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Best female character in any beat 'em up coming through.

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I prefer Lucia from Final Fight 3.

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I like the Elf in looks but she's an AWFUL, AWFUL player choice.

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>AWFUL player choice.
Never played D&D, why is she bad?

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He couldn't be more wrong, he is top tier, good melee and magic, Thief is objectively worse character.

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>she is top tier

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>, good melee
she has the worst range

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I don't know man, the shit I read made her seem like the worst choice.

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there's a bug with the elf that prevents her range from increasing no matter what sword she's equipping

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Still much better melee than Magic-User and she can wield Holy Avenger/Sword of Legend, on top of that she has great magic.

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>Still much better melee than Magic-User
do you know about the dagger backdash cancel bug ?

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Yes, good chain pretty poor damage.

I'm not expert in Shadow over Mystara, not a big fan of the game, but Elf is far from a bad character, Thief is much, much worse.

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good chain but pretty poor damage*

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If you mean second to totallynotArnold, then I agree.

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Arnie's obviously the best though.

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Yeah pretty much. Used to go camping with my family on an island and this game was the only vidya on the island

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I didn't make the original, however i edited it to make it less Capcom-centric.

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