III ROM.

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>Daulshock 3 compatible
well I would fucking hope so, since that is the standard controller for the PS3.
That is like of an SNES game came with a "snes controller compatible" indicator on it.

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this, there is already a well done fan translation of patch for Bare Knuckle III so if they were feeling really lazy they could just ask permission to use that.

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though, now that I think about it, part of the content from bare knuckle III that was omited from the western version was an over the top hardu gay like gay stereotype, which could still be considered offensive today. So maybe that is why they didn't bother. But even if that was a concern they could have at least reverted it to the more fair difficulty of the original jap game.

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Do you seriously not remember Sixaxis being the standard controller for the first year of PS3?

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It doesn't matter if the character offends anyone's sensitivities or moral / religious beliefs. Censorship is censorship, and it's unacceptable in this day and age.

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This is what originally got me into MSX. It seemed so mysterious to me back then.

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>implying that they wouldn't want to keep that E rating...
it's a large game company, they don't care about historical preservation, they care about making money and not offending people. It may be annoying but it's a fact. You can't always have your cake and eat it too.

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And as a responsible consumer, it's my prerogative not to support these companies when they make asshat decisions like this, which is why I discourage anyone from wasting their time with this collection.

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I forgot that and the retarded lawsuit that made it a thing was a thing, but genesis/mega drive games don't use a rumble feature and I would asume that any game that was compatible with sixaxis would be compatible with the dualshock 3

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the me jap computers still seem mysterious, there are so many games that we never got to play. Though I guess europe and Australia did get the MSX and more of the Konami games.

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>implying there will ever be more people like you than people looking for something to keep their kids busy

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most of*

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or people that will over look it because the rest of the games are decent, also, most people that would get a collection like this are people that either are too stupid to realize emulation is a thing or mistakenly think they are "doing the right thing" by buying it instead of downloading the games.

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Yeah, I've been into it ever since which is like 15 years now and it's a lot less mysterious but it's still easy to find a new, good game I've never heard of - which I'm often totally into

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Dude, Sega is still a company that can use your support, especially for the non-Sonic IPs.

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>Sega is still a company that can use your support
most of their games are complete garbage these days. It's hardly the company it once was and it just makes a living by milking old IPs for all they are worth at this point.

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>I can't actually defend criticism so Im gonna just say "get a life"

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>most of their games are complete garbage these days
Barring the generally excellent M2 3DS conversions, all of their games are garbage and have been for well over a decade. The only decent games are ones they didn't develop but only published, like Mad World or The Conduit. I guess some people like those Hatsune Miku games but they're not for me. Even their arcade division has mostly been rehashes of old IPs like Initial D and Puyo Puyo. Sega's been dead for a long time.

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I grew up with most of those games, but on the Famiclone. I actually prefer having gorwn up with a Famiclone rather than a NES, I had best of both worlds.
I see many great games I loved as a kid on that cover, never tried the MSX versions. I'll be burning me a CD-R of that.