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Aside from obvious choices like Aladdin, what are some good middle east arabian themed games?

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Prince of Persia.

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SMB2/Doki Doki Panic

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Defenders of Oasis might fit the bill. It definitely fits the middle eastern theme but as to whether it's good is another story.

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Defenders of Oasis, a durkadurka DQ clone for Game Gear.

Also, the entire "... Oasis" series. Beyond. Legends of. Are there others?

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Magic of Scheherezade
Legend of Oasis

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The prince has a nice ass.

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Aw. Beat me to it.
I liked it as a kid. Also, every time you beat a boss.

>oooooooooooooh noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

And the warp spell:

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Please leave.

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What is every game that features explosions.

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Quest for Glory II

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Weird game.

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Can't forget this gem

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Monster World IV

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Monster World IV, which I think was more than a small inspiration to your game, OP...

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Not a whole game but a section:
Earthbound had a city named Scaraba with a ME theme

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Thats what I'm talking about, I'm even listening to arabian music while searching about these games, you people just open my mind, what console is MW IV best played? I do own a PS2 and Wii, but not a mega drive, although I can emulate it to perfection on the Wii

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You can emulate on Wii. It even got an official localization on the VC, which is cool.

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I single hue'd

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Beyond Oasis was really cool

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Another flavor of middle east

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Was gonna post this. Loved this game

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I think this is the most beautiful box art ever made. Like if I saw this in the game store back in the day, I would buy the FUCK out of it.

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Jesus Christ this is gorgeous. I think I just got an art boner.

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Quest for Glory 2.

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Cute platform game:

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Another cute platformer. This is the same game as "Titus The Fox: To Marrakech And Back", except it has a different main character.

I think this uses same game engine as The Blues Brothers. At least the physics feel very close.

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Arabian Fight

Good graphics and a hot female character. Other than that the game is pretty lame.

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I believe that's Terada Katsuya, who did a bunch of Nintendo Power artwork back in the day, among many other things.

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Camel racing game...

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If you like strategy games:

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Arabian Dream for SNES and Niji no Silkroad for NES. There's a translation patch for both.

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Also this one:

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Do you happend to mean Arabian Nights? Because I can't find something for Arabian Dream.
Arabian Nights is a RPG released '96 on the SNES and it even has a translation patch.

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Strategy/sim game with action sequences:

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This one is pure strategy/sim:

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Another one:

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And the original pure strategy/sim game:

Pic is the entire listing (source code) for the BASIC port of the original mainframe version (The Sumer Game).

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Tank simulator:

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Cinemaware quality game, but graphics aren't as good as they could have been (even C64 version looks nicer?)

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Infocom text adventure - advanced level (not for beginners!)

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>ctrl + F
>Arabian Magic
>0 results

Well, Arabian Magic then. Sweet 4 player beat'em up with genie summons from based Taito


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That's a good game. Not to be confused with Arabian FIGHT, which sucks major dicks.

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There's also this really old arcade game (Arabian):

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King's Valley 2 was one of the things that inspired La Mulana.
Dude check out the soundtrack it's sick.

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>You'll never experience this masterpiece without an excellent grasp of Turkish language.

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arabian nights on snes

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How can something called The Story of Thor be set in the middle east.

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Because the people who named it were from a very different culture from both Scandinavia and the mid east.

Beyond Oasis is mostly generic fantasy looking, but Legend of Oasis has a fair bit of arabian type flair.

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Because it's called Shadam Crusader: Harukanaru Oukoku

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Yeah, Beyond Oasis and Legend of Oasis are completely unrelated to Defenders of Oasis. Yes, it's fucking stupid, blame western game renaming.

Not that Japan was any better at it. Donkey Kong Land I-III became Super Donkey Kong GB, Donkey Kong Land, and Donkey Kong GB: Dixie & Diddy

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Great art. This game should be played on DOS though, all the console ports I've seen are just icky. DOS PoP is beautiful and works like the original without the shitty frame rate.
I've seen people here recommend the console versions and ugh, why?

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Even if they weren't good as DOS version they're still pretty solid, it's a rare case where most of the ports aren't atrocious


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I had the DOS version as a child.
I think that people don't want the DOS version because they can't be fucked looking up the sixth word of the fourteenth line of the twelfth page of the manual or the eighth word of the first line of the twenty-fifth page of the manual and so on and so on and so on to progress through the game.

For all of you kiddies too young to know: back in the day, in order to help curtail piracy, games often asked you to input a specific word from the manual to progress to the next level (or every few levels). It sucked. Even the best version of Tetris, the DOS one with the circus backgrounds and the bombs and stuff that I can't remember what it's called, did that shit all the time. It might get annoying if you've never expected anything like it before.

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Shit, I thought the chick's left leg was actually the leg of the guy carrying her.

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Those things are hacked if you download the game from abandonia and probably other major sites.
But then again some people can't even handle typing a few letters into DOSBox so I'm assuming so much. It's pretty sad.

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>Great art. This game should be played on DOS though, all the console ports I've seen are just icky

Nagro, what tha fuck

>More Levels than ANY other version
>Old Levels reworked and expanded
>Boss Battles
>Fantastic New Graphics
>And Actual Soundtrack
>Attention to Detail
>Developed in fricking Japan
>By Fricking Arsys Software (EX-Technosoft employees)

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Doki Doki Panic?

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yeah i was gonna say, snes port is godlike. my favorite version of the game for sure.

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Hey did you know that was the game they've used to make Super Mario Bros 2 in the US?

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Nah dawg, that was Donkey Donkey Picnic.

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I think Sky Blazer fits.

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Most of those things are not good. Thanks, I'll rather play the original game instead of japs making pointless changes.

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DOS arcade games aren't fun for me, because joystick calibration never works in dosbox for my gamepad. It's nothing special either, just a common as mud Logitech Dual Action. I just play Amiga ports instead, since UAE doesn't need any such calibration. Oftentimes the graphics and sound are better too, for most 80's and some early 90's games.

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I think you mean FUCKING AWESOME

Fuck, gonna go play this now, thank you!

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This, part of a xbox 360 Arcade game

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In Exile, you play as an assassin from Syria who kills the Shi'ite caliph, then time travels and kills other historical figures while on drugs. Its kind of like Zelda II with both top-down and side-scrolling areas.

Unfortunately, only the sequel has a release outside of Japan. The TG-16 CD is the best English version of Exile II.

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Actually there were alot Super Famicom games with great art, also quite some with very similar style.

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My nigga

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I used to think that Amn was based on the Middle East, but then I read that it was based on Spain/Portugal.

this track sounds kinda Arabian to me though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVyu6A_jT2Y

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Spain actually has a lot of Islamic history.

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I really hate you autismo PC fucks and your "oooo it can only be experienced on the PC for this very thin reason" with ANY game that gets ported to a console, get over yourselves, the SNES version is pretty good

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that one autist will probably yell at me for not being "truly Arabian", but I highly recommend Monster World IV

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The SNES version plays like shit and you're an idiot. Console gamers are exactly the ones on this board who are elitist and disregard computer games entirely.

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I forgot about that

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The SNES game is bigger, it's got better graphics and music.

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Monster World IV had a beast of a soundtrack/graphics, I forget that I'm playing a Mega Drive game at times.

>tfw no more MW/WB ever again

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Metal Slug 2 first level. I love that level's music.

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India is not part of the Middle East you fucking faggot.

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