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Sega Saturn thread:
The rich become poor in one purchase edition.

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If you become poor buying that thing you aren't even a hundredaire.

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Sega rally with that wheel was madness, I can't decide if I was just shit at using it or the control was just jerky

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I think you can set the sensitivity of the steering in options.

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Got a wheel a couple months ago, reminds me I need to get off my lazy ass and get some more CDs so I can burn Outrun.

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Didn't mean that, I meant PDS, but sure

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Actually speaking of is it worth it to pick one up? I kinda wanna play outrun with it.

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Does the wheel help with Touring Car? I've been trying to learn how to play that properly on and off for years.

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I would consider this if I can find it locally on the cheap. Not likely since canada is a shit when it comes to vidya prices.

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I know canada game prices are different, how much would the race wheel be up there?

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Somebody please stop me from trying to build an ST-V cab. I know the hardware is literally the same as a Saturn and the games are literally the same but damn I want one.

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build it, don't stop

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Follow your dreams bro.

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post more of these pictures.

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Do it man. Do it.

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>Sega rally with that wheel was madness, I can't decide if I was just shit at using it or the control was just jerky

It took me 2 hours to be able to complete a single lap without crashing on the easy stage of Daytona USA with the steering wheel.

I almost threw the goddamn thing out the window in rage.

Plus they are damn near impossible to sell because they are huge as fuck and heavy as well, and no one wants to pay for shipping.

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why not?

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Someone should try and play a fighting game with it.

I'd like to see that

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Nothing can help with Touring Car.

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I paid about 5 bux for my PDS Anjinsan

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I don't into moonrunes yet, but I still need to, I've been meaning to learn

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This anon is essentially right >>2571405, the most playable way I found and actually got good in this game was playing the PC version, the controls are less slippy and rapey than ARC or SAT versions. Good fun awaits for you

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probably like 80 bucks local, unless someone was bundling it with a Saturn and some games. Can't order one online either cause shipping is fucking insane in canuckistan.

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>Someone should try and play a fighting game with it.

I want someone to build a giant-sized Saturn controller and play Virtua Fighter 2 by physically punching each button.

That's what you'd call a real "fighting pad".

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Breaks my heart to see that they used up a limited edition (~10000 units made) model 2 Hi-Saturn as an improvised helmet.

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Modchip comes tomorrow

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Is there any acceptable way to play Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Saga without owning a physical Saturn? Are emulators mature enough?

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Got the modchip, modded it, played a regular panzer dragoon, now time to try a burn

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Is me, my AR is broken, is that typical or am I just unlucky?

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Well I just had to shimmy it apparently you aren't supposed to jam it in

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If this anon won't post more, I will.

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Please do, it was the only one I had.

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Thank you based Saturn-Sama

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Fuck I'm jelly

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tfw no sega saturn gf ;_;

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I was actually never able to come in first place in Sega Rally until I bought my Saturn wheel.
I've always thought it improved racing games.
Except for Manx TT, need a 3d pad for that one

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why is the saturn cartridge slot so finicky when not used for a long time?

it's the only bad thing about the console

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I had a 3D Pad years ago. I went full retard and accidentally broke it (not the controller itself, but the connector) while trying to get the memory battery door open. I had the console vertical with the controller port side facing the floor with the 3D controller plugged in (I found the door to be pretty hard to open by hand). I don't remember what the fuck I was thinking. It still haunts me to this day.

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>bullet hell shooter posters in the background
that woman is scary

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a long time ago I remember going onto 2ch and seeing a ton of these sort of people with saturn heads images, is this a meme over in japland or something?

>> No.2576120

I don't know, but it's pretty funny if you ask me. I want a saturn head.

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Imagine if segata had a saturn head.

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He would just be Akira with a Saturn head.

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I'm playing Nocturne X on the Saturn, haven't played symphony of the night ever so this is new.

Feels like super metroid, I guess that's why they named it Metroidvania. animation is pretty stellar too.

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No, Akira wears a sleeveless gi, Segata wears a sleeved one.

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Well yeah, and Akira wears a black gi in VF1 and a blue one in 2. Let's not get bogged down in details, it's just a joke Anon.

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>my AR is broken, is that typical or am I just unlucky?

It is typical.

The AR shares the flash memory space between savegames, cheats, and its own firmware.

So if it tries saving a game and something goes wrong (like, say, the cart slot not connecting properly), then it will write junk in its own firmware and bricks itself.

It is possible to re-flash the cart and get it working again, but you can kiss your savegames goodbye.

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>why is the saturn cartridge slot so finicky when not used for a long time?

The connectors are too dense. Too many pins, too little space, less dust will cause bigger problems.

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>less dust will cause bigger problem

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So how easy is it to fix a Saturn that short circuited?
Also is this a good deal?

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>So how easy is it to fix a Saturn that short circuited?
Depends? If it's just the power board that's a simple but not so cheap fix. Anything else and it's problem fried.

>Also is this a good deal?

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I'm currently waiting for a refund/replacement for mine due to it not working with ram card req. games

>> No.2578352

Also is this a good deal?

I got mine from Aliexpress for 10 less but >>2578348 so idk. I don't think it's a knockoff but I don't have another one to compare it to.

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Anyone have a bin/cue of dodonpachi?

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Yeah das pretty good actually, 30$ usd, mine was 35 + 2$ shipping NIB

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30 + 2$

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