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Having some friends over next weekend and I'm thinking that we could try to play some arcade beat 'em ups. However, I have little experience in this genre (hence wanting to try it out).
What are some good 4 player beat 'em ups and what is the best way to emulate them? I'm assuming that MAME will be easy enough to set up and will run most stuff?

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Dancing Eyes

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Not really what I had in mind.

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MAME will be easy enough to set up and will run most stuff

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Bad idea. Your friends will notice the shit graphics and will be bored after 10 minutes. You better get Call of Duty or Fifa

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Why even post?

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So I'm having some issues.
The only game I can actually get to run is Turtles in time. I've tried AVP and D&DSOM and I've made sure I have the master roms and not the regional ones. MAME is saying that I'm missing roms or CHDs.
Am I missing something obvious?

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Well X-men, ninja baseball batman and captain commando work as well. Guess there's some stuff that I can work with.

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The Dungeon and Dragon ones... I think its Shadow of Mystara?

Just look for DnD, fantastic Arcade games.

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I can't get them to work for some reason.

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You're retarded then.

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Why do other games work then using the same exact method?

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Bad rom, bad emulator, bad settings, bad user, there's lots of things that can go wrong.

I'm betting it's PEBCAK error.

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I've made sure the ROMs are the master version so there shouldn't be a problem there. I guess it could be the version of MAME I'm using. Do newer versions just not work with some ROMs for whatever reason?

There's no need to act like a cunt.

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PEBCAK error.

Maybe you can find someone less of a cunt to walk your retarded Slingblade ass through it. I'm not spoonfeeding you shit.

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Walk me through what? Putting the ROM in the ROMs folder and then finding that it doesn't work for no apparent reason?
Clearly you weren't going to help whether I called you a cunt or not, you were just going to keep acting like a cunt.

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Suspect you are lacking bios for the system. Try downloading a 'complete' version, roms et all, or you may have to patch roms and other nonsense up to your mame version.

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I've downloaded all of the bioses I could find. I'm currently downloading a torrent which comes with tons of roms which I'm assuming will all work with the version in the torrent. Hopefully that'll work better.

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Okay, dropping in to educate.

MAME is a bitch to set up the first time.
You need a ROMset that matches the version number of the version of MAME you're running.
CHD is basically a special kind of hard disk image. Many games, such as the D&D ones, require these. They may be in your torrent, they may not. Oftentimes they're separate, and take up just as much space as the ROMs.
Once you have MAME set up, never update it again.

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Can't seem to find a CHD for my version of MAME for the D&D games. I've also checked the games that aren't working with a romcheck program which says they're fine.

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Wisdom. Setting up neo geo on my psp was the sane way. Spend the time to get it working and then never fuck with it again.

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What's a MAME devices pack? Is it relevant in any way?

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i'd recommend x-men, but just about any arcade beat-em-up made by konami is really easy to recommend.

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Yeah, downloaded it. Seems pretty fun from the little I've played so far.

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Well, this seems to have made it work better.

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Dont know what mame you are using but if I get a game that doesnt work it either says something like "this game does not work and you just have to wait for the devs to update mame" or it has files missing and lists them. You can then search for those individual files and just add them to the compressed rom.

But I am almost certain that is the dumb waste of effort solution.

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I added some MAME devices and they worked for some reason. Everything seems to be going well.

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here my edit just in case.

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